Vivah Bandhan- Part 36

Vivah Bandhan



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Brij: Sam stop your drama…I know you very well, I told you to be quiet for sometime what did you do? pata bhi hai iss mein kya problem hoga


Sam: I am not kid Brij, he cant leave me and stay happy with Geet, I ignored me and he will learn lesson by this


Brij: tum pagal ho gayi ho Sam…you dont understand..


Sam cut him in the middle and said “you wont let anything happen to me Brij…I have so much confident on you”


Brij: tumara hai confidence mujhe bari padega…listen to me carefully dont do anything Sam without discussing with me…or else I will never support you its a final warning to you


sensing his anger Sam kept quiet


Part -36

Brij was pacing to and fro cursing Sam. Anita who was out for Parlor came in and looking at Brij’s angry face, she asked “Sub teek naa darling? why are you angry?”

Brij: nothing dear its because of my sister Sam, she is creating problem for me again and again

Anita: come on darling…why do you think so much about her, leave it she will be fine and will learn from her mistakes…hamara waqt toh barbad mat karo naa…we should vacate from resort within two days, you know I got call fromm my hubby when I was in Parlor and he said he will return within this week”

Brij thought about Anita’s word and convinced with whatever she is saying is right. why should he waste his time thinking about Sam, he is here to enjoy with his darling and said “haan baby…dont worry we will enjoy to the core in this two days ” saying that he came close to her and both were endorsed themselves in mating…


Here Anthony picked up Ram and Priya from airport and they headed directly when towards KH…after some time they reached KH…after checking from reception they went towards ICU and saw Pallavi who was looking at ICU door again and again…Ram and Priya went towards Pallavi…when Pallavi looked at both duo she cried looking at them…Priya immediatelly went towards Pallavi and hugged her…Pallavi started crying, Priya and Ram tried to console her with great difficulty and then Priya said “Bass karo Pallavi…Amar aur Geet teek ho jahenge…please apne aap ko control karo”

Pallavi: kis ka najar lag gaya hai Priya mera ghar ko…sab kuch teek chal raha tha…Geet and aur ek dusre se khush the…Amar and me were wishing to see out grand childrens…aaj sab kuch barbad ho gaya hai

Priya: ok Pallavi…bass karo hum bad mein discuss karenge

Rajeev and Ram greeted eachother…Tehn Ram asked “Did you get any information about the truck driver, who hit Ramu and Geet? and how did Amar landed here?”

Rajeev: not received any information so far, my people are working on that…Amar was stressed out, I told him to take rest but I dunno after looking at Geet, his condition was miserable and he told me to talk to doctor and shift Geet and Ramu to KH and after few minutes, he fall down and then doctor confirmed about Heart Attack and they told me to shift to other hospital…so I brought him here”

Ram: apne acha kiya un sab ko haya lakar…but I am not able to understand how Geet accident took place? 

Rajeev: matlab?

Ram: apne acha kiya un sab ko haya lakar…but I am not able to understand how Geet accident took place? 

Rajeev: matlab?

Ram: No actually I was shocked hearing about Geet accident…because Ramu is very expert in driving and from the day he has joined Khuranas till now there was not such incident took place, this is the first time I heard about it…Amar was very proud of him and that’s the only reason Amar gave responsilibity for him to drop Geet…Its fishy, I feel that someone has done it deliberately

Rajeev: Hmm…let me discuss with the team…Even I will talk with Ramu and Geet, let see if we get any information about that truck driver?

Ram: Haan…you do investigation from your side and I will do from my side

Rajeev: Why do you investigate Ram? Is there is something I am missing here Ram? koi Geet ko kyun nuksaan pounchaya ga

Ram: Even I am not sure but still I want to do it for my satisfaction

Rajeev: if you doubt anyone you can tell me Ram…I will be happy if I get to do something for Amar’s family…he always there was for me but I did not get any chance to help him…if you doubt anyone please tell me I will do anything for him..

Ram: Haan Rajeev zaroor I will definetely tell you, its a long story…hum bad mein baat karenge

Rajeev: I will wait for you

Ram patted his shoulder lovingly and said “haan…ab chalo dekte hai whether Priya consoled Pallavi”

When they came inside they saw Pallavi crying still, and then Ram brought water for Pallavi and gave her…after sometime Pallavi controlled her emotions…Then Ram asked “Pallavi where is Maan? whether he knows about this incidents?”


