MG FF-Vivah Bandhan-part 30

Vivah Bandhan



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Sam and Brij were burning in jealousy and anger… Brij thought Maan will again fall on trap and said “no Maan, you carry on…we will take cab from here…”

Maan without wasting any second he went towards his car saying bye to them and turned his car towards KC.


Part -30



Once Maan was out of sight Brij looked and Sam in anger…before he say anything Sam slapped him first and said “how dare you Brij to hit me…you are elder to me but that doesn’t mean that you can hit me like this…wait I will inform to Mom about you…because of you I lost Maan “

Brij hold his finger in fist and said “mera wajah se nahi Sam…tumara bewakoofi ke waja se…acha kasa plan banaya tha…I thought we can get some money from him by gaining sympathy…but we did not get anything and in all these Maan proudly announced in front of us that he loves Geet and he want to live with her…till now he was in guilt that he hurt us, that’s the reason he was helping us…why do you want to interfere between Maan and Geet? “

Sam angrily asked “I was just planning to separate Maan and Geet…I thought if Geet comes to know that Maan is with me she will fight with him and Maan will come back to me , but that bitch did not do anything like that and she forgive him”

Brij: tumara plan bilkul bakwas hai Sam…and before coming here if you would have told me about this we would have planned some solutions for his …but you stupid did not inform me, if Maan comes to know about this he would have broken  friendship with me like he did with you now…and see because of this Maan never want you in his life…Agar tum zara soch thi toh tume maloom pad jata ki Maan has already fallen for Geet and due to guilt he was not able to accept her…And it was in our hand to make Maan feel more guilty and get money from him

Sam: Parrr

Brij: par var kuch nahi Sam, chalo aab ghar chalte hai…we will plan something else and please don’t to any such plans

Sam nodded her head and both brother and sister took cab to KH and then headed to their home


When Maan came to KC, he saw Geet was waiting for him…she smiled at him…Maan smiled back to her and asked“you are free Geet…” Geet nodded her head and said “haan…I am free now actually I have no work now and was waiting for you”

Maan winking at Geet: agar mujhe pata hota mere biwi mujhe itna miss kar rahi hai toh I would have taken off today

Geet blushed listen to Maan and look downwards not able to bare his intense gaze on her…she can clearly see how Maan was checking out her and said “Maan…pls…we are at office”

Maan: toh?

Geet: Maan stop teasing me…are you not getting late to hospital now?

Maan: haan…come lets have lunch now…I have to attend surgery

Geet: chaliye…then she served for Maan and took her plate also…both silently had their lunch and after that Maan asked“Don’t you want to ask anything about my meeting with Sam and Brij

Geet raised her eyebrow, Maan understanding her said“meine Sam ko nahi bulaya Geet, I called only Brij, she came along with him…its good that she came because I told her clearly that I want to lead a life with you only and then Maan narrated everything to Geet”

Geet quietly listened to him by just nodding her head…later Maan said “I should move now Geet, I have surgery, I will talk to you later”…saying this he kissed her forehead and left to hospital…Once Maan felt Geet beamed with happiness thinking finally everything is going on right track…later she endorsed in work



Here all the elders sit together and started to discuss about Maan and Geet relation…Meanwhile Amar got call from his informer saying that Maan went to Brij and Sam, he was tensed listening to it and said “Pata nahi hey ladka kab sudrega…today also he went along with that idiots…just now I got call from my source”

Ram: your source means?

Amar: what to do Ram…from the day I came to know about Brij and Sam, I warned Maan to be away from them, but he ignored me and I always had negative vibes  about them, so I kept informer told him to keep eye on them

Ram: ohh Ok…now tell me what your informer told you today

Amar: he said Maan went along with Sam and Brij, it seems that he had argument with them, and from there Maan left alone

Ram: maybe that’s the good sign…now Maan and Geet will be together

Amar: it happened so many times Ram, always I think like that but after few days the same thing will continue…hope this time it won’t happen like that

Pallavi who was listening to their conversation said “what to do now? How we can keep them away from our son”

Amar:pata nahi…we should think fast and plan something

Ram: to plan we should come to know what happened today and also what is in the mind of Brij and Sam

Amar: aab wo kaise hoga…who will tell us about them

Ram: mein kuch soch tha hoon…give me a minute…after an hour he narrated his plam…both Pallavi and Amar agreed to that…and Amar immediately called his source and informed him what he should do next work, to which he also agreed…then said“Are you sure Ram, our plan will work…what if it backfires? You know about them, if they play safe then what we are going”

Ram: I am not sure Amar, hum sirf trial and error basis mein try karengey…we are not masters in this, so we should try all the possible ways to keep Maaneet together

When Sam and Brij entered house both were fuming…looking at them Pammi and Rishab looked each other first and Pammi asked “what happened Brij? Why you both looking disturbed”

Brij: why you want to know?

