Vivah Bandhan – Part 33

Vivah Bandhan

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— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —Recap
Pallavi beamed in happiness and asked “so you agreed to give me gift?”
Maan: Mom please we will talk about this tomorrow…let’s rest now its already late To which Pallavi halfheartedly agreed and Pallavi asked Geet also to go and rest…to which Geet agreed and followed Maan
Once they are inside their room…Maan and Geet both sighed and looked at each other confusingly…They don’t know what to talk…Geet was still in shock and looked at Maan confusingly…Here Maan was embarrassed he just want to escape from Pallavi so said he will go to sleep but everyone took it wrongly and looking at Geet face he know she is also shocked by his words…they are getting close to each other and he needed time to go ahead in is relation…he still need some time, its not like he is not liking Geet but he loves her a lot and they are enjoying this period in his life and he need to talk to Geet whether she wants to have baby or not, because she is now concentrating on business and he knows she is working hard for that and he don’t want her to sacrifice this time, it should be only her wish if she is ready then he don’t have any problem…he sighed in relief thinking about them and looked at Geet and said “I am sorry Geet, actually Mom asked suddenly about baby and I was shocked listening to her so to escape from her I said Ok i am going to sleep but everyone took in wrong way…sorry Geet, I hurt you again”
Geet: no Maan, I can understand you…its ok I am going to sleep now, its already late and I am too tired today
To which Maan nodded his head and later they went to sleep…Here Pallavi and Amar both dreamed about their grandchild and went to sleep peacefully
Next morning Geet woke up little early to prepare breakfast and started preparing dough for roti at the same time Pallavi also joined her and she she asked with Geet and started cutting vegetables for sabji and Geet started preparing food…once they done with sabji, Geet prepared tea for them and they all joined Amar and had their morning tea together…Meanwhile Maan got up and after freshen up he went to gym for exercise and then Geet went to her room to take bath…when she came out from bathroom Maan entered room and was mesmerized looking at Geet…she was looking breathtaking…he came close to her, he slowly took her hands in his and kissed her hand so softly and both felts current passing through their veins…Geet looked into to Maan’s eye at the same time Maan also looked at her…Maan eyes were filled with passion looking at her and Geet had the same feeling…he slowly caressed her face and slightly rubbed her lips in his fingers…though Maan kissed her many times but she still feels current in her veins whenever he is near her…she was drowning in his passion and Maan closed the distances between their lips and both shuddered started to feel each her…the kiss started slowly with passion first and later they both started with hungry both were not getting enough of each other and Geet was following him in same passion and when they were short of breath they stopped kissing…Maan touched his forehead with Geet and said“Geet I am not getting enough of you and if it continues I cant control myself…you are just awesome Geet and if you support me like this then don’t blame me for whatever happens between us…You make me to forget everything…I dunno how you look beautiful in whatever you wears…i need you Geet”
Geet: who told you to control Maan, i am yours as always…why you need to control around me? you have all right on me I am your wife, I know you needed time to take our relation to next level…I want you to come to me with wholeheartedly Maan without any burden and guilt. Even like every girl I want to cherish family life with you, but I am scared 
Maan: Scared?? but why Geet? 
Geet: Pata nahi Maan, its more than fout months that we came from Mumbai, but I have seen lot of changes in you say you love me and next moment you keep in touch with your ex-girlfriend brother…I dunno what is cooking between you guys, if you want me in your life then please think about it again or if you still behind Sameera than it better we should separate…do nau mein pair rahke chalna teek nahi hai Maan…
Maan was hurt listening to Geet, few minutes back they were in different world but Geet brought Sameera and Brij matter between their passion, which he did not like, he was fed off with everyone lecturing him and said“aise kyun bol rahi ho Geet? Brij is my friend and he supported me many times…last time also he choose me instead of his sister, he is no harm for us and why are you taking his name now…I clearly told you that I need you in my life and how many times you need clarification from you Geet, everyone one has the same problem each and every one playing with my feelings I dunno whats wrong with you guys…Shit…its my mistake Geet shayad tumko mujpe barosa hi nahi isliye tum aise bol rahi ho…may be because you think that I am not worth of you…
Geet put hand on Maan’s mouth to stop him talking further and said “Maan i trust you very much…how can you think so low about yourself, I am sorry if my words hurt you…pata nahi kyun meine unka barien mein baat ki it came in my mind all of the sudden, so aise bol diya meine…please forgive me”
Maan took her hand from his mouth harshly and Geet looked at him in shock…Maan looked at her angrily and said “stop it Geet, mere samne rohna shuru mat karna Geet…I know why you took Brij and Sam name now…” he clapped his hand and continued saying “jab meine hamara relation to aage badane ka baat ki tume wo pasand nahi haya…you are started to get famous working in KC, and now if we get close to each other then you cant get success in your career because you should think aboout our future kids and now you are not ready for that…toh saaf saaf kyun nahi khethi Geet ki tume time chahiye…You know why I did not take our rista next level, because I though poor girl she is very hard working and if we think about kids now then she will not be able to concentrate on business and once you are able to understand the work fully and once you are ready we can move ahead…thanks for opening my eyes Geet and proving me I am so wrong…sorry for getting intimate with you I know my place now I will not bother you here after” saying this Maan took his towel and went to bathroom without waiting for Geet’s answer…she had tears in her eyes…She looked at the closed door of bathroom she was feeling bad. After few minutes when the bathroom door opened she went near him to clear the misunderstanding but he never looked at her…Geet went near Maan and said “Maan please try to understand me aise muh math modiye Maan…mein bardaash nahi kar pavungi…please ek bar mere bath toh sun lijiye”
