Vivah Bandhan Part 44

Vivah Bandhan



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Geet face was like cherry tomato while she is talking about baby, Maan nod his head in smile and came near Geet, he hold her shoulder and made her look at him and said “Geet, I want to know what is your heart saying? Are you ready for this? Don’t think about our parents, I know they are eagerly waiting to hear good news, but I want your wish, you should be mentally and physically ready for this, then we can think about that, if anyone ask about baby tell them to talk to me, I don’t have any problem in answering them. This is all because of me, If I did not over react and listened to you then everything would have solved and these all things would not have happened

Geet: no Maan, its not like that

Maan: I know Geet, jo kuch bhi ho raha hai hey sab mere wajah se…don’t worry from now I will give more focus to my family, aur tume shikayat ka koi mauka nahi dunga




Maan came near Geet and said “I am sorry for hurting you Geet, pata nahi mein kyun hamesha tume hurt kar raha hoon.

Geet: its ok Maan…I can understand why you got angry with me…I was fool, this time it was both of our mistake and our family is suffering for that

Maan: thank you very much Geet for understanding me

Geet: it’s all because of Ram Uncle we should thank him, he was the one who made me understand where I went wrong and also told me about you escape plan

Maan looked at her in shock and asked “what??? How can he tell you about my plan?”

Geet : “then what you want him to do? He knows what’s good for us so he asked me about our fight and suggested me. Like a father he guided us so that we understand each other’s important and stop our child games, he wanted us to behave little maturely”  then narrated her conversation with Uncle to Maan.

After listening to Geet, Maan said “he is angel Geet, whenever I am in problem he always should next to me and supported me. My Dad has good friend circle, looking at them even I want a friend who can support me like they do…But Geet stopped him and said “pls don’t start again I don’t want to listen about your friends…pls it’s a request don’t compare them with Ram Uncle, I can’t tolerate that”

Maan: do you think I am stupid to compare them to uncle? Forget about my friends, let me see they are innocent or not

Geet: what are you saying Maan?

Maan: My Dad is lucky enough to get good friends, they all gem…whenever I look at his friends i will get jealous thinking that I did not get friends like him”

Geet: matlab??

Maan: itna zaldi kya hai Geet? You have waited patiently so far then wait for few more days… you will get know very soon?

Geet: teek hai…as you wish…aab hum chale sab hame wait karte honge

Maan: I want to talk one more thing with you; I want genuine answer for that this time

Geet somewhat guesses what Maan want to talk with her she just gave smile to him and both sat inside car went towards KH


Here Brij landed in Delhi…first he tried to get information about Khurana’s. One of his informer said he saw Geet in restaurant. Brij was shocked to know. Then he called Sam, she informed she will be soon in Delhi, she is boarding flight now. Brij then went home and tried to call Maan but he did not respond. So he thought to go to hospital and find more about Geet’s condition, so that it will help him to talk with Maan and he thought to wait for Sam because it was she who created this mess and now she has to find some solution


Maan and Geet first met Ram and Rajesh then all four of them went towards Amar’s room. They chit chat for few minutes in the meantime Maan checked Amar’s condition and said “condition is normal…once the cardiologist here we will consult him once again and then we can discharge Dad tomorrow”everyone happy hearing that and then Ram said “he already checked Amar and said tomorrow if his condition is stable he will discharge Amar” HasAmar’s condition is normal. All sighed in relief and congratulated Amar for getting well soon. Rajesh said “Maan I need to talk to you, can we go out?to which Maan nodded his head. Amar who listened to Rajesh asked“kya baat hai Rajesh? What you want to talk to Maan? Kuch bhi ho hamara samne baat kar. No need to hide anything”

Rajesh: aise kuch nahi hai Amar, actually my friend son is here for treatment I want to talk about his medical condition with Maan, you take rest after consultation we will come here

To which Amar agreed and then Maan and Rajesh went out. Geet looked at Ram signing what is going on…he signaled her to follow him…then they both excused and came out and asked nurse about Maan who replied he is in his cabin so Ram and Geet headed towards Maan’s Cabin. Geet who was confused asked “Uncle what is going on? What Rajesh Uncle wants to talk with Maan? Why he lied in front of all?”

Ram: have patience Geet…I know what Rajesh want to ask but I want to know Maan’s reaction so keep quiet for few minutes…it will be surprise for you

Geet looked at Ram confusingly and followed him. Maan entered his cabin along with Rajesh and asked “now tell me uncle what you want to hear from me?’

Meanwhile Ram and Geet stood in front Maan cabin… Ram signaled Geet to be silent and hear about their talk.

Rajesh: Maan do you remember you said you will help me investigation

Maan: yes uncle…how can I forget about that?

