Vivah Bandhan – Part 34


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Geet agreed with him because even she doubt about Maan dropping her back home has he was very much angry with her She slowly stepped inside house looking for Maan and the caretaker Dharam informed her that Maan is in his bedroom and he showed his room to her and went from there giving privacy for the couple…Geet opened the door of Maan’s room and he looked at the intruder who is disturbing him and was surprise to see Geet…he glared at her and asked “cant you leave me alone Geet? why you came here? who told you that I am here?”

Geet: kya jagadna zaruri hai Maan? what’s wrong with you? ek choti se baat ko dil pe laga ke baitiya aapne…why Maan?aisa kya galthi ho gayi mujhse ki aap mujhse door jane ke soch rahe ho? 

Maan: choti is baat Geet? haan kyun nahi mujhe naraz hone ke bhi haq nahi hai naa? mein to pagal hoon? isliye sab log mujhe advice karna shuru karte hai

Geet: Maan…please listen to me once
Maan: why it should be me always listen to you Geet? why cant you understand my feeling? you say you love me right than is this the trust you have on me? baat baat par mujhe yakeen dilana padta hai tum logon ko…aise Kyun Geet? I thought atleast you will understand me but no…even you also will not believe me…tag chuka hoon sab ko samadan dekai…agar tume mein pasand nahi hoon toh you can leave me Geet and dont worry I will go far away from everyone so that no one can reach me


Maan’s monologue “I wanted to be alone so I came here after informing my colleague  Mukund to call me in case of emergencies…Looking at you I am feeling bad for behaving bad with you, but he is helpless Geet because I got same lecture from everyone and I did not like people interfering in my life. I cant do anything if they dont like Brij and Sam…now they are only friends I have and Sam is out of his life and I consider only Brij has my friend after my encounter with Sam. I want peaceful life with my friends and family…I never heard anything against my family with Brij…though Sam couple of times spoke against my family then also it was Brij who was with me all the time and supported me…then why all of them are behind him…I thought to enjoy my life with my  family and friends but everyone poking nose on my life which I hate…he got lecture from everyone and when Geet also told me the same thing I  was not able to control my anger so he bursted on her…I want Geet to understand me and support me but she today I came to know that she do not trust me even… which I was not able to digest…today morning I tried to behave normal in front of my parents but I doubt they might have got doubt on his behavior and if they are angry with me also he cant help it because I is also human being…I know how to lead my life , I don’t need anyone’s suggestions on my life…I know Geet is also not wrong but the way she took Brij and Sam name during our romance I did not liked it…I was  just sharing my feelings with her to take our relation to next level but instead of saying her opinion Geet said she is scared  to take our relation next leave means she is not trusting me, then I think she might be thinking that I may go back to Sam  leaving her which is not true, when I clearly told her that I want to lead my whole life with her then also she is not ready to believe me…why can’t she trust me, when I was in love with Sam I did not even touched her and with Geet I was getting close to her and she even she responded to me…she was happy with me then why she is behaving like this? Is there is anything which missed out



He came out of his thought when he heard Geet saying” aise nahi hai Maan…mein manthi hoon ki mera galti hai…par ek bar…please sirf ek baar mera baat yoh sun lejiye…uske baad aap jo bhi decision lenge mein aapka saath dungi…aise gussa karne se baat bidag jathe hai


maan looked at Geet  and he saw her strain face which is full of her tears…he felt bad for her…he never seen her face like that he wanted to go near and  console her but his mind was not ready to do that…there was the fight going between his mind and heart…without knowing what to do he turned his face towards other side not able to see Geet breaking down and went near  window and looked out…and said “I am not feeling like to talk to anyone Geet, please go from here and I will come home when I feel ok.

Here Geet was also feeling bad due to the indifference between them and she never intended to hurt her Maan. Her only intention was letting him know about her feeling, she only wanted his safety and when she heard Brij and Sam are planning something against him, she was not able to digest, how can she see him suffering  thats the reason she told him that she is scared about his friends…but she know if she would have talk to Maan about this in some other situation then he might listened to her…its her mistake that she brought that topic in between their romance and now need to apologize with Maan and she dont want any misunderstanding between them and for that the only way is to letting him know about her point view. 