Maan glared at her and took his dress and went to bathroom to change his dress…Geet looked at the time and she was running late she should get ready to office and she need to prepare breakfast for them and thought to talk to Maan later and went to kitchen to prepare breakfast…she prepared breakfast with the help of Pallavi and went to room to get ready…when she went to her room she saw study room door closed and sighed knowing that Maan is still angry on her and she got ready immediately and knocked study room…Maan opened the door and looked at Geet…there was no emotions on his face…Geet got scared looking at Maan’s serious face…they never fought like this, she had not seen this side of Maan which is making her nervous to talk to him…she was shivering looking at him and bowed her head down and said “its a request Maan…I beg you please listen me once…whatever you said about me is wrong, I am really sorry…ek bar mere bath sun lijiye”
Maan: ab kya bholne ko baki reh gaya tume Geet? tumare mann ko chain mila hoga naa aab…I know very well what you meant so please dont disturb me now…I know Mom and Dad will support you only like always…ek kaam karo Geet jake Dad se kaho ki tume mein pasand nahi hoon…Dad was thinking about your re-marraige may be he has some good alliance for you…go get married to the person you like…no need to suffer with me” saying this he took his things and went down…Geet also quietly followed him, she does not want her in-laws to get worried about them…they had suffered much…she went to kitchen quietly and informed Deepak to arrange food in dining table…
Deepak came along with food…and Geet followed him with black coffee and tea…Deepak and Pallavi served for everyone and and Pallavi sat along with them to have breakfast…Maan and Geet both were not feeling like having breakfast and they silently try to swallow food looking at their parents and in-laws respectively…Maan had one roti and drank coffee…he left to clinic saying he had emergency in hospital without looking at Geet…Amar and Pallavi were surprised this is the first time after Geet joining office Maan went to clinic without dropping her to office…Geet looked at Maan retreing figure and saw surprise face of her in-laws she was feeling like to cry her heart out but she controlled her tears and said “Maa…un hone mujhe phele bata diya tha ki mein driver ke saat office jao…koi emergency hai…Maan ka assistant ka phone aaya tha isliye wo jaldi mein chale gaye…aab mujhe der ho rahi hai mein bhi chalthi hoon” saying that Geet took her bag and sat in the car after informing Ramukaka to drop her in KC
Geet tried reaching Maan so many times but calls landed on his voicemail…she tried hospital number there she came to know that Maan has not come to hospital and he is on off today…Geet was cursing her big mouth unnecessarily she hurt Maan when she clearly knows that he loves her…she sent so many text but did not get any reply from him…she was worried for him…she went to office and was not able to concentrate on her work she was only thinking about Maan…she tried to work but her mind and soul was only thinking about Maan…it like the world has stopped…she again tried to reach Maan but no response…Deepak brought lunch for them, she knew that Maan will not come for lunch today so she again called his assistant and requested him to inform about Maan where abouts and he bad for her because she kept calling from from morning asking for Maan and he did not want to hurt her so Mukund informed her that Maan is in Burari farm house which was one of Khuranas farm house,
she called driver and asked him about the farmhouse and has he was old employee of Khuranas he was aware of the farmhouse so he agreed to take Geet…when Geet reached farmhouse she saw Maan’s vehicle and she sighed in relief she informed Ramukaka to leave so that she can come with Maan…but he denied saying “nahi Geet beta…phele aap Maan baba ko mil lejiye agar unhone apko sath lekar chale ke liye agree kiya toh mein javungaa…hey jaga safe nahi hai…mein aapka haya intezar karungaa aap jahiye” 
Geet agreed with him because even she doubt about Maan dropping her back home has he was very much angry with her She slowly stepped inside house looking for Maan and the caretaker Dharam informed her that Maan is in his bedroom and he showed his room to her and went from there giving privacy for the couple…Geet opened the door of Maan’s room and he looked at the intruder who is disturbing him and was surprise to see Geet…he glared at her and asked “cant you leave me alone Geet? why you came here? who told you that I am here?”
Geet: kya jagadna zaruri hai Maan? what’s wrong with you? ek choti se baat ko dil pe laga ke baitiya aapne…why Maan?aisa kya galthi ho gayi mujhse ki aap mujhse door jane ke soch rahe ho? 
Maan: choti is baat Geet? haan kyun nahi mujhe naraz hone ke bhi haq nahi hai naa? mein to pagal hoon? isliye sab log mujhe advice karna shuru karte hai
Geet: Maan…please listen to me once
Maan: why it should be me always listen to you Geet? why cant you understand my feeling? you say you love me right than is this the trust you have on me? baat baat par mujhe yakeen dilana padta hai tum logon ko…aise Kyun Geet? I thought atleast you will understand me but no…even you also will not believe me…tag chuka hoon sab ko samadan dekai…agar tume mein pasand nahi hoon toh you can leave me Geet and dont worry I will go far away from everyone so that no one can reach me
Kya Maan Geet ko maaf karega?
aapko kya lagta hai comments dejiye it will help for me to continue

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