Vivah Bandhan-Part 38

Vivah Bandhan
Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)
Banner credit goes to Misti
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Cardolygist went in to check Amar and meantime Maan also entered hospital..when he came towards Amar’s ward Ram said “Maan tum hayan? you went to mansion right?”
Maan: jee uncle I went to freshen up…I got call from hospital so I came back
Ram: Maan beta you would have taken rest for sometime, you know there are efficeint doctors here to look after them
Maan just smiled at them and excused himself and went in…Here they examined Amar and said: he Bp is under control and we cant say anything still he wake up…actually Dr Mukund informed us that when your wife talk to him he was responding…I think its better to call you wife and let she keep talking to him then he may respond soon…Maan thought for few seconds and from intercom he called nurse to bring Geet to Amar’s ward..then he informed doctors to be with Amar for few minutes and came out…and without talking to anyone he went in look of Mukund
Part 38
Maan met Mukund and he gave report of Geet and Ramu Kaka, Maan looked into that and said “Geet is fine now and Ramu Kaka should be here for some more days…Doctor Mukund pls inform nurse to get ready with Geet’s discharge paper and I go for rounds” to which Mukund nodded his head and went towards nurse station and Maan headed towards his work amd thought ” its better to keep distance with Geet so that I dont need to face her in front of her brother…Pata nahi wo mujhse baat karegi ya nahi…agar Arjun ko pata chala toh wo bhi mujhe he galat samajega jaise sab samajthe, tag gaya hoon kash mera life peacefull hota…pata nahi mere zindagi aise kyun hai…why cant I have normal life like others” In the mean time he got call from Brij 
Brij: Hai Maan…How are you?
Maan: mein teek hoon Brij…tumse baat karne ke liye mera pass time nahi hai, I am busy will talk to you later
Brij: haan Maan I can understand…itna sab kuch ho gaya aur tum aise shanth kaise ho? tum ek call karte toh mein tumara saat hota …abhi tume ek sahare ki zarurat hai
Maan: tumara matlab kya hai Brij…jo bhi khena hai saaf saaf kaho naa, aur mujhe sahare ki koi zarurat nahi mein bilkul teek hoon
Ram was surprised with Maan behavior and thought to talk to him once and came in search of him, he met Mukund after that he went in search of Maan and saw him talking in phone so he kept quiet listening to their conversation
Brij: Geet ka accident ho gaya wo bhi itna bada truck Geet ko accident karke gayab ho gaya aur tum shanth wo? its really surprising Maan
Maan got shock and asked “how do you know about Geet Brij”
Brij fumbled and said “wo…woh…haan my friend told me”
Maan: kaunsa friend Brij? tume mujhse zyada pata hai…mujhe uss friend ka naam batao mein bhi usse baat karna chata hoon he knows more about my wife’s accident toh usse baat karna padega
Brij: wo sab chodo Maan hey batao Geet kaisi hai?
Maan: what do you want to know Brij? stop irritating me…I have lot of work to do aur tumara bakwas sunne ke liye mera paas time nahi hai saying that he disconnected the call
Ram came near Maan and kept his hand on his shoulder and asked “kya hua Maan sab teek hai naa?”
Maan startled and said “Uncle aap haya?”
Ram: Haan Maan…you just walked away from there so I came here to talk to you…sab teek hai naa????…if you need to share something you can share with me Maan…I know from yesterday you are feeling alone and hurt listening to Pallavi, sab kuch aise achanak hua Maan I didnt get time to talk to you freely
Maan: kuch nahi uncle, Thanks for talking to me…hey sab hone ke baad atleast someone is there for me, pata nahi aap hamesha mere saath kaise dete ho uncle, bachpan se aap mujhe zyada samajthe ho…mere Mom Dad se zyada…thanks for being with me, acha hota agar mein aap ka beta hota
Ram: now also you are my son Maan…mujhe bhi pata nahi kaise from your childhood I have special connection with you, may be becase I am can Amar in you…hey sab chodo, Now tell me who called you and why you were irritated with them
Maan: kuch nahi uncle wo Brij called me to check about Geet condition
Ram: Geet ke barien mein? but how he knows about Geet?
