Vivah Bandhan-Part 29

Vivah Bandhan



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Geet: wo waqt batayega Maan… I want to live with you but I cant force you for that…agar mere jane se aap khush rahenge toh me pakka….he closed her mouth from his palm and  naughtly eyeing at her swollen lips he said “kuch hi der phele meine demo diya…tume use pata chalna chahiye ki mein kya chata hoon…agar tume phir se demo dena hai toh mein tayar hoon…mujhe koi problem nahi hai” Geet immediately closed her lips with her hand and shook her head saying no




Maan smiled looking at his cute innocent wife and said ” About Sameera I will take care of that and once again I am sorry wify for hurting you again and again…I always think to keep you happy but I dunno I will foolishly do something and hurt you,”

Geet: it’s ok Maan…i can understand even I think to support you but you know I cant come in between you and Sameera…I suggest you to think once again about our relation because I don’t like to see you like culprit in front of me everytime, I hope you take good decision and let me know

Before Geet complete her words Maan went near Geet and hugged her tightly saying “Geet I told you my decision, aur mein isme decision mein peechle nahi hatne wala…you are my wife and will remain the same…and I don’t need any other girl in my life except you Geet”

Geet looked at him with astonished…she also hugged him saying “even I cannot leave without you Maan aur mein apne aap ko aap ke upar topne nahi chati hoon and I cant bear this everytime…I hope you will clear these confusions, I need a peaceful life Maan…please understand it “

Maan: I know Geet I am hurting you again and again…trust me Geet I am not doing this purposefully I was helpless when Brij forced me to his house…only for his friendship sake I went to his house nothing more than that Geet…Chalo let’s go to sleep now it’s already too late

Holding Geet’s hand Maan went inside their room…both were unaware that Ram and Amar were listening to their conversations in next room…when they got sure that Maan and Geet were out of sight they rechecked once again and slowly went towards guest room without making any noise…once they entered guest room they both sighed in relief because Maaneet did not caught them…they both looked at each other face and smiled…later Ram said “Amar you don’t worry yaar, tum ne dekha naa, Maan aur Geet ek dusre se pyaar karte hai…no Sameera or Brij can break their relations…tum kaam ma ka pareshan ho raha tha”

Amar: wo toh teek hai Ram…par abhi bhi Maan Brij or unka behen se milata hai…aur un dono ne Maan ko aapne tarag keech liya toh Geet ka kya hoga yaar

Ram: tu bilkul pagal ho gaya hai…tumara dimak teek se kaam nahi kar raha hai…ek kaam kar tu jaake so jao…hum kal baat karenge

Amar: Parrr…

Ram: Please Amar jaake so jaana…and I don’t want to get caught by Maan…if he see us then he will definitely get to know about our little adventure and we will not able to spy on maaneet again…so like a good boy go and sleep now

To which Amar nodded his head and said “teek hai Ram …now I am going to sleep we will talk tomorrow after Maaneet go for work and rubbing his forehead he asked I have one doubt Ram…how you know about Maan’s thinking and even Maan know exactly the way you think…how is it possible”

Ram: wo kuch nahi yaar…you know Maan was very close to me from childhood we used to play lot of pranks on you and Pallavi…we both share emotional bond and you know when Maan came with me to house he used to listen to our conversation like this and used to blackmail me in childhood now I am using his techniques with him for his betterment

Amar: mere bte ka kaarnamye bahut kuch hai…which I was not aware of that

Ram: tumahar upar gaya hai isliye…chalo go to sleep now…what kind of friend you are phele heart patient hoon, you are made me to awake till now

Amar looked at him in shock and saw Ram smiling at him while winking his eyes he hugged him saying “thank you yaar…now go to sleep will talk tomorrow”

Then Amar headed to his room for sleep…next day has routine Geet got up early and helped Nakul…Meanwhile Pallavi came to kitchen and informed Nakul to bring tea to garden and also informed him to prepare black coffee for Maan because he is also joining them…later Pallavi went and joined Amar in garden…Geet along with Nakul came to Garden with tea and biscuits for all of them…they both served to everyone and Nakul went back to kitchen to prepare breakfast and Geet sat next to Maan has only one seat was vacant…Ram eyed to Amar towards Maan and Geet, winking at Amar Ram said “Maan beta how is your work going on?”