Pallavi: Pata nahi bhaisab…meine bhi usko nahi dekha…Actually Rajeev bata rahe the ki unhone Maan ko dekha hai…I dunno anything other than this”

Rajeev: he was here and I saw him going to OT…Ram I need to go now, I want to check about his acceident with my staff and later I will freshen up and come here, can you be here till I ocme back

Ram: please carry on Rajeev, I will take care and give me your number I will call and update you

Then they shared their nurmber and Rajeev went back to Police station…after few minutes Maan came out of OT along with this team…All of them rushed towards Maan to check about Amar’s condition. It was first Ram asked “Maan…Amar Kaisa hai? sab teek hai naa?

Maan lower his head and said “haan Uncle, we are shift Dad to ICU, agle choubese gante kuch nahi kheh sakte..we are still monitoring his BP

Pallavi came near Maan and said “aab toh tume chain mil gaya hoga naa, this is what you wished right Maan? 

Maan: Mom please!!!

Priya came near Pallavi and said “Pallavi please control yourself, isme Maan ka galti kya hai? he is doing his duty”

Pallavi wiped her tears and said ” pata nahi Priya baghwan mujhse kis janam ka dushmani le rahe hai (pointing at Maan) iske tarah nalayak beta dene ke baje agar mein bachhalan hoti naa accha hota” and cried 

Maan looked at his Mom in shock and tears were flowing from his eyes, Ram came near Pallavi and said “Pallavi, please dont talk like that, see he is hurt listening to you”

Pallavi: No bhaisaab ye sab iska natak hai…agar apko lagta hai Maan ka koi galti nahi toh isse pooch lijeye naa hey kyun aaj Geet to hurt kiya, aisa kya bol diya isne ki Geet isse root gayi?

Ram: Maan!!!! Did you fought with Geet?

Maan lowered his head and did not utter a single word

Pallavi: cant you guess looking at him bhaisab

Ram: Maan you and Geet were happy when I went to Mumbai and what happened all of the sudden that you fought with her and she landed in hospital

Pallavi got angry seeing his silent and went near him and slapped on his cheek and when she was about to slap him again Priya and Ram hold her and said “Pallavi hey ghar nahi hai…please control yourself, If you behave like this then you will ruin his name here”

Pallavi: toh kya karu mien? iske wajah se aaj mera pati aur bahu hospital mein hai

Ram: mien kush samja nahi

Pallavi:Bhaisab kal taq sab teek tha, pata nahi Geet aur Maan ke beech mein kya hua? subha se Maan ne ajeeb se behave kar raha tha and Geet did’nt say anything about this, Amar got to know from office that Geet is going to Burari farmhouse and we thought maybe these two wants to spend some quality time together but Amar had doubt about this, after that I dunno what Geet and Amar discussed then I heard about Geet’s accident. Only this much I now and only Maan Amar and Geet should say what has happened. when I came to know about accident I tried to reach Maan but he was Unavailable.”

Ram looked at Maan and then said “its ok Pallavi, we can ask with Amar after he get discharge, Do one thing you and Priya go to home, I will call you once Amar and Geet wake up”

Pallavi: no I wont go anywhere, I will be here only

Priya: Pallavi Ram teek kheh rahe hai, lets go home, you need rest now. now you should be brave to look after Amar and Geet, if you also fell sick then who will look after them?

Maan who was listening to them said “Uncle you also go home, I am here to take care of them, anyhow Dad and Geet are taking rest now

Ram looked at Pallavi, to which Pallavi agreed and Anthony drove back Pallavi Ram and Priya to home

Here Maan once again checked Amar and then went towards Geet’s ward…she was sleeping peacefully…he went near her and hold her hand in his and then sat near her and said “tum aisa kyun kiya Geet? Maana ki humara jagada hua tha, par uske liye tum mujhe itna badha sazaa dogi humne nahi socha tha…how can you do this to me Geet? see I am really sorry for what I told for you, meine wo sab frustration mein bola tha, iska matlab hai nahi ki tum mujhse door chali jao…mein toh gussa mein tha naa, why did you leave me alone for sometime and once I was ok I would have talk to you properly. tag gaya tha Geet, Its not that I dont trust you all, but I dunno why all are behind my friends and if you say something then there should be a proof for that, till now I did not get any sort of that then tell me whst should I do…Even they are my friends I have already started keeping them out of my life and I am not involving much with them, then also when I hear about them again and again I feel like I am a fool…sorry to hurt you

 Geet, par please mujhse soor mat chale jana, muhje tumara zaroorat hai Geet…please wake up, only you can help me out, Dad is also admitted in this hospital, he will listen to you please wake up and talk to him, he was mumuring your name all the times, he needs you much now, you cant sleep like that, please ek baar papa se baat karo…please I beg you” he kept on telling her same again and again, but there was no response from her…his staff brought food for Maan but he denied, when he was about to get up he felt someone holding his fingure and then he turned towards Geet, he saw her holding his fingure…a small smile crept on his lips

Rano: aap teek keh rahe hai…I would have called her but I thought mere bachi toh bahut busy hai, she is not sitting at home, she is working and then looking about her house, hoe can I call her and disturb tell me?

