Vivah Bandhan-Part 42

Vivah Bandhan 


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Amar: tum dono mujhe se kuch chupa toh nhai rahe naa?

Maan: why will we do that Dad? Would you like to meet Arjun? He will be going back today.

Amar: haan Maan…usko bulao

When Maan went to bring Arjun, Geet requested Amar to not to say anything to Arjun. To which Amar agreed and at the same time Maan and Arjun came in. Arjun enquired about Amar’s health and then he spoke to Maaneet…Later all went towards airport to drop Arjun




After having lunch in cafeteria Pallavi and Priya came to KM. Pallavi was not happy with this and told “Priya, we would have waited in hospital itself, Ram knows that I dunno cooking then why he forcefully sent us to home? I did not understand”

Priya: Pallavi you should be calm first…your behavior towards Maan is hurting him and Geet’s brother Arjun was looking at you and Maan suspiciously…if Arjun comes to know about difference between Maaneet then will he allow Geet to be here? No Pallavi”

Pallavi: how can I tolerate all this Priya? Jab bhi Maan ke chehre dekh thi hoon Amar ka chehra mere samne aata hai…I will lose my control…what has Amar done to go through all these? Bhagwan mujhe aisa beta kyun diya hai?”

Priya: I understand Pallavi…par ek baat samjo…if Maaneet separate Amar will not able to tolerate this and you will lose him, if you want Amar to be safe then stop provoking Maan…hey sab hasaan nahi hai phir bhi Amar ke liye tume hey karna hoga. If you don’t want to talk to Maan then keep quiet”


Pallavi thought for few minutes and then agreed to do has Priya said. They both took rest for few hours and then started preparing dinner for everyone.

              Arjun greeted Maan Ram and Geet, after bidding bye to them he went to board his flight. Later Ram along with Maan and Geet went to Khurana Mansion, Maan was hesitating to go inside because he was fearing to hear Pallavi’s taunting words. Ram and Geet looked at each other’s face, they can understand Maan’s turmoil, with heavy heart Maan went inside and he did not wait to talk to his mom, he directly went inside his room and closed the door. Looking at him Ram said “Geet pls come out I want to talk to you” to which Geet nodded her head and then they both sat in Garden chair then Ram continued saying “Geet mujhe Maan ke barien mein soch kar dar lag raha hai, now you both will be alone and I am proud of you Geet for managing the situation well. But now you both have lot of things to get cleared between yourselves, pls you both don’t start to fight again”

Geet: no uncle…aisa kuch nahi hoga, I know me and Maan should talk to each other clear out our misunderstanding, I will take care of that, if I need any help then I will come to you

Ram: I trust you Geet…I know you will handle the situation, pls don’t get hurt yourself in this…mujhe Maan kitna important hai tum bhi utna important ho, I care for you both Geet, don’t think that I am only thinking about Maan’s happiness Geet, I want to see you also happy, agar tum dono khush ho toh mujhe uske siwa kuch nahi chahiye

Geet: I know about this uncle, you no need to give explanation

Ram kept his hand on Geet’s head and said “thank you very much for coming into our life Geet…you are an angel…kash tum meri beti hoti…” while saying this he had tears in his eyes

Geet hugged Ram and said “abhi bhi mein aapki beti hoon uncle…aap aise baat mat kejiye uncle mujhe bhi rona aata hai..”

Ram: sorry beta…jao ek aur jung ladna hey tume

Geet: iss jung mein I will be the winner uncle don’t worry, I know phele thoda mushkil hoga par I am cent percent sure that I am gonna succeed

Ram: good luck angel

Geet smiled at Ram and then they both came inside KM…Pallavi and Priya looked at them and then Priya asked “kya hua Ram? Why Maan did not talk to us? He went directly to his room…He was looking upset…Amar bhai teek hai naa?”

Ram: he is fine Priya…he spoke to us, hum Maan n forcefully haya lekar haye, he needs rest. Pls don’t disturb him…and Geet pls look after him

Geet: ji uncle

              After Geet went inside her room Ram looked at Pallavi and said “Amar is fine now you no need to blame Maan again…he has broken completely with your words, pls spare him now. I spoke to Geet also she will take care of Maan and if she need our support we should be ready to support her. Amar ko Maan se kuch shikayat nahi aab tum bhi Maan ko taane marna band karo

Pallavi: ok bhai, par mein Maan ko kabhi maaf nahi kar sakthi hoon, uske wajah se hai sub hua

Ram: ok as you wish, I tried to make you understand but you are not ready for that then fine you go ahead but one request if you don’t want to forgive him them stop talking to him and taunting him

Pallavi kept quiet. Here Geet came inside her room, but the room was empty she searched Maan in library and then checked restroom but Maan was not there then she went to balcony and saw Maan sitting there and he was looking to tired, she slowly went near him and asked “why are you sitting here Maan? Uncle said you have not slept please come inside and sleep. Take rest for some time”

Maan looked at Geet and said “aab natak karne ka zarurat nahi hai Geet…here only we two are there so you can be yourself”

Geet looked at him in surprise and said “aap kya bol rahe hai Maan?”

Maan: why Geet? Did I say anything wrong? I don’t think so…you were not ready to meet me after coming to conscious. This is what you were saying to Arjun right then what happened all of the sudden? You are so much concerned about me?

Geet: aap kabhi mujhe nahi samaj ne ki koshish nahi karenge naa Maan? Why should I act?

Maan: tum mera shakal dekhna nahi chathi thi naa Geet

Geet: its not like that Maan, I agree I was angry on you…but for me my family is more important than my anger. I was scared to talk to you in front of my brother and I dunno how you will react so I told him to not to call you that’s it…why you always assume the things, if you have any doubt you should ask me directly instead of fighting with me.

