Vivah Bandhan Part 40

Vivah Bandhan



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Rajeev: tum chinta mat karo Ramu hum dekh te hai…uss truck driver aur uska picha jo bhi hey mein uska chodunga nahi..hey mera wada hai, aab tum rest karo…saying that he looked at Ram and said “I will take it forward from here and if there is anything let me know…Maan come I want to see Amar and need to talk to you” saying that he took Maan with him and went  out and said “it seems its pre-planned, Maan I need your co-operation in this”


Maan: I will be with you uncle and whosoever responsible for this I wont leave them, whenever you need my help pls inform me I will be there with you


Here Geet talk with Ramukaka and when she was about to go out Ram said “Geet I want to talk to you” who which nodded his head and went with Ram…Geet and Ram went towards terrace




Geet looked at Ram who was looking serious and said “Uncle, you said you want to talk with me then why are you silent now?”

Ram: I dunno how I should talk to you Geet, I dont have right to involve in your personal matters

Geet: uncle you are like my father figure to me then why you are hesitating to talk to me? I will trust you uncle aap bejijak mujhse baat kar sakte hai”

Ram: thank you Geet…if you trust me than I want to know what happened between you and Maan? when I went to Mumbai everything for fine, you both were happy with each other than hey sab kya hai Geet?

Geet: I dunno uncle what I should tell you? jab Maan does not want me in his life than what can I do tell me uncle?

Ram: Geet before I say anything to you I want you to tell me, then only I can suggest something

Geet: par uncle…how can I?

Ram: now only you said na Geet I am like your father? than whats wrong in sharing your problems with me?

Ram: please Geet…its a request

Than Geet narrated what all happened between them and their fight and then accident…after listening to Geet Ram said “why did to do this Geet? I thought you are intelligent and shared my worries with you so that you can be little carefull and take care of him, even I warned you not to inform anything about this to Maan then why did you do that?”

Geet: what can I do uncle, when you said Maan’s life is danger I was worried for him so I told him but he did not trust me uncle

Ram: agar hey sab itna aasaan tha toh mein usko batadeta naa Geet? why will I tell you to take care of Maan

Geet: I didn’t get uncle

Ram: Geet this all is not has easy what to see…you dunno about his friends Geet

Geet: what are you saying Uncle? Maan can trust his friends but not his family whom he loves most. Maan aise kaise kar sakte hai.

Ram: haan Geet…if you want to understand about Maan then you should about him, Geet Maan is alone from childhood, iska matlab hey nahi ki Amar and Pallavi did not love him, for them Maan is their life, they want to give Maan a wonderfull life, so Amar started to work day and night, though they were rich then also Amar wanted so earn more so that Maan and his future family leaves happily ever without any problem. Pallavi you know has she was only daughter she was not able to take care of Maan properly. actually Amar and Pallavi were trying for kids from many years but everytime she had miscarriage, her health was spoiling, she was in depression and then when she was pregant again doctor took so much care  finally she gave birth to Maan, and doctor informed them that Pallavi cant concieve again…due to problem in Pallavi’s uterus they had to take it out…thats the only reason Pallavi and Amar pampered Maan. Maan was too naughty in his childhood, Amar was busy in his work and pallavi was finding it difficult to take care of Maan, it was taking toll of her life and then without any option Amar joined Maan in boarding and when all this was happening I was in London, Maan was missing his parents and whenever Amar and Pallavi went to meet him he used to cry saying to take him back…that was when Brij entered his life, they used to play other and Brij used to me next to Maan and support him more, Maan slowly got attached to Brij, even Brij was good in childhood then after school Maan was back to his parents house…Maan was silent when he came back and he requested his parents to not to send him to boarding school, he will behave good and has he said he did the same thing…Maan behaved like a more mature person…Amar and Pallavi were happy, life was going smooth when this tragic situation happened in Maan’s life…when Maan was in first year of degre one girl complained against Maan to principal saying that he tried to misbehave with her, Maan’s parents were called to college, even though they supported Maan, Principal was hell bend in rustigating Maan from college, this was the demand from the girl, at time Brij came has a saviour for Maan and proved to principal that Maan is innocent and he was with him and the girl was lying because she wanted to get money from Khuranas…from that day Maan blindly trust Brij and he informed Brij that he will do anything for his friendship, that’s when Brij smartly requested Maan to get marry to his sister Sameera and also informed that Sam loves him from childhood…to which Maan agreed because Brij wanted that. Maan was never in love with Sameera for him she is his best friend sister that’s it. Later when I came to here I came about this from Amar and he was worried for Maan because he was planning to get marry to Sam, that’s when we started to followed Maan and then we came to know about Sam. so we planned and sent Maan to London for higher studies and  thought he will forget Sam when he come back, but Brij was clever enough and he was in touch with Maan which we never knew and when he came to know about this it was too late. Maan finished his master’s and came back, he started working in KH and then he informed his parents that he wants to get married to Sam, Amar and Pallavi opposed for that and they denied saying that Sam is not good for this house he was trying to get permission that’s when Amar and Pallavi went on hunger strike saying that if he agrees to marry the girl they choose they will eat or else they will die, without any other option Maan agreed to them that’s when you entered his life”

