Vivah Bandhan Part 32

Vivah Bandhan

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Maan :not bad Mrs Khurana…you have improved a lot” Geet cheeks were like cherry and she took her dress and went to bathroom immediately Maan shook his head thinking about his shy wife and responded to the call…Brij informed Maan that he got some important work…to which Maan did not reacted properly…Brij felt humiliated and said bye Maan after disconnecting his call as per his schedule he went with Anita thinking to take revenge from Maan



Part -32


Geet and Maan went to office has per routine and after breakfast Bhimsen and Nakul packed their luggage…once they felt…Here Geet was busy with the meetings, once she finished she came to her cabin and was surprised to see Maan there. She came inside and sat next to him and asked “kya hua Maan? You are here at this time”

Maan: only two appointments was there so instead of sitting ideal I came here to support you

Geet: acha kiya apne…par agar koi emergency ho toh aap kya karogey?

Maan: tum uska chinta mat karo Geet…I have informed my assistant to call me for any emergencies

Later he took the file and started working on that and even asked some doubts with Geet and also gave his feedback and suggestions…Later they had lunch together and Maan went to clinic to check his patients…Maan was little free today so he picked up Geet while going home


Ram got call from Priya saying that she will be landing in Mumbai tonight…Ram informed this to Amar and Pallavi and informed them that he will go to Mumbai and once they finish work he and Priya will come to Delhi…to which Pallavi and Amar agreed with heavy hear…Ram informed same to Maan and Geet when they are back from work…They both felt sad and Maan said “we will be missing you uncle, please come soon…it will be bore if you are not here”

Ram: haan Maan…what I will do in Mumbai…my son settled in London so we will definitely come back to Delhi…we have to attend Priya’s cousin daughter wedding and after that we will be here…my luggage is packed Amar can you inform driver to drop me to airport

Amar: uska kya zarurath hai? Maan will drop you

Ram: No Amar, he just now came from clinic…let him take rest

Maan: its not a problem Uncle I will drop you…we will first freshen up and then he looked at Geet and said“chalo Geet, we will drop Ram uncle to airport” to which Geet nodded her head and both went to their room to freshen up…Later they came down bidded bye to their Amar and headed to airport along with Ram

Ram requested Geet that he wants to talk to Maan some personal and took Maan aside and told “Maan now everything is going fine so please think about the future…I understand phele tum Geet se pyaar nahi kar rahe the but aab kar rahe ho…Dekho Maan, close Sam chapter fully in your life or else you can’t to move on your life…Do you know Amar and Pallavi both are desperately waiting for your child, you are only son for them…

Maan was first surprise and said “thanks for your concern uncle but everything is fine now, I have clearly told Sam that I am in love with Geet and I will move on with her and will not come back to Sam and in front of Brij so no worries …Sam suffered because of me uncle atleast now I want to her settle so that I can live peacefully with Geet and also I don’t want to keep any of Sam feelings in my heart and move on relation with Geet so I have requested Geet to give some time for our relation”

Ram: still you have soft corner for Sam…but it is not good for your relation…if you are feeling so then you are insulting your relation aur tum Geet ko dokha de rahe ho? Do nau mein pair rakna teek nahi hai…Geet is very good girl she started trusting you but agar tum kuch aise waise karogey toh dekhna tum bahut pachtavogey

Maan: no uncle I will take care of that…aapko shikayat ka mauka nahi dunga

Ram: ok Maan take care of everyone I will come as soon as possible

Then they both joined Geet and then Ram informed Geet to take care of everyone and then he left to Mumbai


Maan got call from Sam…he looked into the number and disconnected the call…his mood was off looking into the caller ID… Maan had planned to have dinner out but due to Sam…Maan and Geet came back to home after dropping Ram…Has Nakul was not there Deepak prepared food for everyone with the help of Pallavi…Has it was dinner time Pallavi informed Deepak to call everyone for dinner…Deepak served food for them…

Amar said “who prepared the dinner? Its awful…”everyone looked at each other and tasted food…but has Amar said it was not good…then Deepak hesitantly said“shab miene aaj khana banaya…”

