MG FF-Vivah Bandhan-part 31

Vivah Bandhan

Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)


Banner credit goes to Misti




Brij: Jab tak Maan ka gussa thanda naa ho jahe tum London or Paris jao…wo Rahul hai naa uske sath jao…Maan ko mein dekhloognaaa


To which Sam agreed and called her next bakra


Then in evening Maan and Geet joined elders and had chit chat…days started passing Ram Amar and Pallavi started to observe Maaneet closely without giving chance to Maaneet to doubt them…though Maan had doubt on his uncle Ram, but he was not able to prove it…Sam went to Paris with Rahul and Here Brij also started to work on his plan and started meeting Maan saying sorry for his sister behavior 



Part -31


Even though Maan spoke to Brij, he tried maintaining distance with Brij, because he don’t he did not want to hurt Geet…Now his main priority was Geet and his parents…he felt bad for Sam because he know he hurt her feelings and what she did was to gain his attention…for all sorrows what Sam is going through he hated himself for playing in Sam life. He had never for once liked Sam and his foolishness created mess in his life…now he is happy that finally he decided to move on with Geet who is perfect for him from all angle. Life was moving smooth for them…days turned to months and one day Nakul’s father Bhimsen came to KM, Khuranas welcomed him whole heartedly, after food Bhimsen informed Amar “I came to inform that we have found match for Nakul, I have called and informed him but he is denying she is my friends daughter Sir, I have promised to my demise friend that Radha will be our daughter in law           

Amar: oh that’s great news…when is the marriage?

Bhimsen:its next months date is 18th

Amar: Ok Bhimsenji…Nakul is like our Maan, he worked more than 15yrs with us…you do one thing we will take entire responsibility of marriage you just let me know the place

Bhimsen was touched with their gesture, now days who will look after their servant like their know he still remembered when Nakul was twenty years he came to KM and joined him here to work on his behalf…he was not able to work properly due to his health…But Khuranas took care of his health expenditure and Nakul was very happy to work with them…Bhimsen fall on Amar feet saying “you have done so much for us…thank you very much sir for your help”

Amar: he deserves it Bhimsen ji…wait…saying that he went inside to get money and then gave some amount to him for their expenses

Bhimsen: thank you sir…

Bhimsen wanted to take Nakul back because its only few days left and after taking help from Khuranas he did not feel to ask them about Nakul…he thanked them whole heartedly and Amar informed Nakul to take Bhimsen to his room because its later for him to travel today…Later Amar informed about Nakul marriage to Pallavi and Ram…they both were happy for Nakul then Pallavi said “wo sab toh teek hai…kya Bhimsenji Nakul ko unke sath lekar jahengey”

Amar: wo…OMG…I did not asked anything about it…thanks for reminding me Pallavi…we will ask about this with at dinner time…whats say?

Pallavi: hmm …

Later Geet came home little late…she was happy because she was successfully in getting first project on her own…she happily came home and freshen up later she joined Nakul in the kitchen where Pallavi was already assisting Nakul…Pallavi examined Geet face and said “kya hua Geet?…you look so happy and you are little late…zada kaam tha kya?”

Geet: Haan Maa…aaj mein Bahut khush hoon…aur kaam thoda zada tha

Pallavi: then why did you come to kitchen? Go and take rest I will send coffee for you

Geet: nahi Maa…I am not so tired…its little bit…I want to share something with you all…will inform while having dinner

Pallavi gave tea to Geet and both helped Nakul preparing dinner…Meanwhile Maan came home…he wished Amar and Ram and went to room to freshen up…Nakul informed Geet and Pallavi about Maan’s arrival and Geet prepared black coffee for Maan and went to his room


Brij was frustrated with his unsuccessful attempt to convince Maan about Sam…Maan showed no interest, he simply nodded his head for everything he said and concentrated much on his mobile or work…sometimes he strictly told Brij to behave properly and not to come and chat with him…has it is hospital and patients are waiting for him…most of the time Brij came home empty hand…when Sam called Brij to know the status he frustrated with ongoing events and said “I am not able to think anything Sam…I tried so many times to convince him and even some part successful while making him believe that you made it because of love you have on Maan…he said he has forgiven you, so I requested him to call and inform you the same but he upfront rejected saying that he don’t want to keep any relation with you, Sam he also said you are only my sister for him and not more…I am getting irritated with his, feeling like run away from to some other place to get peace go that I can plan something” Sam thought for few minutes and said “Brij…do one thing forget all this and go with your GF aunty Anita, she always want to go with you out.. this is the right time, she will take care of everything”

Brij: wo toh teek hai Sam…but what about Maan?

