Vivah Bandhan- Part 48

Vivah Bandhan



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Banner credit goes to Misti


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Saying that she slipped the ring to Maan’s finger…Maaneet hugged tightly and both wiped each other tears and then they cut cake and fed each other

Maan: ek kiss toh banta hai Geet…to which she nodded her head

Maan kept his hand on Geet waist and pulled her towards him…with his finger he raised her face kissed on her lips…while all elders were looking at them in shock




It was Priya who came out of shock first and said “can we please go inside…its awkward to see kids romancing

Pallavi: tum teek kheh rahi ho Priya…chahiye

Ram: lets wait for some more time and see what’s happening actually here

Priya glared at Ram and said: bhaisaab aapke friend ko sharam naam ke cheese nahi hai…please tell me to come inside

Amar: come Ram its not decent enough to watch them like that

Ram: atleast we wait till we get to know what’s happening there.

Pallavi: chal Priya hum andar chalte hai…its so embarrassing

Priya: Ram if you don’t us now then you are sleeping in living room today

Amar smiled listening to them and all gathered in Amar’s room…Ram who got disappoint said “atleast we would have asked them what they are doing?”

Amar: may be Maan proposed Geet

Priya and Pallavi nodded their head then Ram again asked “if they are proposing then why so much decoration and they both exchanged ring…it was looking like engagement”

Priya: I think you have lost it Ram…shadi ke badh koi engagement karta hai kya? May it is promise ring

Pallavi: haan mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai…may be they promised each other and starting new life

Amar: it might be possible Ram like Priya and Pallavi said…see they are youth aaj kal kuch na kuch celebration karte rethe hai his generation ke log…or they both stepping into family life…uska celebration be ho sakta hai

Ram: instead of giving lecture like this we would have asked directly

Priya: yeah you can ask them but not now…tomorrow you ask…its not good to disturb them now

Ram: but Maan used to do that when he was young then it is my turn now

Amar: Ram stop it tum toh bilkul bache ke tarah behave kar rahe ho

Priya: Ram he was kid at that time…how can you think like that…atleast Geet ke barien mien socho she will get embarrass in front of elders its not good

Pallavi: Yes bhaisaab Priya is saying correct you can do anything with Maan but please don’t bring Geet in this…poor girl she has gone through so much after getting married to Maan…Atleast leave her to be happy now

Ram: ok…ok I won’t ask anything with them…if they have ring with them then I will ask about it

All shook their head knowing Ram will not listen to them…then everyone went to their room

Here Maaneet enjoyed cool weather for few more minutes and then they danced together then they went back to their room …Morning has per Maan’s instruction Deepak cleaned whole terrace with the help of other servants and went back. Morning as usual Geet woke up and got freshen up…later she went down to prepare coffee and tea…meanwhile Pallavi also joined her…Pallavi noticed glow in Geet face and was happy for her…finally Maaneet happy with each other…Later Priya also joined them…Priya eyed to Pallavi to see ring which was in Geet hand…and smiled at each other. Here Maan woke up and got freshen then he went to gym…Later he went to room got freshen of went down…At the same time Amar and Rajesh joined them…Geet served coffee then looked at love birds and said “Amar kal rath ka picture bahut acha tha naa?”

Amar: kousa picture…Ram winked at him and Amar knew he is talking about Maaneet just nodded his head…Priya and Palalvi smiled hearing Ram

Ram: that kiss scene was superb yaar…kya scene tha wo…saying that Ram smirked at Maan

Maan got doubt listening to that so he kept empty cup on table and said “ok you carry on…I have some important work”

Ram: aisa kya important work hai Maan…saying this he hold his hand and said “wow this ring is superb from where you got it?”

Maan knowing very well said “it’s Geet gift uncle”

Amar: Geet ne tume gift kiya hai…show me

Then Priya and Pallavi also joined Amar…then Amar asked “what you gave her? When did you purchase?”

Maan: Dad you only told us to buy something…so we purchased ring…this was what we purchased when we went to shopping

Ram: is it your engagement yesterday?

Maan and Geet looked at each other…Geet got embarrassed so she went to her room Ram laughed looking that then Maan said “you all wanted me to buy something for Geet so I thought to gift her ornaments…when we went their Geet also want to purchase something for me so we end up in buying rings…so what’s the big deal in it…and uncle if you saw us yesterday then why did you went back?”