Amar: agar khana banana nahi hata toh tumne khana kyun banaya

Deepak: sorry sir…I cant prepare like Nakul…I tried…I am really sorry sir…I know only to clean house and food I know to prepare like this only…said pointing to the food

Pallavi: Amar please adjust food for now after dinner we will talk about it…we should not disrespect food…please have it

Even though no one liked the food they had food with great difficulty and then sat in living room…Pallavi and Geet served milk to them and they also sat along with them and then Amar said “I cant have food like this daily, first my health is not good and eating food like this I will become bed ridden patient soon”

Pallavi: subh subh boliye aap…what is this we will find other alternatives

Maan: Haan dad I will inform my friends we will find someone soon and it is for few days only…Nakul will be back soon why to worry so much

Amar: if he is preparing tiffin then I am not going to have breakfast…I will have only milk unless I get good food

Maan: Dad we do one thing we will order food from good restaurant or five star hotels…what say

Amar: mujhe bahar ka khana nahi chahiye

Pallavi: aap toh bache ke tarah zidd kar rahe ho…before marriage my parents did not allowed me to cook, I only know to prepare some sweet items and after marriage you strictly denied me to prepare food so I dunno to prepare anything…if you would have allowed me today we will not facing this problem…hey sab aapki wajah se ho raha hai

Amar: mujhe kya bhavishyavani hogi ki ek din Nakul ka shadi hoga and mera aur nalayak naukar do khana banana nahi aataa…isliye tumhe khana bananekeliye allow karoo?

Pallavi: toh aab bukthiye…hey aapka sajah hai..i can prepare coffee or tea or some sweet if you want to have it for breakfast let me know or else I cant help it…

Amar: I don’t need anything…leave it

Maan: Mom…Dad…please stop fighting like kids wait we will call some for help and if we keep on fighting then we cant have breakfast… we can adjust with other food but for Dad it is necessary to have ghar ka khana because he is not used to have food outside

Geet who was sitting simply till now said “agar aap sab ko aitraaz nahi toh mein khana banaungi…I have not prepared much but I know how mom cooks at home so I can prepare and if you don’t like then we can find someone else…”

Before Amar say something Maan said “bilkul nahi…I don’t want you to hurt yourself while cooking and you don’t have experience in cooking also…no need to do cook we will find someone”…he saw everyone looking at him in shock and said “I mean we don’t want …what say Dad?”

Amar smirked at Maan and said “haan Maan teek kheh raha hai…you have to look after office also I don’t want to put more burdens on you”

Pallavi: I also agree with Amar and Maan…I don’t want you to get hurt Geet

When everyone denied Geet went inside kitchen to help Deepak…because she know unless these people find solution for this they will not go to sleep today…after talking to few some friends informed them to send their servants and some referred new ones also…early morning there were two three peoples to prepared different types of breakfast everyone sat for breakfast…Amar just tasted food and he went out saying he is done with the breakfast…though Pallavi ,Maan and Geet didn’t like the food they had it…they sent them back


Two days same procedure was going on and no one liked the food some Maan reject saying they are not clean and some Amar saying he did not liked the food…Pallavi got worried because it was effecting on Amar’s health and shared her opinion with Maan and Geet when they came from office

Even Maan got worried and said “yes Maa you are right? I dunno another one month how we are going to manage…and Dad should have proper food because he is having high dosage of medicine”

Geet thought for sometime and complained “Maa its not good for Paa’s health…that’s the reason I told earlier that I will prepare food…its all because of him…” said pointing to Maan

Maan: meine kya kiya? Why are you blaming me?

Geet: then what should I do? You are the one who rejected when I told you that I will prepare food see because of you Paa is suffering

Maan: par meine toh tumara balai mein kaha tha

Geet: haan…haan…mien toh panch saal ki bachi hoon naa…if you say this in front of people they will laugh at you saying ghar mien do aurat hai unko khana banana nahi aata…aur unke bechare pati…bina khana kahe so rahe hai do din se

Maan got angry and said “no one will say like that…you are assuming it…aur tum mujhse gussa kyun kar rahi ho? If you want to work in kitchen then go do it…who stopped you…tumhe toh mahan banne ka shauq hai na…then go do it”