Mohinder: Rano instead of worrying like this it would have better if you called her and talk to her…You want me to talk to her now?

Rano: No Mahi…I will be fine…Geet might be busy sleeping now…bechari office aur ghar dono samalna hai usse…leave it let her take rest and we will talk tomorrow

Mohinder: aab das baje hai…If you want we can call her, I wont think she might slept by now

Rano: its ok koi baat nahi…thoda pani dijeye naa

Mohinder turned to take jar and finding it empty…he said “you did not keep water today…wait, I will get some water for you”

Rano: Ohhh..iss tension mein bhool gayi…chaliye mein bhi aati hoon…after drinking water we will walk in lawn for few minutes…hope I will get better by then

Mohinder: chalo..wahi teek rahega…both of them came out of the room and were heading towards kitchen, then they saw Arjun sitting in living room holding hsi head. Mohinder informed Rano to get water and went and sat next to Arjun asking “kya hua Arjun? did you also had bad dreams?”

Arjun was startled by Mohinder voice and said “papa aap haya? aap toh mujhe daraa diya hai. why did you sleep till now?”

Mohinder: I asked you first? Dont tell me you are also worried about Geet

Arjun: Matlab:

Mohinder: your Mom is also worried about her and she was not able to sleep…I consoled her and now she went to kitchen to drink water

Meanwhile Rano also came out with water and gave it to both Arjun and Mohinder and asked “kya baat hai Arjun? you are looking disturbed… Is everything is fine?

To which Mohinder responded “he is also tensed like you…I dont understand why you guys did not tried to reach Geet once? agar phone kar liya hota toh aise tension nahi hota…Arjun who was listening to Mohinder said “Papa I was not feeling ok from morning, kuch bechain se ho raha tha, I tried to work, but I was not able to do anything then I tried calling Geet…Papa aap ko lagta hai meine Geet ko call nahi kiya?”

Mohinder: toh phir tum tension kyun wo?

Arjun: Papa, Geet ne mera call ka jawab nahi diya, I tried her so many times…first ring was going on and later her phone was not reachable…then what should I do?

Mohinder: Arjun You would have called Maan atleast when you are not able to reach Geet

Arjun: Papa meine wo bhi try kiya, Maan is also not answerning my call…I am fed off calling both of them…

Mohinder looked at both of them and said “mein bhi Geet busy hai…isliye tumara call attend nahi kiya?”

Arjun looked at him in surprise and said “aapko lagta hai Geet mera call ignore karegi papa? come on…if she is busy also she will talk to me and say she is busy and call back later…aaj taqh Geet kabhi mera call ignore kiya hai? no naa”

Mohinder: then we do one thing…we will call Amar now…what’s say?

Arjun: no Papa we might disturb him its better we call tomorrow

Mohinder: no Arjun, even I am scared now listening to you both…its better we talk to them now or else we all wont sleep whole night

Then Rano and Arjun agreed to Mohinder…he made call to Amar and said “Hello Amarji…mein Mohider bol raha hoon”…Pallavi who received the call was surprised listening to Mohinder and signalled to Ram and whispered him “Geet ka pita ka call hai..” 

Here Mohinder was surprised when Amar picked call and not answering his call and said “hello!!! Hello!!!!! Amarji!!!!!”

Ram: Hello Mohinderji mein Ram bol raha hoon…wo actually Geet ka accident hua hai…aur chinta ka koi baat nahi

Mohinder: Kya??????? Geet ka accident?????aap zaruri nahi Samja ki hamara beti ke barien mien hame batayee…where is Amar

Ram: he is also in hospital Mohinderji…he had Heart Attack…

Mohinder: what are you saying? how is it possible? Why didnt you call us?

Ram: please…if you listen to me I will tell you,,,Mohinderji plss shant ho ja hiye

Ram: Geet ka accident kabar sunkar Amar ko Heart attack ho gaya…they both are admitted in KH…I came to know about this few hours before…I was in Mumbai, then we rushed to Hospital…Geet is fine, due to medicine affect she is sleeping and Amar condition is still critical…we are in KM now and Maan is taking care of both of them…you dont worry…kal subha aap Geet se baat kar sakte hai…mein baat karavungaa

Mohinder: aap sach bol rahe hey naa?

Ram: Jii mien such bol raha hoon…if there is anything I will call you…dont worry

Then they disconnected the call and Mohinder narrated everything to his son and wife…

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