Vivah Bandhan -Part-43

Vivah Bandhan



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Maan: Geet pls so jao…mujhe bhi need aa raha hai

Geet: woh…but Maan interrupted saying “Geet, agar tum haya se jaane ki baat ki toh mein tume aaj ji aapna lunga…I wont wait for your permission now the decision is yours, if you want to sleep in study be ready for consequences”

Geet looked at him in surprise and closed eyes, she was blushing furiously. Maan smiled looking at her and joined her in bed, he brought her closed to him and both slept peacefully




Rajesh went to hospital and asked for Amar and then he called Ram and said “Ram I am in hospital, Amar is taking rest so thought to talk to you”

Ram: Thanks for calling me Rajesh, actually I came to KM along with Maan and Geet after dropping Geet brother Arjun to airport

Rajesh: ohh its fine you can take some rest, has I am here I will be with Amar

Ram: thanks a lot…one more request please don’t say anything to Amar about Geet’s accident. Once he is fit and fine we can discuss with him

Rajesh: yeah…you are right Ram, don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Amar. I need to talk to you about the accident once you come here

Ram: I can come there now itself

Rajesh: it’s not so much important, you can come later

Ram: then ok…mein phone rakta hoon

Rajesh: teek hai Ram


Later they disconnected the call. After talking with Rajesh Ram informed Priya and Pallavi to take rest for some time and then they all can go to hospital. To which everyone agreed and went to their respective rooms to sleep.

Rajesh had telephonic conversation with his colleague and came to know about the truck. He ordered them to search of truck driver and to get more information about him.

When Ram woke up he saw Priya was not in room so he went in search of her and saw she was working in kitchen, then went towards her and asked “it’s nearly seven why you didn’t woke me up?”

Priya: you were sleeping peacefully after this accident fiasco, so I came out and Pallavi was also up when I came out so we prepared dinner and now we were planning to have tea you came at right time”

Ram smiled listening to her and then Priya served tea for Ram and then to Pallavi. After light snack they decided to go to hospital. Ram informed them to get ready and went towards Maaneet room, he was worried thinking about them, he dunno whether Maaneet were able to solve their misunderstanding…he went towards their room and saw that room door was opened, he slowly peeped inside and saw both sleeping peacefully and he did not had heart to wake them up. So, he slowly closed door and went downstairs. Ram saw both Priya and Pallavi were ready.

Priya: Maan aur Geet abhi taq niche nahi haye…can I go and wake them up?

Ram: uska zarurat nahi hai Priya…let them take rest for few more hours and then they will come…have you packed dinner for all

Pallavi: yes bhaisaab, we have packed

Ram: ok then just give me few minutes I will get ready and come


To which both agreed Ram got freshens up and went to KH along with Priya and Pallavi. When they reached hospital, Rajesh was waiting for them in front of Amar’s room. Once he saw them he greeted everyone.

Ram: Did you spoke to Amar?

Rajesh: Haan Ram, but did not talk about accident, I was waiting for you only, if you are free we can go out

Ram thought for few seconds and then went towards Pallavi and said “Pallavi tum aur priya, Amar ko mil sakte ho, but don’t cry in front of him and don’t talk about accident aur Maan ka burai mat karna, talk to him normally and if you broke down in front of him then Amar condition will be serious and Priya you stay next to Pallavi and handle the situation, Amar ko kuch bhi pata chalna nahi chahiye”

To which both agreed and went inside Amar’s ward and then Ram went along with Rajesh to cafeteria, they ordered coffee and then Rajesh said “we are investigating about this case and got clue about truck driver, but we have doubt on him my team went in search of him, I am not going to leave them, has you said mujhe bhi Sam aur Brij par shaq hai, once we get hold of him then we can do something. Actually I want to have contact number of Brij and Sam, it will be easy for me to track them and also with call records we can get some clue”

Ram: hmm I think its good idea Rajesh, par unka hum mera pass nahi hai, if you want I can get it from my informer aur Maan ka pass unka number hai

Rajesh: then we can ask with Maan itself, don’t worry I will talk to him, he already informed me that he will support for us

Ram was surprised and said “Maan said like that for you?”

Rajesh: yeah, actually even he has doubt on Brij so he said he will support us

Ram: then it’s a good sign Rajesh. Even I want to be with you and see Maan’s reaction when you ask about their number, it will be test for him and I want Geet to witness it

Rajesh: Mujhe samaj mein nahi haya

Then Ram narrated everything to Rajesh and said “isliye I was worried about Geet’s safety and if this duo brother sister plotting against Geet then we should be more alert from now. I don’t want my kids to get hurt Rajesh”

Rajesh: aab mujhe bata diya naa Ram then be free I know how to handle these criminals they can’t escape from my clutches…I will teach them nice lesson

Ram: it’s not easy Rajesh, me and Amar failed so many times

Rajesh: don’t worry about that, I know how to deal with them

Ram: thank you very much for your help

Rajesh: uska zarurath nahi hai Ram, hum dono Amar aur uske pariwar ke liye hey sab kar rahe hai, it’s for our friendship

Ram gave friendly hug to Rajesh and said “I never knew I will get a good friend after coming to Delhi, thank you very much…once Amar is fine please come along with your family for get together”