Sam: Brij listen to me we both know about Maan character to make him believe me will take some time, as par my knowledge Maan doesn’t know that I called Geet, there is someone who told him about it, you know naa Brij same thing we with his Dad at that time he did not get doubt on us…so let him enjoy for some time and we also enjoy with our respective partners for some months then our mind and heart will be peaceful so that we can plan accordingly…haan don’t forget to tell you buddies to keep eye on Maan and if anything important things going on tell them to inform us

Brij: wah Sam you have become intelligent in few days

Sam: kya kare Brij…he should think wisely…I agree I was fool to do the same thing what I did with Maan earlier…but not anymore…we will get our own time that time we will think about it

Brij: thank you sis…love you…

Sam: love you to bro…go ahead and call Anita now and enjoy every moment

Brij agreed with her and disconnected the call and immediately called Anita



When Geet came to room Maan was in bathroom…she was arranging with room when Maan came from bathroom..he was delight to see is wife…he immediately went to her and hugged her from back…Geet was startled with sudden hug and she know who was it and said “Maan please leave…see I am arranging bed”

Maan with naughty eyes “kyun Geet?…kya karna irada hai?

Geet: Maan I don’t have any idea…I have kept coffee for you on the table pls take it…see how you throw your dress…I am just arranging it

Maan felt bad…he was just making fun…never thought Geet will get angry on him for such a small thing…she never said anything for him from the time of their marriage…she used to do all the work…he immediately left her and took coffee…went to balcony and sat their having his coffee…today coffee was also tasting bitterly for him…it was the same coffee Geet used to prepare for him and he was liking it…he didn’t had mood to have his coffee so he left it on table. Here Geet arranged everything and looked for Maan, he was not there…she thought he might went down so she also went down to arrange was dinner


Brij called Anita and asked: babe whats up?

Anita: Bore ho rahi hoon yahaan…pata nahi chal raha hai kya karu? What are you doing Briju baby? You forgot me naa?

Brij: tume kaise bhool sakta hoon darling…I was busy with my work because I want to go to trip with you…where we can enjoy

Anita: sach me baby…you are so sweet

Brij got naughty and said: aab batao darling…banda aazir hai…kya karne ka irada hai

Anita: can we go out of town…even I am feeling bore in same city

Brij: Done…kab chalna hai?

Anita: why we should wait for time darling…kal subhe chalte hai…if you are ok with that then mein ticket book karungi

Brij: we will go to south this time

Anita : ok I will take care…meet me at airport tomorrow morning sharp ten

Brij said ok and disconnected call after giving kiss to her on phone


Amar got call from Adi and informed him about project which Geet signed successfully today…he immediately informed Pallavi to prepare sweet and it is surprise…when Geet was about to enter kitchen Nakul told her Ram and Amar calling her…so she went to meet him…Maan relaxed for few minutes and came down, meanwhile Pallavi prepared sweet and kept it on fridge. When Geet went near Amar he aid to arrange for dinner and to call Nakul’s father also for dinner…Geet was first surprised then went to Nakul’s room and informed Bhimsenji to come for dinner and also Amar is calling him to which he nodded and Geet let to kitchen…everyone joined for dinner . Diner was quiet silent Geet tried to tell them about her achievements but Amar diverted her mood on serving smartly. Later after dinner Amar said everyone to come to living room he want to make announcement…he eyed to Pallavi to bring sweet phirni