Maan: fine uncle

Ram: acha Maan, kal raat teek se neend aaya kya?

Maan: haan uncle…kyun???

Ram: kuch nahi Maan, tumara aur Geet ka ankh lal ho gaya hai…isliye meine tume puch raha hoon ki kal achi neend haa gayi kya warna kuch taqleef hai toh hum hai batao hum sab milke suljalenge

Maan and Geet looked at each other…Geet was embarrassed, she saw her MIL and FIL looking at them in shock…she immediately excused from there saying she has work at kitchen and ran towards her room…Maan was still in shock and looked at Geet who was not their then he looked at Ram in surprised to which Ram smirked and said “what happened Maan? Why are you silent?”

Maan knew Ram is pulling his leg and he know how to close his mouth, so he said “nothing uncle…I am fine…actually you are right…yesterday we slept late because we were discussing about work” Maan winked at Ram and said “aur kuch secrets bedroom mien reh gayi toh achaa hai…you very well know what I am talking about…phir bhi aap ko detail chayi hai toh I will tell you…but for that we should talk privately, You know I can discuss anything with you and I have that privilege but it does not look good to discuss in front of my parents…I am getting late for hospital so I will make a move” saying that Maan went to his room to get ready


When he entered the room he saw Geet who was lost in her thoughts…he went near her and asked “Geet…what happened?”

Geet looked at him and said “nothing Maan…woh…woh…actually I am feeling shy to go in front of maa and paa”

Maan was enjoying her plight and wanted to tease her, he went near her and asked “why are you feeling shy Geet?…as per my knowledge aisa kuch nahi hua tha hamara beech “

Maan’s breath was falling near Geet’s ear…her cheeks become so red again listening to Maan…she was embarrassed and was looking down…she dunno how to inform Maan about her feelings…first Ram uncle and now Maan, when Ram uncle asked about yesterday night she remembered her and Maan’s closely moments… even she knows that nothing like that happened between them but still now a days Maan was opening showing his love to her and he never left any chance to get close to her

Maan who saw Geet again lost in her thought he turned her towards him and he lifted her face little…he was so lost in her, he loved the way she blushed…he was not able to control himself he slowly took her tempting lips in his hot mouth and started to suck her…Geet was first shocked and then she also started responding to him…they both were sucking each other like no tomorrow…it was passionate kiss for them…Maan left Geet when he felt that she is out of breath…he pressed his forehead with her and said “agar tum aise blush karogi toh Geet I cannot control myself and then don’t blame me…agar tum chati wo toh…hum dono hamara ristha aagey bada sakte hai Geet…”  Geet again blushed listening to him and turned to go from there but Maan was quick and caught hold of her and said “kahan baagi jaa rahi wo…you are again blushing that means you also agree with me” Geet looked at him wide opening her mouth in surprise…Maan enjoying her plight said “chalo hum aaj se…nahi…nahi abhi se hamara ristha aagey bada sakte hai…I will take leave” saying this he left Geet and took his mobile and started dialing the number…Geet was first surprise and then shocked, she looked at Maan who was on phone, without wasting a second she ran from there and went to terrace…her face was fully flushed

Once Geet was out of sight Maan smiled the way she ran out of their room…he was just pretending like he was calling someone…but he was not thinking about their milan…he was just joking with Geet, he need to talk to Sam and Brij for one last time, he want to clear his confusions…he loved the way Geet reacted…thinking about their relation he went to bathroom to freshen up


Amar and Pallavi were looking at Ram wide opening their mouth, looking at them Ram said“phele tum dono aapne muh bandh karo, warna maakiya gus jayenge”

Amar: wo hamara Maan hi tha naa Ram…Maan tumse aise baat karta hai I am not able to digest…I never saw this side of him, he was very silent and never talk to anyone like this…rubbing his forehead he said still I am in shock

Pallavi: you are correct Amar even I agree with you

Ram: you both first stop blabbering…and he was Maan itself, actually I was pulling his leg and Maan very well know about this so he was said like that and he know by saying that he can make me chup…but in all these you guys missed blushy Geet and Maan. They both were looking like cherry

Amar: wo sab teek hai, aab batao aage ka kya plan hai

Pallavi scratching her head asked “Amar sab teek hai naa…baap aur bte aaj mujhe heart attack dena chate hai kya…phele Maan aise baat karke chala gaya aab tum kis plan ke barein mein baat kar rahe hoo?”  

