Vivah Bandhan-Part 41

Vivah Bandhan



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Ram who finished call came in search of Arjun and saw all three of them in front of Maan’s cabin so he also came near them and said “I was searching for you guys, come lets go its getting late” saying that all went outside, Ram informed driver to take car out and he sat in front and informed them to get in, Geet sat in middle then Maan and Arjun on left and right, Geet slowly took Maan’s hand in her and then put her head on Maan’s shoulder and closed her eyes




Arjun and Ram looked at Maaneet and smiled. Maan was feeling odd and whispered “Geet kya kar rahi ho? Dekho sab hame dekh rahe hai…what they will think about us”

Geet opened her eyes and looked at Ram and Arjun and then said “I am tired Maan…let me sleep till we reach restaurant”

Maan: tired??? Sach mein??? Tum toh Jhansi ki rani ho naa…why you will get tired? Aur ghooma chahiye tume”

Geet opened her mouth in O shape and said “mein Jhansi ki rani? Aap aise kaise bol sakte hai…I only went to see Paa and Ramu kaka…agar mera waha jana aapko pasand nah hai toh mujhe discharge kyun kiya apne?”

Maan: yes, you are correct…mera galti tha…don’t worry once we are back to hospital I will admit you again so that you will stop roaming”

Geet: aise kaise ho sakta hai…abhi abhi discharge kiya apne?

Maan: I have two rights Geet, Has a husband I will give permission to Doctor to admit you again and has a Doctor I have the right to decide for my patient health…so you can’t do anything

Geet sat straight and looked at Maan in shock and he smirked at her…Arjun and Ram looked at each other and smiled hearing their conversation…when Arjun was about to open his mouth Ram signaled him to be quiet…he was first time enjoying after Geet’s accident fiasco…he was feeling light in his heart and prayed inwardly “pls god keep them like this itself, I want happiness in maaneet lives, please don’t create any other misunderstanding between them…”

Geet pouted and looked at brother and complained “dekha bhai aapne, hey hamesha aise he karte hai”

Arjun: Geet what Jiju told is also correct abhi abhi tum teek hui ho, if you keep on roaming here and there then it will affect your health, sorry I am on Jiju side”

Ram looked duo and said “don’t look at me like that Geet…whatever Maan said he correct and If you want I can help you”

Geet eyes twinkled in joy and said “sachi?? Kaise? Uncle pls tell me…agar aap iss problem mien mujhe help kiya toh…I will do anything you say”

Ram: Pakka Geet? You will do anything I say to you?

To which Geet nodded her head and then Ram continued“teek  hai…this promise will be pending and I will ask when the time comes and now see from yesterday Maan did not have any food and not slept. I came to know that he has only coffee, so has a wife you can take decision for you husband or say you can also admit Maan in the hospital saying he is not taking care of himself…wait…wait…agar aap dono chalo toh aap logon ko ek hi room mein rakhenge, you both cant take care of each other what say???”

Geet and Maan looked at each other and then they looked at Ram in shock…Maaneet were tongue tied and they dunno how to respond …Arjun looked at shocking face of Maaneet and laughed loudly and said “wah kya solution baata diya uncle apne…its mind-blowing

Geet: uncle apne kaha ki aap mera madad karengey…par hey toh seeda saza suna diya apne

Ram: Geet I am helping you see whatever Maan said is correct, he has the right to take decision has a husband, and that applies on you also, even you have the right shy should you worry instead of being alone I am guiding to have company with you

Maan: its unfair uncle aap toh mera side hai the naa, aap ne achanak party badal diya?

Ram: kya karu Maan, you both are equal to me, how will I allow my daughter to get punished by you?

Arjun smiled listening to Ram and thought “I think I should not involve Mom and Dad, I am sure there is some problem between them, looking at everyone supporting Geet then I need not to be worried. But I should keep track on Geet and Jiju”

In the meantime, all reached restaurant, they ordered their lunch and Geet see to that Maan had enough food and then while coming back Arjun got call from office regarding his meeting but he requested them to postpone it has he was out of station…listening to his conversation Geet said “Bhai, why are you postponing the interview, you said you were planning to come to Delhi next weekend.”

Arjun: how can I go back Geet…agar haya mera zarurat ho toh?