Rajesh: then good…I need contact number of Brij and Sameera

Maan looked at him confusingly and asked “sure uncle I will give their number…can you please tell me why you require their number

Rajesh: look Maan I know about your friendship Brij, but I have doubt about their connection in Geet’s accident…I want their number , it will help me in investigation…its ok if you don’t want to provide number I can ask my colleagues to get it for me

Maan: it’s not necessary uncle…I will give it to you, even I have some doubt on them and whom so ever responsible for my Geet’s accident I won’t live them

Saying that he gave contact number of Brij and Sam to Rajesh…here Geet and Ram were shocked and them Ram whispered to Geet “that’s the reason I told you to be quiet…hope this time we succeed in proving their crime and now I am sure that Maan will not leave them, now my only wish is to see their faces when Rajesh arrest them “

Geet: but uncle we don’t have any proof to prove their crime

Ram: come let’s go from here this is what I want to hear now I don’t want to be caught by Maan, they may come out any time

Ram and Geet headed towards Amar’s ward and on the way Ram said “let’s see Geet…I am sure that they are culprit…and Rajesh can get evidence soon, we have trust on Rajesh”

Geet: how was this possible uncle? Maan hamara saath de rahe hai? He even gave Brij and Sam number to Rajesh uncle? How did this miracle happen?

Ram: Geet actually Brij called Maan and asked about your health? Other than family members no one knows about this so Maan was surprised and I asked him to think about it. So he informed Rajesh that he will help in this investigation and will support us…when Rajesh told me about this I was shocked so we came here to see whether Maan will help Rajesh…finally Maan will be out of their clutches now…this is all because of you Geet…you are the main reason Maan took this decision and if Amar comes to know about this he will start dancing

Geet: par meine kuch nahi kiya uncle? How I am responsible for this?

Ram: first time in Maan’s life he is going against his so called friends and he is supporting Rajesh in his investigation, if this time we show real face of them Maan will never get in touch with them for lifetime. Then he will come to know what we are saying is right. This is because you were in hospital and he was not able to bear seeing you in pain so he has taken this decision

Geet: I am not able to believe this uncle? Maan??? woh bhi mere liye he is going against his friends for whom he fought with me? is this is what he was telling me 

Ram: means

Geet: before coming here we both talked and then narrated everything to Ram may be for this he told me to have patience 

Ram: That’s what I am trying to say Geet…don’t think much about it…go in flow let’s wait and see

Geet: yes uncle…you are right, what he said is right…my heart is saying me to trust him…I will do what my heart says now…remaining we can think later

Ram: Good bacha…I want only happiness in your family life…aab shayad bhagawan bhi hamara saat de

Geet: you don’t worry about it much uncle…now I think it’s time to celebrate…if paa’s condition is good we can request Maan to discharge him

Ram: no Geet…lets Amar he here tonight, it will be good for his health…cardiologist informed the same when he came for rounds

Geet: ohh then its ok uncle


Meanwhile they reached Amar cabin and saw him talking with Priya and Pallavi…Looking at them Ram said we told you to take rest and here you are straining yourself…kya karun mein?”

At the same time Maan and Rajesh also came inside…seeing them Amar asked” bore ho raha that oh kya karu? Aap log kahan gaye the?”

Ram: we were here only yaar…Actually Geet wanted to give surprise party for you so we were talking about that.

Looking at Maan and Geet Ram continued saying waise tum dono hayan kya kar rahe wo? See we friends are together and we need some privacy why can’t you guys go for long ride or somewhere were you like so that you can also have your quality time…winking at Amar he asked “kya Amar mien teek khe raha hoon naa?”

Amar understood Ram’s hidden meaning and said “yes Ram you are correct…waise tum dono ka zarurat nahi hai haya…if we need we will call you so that you can join. Now be good children and leave us alone for some time”

Geet pout listening to them and asked “this is too bad…why can’t we be with you? We will also talk to you…please paa even we want to spend some time with you”

Amar: sorry Geet some other time…see after long time Priya is with us, then Rajesh also the person who don’t have time to spend with us, so we are making use of that, you will get bore, has ram said why can’t you guys go out? Is there is any problem?

Geet: no paa…fine then you guys enjoy we will go out…then she looked at Maan who was gaping at all of them, she hold his hand and pulled him out saying “hayan kisi ko hamara zarurat nahi hai…chali hey we go out”

Maaneet came out…Ram and Rajesh burst out laughing then Amar joined him…Pallavi and Priya looked at them in confusion and then Ram said “they need sometime together, Geet said Maan wanted to talk to her and if we make them to be with us then they wont get time and after Amar discharge Geet and Maan will not get privacy because they are worried about Amar, so let them have some quality time…hey sab toh hota rahega…abhi abhi Maan ne Rajesh ko support kiya investigation mien…then he narrated everything to them and looking at Pallavi he said “now Amar is fine stop getting angry with him…what’s say Amar”

Amar: Haan Pallavi please behaving rudely with him…when he came to look at me first time after i got my consciousness I knew something happened…its Maan and Geet personal matter they will solve like always”

To which everyone support Amar and then Pallavi said “mujhe koi shouq nahi hai Maan ko tang karne ka…i was worried for you…now you are fine then I dont need to think about anything I will scold him from now…now happy...saying that she gave smile to everyone…Ram and Priya sighed in relief

Maan took her to his cabin and closed the door then took his seat…Geet was fuming but Maan was smiling…Looking at Maan’s face Geet asked “aap itna kyun muskurahe ho? How can they send us out like that? I won’t leave them…mein uncle aur paa se jaroor badla lungi…I wanted to spend some time with them”

Maan shook his head and said “Geet dekho I know why Ram uncle said like this?”