Rajesh: haan kyun nahi…once Amar discharge from hospital we can plan about that…


Here Maan who woke up first looked time it was around 7.00pm then he looked at Geet who was sleeping peacefully in his arm, he slowly made her sleep on bed and then pecked on her lips lightly then went to washroom to get ready. After sometime Geet also woke up missing warmth and then she looked at the time, she cursed herself for sleeping for such a long time and then she looked at bathroom has water was running she knew Maan was inside so she went out and from Deepak she came to know that everyone went to hospital and then came back to her room. At the same time Maan came out of bathroom, Maan looked at Geet and asked “tum utt gayi? I thought a waking you after my bath and did had heart to disturb you”

Geet: hmm…its ok…ghar mein koi nahi hai, sab log hospital gaye hue hai

Maan: kya? How is it possible?

Geet: mujhe kya pata? No one informed me about this, I just went down to talk to them not Deepak said everyone went to hospital

Maan: I think they did not want to disturb us so they went without informing us…Geet you freshen up, we will also go to hospital mean while I will talk to Ram uncle

Geet: hmm teek hai and also ask about their dinner

Maan: ok

Then Geet went to freshen up and here Maan called Ram and asked “Uncle when did you all left to KH?”

Ram: we are here by 6.00pm Maan, Rajesh wanted to talk to me so we came here and I came to wake up you but you were sleeping peacefully, aur  mann  nahi  tha tum logon ko disturb karne isliye haya hum sab agaye

Maan: its ok uncle…once Geet is ready we will come to KH…is everything right?

Ram: yes Maan, hayan sab teek hai, actually Rajesh wanted to talk to you once you are here you can talk to him personally

Maan: ohh ok uncle we will be there soon

Geet and Maan came down and Deepak asked “mam can I serve dinner for you?”

Geet: sab ka dinner ho gaya kya?

Deepak: nahi madam, they said they will have dinner along with bade saab so we packed their food.

Geet looked at Maan, he saw the time and informed Deepak to serve food to which he nodded and went in, after that Geet and Maan had their dinner and went to KH. On the way towards KH, Geet informed Maan to stop the car and said “Maan I want to talk to you please get down” Maan parked car aside and said “Geet I know what you want to talk…I am sorry for my today’s behavior…I did not want to create any scene in front of anyone, Mom is already angry with me, kuch bhi sazaa do par mujhse dor mat jao Geet, bahut mushkil se meine apne aap ko samal liya hai”

Geet: When you cannot trust your own parents and wife then how can I trust you?

Maan: it’s not like that Geet,

Geet: will you listen to me

Maan thought for few seconds and said Ok

Geet: Maan I can understand your turmoil, I need a peaceful life Maan, I am fed of this misunderstanding, because of us today everyone are suffering. Still my parents does not know anything about us, if they comes to know about this I dunno how they react…tell me clearly what you expect from me, If you don’t want me to handle KC then I am ok with that, I will stay at home, paa has enough trained employees to take care of KC. If you don’t want me in your life I will go away from here

Maan: tum pagal ho gayi ho kya Geet? I am telling you I can’t leave without you and you are still talking about leaving me…kya ho gaya sab ko, no one is ready to understand me, you also want to go away from me right, woh hoga mera marne ke baad,

Saying this he started the car, Geet got down from the car and said “Maan pls come out “ without any other option Maan came out, Geet hold Maan hand and said “Maan why are you taking me in wrong, please ek baar mera baat toh sun leliye, aap ko jaisa chahiye waise mein reh lungi”

Maan interrupted her and asked “do you I am cheap minded person Geet, I don’t have any problem with your working, you are far better than me, you very well balancing personal and professional life then why do you think that I will be not happy? Mein unn pati hon se nahi hoon jo apne patni ki kaamyabhi se jealous feel karon. Its near to one year to our marriage Geet did I ever force you for anything?

Geet: you are very good at heart Maan, but some people are misusing you, I don’t have any proof against them, mujhe uss baat se dar lag raha hai, that’s what I am tried to say you, but you mistook has I am not trusting you in this

Maan: Matlab?

Geet: leave that matter Maan, I don’t want to fight again with you on this…mein hai keh rahi thi ki uss din aapne maa aur paa khe wishes ke barein mien baatah rahe the naa, I don’t have any problem with that

Maan understood what Geet was trying to say him and said “are you sure Geet? I don’t have any problem to wait for you

Geet: Maan, even my parents for waiting to hear good news from us, when everyone are thinking about our baby then it better we plan for that

Geet face was like cherry tomato while she is talking about baby, Maan nod his head in smile and came near Geet, he hold her shoulder and made her look at him and said “Geet, I want to know what is your heart saying? Are you ready for this? Don’t think about our parents, I know they are eagerly waiting to hear good news, but I want your wish, you should be mentally and physically ready for this, then we can think about that, if anyone ask about baby tell them to talk to me, I don’t have any problem in answering them. This is all because of me, If I did not over react and listened to you then everything would have solved and these all things would not have happened”

Geet: no Maan, its not like that

Maan: I know Geet, jo kuch bhi ho raha hai hey sab mere wajah se…don’t worry from now I will give more focus to my family, aur tume shikayat ka koi mauka nahi dunga



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