Pallavi kept Phirni on table and Amar said “today I have two good news to share with you…first is our daughter Geet got her first project and second is our Nakul is getting married next month” Amar, Pallavi  and Ram congratulated Geet and then Nakul…Maan gave her smile and simply said congrats…Amar and Ram looked at each other confusedly…Later Pallavi served sweet to everyone…Bhimsen was happy looking at his son and whole heartedly wish for wellbeing of Khuranas …Maan just had two spoons and went to room making excuse of calling clinic to check about his patient…Geet was hurt with Maan’s behavior, he was fine few minutes back in the room and she was confused…Geet congratulated Nakul and then Ram informed “Geet Jake rest lelo beta…you are looking tired”while saying this he winked at Amar and he understood what Ram was trying to say and said“yes Geet you go…we have some work so we will go late to sleep…you no need to wait for us” to which Pallavi also agreed…Geet  who was waiting to go for room immediately went to her room…their room was empty and , she even checked bathroom and balcony Maan was nowhere to seen …she knew something is wrong so she went in search of Maan to balcony

Here after Geet left Amar asked with Bhimsen whether he wants to take Nakul with him, because only few days felt for his marriage…Bhimsen was overwhelmed and said “haan sir I want to take him with me but it does not look good so he can come three days before marriage we will manage”

Pallavi: nahi bhai saab…you can take Nakul with you…its ok…we will manage

Nakul: Par madam…ghar ka kaam

Pallavi: tum chinta math karo Nakul Deepak hai naa wo samalega and we also here to take care…you can and enjoy your wedding

Amar and Ram agreed so its decided Nakul going to his native along with his father tomorrow


Here Geet went to terrace and saw Maan who was sleeping in swing…Geet went near him and sat near his leg…Geet slowly touched his leg…Maan was startled when he felt hand on his leg he abruptly opened his eyes and saw Geet looking at him…he immediately got up and sat to the other end of swing…Geet heart pricked looking at Maan who is distancing himself from her…she was breaking from inside, her eyes was full of tears, she wiped her tears and said “aapko mere kaam se aitraaz hai kya?”

Maan was shocked listening to her and asked: what are you saying Geet? meine kab kaha aisa?

Geet: I think you did not like my achievement… Don’t worry I will inform paa that I wont work

Maan got angry and said “did I ever told you that I have problem with your job” Geet nodded her head saying no then Maan continued saying “then why do you feel that I will feel bad with your success Geet…I am very much happy”

Geet cut him in middle and asked “then why didn’t you congratulate me properly and even you did not have sweet also…so I thought you are angry”

Maan: what’s your problem Geet…I had clearly told you before joining office that I don’t have any problem if you work…Actually I am very much happy because you are there to support Dad which I was unable to do due to my work…And even I thanked you for supporting me then…coming to sweet I did not feel like eating because I felt that I am forcing myself on you

Geet: what? How can you think like this Maan…You know I am happy with you and now I am even much happier now because you belong to me and we both love each other then why do you think that you are forcing yourself on me?

Maan: bolne aur mane se faraq hai Geet

Geet went near Maan and sat on the floor, she took his hand in her and then she looked into his eyes and said “did I hurt you Maan?” Maan took his hand back and turned other side…Geet eyes filled with tears and said “I dunno when I hurt you Maan…I am really sorry…mein Jaan bhuj ke kuch nahi kiya …sachi” Maan immediately turned towards her and surprised to see her in tears…he felt bad for her and he immediately hold her and made Geet to sit next to him and wiped her tears and said “Please Geet don’t cry I cant see you in tears

Geet: par meine aapko hurt kiya naa…she hiccupped and continued “I am sorry…please mujhse aise muh mat modiye…mien bardash nahi kar sakti”

Maan hugged her tightly and said “toh mein kya karu Geet…agar mien tumara nazdeek aata hoon toh tume acha nahi lagta…agar aise baat hai toh tum mujhe bata sakti thi naa…aise push karne ki kya zarurath thi”

Geet: kya?…what are you saying Maan? When did I push you? I don’t remember anything

Maan shook his head and told her what all happened in the room…Geet opened her eyes and mouth wide and said “sach mein? OMG Maan !!! it was for fun and you know why I pushed you because if you are with me some more time then I would told you about the project so I just acted like I am pissed out and you took it for serious and went to balcony…wait…wait…that’s means you got upset for that and did not have your coffee also…aap naa sach mein buddu hoo” she winked at him and laughed loudly…