Amar looking at Ram said “we both are planning to unite Maaneet, I want to see their children, I shared my feelings with Ram and he said he will make some plans so that Maan aur Geet ka Jodi hamesha bane rahe..,isliye mein Ram se puch raha hoon ki aage kya karna hai”

Pallavi happily smiled at them and said “even I want to see their children, I am carving for that”

Ram: sab teek hoga…Geet is sachi jeevan sangini for Maan…hume unka rishta mazboot banana hai…how about sending them to honeymoon, I heard Amar was saying they never went for honeymoon

Pallavi: haan hei teek rahegaa…wo log abhi taq HM ke liye nahi gaye

Amar: bad idea Ram

To which Ram asked “why”

Amar: first of all Geet is looking after business and Maan is also busy in his hospital. Due to workload they cannot go anywhere and they will not agree for this has now Geet is learning about business

Ram: toh how about making them take care of each other

Pallavi: but how?

Ram: they cant go to HM right

Amar and Pallavi: Haan

Ram : then you both plan to visit some place or I will inform Priya to join us we can plan for some trip, we will leave Geet responsibility to Maan and he will take care of her and this will be their chance to spend some quality time with each other

Amar: par business

Ram : don’t worry Amar I am not saying to go immediately we will plan after Priya comes and in the meantime has I said earlier we can watch them and plan accordingly

Pallavi: haan Amar hai teek rahegaa…aur aab hum ander chalna chahiye Maan aur Geet breakfast ke liye aate honge


Geet controlled her heartbeats and went towards her room…she slowly peeped in and saw Maan was not in room and bathroom door was closed she went in without making any noise…she kept Maan dress on bed along with his belongings…she took her bag and phone and came down…she kept her bag on table and went towards kitchen…meanwhile Ram, Amar and Pallavi came to breakfast and Maan also joined them…everyone had their breakfast silently then Maaneet bidded bye and went towards their respective office

Geet went and met Sasha and they got busy with their work…Maan went to hospital…after consultation when he was free…he thought about Sam and Brij and called Brij said “Brij…are you free today, I want to talk to you”

Brij was first surprised with Maan’s call…its very rare that Maan calls him; he was the one who always calling Maan…he came out of his thoughts and received Maan’s call saying“Maan…what a surprised!!!!!!!!!…you called me today and..” But Maan did not let him to continue and said “I want to meet you Brij, tell me when you are free”

Brij: mein toh hamesha free hoon Maan…you are big famous doctor…you tell me when you are free, I will come to meet you

Maan thought for few seconds and said “Brij do one thing come to my hospital now… I am free for one hour…make it quick because I have surgery in afternoon”

Brij: don’t worry Maan…I will be there within ten minutes saying this Brij cut the call and went inside to give this happy news to Sam…He rushed towards her room and said“Sam…you know what happened?”  Sam who was reading magazine looked at her brother in surprise…Brij continued saying “Maan called me today and you know what he said he wants to meet me…I think now Maan understood importance of my friendship…he called me to hospital, you remember he said to us not to come to hospital and now he is calling me there…ab sab kuch phele jaiza hoga…do one thing Sam…you also come along with me, dress in some good dress Maan should get blow by your beauty”

Sam nodded her head and after Brij went she smirked thinking about Maan call and she thought “aab aaya oont pahad ki niche…Maan you want to go far away from me right? Par wo toh aasan nahi hai…I am nto going to leave you Maan, I know yesterday Geet might have fought with you and you got to see real face of her, that’s the reason today you emotional support from my brother… don’t worry Maan…I will always be there for you and will love you to that extent that you should forget your parents and Geet” she got ready in some releaving dress and went to meet Maan along with her brother Brij

Here Maan after talking to Bri called Geet…she was busy discussing with Sasha was disturbed by Maan’s call…she was surprised to see his call and said “Sasha pls excuse for few minutes”  sasha nodded her head and left cabin giving smile to her…then Geet said “Maan…kya hua? Sab teek hai naa”

Maan smiled listening to her voice and said “yes Geet…dab teek hai, actually I want to talk to you for few minutes”

Geet: haan Maan boliye…

Maan first hesitated to talk to her and then said “I want to share something with you”

Geet: what’s it Maan?