Rishab: behave Brij…you are talking to your mom

Brij: oh really? Look Sam who is asking us to behave properly…jo insaan hamesha nasha mein rehta hai…is saying to give respect to his wife when he did not cared for her till now

Sam: its our bad luck bhai…its waste talking to both also…come lets have drinks now…its very much needed to calm our temper

Brij nodded his head and both went Brij room…Pammi and Rishab both were shocked looking at their son and daughter, everytime they both were one step ahead in their games but today its look like the opponent has won the game…Pammi worriedly looked at her husband and said “Rishi I think we should now support them, they both look worried…I dunno the reason behind this but not able to see them disturbed”

Rishab: don’t worry Pammi, our son and daughter both are smart enough see now they will plan something big and it’s no big deal to think about the problem because after Maan had fallen into their trap they are only thinking about him…May be Maan straightly rejected Sam so they both are angry

Pammi: how you know?

Rishab: what’s there to think dear? If you want you can listen to their talks you will understand

Pammi: you don’t want to listen to them

Rishab: no I am least bothered…I need to go to club now my friends will be waiting for me…you enjoy

Pammi: even I don’t have time I should attend kitty party…if it is regarding Maan then they both at least now should realize that he never loved Sam, he never had any friends Brij forcefully made Maan to realize he is his best friend and pushed Sam in front of him to accept her but I know about this and already alerted both of them but they did not listen to us…see our experience eyes never go wrong our guesses

Rishab: Yes I agree with you these two will never listen to us, they will only blame us that we are not good parents…why we should waste our time are you not getting late? Comes lets go

To which Pammi agreed and both went to their respective parties…here both Brij and Sam drink, but they were not getting peace after drinking so much…Sam was so pissed off and slammed her glass on floor shouting “Maan I wont leave you… Brij I want Maan to suffer…he should beg for me…do something, who itna asani se mujhse chutkara nahi paa saktha…mein Sam kabhi haar nahi maani abhi bhi haar nahi maan sakthi…agar wo mera nahi ho saka toh Geet ka bhi nahi ho sakta…Maan Geet se pyar karta hai naa…agar Geet mar gayi toh wo mera piche ayega…tab mein usko tukra hoon gi tabhi usko pata chalega Sam ki barien mein”

Brij who was drinking peacefully till now looked at Sam and said “this is not first time Sam, you faced this situation many times, why are you getting it on your nerves”

Sam: its all different cases, because I broke up with them all, this is the first time I am facing this humiliation earlier we used to take all money from them and kick them out of our life but in Maan’s case we did not get the money we planned. Uska baap sala hamara plan sub kuch barbad kar diya

Brij: yes Sam you are right…we planned to get hundred crores from him, but he played safe game…and by killing Geet we will not get anything and it is not easy also…Amar is very clever from us he had kept eye on us till now, he wont allow anything to happen

Sam: kya hum haar manegay

Brij: kabhi nahi Sam…still we have chance but this time I don’t want you to do anything like today…unless I tell you if I failed then you can do anything you want

Sam: ok…aab aagey kya karengey?

Brij: Jab tak Maan ka gussa thanda naa ho jahe tum London or Paris jao…wo Rahul hai naa uske sath jao…Maan ko mein dekhloognaaa

To which Sam agreed and called her next bakra

Then in evening Maan and Geet joined elders and had chit chat…days started passing Ram Amar and Pallavi started to observe Maaneet closely without giving chance to Maaneet to doubt them…though Maan had doubt on his uncle Ram, but he was not able to prove it…Sam went to Paris with Rahul and Here Brij also started to work on his plan and started meet Maan saying sorry for his sister behavior 


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