Geet: haan mein toh wahi karne jaa rahi hoon…saying that she went inside her room

Maan and Pallavi looked at each other and then Pallavi said “hey sab mere wajah se hua hai…I should have taken decision like Geet did now see because of me Geet have to overwork, you don’t worry I will help her”

Maan: its ok Mom…I am sorry I was bit rude to her…I will go and manofy her… now she will not listen to anyone

When Maan came to room he saw fuming Geet, he went and sat near her and said “I am sorry Geet…” he took her hand in his and slightly kissed her fingers saying “I don’t want you to get hurt…you are already tired working in office and now if you start working at home then it will affect your heath, you are taking too much strain Mishty…”

Geet: first of all I am not the first woman on earth who will work both at home and office…there are so many girls who are doing this…you can check in your clinic also and I am give list of people who are working both at home and office…aur mien kamzoor nahi hoon…I am doing this to my people then how it will be burden…then who is this Misty?

“Mishty toh sirf tum ho sweetheart”…saying this he kissed her cheeks and then continued saying “I know woman’s are great and they are doing multitasking also…but I am worried about you because, in your home your Mom, Dad and brother looked after you like princess, you never worked there and I want to treat you like the same way…but see here you are facing one after another…first you joined KC to help Dad and now you will work in kitchen…I am feeling bad for that Geet…I have hurt you many times at that time I did not think about you…now I am feeling for you…I want to see smile in your face…every time you surprise me…agar mere baat se tume bura laga toh I am sorry

Geet: please aisa mat kahiye…its not your fault…but I am sorry for talking rude with you…I dunno what happened to me I always one or other way start to fight with you…but thanks for your concern Maan…my Maa used to make me to work in kitchen you know she used to always compel me to learn cooking and I was lazy to do that and I used to find make drama with her and avoid doing it…its not only me every girls like to do that with their Mom, sometime Maa used to catch my lies and make to work double in kitchen when Dad and bro was not at home…because they never used to allow me to work in kitchen and I used to take advantage of it…see now what my Maa said was correct…dont worry I will be careful while working…now I should go to kitchen or else it will be late

Maan: haan haan chalo…then he pulled Geet towards himself and looked in to her eyes and then eyed at her lips without waiting he pressed his rough lips on her soft lips and sucked her…they both had passionate kiss and he left her when she was out of breathe and said “its best of luck kiss for you Mishty…now go, I will join you after sometime” Geet smiled shyly at him and ran to kitchen taking her phone



Geet came down and called her mom…Rano was first surprised looking at caller ID, because her daughter always talk to her in afternoon and today also afternoon she spoke to her but she dunno why she is calling now…worrying for her daughter she received call saying“kya hua Geet? Dab teek hai naa? You never call me at this time but why are you calling me now everything was fine till afternoon”

Geet: Maa please calm down…kuch nahi hua hai…I need help from you so I called you

Rano sighed in relax and asked “what help you needed Geet? Tell me”

Geet narrated everything to her and asked “please help me to prepare food today, you just guide me I will do it…we all are worried for Paa…please mom”

Rano got angry and said “isliye miene tumhe kaha tha shadhi se phele, par tum nahi mann rahi thi…aab dekho…when I was saying this your father and brother used to lecture me…today will they come to help you”

Geet slapped her forehead and said “Maa please don’t start it again…tell me whether you are going to help me or not…here already Maan is upset thinking about my cooking and Maa is helpless in this…still paa does not know that I am cooking so please stop your lecture now and guide me…I will call you on IMO

Rano agreed to that and later Geet called her on IMO and Rano started helping her in masalas

Kadai Mashroom Gravy

Dal makhani

Methi Paratha

Plain Paratha



Rano then narrated how to prepare recipes and Geet made note of that…meanwhile Pallavi came and joined Geet and spoke to Rano and asked forgiveness for disturbing her and then they started preparing dinner…Pallavi and Deepak helped Geet with all the necessary things and Pallavi went back to her room giving privacy for mother and daughter…she was feeling quiet embarrassed to stay there…while Rano was all the time was instructing Geet and when food was finally done Geet tasted the food and it was exact like her mother prepare food she thanked Rano once again and went back to her room informing Deepak to take care of cleaning