Maan: today I am going to talk to Brij…I called him here

Geet: ok Maan, but why are you telling me this?

Maan: I don’t want to hide this from you Geet…after what Sam did yesterday I need to clear this or else I cannot move on…its very important now that Sam to know I have moved on and I want to live my life with you…I know you are not interested in this, but then also I want your support Geet

Geet: I am always there to support you Maan

Maan: thanks Geet, can I call you once they are here so that you can listen to our discussion

Geet: No Maan…I trust you, and I am not interested in that

Maan: ok Geet, bye for now…I will be there for lunch

Geet: Ok…I should go now…Sasha is waiting for me

Maan: Ok bye

Geet: bye


Later Brij and Sam reached KH…Maan was surprised and angry to see Sam but he did not show it on his face and said “come let’s go out and talk” saying it without wasting for their response he took his car keys and went out…Brij and Sam looked each other face and followed him silently…they all seated in Maan’s car and he took them to some secluded place and came out of his car informing them to follow him. Brij got tensed looking at Maan because he was never so serious like this…he came close to Maan and said “what happened Maan? You look serious…”

Maan: Nothing Brij…just want to have a word with you good you brought Sam also

Sam was in flying mood, now she is 100% sure that her plan worked and Maan wanted her back in his life…she smirked looking at Maan and in sugar coated voice she went near Maan and hold his hand saying “Kya hua Maan?…did you have fight with Geet?…I know Maan only I can understand you, I am always there to support you”

Maan slowly took Sam hand from his and went near Brij and said “Brij I want to make clear to guys…(pointing at them he continued saying) you both know how I got married and you too supported me at that time…I am very much thankful for that…Brij I never lay hands on Sam (Maan looked at Sam and asked) do you agreed with me Sam…to which Sam absent mindedly nodded her head …Maan hold Brij hand and said “you trust me in this right Brij?”to which Brij agreed, because he knew about it. “I want you to ask Sam what she did yesterday.” Brij looked at Maan and Sam in confuse

Sam (fumbled saying): meine kya kiya Maan

Maan got angry listening to her and said “Sam I never raise hand on any female till now and don’t make me to do that with you. I know what you did and I want to make sure whether Brij was part of your plan or it’s only your plan”

Sam was shocked with Maan’s outburst, he never raised is voice with her till now but today he was ready to beat her…Brij looked at Sam and he knew his sister did something which hurt Maan, he don’t want to lose his friendship and said “Maan what are you talking about? You know I went out sue to some important work…can you please tell me what Sam did?”then Maan narrated everything to Brij. He was angry on Sam for such foolish act, if she would have told him earlier he would have planned something. He went near Sam and slapped her

Sam: Brij…You????

Brij: shut up Sam…one more word from your mouth I will chop you here itself…saying this he was strangling her neck

Maan went to Sam rescue and pulled her out of Brij grip and said “hey kya tarika hai samjaneka Brij…I just want to tell you about Sam act, and whatever you want to do with her do it in home not in front of me” then he looked at Sam and said “jab se mera shadi Geet se ho gaya hai tabse mein Geet ko tan mann se pyaar kar raha hoon Sam…I know I hurt you for that I can only ask for your forgiveness and it’s no big deal to forget me because I never crossed my limit with you…please try to understand this…I have moved on Sam…I dunno what was your intension…but still I forgive you and hereafter I request you not to interfere in my life…I want to have peaceful life and I am happy with Geet, and if you ever loved me then you also move on…I want to see you settled and me and Geet will always wish you too have a happy life” then he looked at Brij and said “I am sorry Brij if I hurt you, but I just wanted you to know what is going on”

Brij: no Maan I should ask sorry for what Sam has done for you

Maan: its ok Brij…I forgive her…now come let’s go… I should join Geet for lunch

Sam and Brij were burning in jealousy and anger… Brij thought Maan will again fall on trap and said “no Maan, you carry on…we will take cab from here…”

Maan without wasting any second he went towards his car saying bye to them and turned his car towards KC


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