Ram: we did not want to disturb you guys

Maan with serious “uncle if you have any question please ask me when I am alone I don’t want to embarrass Geet…atleast you would have thought how she will feel, see now she went inside without saying anything because of you now she wont talk to me

Saying this he went inside…after that Priya said “now you got relief…bahut muskhil se dono rajee hue…what was the use of telling them…like us you would have also keep quiet. We all tried to tell you then also you will never understand…taq gayi hoon aapko samjakar…do whatever you want to do now…aap apne had se rehna kab sekenge Ram

Then Priya angrily went inside while others followed her…Here Geet was so embarrassed to face elders…Maan came inside and saw her…he went near her and asked “I am sorry Geet…its all because of me, I would have not asked for this marriage”

Geet: its ok Maan…leave it…mujhe todhi deer akela chodh dijiye I will be fine

Maan: Geet I don’t want you to suppress your feeling…kuch bhi mujhe batao…till now its different…in this one year you tolerate more now I don’t want you to hide anything from me…please talk to me

Geet: please Maan leave me alone

Maan: mujhe pata hai tum gusse mein ho…so please talk me, dont keep your feeling inside Geet…agar kuch bolna hai aur datna hai please datoo…I dont want you to suppress your feeling…its very dangerous, please batao naa mujhe saying that he took her in his arms…tears started flowing from her eyes and she said “I don’t want to go in front of anyone…its so embarrassing, when they know we have some private moments then why did they stay back they would have left us alone…what is the use of telling this in front of everyone…this is first time happened in my life…how I will face everyone now Maan…mujhe ajeeb sa feel ho raha hai

Maan: please Geet don’t worry I will talk to all of them and inform not to talk about this matter

Geet: I want to go to temple…shall I go?

Maan: no Geet…I cant send you alone there, after this accident toh bilkul bhi nahi. unless I punish the culprit I wont sit quiet…ahinda tum kabhi akeli bahar nahi javoge…if you want to go anywhere I will accompany you

Geet: mujhe kuch der akeli rehna hai Maan…please I can think about anything

Maan: ok then we do one thing I will drop you to temple and wait for you

To which Geet nodded her head and then they got ready and went to temple once they reached Maan informed Geet to go inside. Here Maan called Amar and said “Dad I am sorry without informing you we came to temple?”

Amar: what are you saying Maan…and others went silent…Pallavi eyed saying what happened…then Amar out phone on speaker

Maan: I am sorry Dad…Geet wanted to be alone for sometime so she wanted to go to  temple so we came here

Amar: Kya hua Maan? teek se batao

Maan: she is disturbed Dad and she was telling that now she cant face you all

Ram: Maan listen give phone to Geet I will talk to her

Maan: sorry uncle she went inside temple

Priya: tum kahan wo?

Maan: I am outside aunty she wants to spend some time alone so I am waiting here

Pallavi: don’t leave Geet alone Maan…its very dangerous…tum uske hass pass mein rehna

Amar: Yes Maan your mom is saying correct…unless we find Geet’s culprit we cant leave her alone

Maan: ek minute Dad let me go inside

Maan ran inside temple and saw Geet sitting in front of god…he sighed in relief and sat little far from them and said “she is praying”

All sighed in relief and then Ram said “I am sorry Maan…I just pulling your leg in this I forgot about Geet…I am really sorry I didn’t expect this”

Maan: its ok uncle I can understand…Geet ko bhi hey sab naya hai…it take time for her to understand…she will be fine…looking at Geet he said

Then Maan thought of some plan and said “mom Geet likes mehendi very much…you call some girl who can put mehendi for her and we can plan for party in the night so that we can change her mood”

Pallavi: par kuch occasion hi nahi hai…what we will tell her

Amar: Maan sahi kheh raha hai…you arrange for some beauty parlor girl or you can put mehendi to Geet if you want

Priya: hmm not a bad idea…so that Geet cant hide from us and we all can enjoy…anyhow we all were planning for party after Amar bhaisaab discharge now you can say her that we its that part

Maan: thanks aunty…you plan for mehendi and Ram uncle will arrange party for tonight…what say uncle

Ram: I will do anything you want but I want Geet to be normal

Maan: ok uncle you all get ready with preparation and we will be back…Do you want to bring anything from here

Pallavi: kuch nahi Maan we will take care of this you no need to worry

Maan: ok Mom…we will come back soon

Pallavi: ok Maan

Here Rajesh got call from Ram informing him to join party with his wife…Rajesh agreed.  Then he called Simran and informed her to get ready for the party at KM…Simran got excited started to get ready

Maan convinced Geet and they went back home…has everyone been busy with preparation for Party…Geet was confused looking at them busy then went inside her room then Maan narrated about the function to Geet…she was shocked and asked “so you informed them about our marriage?’

Maan: no Geet, I didn’t inform to anyone…everyone were worried about you and Ram uncle want to ask sorry with you…I told them to distract you we will arrange party and mehendi function has you like Mehendi very much

Geet: not a bad idea…

Maan: Aaj Mehendi aur Sangeet function will be here…tomorrow early morning haldi function after that I will go with Ramu kaka to our farmhouse and send him back here…later in the night in temple we will get married there

Geet: phir ghar wale

Maan: Geet I have arranged the gift and after sangeet we will give it to everyone and inform them to join us at farmhouse

Geet: they will get doubt about this?