Geet: that means Maan never loved Sam, but the way he behaved with me in the beginning I thought he is deeply in love with Sam.

Ram smiled at her and said “yes Geet you are correct, its not only Maan even Sam was not in love with Maan, for her he was Money wending machine and whenever brother and sister need money they will take it from Maan and they never returned money, they just used Maan and Sam uska barien mein pucho bhi matt, she is such a characterless girl, Maan ke samne she act like he is her life and behind she roam with different guys each day, if Maan really loved Sam he would have not feel in love with you”

Geet: Agar Maan mujhse sach mein pyaar karta hai toh, he would have not informed me to get marry to someone else…and his so-called friends are playing in his life and what he is doing? why he can’t he see true colors of his friends

Ram: that’s because Brij and Sam are smart enough and whenever we tried to show their real faces we always loose in front of them, then we came to know that one of our person was passing information for them and then we thought to leave it like that and wait for the right moment. Due to this Brij filled Maan’s head that his parents is not interested with Sam and they are trying to create misunderstanding between them. Maan also agreed because he knew that his parents were not happy with this and they fought with him also. So, I requested Amar to not to do anything but we kept track about them aur yahi baat tumara dusri shadi ki…he is jealous”

Geet: Jealous??? Hey kaise ho sakta hai? You are confusing me uncle…

Ram: Geet…wo kya hai naa…jab Maan tume patni mannese inkar kardiya, jab Amar thought to not to spoil your life so he said to Pallavi agar Maan ka barthav tumara upar aise raha toh, he will get you married. May be Maan listened to his parents talk that’s the reason he is jealous and when he accepted you as his wife then also he is not able to forget about that.  One more thing Geet issme tumara galti bhi hai…

Geet: mera galti??? What I did Uncle??

Ram: Geet you said to Maan that you are scared to move forward and if he keeps in touch with his friends when you and Maan should separate, how can you tell like that Geet?

Geet: Uncle I was worried for Maan, so I told him like that and thought he will take right decision

Ram: agar tum Maan ko hey kahogi gi you fear this relation then what will he think Geet…usko yahi lagega naa ki tum usko trust nahi karti ho? Think what Maan will feel Geet

Geet: mein samji nahi uncle…

Ram: Geet, jab Maan tumne patni mane se inkar kar diya tab tumne bina kuch humeed rakhe usska patni hone ka sara farz nibaya bina kuch kahe…you never backed out from your responsibility, then when he accepted has your wife then why did you said to him to choose between you and his friends, so Maan thought that you did not trust his love for you and you are not willing to move ahead in this relation then how he will behave with you Geet? Agar tum pyaar se Maan ko apne uljane batati toh Maan would have understood you but when you said to separate then he got hurt so he behaved badly with you, thinking that you have no interest in Maan and wants to leave him… toh galti hua naa Geet

