Vivah Bandhan-Part 39

Vivah Bandhan
Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)
Banner credit goes to Misti
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Ram: yes you heard me correct and then he narrated about Maan and Brij conversation to him 
Rajesh: where are they now
Ram: they both are out of station, I dunno why I am feeling that they are involved in Geet’s accident and Maan will not hear anything about his friends he trusts them. Please do something that they should accept the crime
Rajesh: you dont worry Ram, I will not leave the person who made our friend family suffer…hey mera wada hai
Ram: even I will try from my end and if I get any clue I will let you know..saying that he disconnected the call
After Ram went from there, Maan started to think about his conversation with uncle and thought “whatever Ram uncle is saying is right, why did Brij ask me about Geet and not Dad? who is that friend of Brij who knows Geet?  I have not introduced Geet to any of my friends then how he knows that she is my wife, Even I have not introduced Geet to brij and Sam,  shayad Brij friend ko accident ke barien mein kisine bataya hoga so he might have informed him, why do I feel like not to trust Brij and Sam this time. kuch toh hai mujhe uska jawab chahiye and then he remembered about Ram uncle and decided to clarify with him, now I have only Ram uncle who will understand me” thinking about this we was walking on the corridor there he met Arjun and Geet. 
Arjun: hai Jiju…lagta hai aap bahut busy wo isliye aap ko Geet se milne ke liye time nahi mila
Maan looked at him and said “aisa kuch baat nahi emergency case tha isiliye time nahi mila 
Arjun: its ok Jiju…I can understand…we are going towards ICU are you joining with us
Maan just smiled at him and nodded his head…three of them met Pallavi and Priya. Then Maan said “aap log ghar jake aaram kar lejiye, if Dad wake up I will call you, so that you can come”
Pallavi sarcastically: kyun?? hum haya rehne se tume problem ho rahe hai kya???
Arjun looked at Pallavi and then at Maan and he saw Priya aunty holding Pallavi hand tightly and then he looked at Geet who was looking at them in shocking expression and thought “my guess is correct kuch toh hua hai, Pallavi aunty and Geet both are not talking to Jiju, Geet se seriously baat karna padega…its better to inform to Mom and Dad and they will talk to Khurana’s”