Maan: don’t worry about that…I will tell them we are going to temple tomorrow

Geet: I am not feeling comfortable with this Maan…after yesterday’s incident

Maan: I am sorry for that Geet…I know its difficult we have already enjoyed our engagement party and now today its mehendi and sangeet…we don’t do anything such so elders will get doubt on us

Geet agreed to that and then changed her else…when she came down Ram asked sorry with her and then Pallavi arranged parlor girl to apply mehendi…Geet was surprised with that and Pallavi said “you like mehendi very much right…so today we arranged for Mehendi for you”

Geet: but maa uski zarurat nahi thi…I am fine…I am sorry meine toda zyada react kiya

Priya who was listening to them said “no Geet you didn’t do anything wrong…we can understand you situation…and that to if these things happens in front of elders then you will really get embarrassed so no need to ask sorry…actually I should ask sorry with you because of Ram you face this…he didn’t mean to hurt you Geet…he was just pulling Maan’s leg and you were dragged in between”

Geet: its ok aunty

Pallavi: omg now can you guys pls stop talking about that…parlor girl is waiting so Geet come you along with me I will introduce her to you

Geet: par mein akeli kaise? You if both apply with me then I am fine with that or else lets forget

Priya: Geet teek kheh rahi hai Pallavi…kitne dino ke baad hame mouka mil raha hai…come we will also apply

Pallavi: par ghar ke kaam

Priya: wo sab baad mein dekhenge

 Pallavi thought for few minutes and then said “teek hai we will also apply mehendi…first let Geet apply in the mean time I will call Simran also here…then we all can enjoy mehendi day today

Geet: Simran aunty is coming today…wow that’s great…I will be meeting her first time

Pallavi smiled at her and said “Haan Geet…even I have not met her for long time…lets have mehendi day today”

All laughed listening to that and then Pallavi requested parlor lady to apply mehendi for all to which she agreed later she informed her to apply mehendi first to Geet after that to call them…Priya and Pallavi went inside and then Geet gave smile to parlor lady who gave book to select mehendi design…Maan who was waiting till his mom an Priya aunty leave he came near Geet ans sat beside her…Geet looked and him shock…Maan gave smile to Geet and took book from her hand and then started searching for the design…Parlod lady smiled at them and went from there to give privacy for the couple. Then Geet said Maan aap kya kar rahe hai”

Maan: Geet tume dikhayi nahi deh rahi hai kya…I am searching design for you

Geet: I will do it…if mom and Priya aunty comes then they will tease us…please go from here

Maan: Geet I have planned everything don’t worry… they wont come here…I have made arrangement for that…if they are coming here then I will get information before them…now please don’t distract me…we have less timesaying this he started to search design and then selected one and gave to Geet…she smiled looking at that and said “aap mehendi nahi lagahenge kya?”

Maan: mein kaise…its does not look good

Geet: at least a dot lagha dejiye…its shagun

Meanwhile parlor lady came…Geet showed selected design to her…Maan thought for few seconds and have his hand to Geet to apply mehendi…Geet took cone from parlor lady an wrote G on his hand…Maan gave smile to her and left from there…then parlor lady applied to Mehendi to Geet

Here Rajesh went home and got ready and then came to KM along with his wife Simran…then she was introduced to Amar, Pallavi ,Ram and Priya…after light snack they chatted for few minutes and gents went towards Amar room and ladies went out to garden where parlor lady for applying mehendi for Geet…Geet mehendi was completed…they all ladies came and joined Geet…looking at Mehendi Pallavi said “Priya see the design its very good…Geet you applied bridal mehendi?”

Geet: maa wo…who

Looking at Geet’s hesitation parlor lady said “no madam I selected this design for her…she wanted small one…we had time so insisted her to apply this mehendi”

Pallavi: bahut acha kiya apne…during her marriage I did not get time to see her mehendi…thank you very much behenji

Parlor lady gave smile to them…Geet blinked her eyes and whispered thank you for her. Then Pallavi introduced Geet to Simran…she hugged Geet and blessed her…then they sat next to Geet waiting for their turn to apply mehendi

Pallavi: Simran you also apply mehendi it was Geet request so please

Simran: yes for sure

They all had gala time shared there feelings and when they were applying mehendi, Geet excused and went towards Maan and informed him how parlor lady helped her and wanted to do something…Maan agreed to that after everyone mehendi done…Maan came and whispered Pallavi to give gift to parlor lady…then she said went along Maan and with his help she took new saree and informed him to give to parlor lady and also pay for her…Maan kept saree in the bag and then took some cash and gave to parlor lady while thanking her

Parlor lady: sir its too much…you paid more to me

Maan: its ok mam…please take it…its my wife wish so I am fulfilling…and thanks for helping us