So she looked and Maan who was standing near window and went near him slowly keeping little distance between them and said “kya mein apni baat puri karoon Maan? hamare rista ke liye kya aap ek chance denge” Maan did not answer her, he kept silent and wiped his tears…when he stood silent Geet thought to tell him about her view and she continued saying “I was never meant to hurt you Maan…I saw Brij messages in your phone and in which he informed that they we will back soon and Sam is missing you and she is sorry for her wrong behavior. I was hurt reading that you said evereything is sort out right ? and then why now why Sam topic is coming again…Even I got call from Ram uncle saying that to take care of you and to keep you away from your friends, I dunnow why he said like that and when I asked him about it he said just to be by your side always and never leave you alone…I got scared and I did not know what should I do; I got confused when Ram uncle told me to not to say you about this because you will not trust me on this…and I had no idea how to discuss about this with you…It does not mean that I am not trusting you Maan but I was worried about you…and in the mean time heard Maa and Paa talking about this, then I decided to tell you and its left to you whether you trust me or not, but it was my wish to let you know what is happening…has it was running on my head and when we were together it just slip out of my tongue…I didt even dream that you will be angry on me…I thought you will understand my point of view and come out with solutions…I had so much trust on you but you proved me wrong Maan…Ram uncle was right about you? itna he barosa tha aapko mujhne? tell me now Maan what should I do?...



.my only intension was to keep you happy.When I heard from elders that you will are not safe with your friends and they will hurt you then tell me how should I behave? you wanted me to be silent thinking they will dont hurt you?, how can I trust unknown people?…(saying this Geet came close to Maan, her eyes was pouring out tears…she hold Maan and made him turn towards her..


.she kept her palm on his cheeks and continued saying) “bathiye na Maan…how you want me to keep silent…I dunno anything about your friends…I heard what elders said about them and reacted accordingly…my only concern was about you…is it wrong to think about you? kya mujhe itna bhi haq nahi hai Maan ki mien aap ke barein mein sochu? aap ke barien me soch kar meine kya galat kiya hai Maan? itni si choti baat ke liye aap mujhse naraz ho gaye? kya wo dono hamara riste se bhi important hai? kya Maa, Paa and Ram Uncle are jealous about you? will they gain anything by this? no naa…then why do you think that they say lies about your friends Maan? Have you ever thought about that? no naa then please think” while saying this Geet completely broke down in front of Maan…her energy was drained out, she did not had anything from morning and was only thinking about him…



she was stressed out…with no energy she sat down on the floor holding his leg, then she wiped her tears and with hicupps she said “ek bar bhi apne mere barien mein nahi socha naa? subse pagal ki tarah aapko call kar rahi thi, bahut sare messages bheja phir bhi apne mujhe jawab dena zaruri nahi samja?…aise kyun Maan? pata hai aapko meine kitne baar hospital aur apka assistant ko phone kiya, hai jane ke liye aap kahan hai? aapko mere fikar nahi hai Maan; you did not even think about me? Do you know how I was feeling from morning? how can you say such words for me? when you know that I am in love with you then also you told me leave you and get marry to someone else? how can you say that Maan? is this the feeling you have for me? 
(Geet started to cry thinking about Maan words…)

Maan: taq chuka hoon Geet sab ka baat sun sun kar…kisi ko bhi mera parva hi nahi…Mom Dad ko sirf tumara khushi chahiye…jab dekho tume support karne ke liye ready jo jate hai…tum bhi mujhse zada unke side le thi ho…agar mein kuch kaho toh bura manthi ho? you know what Brij is completely different he never talk about our family when we are together…he just respect my views and always support me thats the one reason I am happy with what’s wrong if I talk to them? why can’t my friends send messages to me? what was the need for you Geet to read my friends messages and get insecure 
about them? agar tume unke barien mein kuch jana chate ho toh tum mujhse puch sakti thi…mein tume batah deta…you never tried to understand me Geet…and you care dam about my feelings

Geet: you mean to say I am not understanding you Maan? how can you even think like that? ek minute…kya aap kabhi mujhe samajneka koshish kiya hai? jab dekho apne manmani karte reh the hai…agar aap mujhe samajthe toh aap sube aise mujhse baat nahi karte Maan…aap nahi mein pagal thi aap ke batao mein aagayi…aap per vishwas kiya phir bhi aap mujhe hey sab ke doshi mante hai? agar aap mujhe kabhi pyaar kiya hota toh aap mujhe kisi aur shadi karne ko nahi baata the…aap mujhe kya samajthe hai Maan…how can you think so cheap about me
(while saying this her eyes were full of tears) meine sirf aapko itna kaha ki mujhe darr lagta hai hamare relation pe toh aap mujhe sunane lage…kya galat kiya meine aapse aise bhole kar…kya mujhe mera mann ki baat bhi aapse share karne ka haq nahi hai kya…mein kya Sam aur Brij se dur rehne ko kaha aap toh mujhe apke zindagi se dur karno ko nirnay liya…aap nahi mein taq chuka hoon Maan, aap ka kushi ke liye mien kuch bhi karo wo kam hai aap ki najar mein; 