Maan excused himself and went into ICU looked at his father and went out without saying anything to anyone..Geet who looked at Maan’s retreating figure thought “what is happening, maa is angry with Maan, paa is in ICU, why Maan is looking so disturbed, I am angry with him for what he did to me, but why maa is not taunting him aisa kya ho gaya hai, may be this is because of me, if I did not called paa then sab kuch teek hota, kya kar diya tumne Geet…I should have talk to Maan, now bhai will definitely not going to leave him, if he comes to know then sab kuch khatam hoga…kya karooo…Geet socho…sochoo…tum aise chup nahi bait sakthi” she came out from her thought when Arjun  said “Geet come we get lunch for them” Geet looked at Arjun once and thought “zaroor bhai ko shaq hua hai…isliye mujhse poochne ke liye mujhe bahar bula raha hai, I cant say anything to him now, its not the right time but how to escape from his questionnaire now…babaji please mera madad karna” 
Ram came after Maan went and heard what Arjun was saying to Geet and looked at Geet who was very nervous to go with Arjun…Geet looked and Ram uncle and pleaded him with her eyes to save her from Arjun and he said “no Arjun actually Rajesh aur uska team are coming here, he wants to talk to Geet and Ramu, so Geet ka haya hona zaruri hai” when Arjun was looking at Ram Geet whispered “Thank you “ to Ram…he just nodded his head
After sometime one of the nurse informed Ram that Rajesh is waiting for them to which Ram nodded his head and said “Arjun kya tum haya kuch der Pallavi aur Priya ke pass reh sakte ho, I will accompany Geet and I need to talk with Rajesh also…please take them to lunch and we will join after discussing with Rajesh” Arjun wanted to go with Geet but when Ram informed him to stay with Priya and Pallavi he didn’t want to hurt them so he agreed with Ram and said he will wait with them. Then Ram and Geet went towards meeting Rajesh
Here Maan went to his cabin and locked it and thought “I need to be alone and for that I should go far away from here but the current situation is not allowing me to do that… I am pissed off due to this and I dunno how I am going to come out from this situation…aab mujhe hey sab bardaash nahi ho raha hai…I am not able to digest Mom’s piercing words, her taunting and hated filled eyes is haunting me…Dad’s condition is not stable still, I should take care of his medication and look after him, I dunno how he behave with me once he get conscious, agar Mom iss tara react kar rahi hai toh Dad ka kya reaction hoga? soch na bhi mat Maan, wo iss se bhi bahut bura hoga aur Geet who told me that she loves me and will always stand beside me  but today she does not want to look my face also, Geet is fine now but she need little care for some days and knowing Geet I know she will not be quiet once she go home and take all the works on her head and will keep running from here to there, and also I want to find out who is behind Geet’s accident, after talking to Ram uncle I feel Brij is hiding something from me, first I want to know is his friend who informed him about Geet’s accident, This time I wont keep quiet, I should target on Sam and Brij, last time also Sam tried to create misunderstanding between me and Geet and this time I will not take any chance after hearing from Ram uncle I do feel that someone planned this because Ramu kaka ke hath se accident is not at all possible, when I was in college car brakes got failed then also he was managed car and came out without any injuries for both of us and then why this time he was not able to do uska jawab Ramu kaka kud dey sakte hai, I need to talk to him and get to know more about this accident and I should be with Ram and Rajesh Uncle and help them in investigation”…he came out of his thought when he heard someone knocking his door, he made himself presentable and opened the door 
Nurse: Doctor  Rajesh sir is here and he told he want you also present when he take statement from them and they are waiting for which Maan nodded his head and went to meet them
When Maan came inside Ramu Kaka ward everyone sitting and waiting for him and looking at Maan Rajeev said “Maan beta close the door and sit here” he said pointing towards Geet, Maan without any option he went and sit next to Geet, looking at them Ram winked at Rajeev…then first he asked “Ramu tum batao…hey sab kaise hua”
Ramukaka:Geet baby ne kaha ki unhe farmhouse jana hai…so I took her there and after sometime she said she want to go back when we are on the way I saw one truck behind us, I gave him side to go further but he did’nt…I drived slowly then also he didnt go then I informed Geet baby that someone is following us after that I speed up…then I knew something is going to happen and then truck hit us
Rajeev: tum uss truck driver ko pechan sakte ho?
Ramukaka: mein uska chehra teek se dekha nahi dundla saa hai sab
Geet: mein usko pechan sakti hoon uncle…I have seen him
Rajeev: ok once I get him I will inform you aur aab tum batao Geet is there is anything you want to inform us? 
Geet: same has Ramukaka said…actually he guessed it before itself that truck is going to hit us so he slow down the car and pushed me out of car thats the reason I did not get hurt much
Ramukaka: aise kaise kisiko Geet baby ko hurt karna deta hoon saab, hey toh hamara pyaari bacchi hai…par uss truck driver ko chodna mat sab…uska itni himmat ki wo hamara sab ka parivar ko nuksaan pouchane ko sochaa
Rajeev: tum chinta mat karo Ramu hum dekh te hai…uss truck driver aur uska picha jo bhi hey mein uska chodunga nahi..hey mera wada hai, aab tum rest karo…saying that he looked at Ram and said “I will take it forward from here and if there is anything let me know…Maan come I want to see Amar and need to talk to you” saying that he took Maan with him and went  out and said “it seems its pre-planned, Maan I need your co-operation in this”
Maan: I will be with you uncle and whosoever responsible for this I wont leave them, whenever you need my help pls inform me I will be there with you
Here Geet talk with Ramukaka and when she was about to go out Ram said “Geet I want to talk to you” who which nodded his head and went with Ram…Geet and Ram went towards terrace



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