Vivah Bandhan – Part 49

Vivah Bandhan



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she hold his hand which was on her back and whispered “Maan please I don’t want to get embarrass here…chodiye naa mujhe

Maan: chodne ke liye nahi padka hai meine tujhe darling…don’t worry come with me

Then they both joined them dance with them…its was fun…then Maan helped Amar to sit…because he didn’t want his Dad to strain more and then maaneet had one romantic dance for Mahi mahi song…after pulling each other legs they had their dinner and went towards their room…All elders blessed Maaneet



Here Sam and Brij reached home…they both were tensed with Rajesh problem occurred in their life…they looked at each other face…at the same time their parents came home after coming from party in fully drunken state. Brij and Sam looked them in anger, they ignored both of them and went inside bedroom singing song…once they closed door Sam said “see bhai they are not concerned about us…see how they ignored us

Brij: Sam pls calm down…we know about them very well right and why are you expecting love from them

Sam: how unlucky we are bhai..hame sacha pyar kahi nahi mila

Brij: hamara naseeb mien bhagawan pyaar nahi likha hai  Sam…wo sub chodho first think how we will get information about what’s happening in KH or KM

Sam: don’t worry I will go to hospital and check tomorrow

Brij: its dangerous Sam if Amar or Ram uncle see you then that’s all…they kept in jail for some time, we should be careful

Sam: then what we are going to do        

Brij: lets keep quiet for few days and keep eye on them once we get to know complete detail then we can plan accordingly…in any point of time Maan should not get to know about us

Sam: I doubt about that…see he did not come to see us or not even talk to us till now how you will think he will listen to us this time…he completely ignored us

Brij: it was fine till you planned this killer attack on Geet or else he would have still be in our control…now see he is not responding to our calls nor we are getting any information about them…pata nahi wahan kya chal raha hai

Sam: like you said lets be quiet for few days…you also stop calling Maan, May be you arrest was preplanned may be they are keeping eye on us     

Brij: it might be possible Sam, they have not filed any complaint and just interrogate me    

Sam: ok chalo raat bahut ho chukka hai hum so jate hai…kal baat karenge

Brij: hmm…ok Goodnight

Sam: Goodnight

Then they went to their rooms respectively and slept    ************************************************                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Here Maaneet came to their room and sat on bed…they were fully tired…they were smiling thinking about their plan working according to their wish…then Maan went to change his clothes after coming out he informed “Geet tum kapde change karlo…I have one important work pending I will finish and come by the time and don’t sleep

Geet: aisa kya important kaam aapko iss waqt Maan

Maan: you will get to know soon…please change karlo and wait for me

Saying that he went down after closing door then here Geet sighed and took her dress for change and went to restroom…Maan came down and checked all the rooms and once he convinced he went towards kitchen where Deepak was waiting for him, he went near him and asked “sab ready hai naa Deepak?

Deepak: Jee sir jaisa aapne bhola waisa he kiya hai

Maan: you did not inform to anyone about this right?

Deepak: no sir no one knows about this

Maan then went towards one of the cabin and gave packet to Deepak and said “hey tumare liye…hope you like it and thank you very much for your help

Deepak was happy looking at new set of dress and said “sir its my job I work for you…thank you very much for the dress

Maan: tume pasand haya naa then its fine and where is the bowl?

Then Deepak took the bowl which he kept securely in one of the cupboard and gave to Maan…Maan smiled at him and took the bowl from him and went towards his room after thanking Deepak who was beaming in happiness

Geet got freshen up and looked at Mehendi which was dark in color and smiled …at the same time Maan came inside with the bowl…Geet was confused and asked “Maan what it is?

Maan: kept the bowl on table and said “haldi hai Geet…kal ke liye

Geet: as per rituals after haldi we should not meet each other than how it is going to happen…we can skip this

Maan: don’t worry Geet…Haldi will happen according to the rituals and you will see me in mantap itself

Geet: how is it possible aur mantap kahan hai…aapne kuch nahi bataya mujhe uske barien mein

Maan: Geet first relax and listen to me…Rajesh uncle told me he wants to show something to me so I am going early morning with him…before that we will finish our haldi…I will go with him and you come directly to mantap

Geet was shocked and asked “what I will say at home Maan?

Maan: you don’t worry about that…I will take care

Geet: our clothes

Maan: its already in the car…sub kuch arrange kiya hai meine…you no need to worry do has I say…keep your phone with you that’s enough

To which Geet nodded her head and then they went slept holding each other hands…it was around 4.00am when Maan woke up due to alarm, he went to restroom and got freshen up and after his daily chores he came out and woke up Geet informing her to get ready…Geet was first confused then Maan eyed at bowl so she gave smile to him and went inside restroom to get ready…Meantime Maan arranged everything in study room and was waiting for Geet. After sometime Geet came out from restroom and searched for Maan…then she saw study room light on so she went towards study room where everything was ready…Maan and Geet sat opposite to carpet and then Maan said “sorry Geet itna hi arrange kar paya?