Maan: pata nai uncle, even I was confused when he asked about Geet
Ram: did you asked Brij about this Maan?
Maan: yes uncle I asked him…he told that his friend informed him about Geet’s accident
Ram: acchaa…phir Brij ne Amar ke barien mein bhi pucha hoga tumse?
Maan looked at Ram confusingly and said “no uncle he asked only about Geet and not Dad?”
Ram: ajeeb hai naa Maan…Brij friend told him about Geet’s accident but not about Amar, as far as I know only family and hospital staff knew about this incident, agar koi bahar walo ko batahega bhi then they will inform about both and yaha Brij sirf Geet ke barien mein baat kiya hai…I am confused now…agar tume pata hai toh mujhe bhi samjaho naa
Maan: mein samjha nahi uncle…what are you trying to say??
Ram: isme naa samajne ki kya baat hai Maan…its simple…see Geet ka accident ke baad I informed to Geet parents that too only when they called to Amar…so they knew from me…then Rajesh ko Amar ne bataya…even KC mein kisi ko Geet aur Amar ke barien mein nahi pata and then who is this Brij friend who told him about Geet accident and also how about the truck driver…till now we dont even know that Geet was hit by truck hume sirf itna pata tha ki Geet ka accident ho gaya and abhi taq Ramu aur Geet se kisi ne iss barien mein baat nahi ki . who is that mystery person who knows about Geet accident and why he did not inform Brij about Amar? its confusing naa…tum socho agar tume samaj mein haya toh mujhe bata dena saying that he went from there and Ram came back to Maan and said “I forgot to ask you…woh…haan why you came from there all of the sudden, you did not even meet Geet…tum dono ke beech sab teek hai naa, agar koi baat hai toh mujhe batao Maan, we will discuss and sort it out”
Maan looked at Ram and he hugged him…his eyes were pouring out of tears and said “mom teek kheh rahi hai uncle, this is all happening because of me, you dont worry uncle I will set right everything, Dad teek hone ke badh sabse baat karunga…kisi ko mere wajah se koi problem nahi hoga aab se”
Ram separated from him and asked “kya matlab hey tumara Maan…please dont to something stupid now, hum sab aaramse baat karke sabka solution nikalenge”
Maan: I am very unlucky Uncle aab kuch teek nahi hoga, hey toh mera naseeb hai…mein kisika pyaar ke liye bhi layak nahi hoon, its better to be away from everyone who does not want to share there life with me sab ko azad kar dunga taquee aab kisi se koi shikayat nahi rahega…yahi ek tarika hai, tag gaya hoon logon ko samjathe hue..its s high time now that I should think about myself now…I need peace in my life shayad esse kuch shanthi milega mujhe
Ram: Maan why are you talking like this? this is not the way to solve the problem, you are again taking wrong step Maan, I wont allow you to do this, you have responsibility Maan aur Geet ka kya? woh tumara patni hai, how can you go away from her, you have mom dad and wife please listen to me
Maan: haan uncle what you said is correct I have everyone aur mera pass aisa koi bhi nahi jisse mein apna khe sak hoon? mera patni aur maa baap toh aab mera jarurat nahi hai
Ram: aise nahi hai Maan…you are taking things in wrong way…they all loves you…promise me that you wont take any drastic step, I will be there with you from now aur hey mera wada hai tumse aab see tumara life mein sirf khushiyan hongi…from now I am living with you and hope tum mujhe nirash nahi karoge
Maan: par uncle…its not easy
Ram: woh sab mujh pe chod do…tume mujh pe barosa hai naa to which Maan nodded his head then Ram hugged Maan and said promise karo Maan
Maan: ok uncle …then his put his palm and Ram’s palm and said I am promising you uncle I wont take any decision without consulting you
Ram: that’s like my boy…then he looked at Maan who was thinking something and asked what happened Maan aur kuch hai tume mujhse share karna chate ho?