Parlor lady blessed Maaneet and went from KM

Rajesh came in search of Maan and said “I want to show you something Maan can you come to station tomorrow”

Maan: is there is any problem uncle

Rajesh: abhi taq kuch nahi…but its better we find solution for that or else it will effect you

Maan: you can tell me now uncle its not a problem, 

Rajesh: I want you to hear it and then you plan how we will go ahead

Maan: ok uncle I will come with you

Rajesh: I did not inform this to anyone…I wanted you to know first and then you decide what we are going to do next…if you want I will inform Ram and Amar

Maan: uska zarurat nahi hai uncle…we both go from here early morning

Rajesh: morning kyun badh mein bhi jaa sakte hai

Maan: no uncle if we leave later then everyone will come to know about that and they will get worried…I will inform Geet that I have important case and come with you later she will inform everyone

Rajesh agreed to that and went inside to join his friends…everything was ready for sangeet party…Everyone went to their respective room to get ready…When they came out the hall was fully decorated…they were surprised to see that because earlier it was simple but just it looked like marriage function…


Maan first got ready in room and informed Geet to get ready in restroom…and informed Geet to come down after getting ready

 Maan’s dress

Geet admired Maan and he informed “mein tumara hoon Geet no need to gape at me like that…even though I don’t mind but we will get late to the function…please come down soon…” Geet was shy and turned her face to other side Maan went towards her and smashed his lips on her soft ones…Geet also started responding to him…his hand started to roam on her back…he squeezed her hip and Geet moaned in pain and pleasure…once they are out of breath Maan left and her and touched her forehead with his and said “enjoy this freedom Geet only one day left…I wont leave you so easily”Geet hugged Maan in shy…Maan shook his head and came down…once he was down Amar asked “did you change the decoration Maan…earlier it was different”

Maan: yes Dad…I thought to give surprise for Geet so I arranged for it after she went from here

Amar patted Maan’s back saying “I am proud of you Maan…thanks for showing interest on Geet”

Maan: Dad…please…I am really sorry for what has happened till now…I promise you that you wont regret here after

Amar hugged Maan with immense love…he was happy that finally his son and daughter in law getting together…he wanted to ask about good news from them and thought to wait for some more days and then he can ask Maan…Maan then went and looked for final arrangement and kept song ready in the pen drive. Everyone gathered in hall and were waiting for Geet…it was time so Maan informed then he will get Geet down and went towards his room…Here Geet got ready and looked herself in the mirror…she was happy…in the meantime Maan came inside and saw Geet…he as mesmerized by her looks…he went inside and hugged her from back kissing her name said “you’re looking breathtaking Geet…wow outstanding…mujhe niche jane ka mann nahi lag raha hai…can we stay back here”

Geet: then what about our sangeet…only one day left…come lets go down all will be waiting for us

Maan nodded his head saying no and hugged her more tight and said “this is not fair Geet”

Geet: what we will do sitting here…everyone waiting for us pls come lets go down…acha nahi lagta…they will again tease us

Maan nodded his head and said “hmm that’s right…come stand here I will take one snap at least

To which Geet nodded and Maan took her snap…he once again hugged her and then

Geet Dress

Maan and Geet hold hand and came down everyone looked at them in surprise…it did not look like small get together party…it was looking like Maaneet wedding function…once they came down Ram said “Amar agar pandit ji hota naa hum un dono ka shashi aaj ki kara dete…if I had any hint that these will dress like bride and groom I have made arrangement for marriage.”

Amar: tum teek kheh rahe ho Ram…ask them if they are ok with that I have no problems

Maan and Geet smiled listening to them…then all joined in the floor…Maan put pen drive on device then he went towards them and requested them to join dance floor…has he earlier informed Deepak arranged drinks and food for all of them

Amar: no Maan I am already tired I cant dance

Maan: Dad please join us it will be good…just don’t strain…dance for Geet’s sake…she will be happy

To which Amar nodded his head…he and Pallavi joined hands together and then started to dance. Ram Priya Rajesh and Simran joined them…once everyone started dancing Maan went towards Geet and put right hand in front of her and asked “will you dance with me sweetheart?”

Geet first looked at others and then smiled at Maan and put her palm on his…he slowly put his one hand on her waist and pulled her towards him and hold her tight…Geet was scared because they are in front of her inlaws and their friend…she hold his hand which was on her back and whispered “Maan please I don’t want to get embarrass here…chodiye naa mujhe”

Maan: chodne ke liye nahi padka hai meine tujhe darling…don’t worry come with me

Then they both joined them dance with them…its was fun…then Maan helped Amar to sit…because he didn’t want his Dad to strain more and then maaneet had one romantic dance for Mahi mahi song…after pulling each other hands they had their dinner and went towards their room…All elders blessed Maaneet





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