Here Rano was waiting for Mohinder and Arjun to take class for them and when they back she informed them about Geet’s call and scolded both for supporting Geet…Arjun was pissed off with this because he know its not about Geet his mother taunting them, its about Sandhya…he looked at his mother angrily and went inside his room…Mohinder looked at duo and said to Rano“what was the need for you to fight with him now Rano? He justnow came from office…why cannot you give time for him”

Rano: haan haan everytime I am the one who is culprit mein toh aapka bachon ka sautheli maa hai naa…why cant you understand even I want his happiness…what’s wrong with Sandhya? She is well educated and working in reputed company and her family is well off…

Sandhya is related to her brother and she is from well off family so Rano wants to ristha…But Arjun was not ready for this so Rano is upset with him and Mohinder because he supported Arjun

Mohinder: that’s the problem Rano…only because she is related to your brother that doesn’t mean we should accept it…you know very well Arjun will not accept her

Rano: why is it so? I am not going to accept it

Arjun who was room was disturbed with his mom’s continuous tortures, he tried so many times to avoid it but it is going out of control, he wanted peace in his life, he need Geet’s help for this has his baby sister is busy juggling between home and office he did not want to trouble her and after listening to his Mom he wanted to see her once so he went out and said “Ok Mom I will agree to meet Sandhya and it I don’t like her then you should not pressurize me, if it is fine with you tell me I will book tickets to Delhi” 

Rano: how is it possible? I know for name sake you will look at her and reject her I don’t want to insult my brother; he has lot of hopes in me

Arjun: Mom please…see I will give you 100% assurance and I will talk to her also we will see if I like then fine or and in case if I don’t like then you should not make any drama and stop this topic there itself

Rano also agreed for that and Arjun booked tickets to Delhi…Arjun winked at Mohinder and went back to his room and Mohinder understood his plan and kept quiet

Actually Arjun wanted to see Geet’s baby first, he thought there is soem problem with Geet and Maan, so he was waiting for the goodnews and here his mom wanted to tie in up with high headed girl Sandhya he hated her from the beginning…because she purposefully hurt Geet from childhood and she still has not changed fully…now he know what he wants to do…Geet is also settled so he want to prove to Sandhya that his sister is really gem and in well position today


Here Geet went to her room after freshen up she came down…Pallavi and Geet arranged for dinner…later they called Amar and Maan for dinner…Geet hesitantly served food for Amar…she was eagerly waiting for his response…Amar tasted food with great difficultly thinking some servant and prepared but he was delight after tasting it and said “khana toh bahut acha hai…kis ne banaya”

Pallavi: Geet ne…aur kis ne

Amar: what?

Pallavi: she was not able to see you suffering so she prepared this food especially for you under her mother guidance…you know we should thank sambandji also for this

Amar: thank you very much Geet…par iska zarurath nahi tha…I would have managed till Nakul comes

Geet: why Paa…you did not liked food or what?

Amar: nahi Geet its too tasty I liked it

Geet: then why are you saying like that?

Amar: I am troubling you more dear…I am feeling guilty for that

Geet: aisa kuch nahi hai…I am happy that you liked the food…you said I am like your daughter and now you are thanking me and also saying that you are feeling guilty. Why is it paa…if you had daughter and if she cooks for you will you say like that?

Amar: I am sorry beta..muh se nikal gaya…I will not say that…one thing Geet…can you able to cook till Nakul comes…I will help you in whatever you need

Geet serve food to Pallavi and Maan also, even they liked the food…Maan was enjoying their bond…he was enjoying his food silently watching their bond. Sometimes he feels envy looking at them…his parents and Geet are unique character they bond with each other really well…from past eight months of their marriage he is looking at them…Geet was become perfect daughter for his parents like they desire…everyday they find one or other way to enjoy each other company…they used to dance , sing , play games they don’t get bore with each other…sometime it looks like he is son in law of this house and Geet is their lovely daughter…she can go to any extent to see smile in his parents face…she never get tired while doing something for them.

Geet looked at him and when their eyes met she raised her eyebrow asking what he is thinking he just shook his head saying nothing…After food Geet served Kheer to all and to herself and then sat next to Maan…Kheer was fantastic…after tasting Amar watched Maan silent from the time of dinner and asked “what happened Maan why are you silent?”

