Mann se Zude Risthey- Last Part – 66

Mann se Zude Risthey




Maan: kuch toh gadbad hai Dev…(he pointed towards the decoration light which  was lighting because of dim light) see the lights there…and can you hear music?

Dev: Kuch nahi Maan…it may be servants job come inside…I am hell tired…I want to hit bed immediately



                                                  PART- 66


Note: Thanks to ENVI for beautiful pics



Maan also agreed with it and went inside… Dev stopped at living room saying that he will switch on the lights and Maan was about to sit he heard “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”…at the same time Dev switched on lights and he was shocked looking at his family members…Dadi first came towards Maan and hugged him saying “Happy Birthday Maan” by kissing his forehead…Maan had tears in his looking at them…then Geet, Meera and Dev wished him…Pari and Arvan made in sit on floor and kissed his both cheeks and wished him

Maan with surprised asked “when you call came to London?…no one informed me about this?”

Dadima: hum aapko batahenge..pehle tum fresh hokar aajao

To half heartedly nodded his head and when he was about to go to his room Meera interrupted him by saying “bhai aap ka kapde iss room mein hai…jaldi ayi hai”

Maan was disappointed hearing this, he thought he will get time to spend with Geet and kids but Meera again spoiled it, he cursed Meera mentally and came out after freshening up. Maan cut the cake…when every one sang birthday songs and ate cake…Meera and Geet served cake to servants and they were cleaning. Then Maan sat next to Dadima and asked “aab bataye Dadima…aap log yaha? Wo bhi mujhe kuch naa batake”

Dadima smiled at him and said “isko surprise khete hai Maan…you were busy here and we want to celebrate your birthday, I told Geet about my wish to celebrate your birthday this time with family so she arranged everything, and requested not to inform you so that we can surprise you…that’s the reason we sent Dev first so that he can be with you

Maan looked at her in shock and asked “but what about visa? How did she arranged for that? and Geet was handling orphanage project, which we should complete within two months “

Dev Meera and Geet joined them along with kids, Pari sat in Maan’s lap and Arnav in Dev’s lap…then Dadima said ” tumhe kya lagta hai…Geet hai sab soche bina hey plan kiya, there is another surprise for your dear…that’s Geet gift for you”

Maan looked at Dadima in confused then Dadima continued saying “why do you think Geet was not able to talk to you these days? She was working day and night and KC employees also supported her…Adi and Sasha were at great help for her, so you dream project is completed and only painting and electrician work is pending, which Adi and Sasha agreed to look after that”

Maan: but when I called Adi or Sasha they also did not inform me

Meera: bhai aap buddhu jaise bhath kar rahe ho…Dadima said naa it was surprise for you then Adi, Sasha and KC employees supported Geet so that they can complete the work fast and you can enjoy you birthday

Maan glared at Meera when others were giggling listening to Meera, Geet also smiled. Maan turned Pari’s face and asked “princess you also hide things from me? How many times I called you…you did not inform me about this”

Geet nodded her head and said “I know that she will split out the truth for you so we hide it from her” …Maan smiled listening to her and Pari kept her head on Maan chest…she was feeling sleepy…Maan patted her…Arnav already slept in Dev’s lap…Dev took Arnav towards his room and Geet took Pari from Maan and went towards Dadima room…Maan stopped Geet and said “our room is in upstairs…why are you taking her to Daidma’s room”. Dadima nodded her head to Geet and she went inside Dadima room and here Dadima said “Pari will sleep with me Maan…she got used to this, sometimes she will sleep with Geet, so let her be with me…I am also feeling sleepy will talk to you tomorrow…Goodnight”saying this Dadima went towards her room to sleep…Geet gave medicines to Dadima and came out, servants closed doors and went towards their quarters, here Meera made Geet to sit next to Maan and said “wait here for few minutes…I will come back” has Geet knew why she was going she kept quiet…

Meera lighted candle, Maan got call from his PA , while he was talking to her Meera called Geet…she made her sit on bed…wishing her she switched off light and came out…Maan finished his call saw Meera waiting for him…Geet was not there

Maan; wo kal kaa meeting postpone hogaya hai…

Meera winking at Maan and said “hai toh acchi bath hai bhai…chaliye aab kafi late hoga hai…” Maan looked at her confused then Meera continued “I owe a nice gift from you…you can give me later”

Maan: what about Geet…where is she?