Maan was hurt listening to her and said: Geet…pls its not like that

But Geet showed her hand telling him to stop talking further and said“mere zindagi mein meine sirf aap se payar kiya hai…phir bhi aaj aapne mujhe bahut hurt kiya hai Maan…you know what I am not feeling bad for that also…because I never thought you will love and in this past four months it was really heaven being with you and here after I will not bother in your life and I will be in my limit…I am really sorry for bothering you”…Maan looked at her in shock and said “Geet I am sorry meine gusse mein tume aise kaha…pls be with me, I am really sorry for hurting you, I will not hurt you hereafter…” 

but Geet did not let him to continue and said “aap jo kaha uske baad aapse baat karna ko bhi mann nai hai Maan…pata hai kyun? because you think only about yourself and you are not bother about others feelings…one more thing I want to clear with you…Do you know anything about me?…I know you never thought about that…hmmm…ok let me tell you Maan, you know I never dream about my career or running business…because I know my brother and Dad will not allow me to work and I had never planned to work also…its because I was interested in studies Dad allowed me to study whatever stream I wanted…I am a princess of my house, mainly my brother who will do anything for my happiness and do you ever thought if he get know how is my married life, the next minute he will take me away from you and make sure we will get divorced; he wont listen to any one and will never allow me to see your face in my life…I never cooked and till today and if he sees me working in kitchen he will fight with my mother saying that she is torturing me…though Maa used to scold for not knowing house chores then also my brother supported me and he strictly warned my mom to not to scold me…aapne kaise soch liya ki meine mere career ko aapse badkar samjaa…aapko pata hai na jin alaat mein office jana shuru kiya?” to which Maan nodded his head then Geet continued saying “its only because of your father and I did’nt had hidden intension on this and then how can you blame me for this Maan?…being their son it was your duty to fulfil your parents wish but I did it for you and now you are thinking that its because one client appreciated my work and you thought that I am distancing myself from you, so that I am earn good name in the business?…great Maan..thank you very much for understanding me…I know why paa was thinking to give major responsibility for me because you were also showing interest in business and was trying to help me, looking at this he was very much happy at atleast you tried to spend some time in business in sake oof helping me…if your Dad thought about my marraige then you should ask with him and not with me, because I am not aware of that, I even dunno when he talked to you about my second marraige and no one asked me about this and how you people take decision just like that? Shadi koi khel nahi hai Maan, jab chaha shadi karli aur jab chala chod do…who gave you all the right to decide about my future?…I should ask with paa when I go home today..

.he really disappoint me about this?…wo tho chod lijiye aap toh hum sabko aap ka doshi mante naa, you dont even trust any of your family members, then what is the use of telling you about this” then wiping her tears and she continued “toh phir teek hai you be with them and do whatever you want to do. when you decided to leave me then I should allow you to move on…you decide when you are going to tell your parents about our separation and inform me I will go out of your life and one more thing dont expect me to do that because I cant see them breaking down…I know you can do that because you have done that before also…hurting your parents is the best thing you like to do it ever…and dont talk to me here after…You know what Maan…I HATE YOU…I will go away” 

Maan: Geet pls listen to me…I am sorry wo actually I spoke all this in anger…please don’t leave me and go

Geet: what is the use if I stay also? I am not such a important person in your life…its time for you to know who is important in your life Maan and please dont stop me I had enough for today and I cant take it anymore…when you want to come home you can and you better inform you parents whehter you are coming today or not and I dont want to answer them...saying this Geet started to go down…Maan came behind her calling her name to stop…“Geet…you are important for me please don’t leave me and go…please wait”...but Geet did not listen to him and told Ramu Kaka to drop her back home.

On the way back she got call from Amar saying “Geet, what happened beta? why you went to Burari farmhouse?”

Geet: Paa aapko kaise pata chala ki meine Burari farmhouse gayi thi?

Amar: woh mein badh mein batavunga ab mujhe hai batao tum and Maan ke beech kuch hua kya?
Geet kept silent and did not answer, then Amar continued again “you should have told me Geet…instead of going behind Maan we would have found some alternate ways to solve your misunderstandings” Geet was irritated listening to him…this is the first time she got angry on Amar and said “kaise paa? Jaise Maan ne bataya ki aap mere liye ladka dundh rahe hai? you would have atleast asked me about this paa…sab kuch gadbad ho gaya hai…Maan mujhse dur ho gaye” saying that she cried bitterly and said “mere life katam ho gayi paa…Maan ne mujhe chodh ne ka faisla kar liya hai…pata nahi mein kaise sabko batavungi…darr lag raha hai paa…mera zindagi barbadh ho gayi hai” while saying this her words were breaking up and Ramu kaka who was listening to her felt bad for her…Ramu kaka turned the car and dashed to the tree
Geet: Paaapaaa????????????Cry



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