Geet: its ok Maan…I am happy that we didn’t miss any rituals

Maan: haan Geet…come lets finish this also…after haldi I will go first and get ready before going out I will knock the door then you can come out…first lock door from inside and then go for bath…don’t worry about cleaning Deepak will do that

Geet hugged Maan in happiness and said “thank you very much Maan…I love you

Maan kissed her forehead and said “I love you too Geet…thanks for coming into my life and waiting patiently for me till now…I want to make all your dreams come true…be with me forever

Then they applied haldi on each other and Maan again kissed Geet on her cheek…and Geet also kissed him on his cheek and then he went out to take bath after closing door…Geet was waiting patiently for Maan and prayed “thank you babaji for giving me second chance…you changed Maan completely…the person who didn’t even care for me today doing all these things for my happiness…Maan wanted this marriage to happen but for me it doesn’t make any difference…till now you protected us…and I know that you will protect us in future also…I have one small request that is Maan should know true face of Brij and Sam, I don’t want any misunderstanding between us because of them…please take care of my family

Here Maan took bath…he came out and got ready with his casuals and went back to bathroom and filled water to tub and added milk rose petals and lighten candle around…after that he came out and took car keys and wallet then knocked study room door and whispered “Geet aab tum bahar aa sakti wo…I will close door but make sure you lock it from inside

Geet: ok Maan I will take care you don’t worry

Maan: phone apne pass hi rakho…I may call you anytime

Geet: ok Maan you take care

Then he said bye to her and went out…Geet came out from study and locked the door first then she took her dress and went to washroom was surprised to see the decoration which Maan did for her…she smiled in happiness and tears were forming in her eyes…she came out and took her phone then called him immediately once he received she asked “Maan hey aap

Maan: shhh jaan its for you…aaj se hamara naya safar shuru…I wanted to make every moment memorable for you par haldi ke liye sirf hum dono the isliye chota saa surprise tumare liye…did you like it?

Geet: I love you Maan…I want to see you now

Maan: I love you too Jaan…par you can see me…pata hai na rituals ke barien mien

Geet: mann kar raha hai aap ko ek bar hug karloo

Maan: tonight you can do anything for me dear…thoda sabar karlo

Geet got shy and said “Maannn

Maan: don’t call me like that Jaan…I cant control then

Geet: what are you doing?

Maan: changing topic…its ok I can understand…I am waiting for Rajesh uncle…once we start from here I will give you missed call then only you come down don’t come before that

Geet: hmm ok Maan…can I let you one thing

Maan: tume haqh hai Geet

Geet: I am waiting to become yours…saying that she disconnected the call

Maan smiled at his wife shyness and thought “even I am waiting to become yours jaan…few more hours then everything will be ok, sorry for make you wait

Geet went into tub after playing music in her phone and then went to take bath…here Rajesh came out ready then they both went towards Rajesh house first…meanwhile Maan gave missed call to Geet…the servant bought tea and coffee for them and then Rajesh asked “aab batao Maan kya baat hai itna zaldi KM kyun lekar haye wo mujhe?

Maan: nothing uncle I told you yesterday about this

Rajesh: Maan I am police officer you can’t lie to me…kuch toh hai isliye tum bahar ho iss waqt that too without knowing anyone

Maan: uncle wo?

Rajesh: joot nahi Maan…you can trust me, if I feel you have genuine reason then I won’t inform to my friends

Maan: aise koi baat nahi hai uncle…tomorrow is our wedding anniversary and I want to plan surprise for Geet…so

Rajesh: woh…I got it…its ok I wont tell anyone…if you need any help you can tell me

Maan: thank you uncle but has of now everything is getting ready…you said you want to show me something after that I will go there…

Rajesh: pata nahi kaise batao tujhe…I didn’t knew about your wedding anniversary…if you come to know about that then you may get hurt so I am thinking whether I should tell you some other time…but its very important for you

Maan: its ok uncle you can tell me anything…if it is related to me or my family I don’t want to postpone it

Rajesh: ok Maan…I have informed my colleague to bring the recordings here after he comes you can listen to that till then you can take rest if you want

Maan: ok uncle…saying this he went out and called Geet…Geet immediately respond to him and askedwhat happened Maan? Sab teek hai naa? why Rajesh uncle called you?

Maan: relax Geet…everything is fine here…uncle wants to hear some recordings…I am waiting for his colleague to come…but don’t tell anyone about this

Geet: ohh…I wont inform anyone

Maan: ok Jaan…is everything fine there…kahan wo aab?

Geet: room mein hoon…I went down to prepare coffee par Deepak did not allow me, he said I should not come to kitchen today…he cleaned study room also…bechara hamare waja see kaam badd gaya usko

Maan: haan…but we cant do anything for that…someone came here I will talk to you later

Geet: you take care Maan…don’t take much tension…sab teek hojaye gaa

Maan: hmm Jaan…I am not tensed but confused about what uncle wants me to hear

Geet: may be something important…if you want me to come then I will be there within few minutes

Maan: no Jaan…I will take care…after that I will call you…I want you to be happy…mere Geet ko kuch tension matt dena

Geet: teek hai Jaan…I will take care of your Geet

Maan: not bad mrs Khurana…aaj raat kuch special hoga

Geet: hmm…ok you go and check on recordings

Then they disconnected the call…Geet went down and here Maan went in to meet Rajesh…once Maan came Rajesh sat opposite to him and played the recording…first he was surprise and then got angry listening to them…he looked at Rajesh in confuse…he eyes was full of tears…Rajesh looking his condition he came next to Maan and gave him support then said “I know Maan it will hurt you, but I want to show there real faces for you…you are good you trust them but they are not worthy for that…mujhe hey bhi doubt hai ki Geet ke accident ke peeche inkha hee hath hai…so I kept their phone on tracking…at that time I came to know about this…abhi tume savdhani mein rehna hoga…don’t disclose this matter to them, they will be alert by this…I am sorry I know you planned surprise for Geet…par mujhe hey sab

Maan: I can understand uncle you no need to be sorry for this…its my mistake so many times Dad and Ram uncle tried to tell me but I did not give much importance thinking that they are doing this because they did not like my friendship with Brij…I never thought he will stoop so low

Rajesh: its all happening for good Maan…thinking about this don’t spoil you mood…you talk to them like before unless we get clue on Geet’s accident remaining I will take care after that

To which Maan nodded his head and then he excused from Rajesh saying that he has some important work to do then he went out



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