Meera: sabar rakhiye bhai…you will get answers soon… they came towards Maan’s room and Meera wished him Goodnight and went towards her room…Maan half heartedly opened his room and got shock of his life, with decoration is floor and Geet waiting for him

He was standing at the door in shock…here Geet was waiting for him to come near to her…when she saw Maan is not moving from there…she slowly got down from bed and went near him…she first closed the door and put her hand on Maan’s shoulder and asked “kya hua Maan…” she turned Maan towards her and was shocked to see tears in his eyes…

Geet got hurt seeing him like this and she immediately wiped his tears and said “kya hua Maan? Aapko mera surprise pasand nahi aaya apko?”

 when she was saying this even she was crying…Maan nodded his head saying no and then her hugged her

Geet kept her head on is chest crying and Maan hold her tight and then continued saying “I dunno Geet whether I deserve you…you are so perfect…from past month I was thinking that you again started avoiding me and once I am back I should woo you again and never in my dreams I expected you will do this…sometimes I even thought that I gave you so much work for you and cursed myself for accepting this project…I missed you Dadima and Pari very much…this lonely life was like hell for me, even I was working hard to complete this project soon and join you guys…you know only ten days work for pending here and I did not informed to anyone thinking that I will give surprise to you and want to watch your expression and see here I am the one who got shock of my life…even I did not doubt Dev also when he said he came for conference here…like a dumb I believed what he said and he kept me busy today so that I should not come home early…I will not forget this birthday for life time…you are the best…I got a very good wife daughter, dadima, sisters even I should thank Dev also for that…I love you so much Geet”

Geet looked at him in surprise and then she kept her hand on his cheeks…she took him near couch, both sat and then Geet  said “toh aap kya socha only Maan Singh Khurana can think about surpises even I am Geet Maan Singh Khurana, I am not less then you…its not my plan Maan, I was just taking care of business and home it was Dadima who wished to celebrate your birthday with family…she wanted to see all of us together…Me and Pari were also missing you so I thought about this surprise…Adi and Sasha helped me a lot even KC employees also supported so because of them we were able to finish the project before time and when I checked with Meera she and Dev agreed to join us so finally we are here with you…aur aapka jasoos beti ko kuch pata nahi chane diya…has I was out because of work she did not get doubt on this and when we sat in flight she was asking where we just told her that we all are going for picnic …Dadima is happy…kids will enjoy their vacation…Meera can spend sometime with Dev…their he will be busy in hospital … finally our plan was success”

Maan: woh sab toh teek…I know every one are happy but what about you Geet…are you happy…

Geet: haan Maan…I am happy, I wanted to do this for you…even I want you see you happy

Maan hugged Geet tightly and asked “par tum mujhe gift nahi diya hai…and …and you did not wished me also properly”

Geet: I had some other plans for you…

Maan: woh kya hai?

Geet: I want to wish you privately Maan…Happy Birthday to you…saying she first kissed his left cheeks…Maan was looking at her in surprise…then she kissed his right cheeks, she showed room decoration to him


and said “yahi aapka birthday gift…I thought to gift myself to you…I know I did not allow you to come close to me”. seeing the matter going Maan immediately stopped her and asked “you were talking about some surprise, its birthday surprise ke barien mein tum bath kar rahi thi naa”

Geet:  “wo toh birthday ka surprise aur hai”

Maan eyeing at room he naughtly asked “aur hai sub kya hai” Geet blushed hard listening him and saying “woh… (downcaste her eyes) woh…”

Maan: kya hua Geet…abhi taq tum Sharmanahi thi aab kya hua tume

Geet: Maan please…

Maan smirk at her and said “what pls Geet…pls explain me properly”

Geet looked at him and understood that he is pulling her leg so she thought to play accordingly and seriously said “kuch nahi Maan…I told you it was birthday surprise and I did not gift you anything right? I planned to decorate room for you…hope you liked the decoration”

Maan pulled her close to him and kept is finger on her lips and said “I know about your gift…you yourself told me about it and even Meera wished me while coming to room…”

Geet smiled at him and said “is it Maan then why are you asking me again and again when you know it clearly”

Maan smiled at her and said “so you were pulling my leg..”