Geet: you mean to say you know why uncle sent us out?

Maan nodded his head and then continued “first one is mom is angry with me and you know how she react so uncle did not want Amar to know about this so he planned about it and other one is he wanted we to spend some time together…isliye jaan bujke hame bahar jane ko kaha”

Geet opened her mouth listening to Maan…he smirked at her and said “muh toh bandh karo…you are inviting me and then don’t say I kissed you forcefully”

Geet immediately closed her mouth and then said “this is hospital Maan, hayan toh aise baat mat kejiye”

Maan: haan wo mujhe bhi pata hai see we are in my cabin, no one will inter without my permission… if you want you can take rest in my private room

Geet: private room? Where is it?

Maan pointed towards the door which was looking like wardrobe and said“come I will show you…”

Maan and Geet went towards room and opened the door…She sat on bed and looked around there was a small bed with attached washroom…Maan went to restroom, when she turned towards right there was a cute baby pic on the wall which attracted her the most. She was staring at the pic and forgot about the surrounding, when Maan came out he saw Geet looking at something on the wall and asked “would you like to have coffee Geet?” but there was no response and then he came near her and looked at baby pic which Geet was staring, he understood what was running in her mind and kept hand on her shoulder and said huskily “Geettt”

Geet abruptly came out of her dreamland and said “jii…kya hua?”

Maan looked at her wiped the sweat formed on her forehead with his hand towel and asked softy “kya hua Geet? Why are you so scared? Tum phir se jii shuru kiya…you know about the punishment right?”

Geet lowered her eye with shy…but Maan slowly raised her face by his finger and said “you can share your feelings with me Geet? I know what you are thinking…you no need to get embarrassment for this…tume pata hai even I think about our baby like you do…I know how girls dream about their babies…when I meet a patients who are eager to get pregnant and the glow in there face when they get positive results…I always used to think about your reactions…you know what I dreamed about that also…I wanted to share this with you but you were getting shy for kiss and I did not want to scare you further saying about this so I kept quie(Geet looked at him in surprise, then Maan pointing his figer towards pic he continued saying) this is the gift from my colleagues Geet, after marriage they gave this to me saying they want our baby to be like this and want to keep this in our room…but knew how was I behaving with you when we got married, so I kept it here only…sorry Geet this is all because of me

Geet nodded her head saying no and said “we are starting fresh life why are you talking to me like this, let’s forget our past Maan…then only we can be happy”

Maan: Geet can we keep this in our room

To which Geet agreed immediately and then Maan continued saying “agar tume bura naa laga toh kya tum mera ek baat manogi? I told you right I want to talk to you something also?”

Geet: Maan aap mujhe kahiye naa kya karna hai, I will do it whole heartedly…no need to have second thought…when I heard you dreaming about our babies I was shocked, I never knew you kept it secret…I was ready for that from the first day of our marriage but you rejected me then we came close and you said you need time to which agreed because I did not want to rush the things with you…I wanted you to make me complete woman…here we both are wrong see we dreamed about babies inwardly without sharing it with each other thinking that other may feel bad…shayad hamara jaisa couple iss duniya mein koi nahi hai, isliye baghawan hame jeevansathi bana liye”

Then Maan immediately kneeled down and put his one hand in front of Geet and asked “aab hum der nahi karengey Geet…kya tum mujhse phirse shadi karogi? Now we understood about each other, kya tum phir se iss Vivah Bandhan mein judna chathi ho?”

Geet: but we are already married then why to get marry again”

Maan: Geet I did not accept you as my wife and I was forced to get married but now I want to get marry again…only both us without knowing to anyone…you know in four days it will be our first wedding anniversary and I want to take phera with you on the same day with all rituals

Geet eyes was full of tears.. Maan was disappoint because Geet did not say anything and then said “Geet its ok…I know I am not good person” but Geet stopped him in middle by putting finger on his lips and said “mein aapse phir se shadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon Maan…hey khushi ki aasu hai…itna kuch hua hamara zindagi mein phir bhi hum dono ek saat hai…this shows we really meant for each other…I am happy Maan bata nahi sakti mujhe kitna khushi ho rahi hai” saying this she cupped Maan’s in her palm and kissed over his forehead, eyes nose and all over his face and stopped near his lips” Maan’s face was beaming with Happiness and asked “ruk kyun gayi Geet? Agar sach mein mera proposal tume pasand haya toh you should kiss me on my lips” Geet face was pinkish listening to Maan and she slowly pressed her soft lips on his rough ones.






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