Maan: nothing Dad

Amar: then why are you silent? You are not talking to anyone…is everything alright?

Maan: kuch nahi Dad? Everything is fine

Amar: ohh teek hai…I thought you are angry with me

Maan: why Dad?

Amar: because of me Geet worked in office and now in kitchen…I thought you are angry because of that

Maan: why should I be dad? I am happy that she takes care of you very well…I am pleased with that

Than all of them praised Geet again and again…Geet was feeling shy and said “you all are thanking me unnecessarily”

Pallavi: no Geet, though you prepared food for the first time it’s really tasty…you go and take rest Geet, you have done so much work today

To which Geet agreed and went to her room…Pallavi went inside kitchen to bring milk for Amar and Maan…Amar saw Maan who was lost in his thoughts and said “I am sorry Maan, If I know earlier that Geet is cooking I would have stopped her…and also I didn’t knew that you will feel so bad for that”

Maan was startled hearing to Amar and said “no Dad I am happy, I did not feel bad…to be frank I didn’t want her to work in kitchen because she is already has to much work tension in office even I informed her the same…but she was adamant that she will cook and I am very much happy with her decision…Geet respect you and Mom very much and she is ready to do anything for you guys and I will never feel bad for that”

Amar: then why are you sad Maan?

Maan came near Amar and sat next to him and he took his hand in his and said “nothing Dad I was thinking about myself…though I am your son I never took care of you like Geet did…you know sometimes it looks like she is your daughter and I am outsider…you  mom and Geet bond really well…sometimes I feel envy thinking about that…I am really sorry Dad for hurting you so many times…I want to be your support..everytime I failed in that so I am feeling bad for that

Amar pat Maan’s back and said “you also love us like Geet do Maan…but you never realized that…if you did not love us then you would have not agreed to get married to Geet…And I am thankful for that because of you Geet became our family member…I bet you Maan she is the best companion for you…no one else would match to her standards”

Meanwhile Pallavi came holding milk glasses and said“kya serious baat cheet ho raha hai aap dono ko beech”

Amar taking his glass said “casual talk aur kuch nahi” ohh I for to take tablets wait I will bring tablets” saying that he went to his room

Pallavi looked at Maan and asked “what happened Maan?”

Maan: Dad is very happy today Mom, he was thanking me for bringing Geet to this house and I was saying in I am envying your bond

Pallavi: we never distanced you Maan, you are the one who was blinded with fake love and was going far away from us…even I am thanking you because you agreed to marry Geet or else we would have miss gem like bahu

Maan: please mom stop thanking me…first Dad and now you …you know I should thank you both for searching Geet as my life partner…I am happy with her…these all happiness in our life is because of Geet…I should give gift to you and Dad for selecting her

Pallavi: are you sure you want to give gift to us?

Maan: yes mom…anything you ask…it’s a promise

Pallavi: ek bar phir soch lo Maan?

Maan slipping milk from his glass said: soch liya…aab batahiye aapko kya chahiye

Pallavi: I want to see grandchildren’s Maan…you are our only son but I need two to three kids roaming in this mansion…I want to see your and Geet’s kids here

Maan was shocked listening to this…he knew his parents are craving to see his children but never thought his mom will demand directly to him…back he heard to gasps…Maan and Pallavi turned to head to see shocked Geet and smiling Amar looking at them…they both joined Pallavi and Maan and then Pallavi asked “Geet I told you to sleep right why are you here?”

Geet cursed herself for coming and joining them down…she was missing Maan, even though she tried to sleep but she was not able to sleep…so instead of turning in bed to thought to join them and here she was red in embarrassment listing to her mother in laws wish and said“I was not feeling sleepy mom so came here to join you”Maan looked at her and he can clearly what she is thinking and said “ok mom”

Pallavi beamed in happiness and asked “so you agreed to give me gift?”

Maan: Mom please we will talk about this tomorrow…let’s rest now its already late

To which Pallavi halfheartedly agreed and Pallavi asked Geet also to go and rest…to which Geet agreed and followed Maan




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