Vivah Bandhan Part 45

Vivah Bandhan



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Geet eyes was full of tears.. Maan was disappoint because Geet did not say anything and then said “Geet its ok…I know I am not goodperson” but Geet stopped him in middle by putting finger on his lips and said “mein aapse phir se shadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon Maan…hey khushi ki aasu hai…itna kuch hua hamara zindagi mein phir bhi hum dono ek saat hai…this shows we really meant for each other…I am happy Maan bata nahi sakti mujhe kitna khushi ho rahi hai” saying this she cupped Maan’s in her palm and kissed over his forehead, eyes nose and all over his face and stopped near his lips” Maan’s face was beaming with Happiness and asked “ruk kyun gayi Geet? Agar sach mein mera proposal tume pasand haya toh you should kiss me on my lips” Geet face was pinkish listening to Maan and she slowly pressed her soft lips on his rough ones.





She started to sulk his lips slowly…Maan waited for few seconds he was not able to control he took charge and started to eat her lips…today they were not worried about anything because they cleared their misunderstanding and shared their feeling with each other…Geet was losing her balance Maan slowly made her sleep and the bed and put his weight completely on her without breaking the kiss…they both were out of breath and when they were not able to bear they broke there kiss and close their eyes because tired for few minutes…Maan kept his head on her chest and was happy hearing her raising heartbeat…when their heartbeat was normal both looked at each other and smiled…there was sparkle in their eyes which was showing love and happiness. Maan slowly caressed her cheeks and said “mann kar raha hai mein tume aaj hee kha loon”

Geet: kis ne roka aapko…

Maan: mere honewali patni ne…wo bahut sanskari hai…I don’t want to break the rules…par iss me bhi enjoyment hai

Geet: then ok…aap mera upar so rahe hai…get down please

 Maan frowned and pressed himself more on her and said“sirf char din hai Geet, you should get used to my weight so I am giving you practice for that…instead of thanking me you are telling me to get down” 

Geet blushed furiously and looking at her pinkish face Maan said “agar tum aise blush karogi toh mien kaise control karoon Geet…you are making me to break the rule”

Geet looking at his eyes asked “who told you to set rules first…if you wish we can continue…no need of marriage”

Maan got up from her and said “shadi do mann ka Milan hai Geet…if I got married to you whole heartedly then I would have not thought about getting married to you again…look at Mom and Dad, Ram uncle and Priya aunty your mom and dad they all are having blissful married life…though they fight argue still they are together. I want our life to be same. We have waited nearly a year now we can wait for four days which will be unforgettable memories in our life, we can cherish it for life long. It will be like hide and seek game…let’s how we will get success”

Geet: how can we do that Maan…everyone will be there and what will we will tell them, how we will hide these things from them, Roka, Mehindi, Sangeet, Haldi aur shadi kaise hoga hey sab?

Maan: why are you worrying so much Geet…let’s go in the flow…I will take care of that I need your help also…we will buy ring tomorrow kisi ko pata nahi chalega

Geet: kal kyun? Aaj kyun nahi?

Maan with surprised asked aaj???

Geet: Haan…Maan we decided to get marry again with all rituals without knowing to anyone (to which Maan nodded his head and then Geet continued) see now we are free unless our people call us inside, instead of waiting time here lets go for shopping and buy necessary things we needed

Maan: hum kal se shuru kar sakte hai

Geet: it will raise doubt for others aur hum pakde jayenge

Maan: Matlab??

Geet: babaji aapko bahut mazaa haa raha hai naaa..itna buddhu pati diya mujhe

Maan: Geettt…Mein buddhu hoon? Don’t forget I was the one who planned about our marriage. I will plan that also

Geet slapped her forehead slowly and said “Maan will you listen to me patiently (looking at her serious face he nodded his head) good then listen, first we no need to give any explanation to anyone now if we go to shopping anyway Ram uncle has given us permission to go for long ride. So we will go and purchase whatever possible now…baaki sab hum badh mien deklenge”

Maan smiled listening to her and said “plan toh bahut acha hai…tum toh chupa rustom nikli…how can you think like this also…tume aur jaana hai mujhe…I love this shararathi Geet…saying this he kissed her first Geet was shocked then she also started to respond him…Maan broke the kiss and said “if we continue then we all our plans will get fail so chalo lets go”

To which Geet agreed and they made themselves presentable, then came out of Maan’s cabin…Maan told her to wait for few minutes and then called Ram and asked “Uncle we are getting bore here, if you all still want to continue your talks then I am taking Geet out”

Ram: tum dono kahan ho Maan?

Maan: near my cabin…kyun uncle

Ram: wait there…I will be in few minutes saying that he disconnected the call

Maan looked at Geet confusingly and said “uncle said he will come here, shayad hamara plan flop ho jayega?

Geet pouted and said “why did you tell them…now what we will do”

Maan: Geet I didn’t want them to get worry about us…itna kuch ho gaya…aab toh hum kuch lessons seekna chahiye…at least mein”

Geet shook her head and Ram informed all of them that Maaneet planning to go out now has they are getting bored or they will come here.

Amar: let them go out Ram, yahan kya kaam hai unhe…they don’t get time to spend together let them enjoy and tell Maan to buy something to Geet…bewakoof abhi taq kuch nahi diya usko

Ram: hmm idea toh bura nahi hai…but there is a problem

Amar and Rajesh: What?

Ram: not a big problem but I came to know that Brij came back I don’t want Brij to see Maan or Geet…in case if it is them who planned Geet’s accident then he will try to get information from Maan and will act smart like always he do…abhi Maan use gussa hai, and in anger if Maan spill beans about this or inform them about police investigation they will be alert…unless and until Maan see real face of his friends we should be careful

Pallavi: I dunno when we will get peace in our life…abi taq hum sub khushi khushi se baat kar rahe the, phir se unn dono ka bura saya hamara upar padh gaya

Rajesh: bhabi aisa kch nahi hoga…ek kaam karte hai… I will inform my driver to go with them…let them go in my car and I will tell two constable to follow them…one Brij does not know about me and second no one will follow my car has it belongs to police department and Brij or his informers have no idea about that

Ram: yeah this is good idea…I will inform them

Rajesh: ek minute mien bhi tumare saat avunga…I will inform my driver

Rajesh immediate called driver and informed him to come to basement, Ram and Rajesh left from Amar’s room… Amar looked at his friends and said “shayad mien kuch ache kaam kiya hoga pichle janam mein I got good people around me”saying this he wiped his tears to which Pallavi agreed and looked at them smiling…and then Amar ordered two trusted constable to follow Maaneet… then they went towards Maaneet and informed the situation for both and told them to be careful…Maan assured them he will take care of Geet…then Ram requested Maan to not to say anything about police investigation to Brij if he ever try to meet Maan to get information…to which Maan agreed. Then Ram whispered to Maan “get something to Geet…you have not gifted her anything to her till now…Amar told me to inform you”…Maan raised his eyebrow and then smilled looking at him and then whispered  “I know uncle. So we both planned and going for shopping now”. Ram patted his back saying “Goodluck my boy”

After Maaneet sat in the car Ram and Rajesh went towards Amar’s ward…Brij was waiting outside KH to get glimpse of Maan and talk to them…and allowed his people to get information from hospital but they were failed to get. Rajesh and cleared mentioned the staff to not to leak any information related Khurana’s to anyone…if anyone insist to inform the police who were in waiting room. First time in his life all the doors have been closed…when two constables came out by their bike followed by police car Brij hide in the fear or getting caught.


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