Vivah Bandhan- Part 46

Vivah Bandhan



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After Maaneet sat in the car Ram and Rajesh went towards Amar’s ward…Brij was waiting outside KH to get glimpse of Maan and talk to them…and allowed his people to get information from hospital but they were failed to get. Rajesh and cleared mentioned the staff to not to leak any information related Khurana’s to anyone…if anyone insist to inform the police who were in waiting room. First time in his life all the doors have been closed…when two constables came out by their bike followed by police car Brij hide in the fear or getting caught.







Geet was silent from the time she sat in the car so Maan asked“kya hua Geet? See we are going for shopping like we wished then why you are silent?”

Geet who looked at dirver and then whispered to Maan “kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai Maan, we are going with police protection”

Maan: don’t think about it much Geet…after your accident this is must and I was thinking about getting security service for everyone

Geet: pagal wo gaye kya? I will not go out if there is security

Maan: I won’t take any chances with your safety now, it was my mistake to allow you go alone; I am eagerly waiting to see the culprits who were dare enough to touch my family

Geet: can I ask one thing with you?

Maan: what? Let me guess??? Hmm do you want to say that you and uncle were eavesdropping while I was talking to Rajesh uncle?

Geet looked at Maan in shock then Maan smirked saying “I know it will be Ram uncle’s plan…instead of eavesdropping I would have been happy if you guys came into cabin”

Geet: aap ko bura nahi laga jab sab aapka friends ko suspect kiya hai?

Maan: nahi Geet…why will I feel bad?  Geet they are my friends…I know I behaved wrongly with my family people…I can understand Mom’s anger. If they are involved in this then they will see my real face. I never gave permission to anyone to hurt my people.

Geet:lot of changes in two days???

Maan: hmm…are you happy with this change?

Geet: yes I am happy because I got to know more about my Maan

Maan: you’re Maan?? He winked at her and said “not bad Geet…you also improved a lot

Geet: what to do when I husband is unromantic then I should take a lead

Maan: mien unromantic hoon? Mien? Tum kya janthi ho mere barien mein?

Geet: zyada kuch nahi but itna jaroor janthi hoon ki mu husband does not know how to romance with his wife…I heard doctors are more romantic par aap

Maan looked at her intensely and whispered “don’t worry I will pass in this test also…and if you remember few minutes back what happened between us then you know someone was blushing furiously

Geet was all pink when she heard Maan’s word and started looking out smiling. Maan looked at Geet and understood her feeling and did not tease her much because they were in Rajesh car

They went to xyz mall…Maan and Geet got out of the car and went towards shop, as he was known person to Khurana’s owner welcomed with respect and asked about their parent’s wellness and then Owner looked at Maan and asked what they are looking for. Maan looked at him and said “uncle we are looking for couple rings”

Owner: haan beta…come this side and asked what is the occasion

Maan: uncle wo eng… but Geet interrupted him in middle and said “uncle hamara saal gira ke liye”

Owner looked at them in confuse and then smiled and said“teek hai beta dekho… Saying that he kept the boxes containing rings in front of them and went towards counter giving time to select. Once they are alone Geet whispered “aapkya kar rahe the?

Maan: what did I do Geet?

Geet: you were about to spill beans to uncle and he is known person to our family and he may inform this to paa

Maan looked at her in amuse and said “great Geet…thanks for saving us…or else we would have got caught”

Geet: Maan we can select simple ring

Maan: not very simple Geet…everyone will be waiting to see what I bought you if it is too simple then you know about them they will scold me again and that too this is the first gift I am giving to you

Geet shook her head thinking about their crazy family and agreed

Maan and Geet pointed towards same ring and then looked at each other face and smiled…then Maan informed salesman who was nearby to send it for billing…Then Maan looked a Geet and asked whether she need to purchase anything else…Geet thought for few seconds and said “Maan we never gift anything to elders, mein soch rahi hoon ki hum unke liye kuch karidari kiya toh kaise hoga?”