Ram: Arjun we are there to take care of them, you no need to worry, now Geet is also doing good and its only about Amar, hope he will get fine soon… agar tumara zarurat ho toh mein call karunga”

Maan: yes, Arjun I don’t think there will be any problem, we will take care… if Geet takes enough rest then she will be fine

Arjun: ok then I will meet uncle once and start from there.

To which everyone agreed. When they reach hospital sister informed Maan that Amar was awake and was asking for them everyone rushed towards Amar’s ward. Maan was fearing to go inside, thinking about Amar’s reaction he doesn’t want to meet in in front of Arjun. Geet looked at Maan face and she understood his turmoil and said “Bhai, me and Maan will meet paa first, last time also he was asking for him and then we will call you inside…pls don’t mind” Ram understood why Geet was saying so… So he also supported Geet and they both waited outside while Maan and Geet went inside ICU

Geet went near Amar and hold his hand and said “paa pls open your eyes…dekhe naa aap ki Geet aap ki pass hai, please paa”

Amar who was sleeping after his checkup was disturbed by Geet’s talk, he opened his eyes and asked “Geet, kya hua beta…please don’t cry see I am fine…first tell me where is Maan? Why he did not come to see me till now? What happened between you both? Why did you guys fought?” Geet cut him in the middle and said “paa please control yourself… don’t get exited paa, it’s not good for your health, please don’t get tensed paa, everything is fine”

Amar: tum jhoot bol rahi ho naa Geet? You both want to get separated, right? This what you were telling me before you met with an accident.

Geet: Paa…kuch nahi hua tha, actually Maan was pulling my leg because I did not spend much time with him

Amar: tum sach keh rahi ho naa Geet?

Geet: why will I lie to you Paa? Agar aisa kuch hota toh mein itna khush kyun hota Paa.

Amar: then why Maan did not come to meet me Geet?

Geet looked at Amar’s worried face, she wants to ease the situation then she looked at Maan who was hesitating to come near his Dad then Geet said “Paa, Maan is here only see he is standing near door…Dhekiye naa paa aapka bahadur beta darr gaya aapko iss halat mein dekh kar,”

Amar: what are you telling Geet?

Geet: nothing paa, I was just pulling his leg, aapne toh hum sab ko dara diya, see Maan is still not able to come out from it…Maan ka hey halat hai aur Maa ke barien mein pucho hi mat…with great difficulty Ram uncle sent her to home along with Priya aunty

Amar: what Ram and Priya here? wo kab haye? Where are they now?

Geet: relax paa, kitne sawal pucho wo aap bhi…ek minute let me clear one by one

Then Geet went towards Maan and hold his hand then brought him near Amar and said “paa phele aap apne bete se miliye” then she looked at Maan and said “Maan instead of taking so much tension talk to paa”

Amar and Maan looked at each other, Geet forcefully made Maan to sit next to Amar, Maan was in the verge of crying…Amar slowly put his hand on Maan, tears started flowing from Maan’s eyes and he hugged Amar and said “Sorry Dad…hey sab mera wajah se hua hai, I am not good son for you nor good husband for Geet…Dad because of me you all are suffering, agar mein nahi hota toh hey sab nahi hota”

Amar hold Maan’s hand and said “why are you so upset Maan? See I am fine now no need to worry…Doctor hoke tum itna tension logit oh kya hoga Maan? You should be brave Maan. Hey sab chodo phele hey batao tumara aur Geet ke beech mein kya hua tha? Why you both fought? Mujhe jana hai”

Maan: Dad…woh?

But Geet interrupted him and said “paa aap bhi naa, itni badi baat bhi nahi thi, I already told you right Maan was pulling my leg that’s it paa…please phele aap teek ho jahiye, if you take tension then it will be difficult for me to manage your son, please paa sab bhool jahiye hey sab hum badh mein baat karenge”

Maan: Dad Geet sahi kheh rahi hai, why to take unnecessary tension, we will talk about this later, first to take rest

Amar: tum dono mujhe se kuch chupa toh nhai rahe naa?

Maan: why will we do that Dad? Would you like to meet Arjun? He will be going back today.

Amar: Arjun bhi haya hai…haan Maan…usko bulao

When Maan went to bring Arjun, Geet requested Amar to not to say anything to Arjun. To which Amar agreed and at the same time Maan and Arjun came in. Arjun enquired about Amar’s health and then he spoke to Maaneet…Later all went towards airport to drop Arjun


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