Geet: par mera matlab hey nahi tha uncle I was just worried for him so…

Ram cut her in middle and said “just tell me one thing Geet do you love Maan

Geet: yes uncle

Ram: Geet soch samjkar jawab dena

Geet: isme sochne wali kya baat hai uncle

Ram: no Geet you are not understanding…I want to know kya tum iss risthe ko chance dogi? Kya tum Maan ke saath jeena chathi hoo?

Geet: yes uncle, I want to live with Maan…

Ram: toh suno…aab Maan akela hai, usko samajne wala koi bhi nahi…woh andar se toot raha hai Geet (then he told her what all happened in her absence) hey hamare liye ache baat nahi hai Geet

Geet: what are you saying uncle? Maa Maan se gussa hai, she will be fine when paa is ok

Ram: nahi Geet , now Maan needs a person who can understand him and trust him, I spoke to him before, he was planning to leave everyone go far away so that he can get peace and agar Brij ko Maan ka barien mien pata chala toh woh phir se Maan ka kareeb hayega aur Maan hum sab se door chala jayega…Maan is not taking to me openly like before, I can’t expect from Pallavi because in spite of warning her she kept on taunting Maan and aur Amar kaisa react karega uska andaaz nahi laga sakta mein…now it is in your hands Geet, sirf tum Maan ko bacha sakti wo…

Geet: aab mujhe kya karna hai Uncle

Ram: Dekho Geet phele Maan ko sorry kaho aur usse normal se baat karo

Geet: why should I say sorry, he hurt me more

Ram: galti tum dono ke thi, so first you talk to Maan and make him to eat something, and let him sleep for some time because he has not slept and eat from yesterday…ek kaam karte hai, you brinh him here let’s all have lunch together and if this happens Arjun ko koi shaq nahi hoga, after that you give any punishment for Maan, but don’t go away from him

Geet planned something and said “yes uncle, I will do whatever you said, thank you very much for letting me know where I went wrong

Ram: you are like my daughter Geet, I want only your happiness, my friend house should be full of happiness uske liye kuch bhi

Geet hugged Ram and said “thank you once again uncle…punishment toh Maan ko zaroon milega, unki itni himath ki wo mujhe chodke door jane ke socha, don’t worry uncle I will look after him…come let’s go now, it’s already lunch time

Ram: Thanks, ki zarurath nahi Geet, kuh bhi karo par Maan se dur mat jana

To which Geet nodded her head and both came down and went towards ICU and saw Arjun Pallavi and Priya waiting there then Geet asked “bhai aap Maa aur Aunty ko khan eke liye lekar nahi gaye aab taq?”

Arjun: nahi Geet, I asked them but they said once you come then all will go together for lunch so I am being waiting for you

Ram: ok, now come let’s go…

Geet: uncle aap sab chaliye mein Maan ko bulake aati hoon

Pallavi: uska zarurat nahi Geet, woh aab taq kaliya hoga

Geet: nahi maa, Maan abhi taq khana nahi khaye

Pallavi: you all go for lunch now, then I will so, wo kya hai naa kisi ko haya hona zaruri hai

Arjun: mein haya wait karunga aap jahiye

Ram got pissed off with Pallavi and said “Priya tum aur Pallavi khana kake ghar jao, mujhe haya kaam hai, you prepare for dinner and come in the evening, you know naa Amar does not like outside food, let Geet be here, we will take care of her, uska zarurat hogi haya” then eyed at Pallavi and Priya got what Ram’s message, she forcefully took Pallavi along with her and went to Cafeteria