Maan: not a bad idea Geet…but what we purchase them

Geet: I wanted to gift them but kya occasion pata nahi

Maan: Geet you wanted to buy something for them and even I wanted to gift them…occasion ke jarurath nahi hota hai…sirf acche mann hona chahiye

Geet: not bad Mr Khurana

Maan: yes Mrs khurana when my wife is so intelligent mein bhi uski barabar hona chahiye naa

Geet: what we are going to purchase of them

Maan: pata nahi…hmmm…Geet how about buying bangles for all ladies and we will decide about men later

Geet: haan teek hai…but it will cost more for you, is it fine for you


Maan: its ok Geet…hum aapne logon ko kareed rahe hai so no problem…and its our celebration…it will be fun when we give same gift to everyone…they will be happy

Geet smiled at him and started looking for bangles and then they selected one design and Maan informed shop owner“uncle I need same piece four set…do you have”

Owner: Maan beta hamara paas ek ye set hai…agar aapko yahi design chahiye toh mien baunvake dunga

Geet: par we need within three days

Owner: no problem beti I will give bangles within three days

Maan: is it possible uncle or else we will see some other things

Owner: how can I say no to Khurana’s beta…doesn’t worry give me two days’ time we will complete your order

Geet: thank you very much uncle

Then looked at Maan and asked “whatwe will purchase for paa and uncle’s Maan…how about Rings

They selected one simple design and ordered it also…Maan told them to prepare four pairs…Geet looked at him in confuse and asked char kyun?

Maan: its to Mom and Dad, Ram uncle and Priya aunty and then Rajesh uncle and Jyothi aunty then my in laws…how can we forget them

Geet looked at him proud and then Maan whispered her saying “agar aise pyaar bhari ankohn mein dekho gi toh mujhe control karna muskhil hoga Geet…its not the right place”

Geet slapped him lightly on his hand and said “aap mujhe tang karne ka maukha nahi chodte hai naa?”

Maan: I have right to do that sweetheart

Hearing him Geet blushed again and went other side, she wanted to buy something to Maan, she was searching for gift and Maan went to pay advance amount

Maan purchased bangle for Geet and kept it in his pocket before Geet comes… Maan got call from hospital so he informed Geet to be in shop and went to other side to attend the call has signal was weak…in the meantime Geet selected chain and pendent for Maan and paid for that then she put it in her bag

…and then they both came out of shop and then headed towards cloth section…they purchased silk sarees for all ladies and silk kurta and pajamas for mens…then they selected dress for them and came out of shop and sat in the car…Maan informed driver to drop them first at KM after that they will go to hospital…Geet looked at Maan in confusion he said “Geet if we go hospital now all will see the gifts so it’s better that we will keep these things at home and then go to office…and also we can inform that that we brought rings”

Geet: par Maan they will be willing to see our gifts

Maan: anyhow Dad is getting discharged tomorrow so once they are home we can show them

Maaneet went to KM and kept all the things safely and then started to hospital…When they reached they saw all friends enjoying they shared smile and entered inside Amar’s cabin. They looked at Maaneet and Amar asked “what did you purchased Geet? Etna jaldi ho gaya aap logon ka shopping?”

Geet: haan paa

Looking their empty hands Rajesh asked “then where are shopping bags? Sach mein aap dono shopping gaye the naa…wait let me check with my driver”

But Maan stopped him saying “uska zarurath nahi hai uncle…we have purchased and ke[t gifts at home…anyhow Dad is getting discharge tom then we call can see the gift together”

Ram: what did you purchased Maan?

Maan: you will get to see tomorrow…you all can go home now I will stay back

Geet: I will also be here with Maan…aap logon ka khana ho gaya kya?

Amar: it’s not required you all go home and take rest…here nursed are there to take care of me

Maan: sorry Dad…I can’t leave you here alone I will be here

Ram: Maan teek khe raha hai…let Maan and Geet be here…we will go now and come in the morning

Amar: teek hai

Priya: don’t worry bhaisaab we will have blast tomorrow

After bidding bye to Maaneet and Amar all went towards home…while they crossed gate Ram saw someone standing near gate which resembles Brij…with doubt he called Rajesh and informed him…Rajesh immediately took action and sent his constable to catch hold of man who is near gate…two constable who were following khurana’s vehicle came back after talking to Rajesh and parked their vehicle little far and came near the gate and saw the person who was peeping inside…and two constables came from hospital and all four surrounded Brij. He was first scared looking at them and then tried to escape and without leaving any option from Brij all hold him tightly and one of them informed to Rajesh…Rajesh suggested constables to take him to their interrogation room and to keep Brij in captive 

Here Maaneet talked sometime with Amar and after he slept they both sat on couch looking at Amar…then Maan said “Geet Dad is sleeping now, you also sleep if anything I will wake you up”

Geet: no Maan I am fine, if you want you can sleep for some time…you need to rest…you sleep

Maan: no Geet I am fine

Then they talk for some time and planned for their upcoming marriage it was past midnight and then Geet said “mujhe pata hai aap kitni der soye the…aab aap chup chap so lijiye…I will be awake for some more time and if I feel sleepy then I will sleep here itself”

Maan: teek hai…its waste of time to argue with you…saying that he pushed himself to other end of couch and out his head on Geet’s lap and closed his eyes…First Geet was looking at him in curiosity then seeing him sleeping on her lap she blushed furiously…Maan slowly whispered to Geet “agar tum aise sharmati rahogi toh mien kaise soo pata hoon Geet?”