Maan: nothing uncle I have work to do I will talk to you later
Ram: its ok you can take your time…and dont forget to think about Brij
Maan looked at Ram in surprised…Ram pressed Maan’s shoulder and went from there
Here Arjun informed to his parents and said “Maa Geet ko hosh haa gaya…she is fine now”
Rano & Mohinder: Arjun Geet se hamare baat karao
Arjun: Haan kyun nahi 
then he gave phone to Geet and said “Geet Maa aur papa se baat karo” to which Geet nodded her head and took call from Arjun
Geet: Maa…Papaa…
Mohinder: Geet how are you beta…tum teek ho naa?
Geet: haan papa mein bilkul teek hoon…aap log kaise hai
Rano wiped her tears and said “hum teek hai Geet…hey sab kaise hua…sambanji kaise hai…tum sach mein teek hona?”
Geet: haan Maa mein teek hoon…aap tension mat lejiye
Rano: pata nahi kiska nazar lag gayi tume…mein ek kaam karti hoon…i will meet pandit and ask him to perform special pooja for you
Geet: maa pls…I am perfectly fine pls dont do anything
Rano: aise kaise Geet..I dont want to hear anything…do one thing you come here for some days so that we can spend time together
Geet: mein kaise haan sakti hoon maa…paa ka tabyaat bhi teek nahi hai 
Rano : wo sab mein nahi janthi…you just come with Arjun I will inform him to book your tickets also
Geet: maa pls samajne ki koshish kariye…here maa and paa needs me and I am sorry…please dont force me to come there…saying that she looked and Arjun to help her. Arjun took phone from her and said “mom I will come and talk to you…Geet is fine now and she needs rest, please dont give her more tension…hum baad mien baat karenge”
Rano: Arjun…listen to me…without listening to his mother he disconnected the call and asked “Geet tum chinta mat karo mein mom to samjadunga” to which Geet nodded her head
Arjun: Geet abhi taq jeejaji nahi haye…pata hey Ram uncle bol rahe the ki Jiju kal rat se haya hai aur unhone kal rat se kuch bhi nahi khaya aur soye taq nahi…jab mein unse baat kar raha tha toh woh bahut udas lag rahe the…tum dono ke beech sab teek hai naa”
Geet looked at Arjun in surprise and said “sab teek hai bhai…nothing there to worry…shayad Maan tode tension mein honge
Arjun was not satisfied with her answer he was about to ask her but their talk was interrupted by Mukund
Dr Mukund: Mam aap ka report teek hai…aap ko hum discharge kar rahe hai…Dr Maan aap ka discharge form sign kar liya hai
Geet: thank you very much Doctor, kya mein aab mere paa ke ward mein ja sakti hoon
Dr Mukund: thanks toh aap Dr Maan ko khena chahiye, because he was the one who was with you whole night and look after you and you can meet Amar sir…your prescription is here and he gave it to Arjun and went from there
Here Ram called Rajesh and said “mein Ram bol raha hoon…I need to talk to you urgently”
Rajesh: Ram listen we got vehicle number and we are proceeding on investigation
Ram: Rajesh I have doubt on Brij and his sister Sameera
Rajesh: what??????????
Ram: yes you heard me correct and then he narrated about Maan and Brij conversation to him 
Rajesh: where are they now????
Ram: they both are out of station, I dunno why I am feeling that they are involved in Geet’s accident and Maan will not hear anything about his friends he trusts them. Please do something that they should accept the crime
Rajesh: you dont worry Ram, I will not leave the person who made our friend family suffer…hey mera wada hai…what about Geet and Ramu, we need to take statement from them
Ram:Geet aur Ramu teek hai you can come here and  even I will try from my end and if I get any clue I will let you know..saying that he disconnected the call

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