Ram rubbed his forehead not knowing how to solve this…Arjun looking at this asked Geet ” baat kya hai Geet? Why auntyji is angry with Jiju? Jabse haya haya hoon, sab Jiju se naraz hai, mujhse samaj mein nahi haa raha hai, tum mujhe batavogi or I will inform to Mom Dad”

Geet got scared listening to Arjun and said “kuch nahi bhai, wo thoda misunderstanding ho gaya hai, mein sab teek kar dungi, pls aaj maa bauji ko kuch mat batana…you trust me right, please bhai wada karo

Arjun felt bad looking at Geet who was full of tears and said “mujhe kuch samaj nhi haa raha hai Geet…I trust you, but please tell me what is the problem? We will find solution for it”

Geet: wo mera aur Maan ke beech ka baat hai, pls give me some time I will let you know, aap uncle ke pass rukhiye mein Maan ko bulake lati hoon

Arjun: mein bhi avunga

Ram: Arjun let Geet go, wo pati patni kaa beech ka mamla hai, they will sort it out, hum beech mein nahi padna chahiye

Arjun halfheartedly said Ok, Geet thanked Ram and went in search of Maan, Ram got call from his friend so he went other side to talk with him and Arjun thought it’s the right moment, he came out and followed Geet…Geet met Mukund on the way she met Mukund and saw Arjun reflection in the mirror. Geet asked about Maan he said Maan is in his cabin so she went there.

Geet thought: Geet bhai tera peecha kar raha hai, babaji aap kya kar rahe ho mere saath, aap ko me he milti hoon kya? aab mein kya karu? Maan se baat karne hayee thi par aab bahi mera aur Maan ka baat sun liya toh bahut mushkil hoga…it’s better to plan something, I can’t go back, if I go then bhai will get doubt and then he will grind me so better Geet tum Maan se pass jao, Maan ko baat karne nahi dungi mein, chal shuru ho jaa Geet…thinking that she came in front of Maan’s cabin and went inside

Maan just closed his eyes and thinking about his family was disturbed by door opening suddenly, he was about to shout at the person who entered his cabin without his permission but was surprised to see Geet and said “Geet…tum haya?…haya kyun hayi wo”

Geet: toh aur kya karna chahiye mujhe? Aap mujhse milne nahi haye abhi taq …toh socha mei hi ake apse mil leti hoon…

Maan: Par Geet…but Geet went and hugged him saying “sorry hey sab meri wajah se hua…mujhe aap ke baat mane chaye tha…toh hey sab nahi hota, please forgive me”

Maan hugged her in return and said “no Geet, its my mistake naa mein” again she cut him in middle, she looked at him and said “what you did to yourself? Ek din mein aap ke saath nahi ti toh kya halat banake rakdi aapne? Aab mein aa gayi hoon don’t worry I will take care of  nicely” when Maan was about to talk she closed his mouth from her palms and said “aab chahiye khana khate hai”

Maan took her hands from his mouth and said “mera khana ho chuka hai Geet tume”

Geet again closed his mouth saying “chup…unless I say you are not talking anything” Maan looked at her in shock Geet hold his hand and then dragged him outside and saw Arjun looking at them, Geet gave smile to Arjun and said “bhai aap haya? “

Arjun: wo Geet

But Geet cut him in middle and said “accha hua aap bhi haya hai, come let’s go for lunch, I am hungry, where is Ram uncle”

Arjun: maybe he is near ICU, he was on call so I came here

Maan looked at bro sister duo with confuse, he is not understanding what’s happening, Geet talking to him has if nothing has happened between them.

Ram who finished call came in search of Arjun and saw all three of them in front of Maan’s cabin so he also came near them and said “I was searching for you guys only, ek saat sab gayab ho gaye, come lets go its getting late” saying that all went outside, Ram informed driver to take car out and he sat in front and informed them to get in, Geet sat in middle then Maan and Arjun on left and right, Geet slowly took Maan’s hand in her and then put her head on Maan’s shoulder and closed her eyes…Maan kept looking at her.


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