Then Maan closed his eyes and slept on Geet’s lap…she sat for few more minutes and when nurse came Geet woke up Maan she give injection to Amar she asked about his condition…Maan went and checked Amar’s condition and after nurse went out of room he sat on couch and Geet kept her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes

After minutes Maan also slip to peaceful sleep

Ram woke up with his phone continuous ringing and was shocked looking at caller ID …he immediately responded to call and aksed “What happened Rajesh? Why are you calling me so early? Sab teek hai naa? Amar Maan aur Geet surakshit hai naa?

Rajesh: relax my friend why are you raising your BP…Amar is getting discharge today…are you by any chances planning to get admit in hospital?

Ram: aisa kuch nahi hai Rajesh…I was shocked…you called me so early?

Ram: what are you saying?

Rajesh: yes Ram what you heard is right? when you told me you saw a person near gate who resemble Brij, I took immediate action and arrested him…case has not been registered yet

Ram: good job but what we will do next

Rajesh: we have already arrested him on doubt basis…let them interrogate Brij and we will come to know why he was there and hamara dost ko etne saal takleef dene ke liye police latee see do maar padega toh tassali hoga hame…kya bolta hai tu?

Ram: that’s fabulous idea

Rajesh: ok don’t worry I will take care of that and when you all are coming to hospital?

Ram: I will get ready now and will be there within half an hour…I will come alone

Rajesh: ok then I will meet you in hospital

Then they greeted each other and got ready to hospital…Later they both met in reception then they went towards Amar’s cabin…when they opened door they were surprise to see Amar awake…both looked each other and about to greet him but Amar signaled them to be quiet…Rajesh and Ram came towards Amar then Amar said“Maan and Geet sleeping so I didn’t want you both to wake them…isliye mien tum logon ko ishara kiya takee tum log mera bte aur bahu ko utta nah jaye”

Ram whispered “see how calm they both are looking…love birds wait let me take this picture” then he took picture and showed them to his friends

Amar: this is the first time I am seeing them so close…I had a doubt on Maan…now I am happy

Ram: you have one more happy news

Amar: what it is?

Ram: Rajesh ne kal raat Brij ko arrest kiya hai.

Amar: wow that’s the great news but how Maan will react

Rajesh: don’t worry we will inform him let us see how he react to this

Amar: par?

Ram: no Amar what Rajesh is saying correct we will inform to Maan…now we should attack Brij directly …Maan should know what’s happening…ley luka chupi kka kehl kyun?

Geet and Maan got disturbed with their talk and woke up…they looked at each other then smiled and then they was shocked looking at Amar, Ram and Rajesh…Geet was embarrassed and excused herself went to restroom…Ram smirked at them and asked Maan “kya hua Maan why are you blushing so much”

Maan: nothing uncle

Ram: aise kaise kuch nahi…tum log toh aise so rahe the jaise char din mein soya nahi…agar itna neend aa rahe toh tum log ghar mien so sakte the…

Maan: wo..wo

Amar came to his rescue and said “kyun mera beta ko tang kar rahe ho…they slept few hours ago

At the same time Geet came out of restroom…Maan went inside restroom escaping from Ram

Ram: what a friend I have…rarely I get chance to oull Maan’s leg you spoiled it

Geet: kya hua uncle?

Ram: kuch nahi beta…I was pulling Maan’s leg but your paa ruined it…you know how much he has tortured me

Geet smiled listening to that…somewhat she know about what Ram is talking…after few minutes Maan came out then Amar got ready…then Rajesh said “Maan I need to tell you something”

Maan: yes uncle batayien naa…kya baat hai?

Rajesh: yesterday we arrested Brij

Maan was shocked and asked “what???”

Rajesh: he was near hospital compound pata nahi wo kab se waha kada raha tha…isliye arrest kiya and we have not yet filled complaint about that

Maan: if you have arrested him then you might have strong reason for that…like I said won’t interfere in their matter…agar aap ko use doubt hai toh aap uske kilaaf action le sakte hai

Rajesh: good Maan…I was accepting this from you

Maan smiled at him…Amar looked at Maan in shock …Ram and Geet smiled listening to Maan…later nurse informed Maan the arrival of cardiologist…so he went and met him then they both came together to Amar’s ward and after consultation he discharged Amar giving prescription to Maan…they are sat in car and headed towards Khurana Mansion…Here Pallavi and Priya kept puki ki tali ready and Pallavi welcomed Amar …then all sat together and had breakfast



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