Maan looked at her in surprise and said “bahut haasi haa rahi hai naa tume? Mujhe bhi ek time aayega dekho tab mein kya karta hoon”

Geet:  tab ka hum tab dekhenge…aab aap room mein chalo, I will bring sweet aap ke harkatoh ke wajah se meine bhi sweet nahi kahi

Here Amar and Ram who were spying them listen to their talk and when Geet laughed loudly they smirked at each other and went to their respective room after knowing that everything will go fine with Maaneet…But when they got to know that Geet is coming towards kitchen they moved from their immediately… Though Ram wanted to listen Maaneet talk Amar dragged him to his room saying its bad manners to eavesdrop and saying that Geet may come out anytime… Amar dropped Ram at his room and went to his room

Maan told her to bring sweet to their room and both came out…Geet came to kitchen and took sweet for both of them and went to room…Maan was sitting in balcony when Geet came…she gave him sweet took her bowl and sat next to Maan…Geet first took spoonful of Phirni and fed to Maan and he did same to her…they both fed each other and Geet went near to Maan and kept her head on his chest…Maan encircled his arm around her and hold her tightly…Geet started playing with his t-shirt button and Maan closed his eyes peacefully…its heaven feeling to have your loved ones in your arms…he read it so many times in some magazine and even some of his colleagues shared their lovely moments with him when they had chit chat with them…today he understood that feeling…he was hurt when Geet pushed him…and thought “I am so unlucky…I want to a girl in my life who loves in whole heartedly and ready to do anything for my happiness…but when Sam came to my life I thought love only happens in movies , serials and story books and no in real life…and he got adjusted for this life…then there was twist in his life when his parents did not agree for his and Sam’s marriage and forcefully got  him married to Geet…first he was hating her and then looking at her behavior he started liking her and then loved her…now when she pushed him it hurt him a lot thinking that she does not love him and he is unlucky…but now when everything is clear his heart beating peacefully and he is all over love again…his heart wished Geet to take lead now in this relation…he is so possessive about her and he wants Geet to open up with him and love him as much as possible…he want to forget world in her love…dunno when it is going to happen” thinking about it he sighed

Geet who was playing with Maan’s shirt button looked at Maan…there was so many emotions going on his face…now she wanted to take initiate…she had hurt him without her knowledge and now she wants to show him her love for him…and she slowly came near Maan’s face…she looked at him adoringly and pressed her shivering lips on his rough ones…Maan immediately opened his eyes when he felt soft petals on his lips and was over moon today…and thought…Looks like everything is going to happen has per my wish today…first misunderstanding cleared and now Geet who never too took any step in their relation and if she kissed also that is when he forced her…now looking at Geet’s face which showed so much of love for him, he also drowned in her passion and both started sucking each other lips…first it was going on slow and then to passionate then it turned to demanding one…thought broke the kiss when they felt out of breathe

They both looked at each other and smiled…Geet was too shy and her face was crimson red…Maan kissed her on forehead and both went inside…while sleeping both were looking at each other…Maan was in naughty mood now so her came little close to Geet and started coming close to her…he moved is hand from forehead to her toes Geet was wriggling with the sensual touch…they started petting each other and slept peacefully


Next day Maan who got up early and saw Geet who was peacefully sleeping in his arms…he kisses her forehead…eyes…nose…cheeks…Geet got disturbed with Maan’s kisses and woke up…Maan gave beautiful smile to her…looking to her eyes he closed with distance between their lips and started responding to each other…they both were fully endorsed with their love…but got disturbed with Brij call…

Maan :not bad Mrs Khurana…you have improved a lot” Geet cheeks were like cherry and she took her dress and went to bathroom immediately Maan shook his head thinking about his shy wife and responded to the call…Brij informed Maan that he got some important work…to which Maan did not reacted properly…Brij felt humiliated and said bye Maan after disconnecting his call as per his schedulej hewent with Anita thinking to take revenge from Maan



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