Maan: it was you who started it Geet, you don’t trust me and you are scared about our relation right?

Geet: I am really sorry for that Maan, I didn’t mean that.

Maan: leave it Geet, you no need to worry I will take care of everything, from now everyone will be happy

Geet: really Maan? How you will solve all the problem…hmm let me guess…haan by running away from here right? Maan looked at her in shock and then Geet continued saying “Why are you looking at me in shock? This is the only way for you to get rid of me and your parents, this is what you planned right?”

Maan: no, you are wrong Geet? I want you all to be happy, I know because of me everyone suffering, I thought to share my life with you, I loved you Geet, but you also started doubting on my love. No one is ready to trust me Geet then what you want me to do? This was the only way for me to go away from you all so that you all can be happy.

Geet: so, you think if you are not with us then your parents will be happy? Do you think that I will be happy without you?

Maan: then why did’nt you trust me Geet?

Geet: I trust you Maan…but the way you defend your friends is bothering me. You got married to me because of your parents and you fight with them for your friends. I dunno to decide about your mindset Maan…I am confused. I dunno where I stand in your life?

Maan: mien tumse pyaar karta hoon Geet…mein kaise prove karun tume?

Geet: Agar aab sach mein mujhse pyaar karte ho toh aap mujhe chodke jane ka baat nahi karte.

Maan: kya tum mujhse dur jane ka faisla kiya?

Geet: you don’t have right to ask me Maan. So, stop questioning me…now and sleep or else I will call uncle and say that you are not taking rest, anyway you don’t listen to me at all, you always do what you like. Mein aap ko kuch bhi nahi lagti

Saying that Geet went in, Maan also followed her without saying anything and thinking how to pacify his Geet, looking at her seriousness he knows now it is very difficult for him. Geet went inside and while going she knew Maan is following her so without saying anything she took pillow and blanket and went to study room, when Geet was about to close the door Maan stopped her and asked “hey kya kar rahi ho Geet?”

Geet: from now I will sleep here Maan

Maan: par…kyun?

Geet: why you want to know?

Maan got irritated and asked “hey kaisa sawal hey Geet? What are you trying to do?”

Geet smirked at Maan and said “you were ready to leave me, right? Mujhe koi haq nahi mere pati ke barien mein sochne ke liye, aap ko jo chahiye aap kar sakte ho toh mien kyun nahi. Let’s live our life like before, I don’t expect anything from you, from today I will sleep in study room and you are free to go anywhere I won’t ask you anything. When paa is fine then we will discuss.

Maan: Geet pls…I am sorry…pls dont do this…if you tell Dad he cant survive again

Geet: then you better leave this matter here itself…first you sleep of sometime and then we can discuss

Maan: ok before that just look into my eyes and say do you love me or not

Geet: no, I won’t love you

Maan: aise nahi sweetheart…look into my eyes and say

Maaneet looked into eyes and then Maan continued “bholo naa Geet tum mujhse pyaar karti ho ya nahi”

Geet: haan par uska kya faida aap hamesha mera pyaar ka mazak banate reh the ho…jab chaha paas aa gaye jab cha dur chale gaye, when will you understand me Maan, I am selfish Maan I want you to be happy, my family to be happy.”

Maan interuppted her by keeping finger on her lips and said “shhh…pls ek baar mera baat sun lo… I know you did lot for your family and now it is my turn to do that, I will make everything right ok you take your time to trust me again” he hold Geet hand and brought her near thier bed and made her sit on it and sat on floor keeping his head on her lap and said “you belong to me Geet, and I am to you, I have not given this right to anyone, if you can trust me on this i am happy, if not one or other day you will come to know about this…mein dar gaya tha Geet…seeing you and Dad in that condition, mujhe toh kuch samaj mein nahi haa raha tha…please dont do this ever. I was totally blank and Mom kept on taunting me saying that I am responsible for all these Geet…I was completely broken,  when I got to know that you are conscious I came to you but you denied meeting me. Batao naa Geet toh mein kya karu, agar haya rehta toh Mom phirse mujhe taunt karti…tum mujhe dekhna bhi nahi chathi thi. Toh yaha reh kar tum sab ko pareshan karna nahi chatha tha, isliye haya se dur jane ke liye socha tha… Did I do anything wrong Geet?”

Geet looked at him once and said “why didn’t you come and talk with me Maan? if you did that everything would have got solved”

Maan: mein dar gaya tha agar tum Arjun ke samne kuch aisa waisa kar khe diya toh? He always respected me. Aur mien uske nazar se niche girna nahi chatha tha, and I am sure if he get to know our misunderstanding he would have taken you with him and never let me meet you…he is so possessive and always look at me in suspect”

Geet smiled listening to him and said “you are right Maan…Arjun will not allow me to stay here…so insteas of solving problems you planned to run away?

Maan smiled and said: I had no other option Geet. if you are happy without me then I will go far away. I can die for you Geet

Geet got shocked listening to him and said Dont talk like that Maan…please aap aise kaise soch sakte hai, agar aap kouch ho gaya toh mein bhi jeevith nahi rahungi

Maan:I am sorry Geet…please tum so jao saying that he made her sleep on bed but Geet got up and said “I will sleep in study room Maan”

Maan: Geet pls so jao…mujhe bhi need aa raha hai

Geet: woh...but Maan interrupted saying “Geet, agar tum haya se jaane ki baat ki toh mein tume aaj ji aapna lunga…I wont wait for your permission now the decision is yours, if you want to sleep in study be ready for consequences”

Geet looked at him in surprise and closed eyes, she was blushing furiously. Maan smiled looking at her and joined her in bed, he brought her closed to him and both slept peacefully


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