Geet too smiled at him and nodded her head…Maan pulled her towards him and kissed Geet passiontately…his hand started to roam on her body…Geet also started kissing him and her were massaging Maan’s scalp…then Maan carried Geet to the bed while kissing her…he slowly made her lie on bed and looked at her with proud…he slowly bend towards her forehead kissed her…Geet closed her eyes submitting herself to Maan…Maan licked her ear lobes and huskily said “please Geet don’t close you eyes today…I want to see your love for me…” Geet nodded her head saying no but Maan again requested her to which at last she agreed…he again kissed her and slowy both started to undress each other…Maan starting sucking and licking her whole body…when he was done with foreplay, Geet guessed what comes next and she was little nervous…Maan looked at her and kissed her again and slept beside her and then he asked “Geet are you ok…if you are uncomfortable I will stop it here itself…I want your happiness and I will wait for you whole life, I don’t want you to get hurt…I only need your happiness Geet”

Geet turned towards Maan and then looking at him said “I am perfectly fine Maan…this all are new to me so I am little nervous nothing more than that…I know you can wait for me whole life and you love me more so don’t worry…I am happily surrendering myself to you”. It was enough for Maan and he again started exploring her in detail and when he done he looked at Geet…Geet knew why Maan was looking at her she nodded her head and gave sweet smile to him…he was fida over her, he again kissed her and then positioned himself and entered her …Geet screamed him pain…Maan saw Geet in pain and he was about to pull himself but Geet hold him tight and Maan waited for her to get adjust for him and started to kiss her again, when Geet started responding to him he slowly started to move to and forth thinking that he may hurt her again…both were moaning each others name…they hit climax together…Maan was worried for her and asked “Geet are you ok” to which she nodded her head. He was not getting enough of her and it was not the end for them…he again and again started making love to her…he did not leave her till 4.00am…Maan saw her face and knew Geet is hell tired…he kissed her forehead and then make her wear her dress…he took his dress wore it and then cleaned room…he slowly carried Geet and made her to sleep on couch, he made sure she is not disturbed and then he cleaned bed also, then again he lift her slowly and made her to sleep on bed, he unlocked the door…he joined Geet andkept her head on his chest…in sleep Geet hugged him and he hold her tight on waist and slept dreaming about them

Pari woke up along with Dadi and asked “Dadi…dadda aur mumma kahan hai…”

Dadi pointed towards Maaneet room and said “woh room hai Pari shayad who dono soh rahein hongey”

Pari: teek hai Dadi…kya mein Dadda ke pass javoon

Dadi kissed her forehead and said “kyun nahi beta jao…per dere se…ek minute tum rukho mein servants to kehti hoon tume wahan lekar jahengey”

Pari kept both hands on her hips and said “wo…wo Dadi…Pari aab badi ho gayi hai…I will go and see Mumma and Dadda”

Dadima nodded her head and after Pari went she informed one of the servant to look till Pari reach her parents room…Pari pushed door which was unlock she saw her parents who were sleeping peacefully

She climbed on bed and came in middle on them, she kept her hands on both the cheeks and looked at them

She slowly touched Maan first…Maan was awake when Pari entered room, she was looking adorable so he waited to see what she will do…when Maan did not woke up she called “Dadda…Dadda…wake up…Pari want to play with you…and…and Pari missed you sooo much”…Maan heart cried listening to her, even he missed her so much in these months…without waiting he took Pari and hugged her tightly…Maan kissed her whole face…tears were coming from his eyes…this is the emotional bonding with children and parents, which he missed…and asked “mera princess mujhe kitna miss kiya”

Pari : bahut

Maan: may bhi mera princess…Dadda bhi aapko bahut miss kiya

Pari kissed his both the cheeks…Maan took Pari in his arms and then they went down…both father and daughter played for sometime and then Arnav joined them…trio enjoyed and then they came inside…by the time Geet woke up and she saw cleaned room and got confused…Meanwhile Maan entered room alsong with Pari and looking at her face he understood and said “meine kiya hai sub

Geet: par kab?

Maan: ssshhh…badh mein bataunga…chalo pehle fresh up hokar aajao hum niche breakfast ke liye jahenge

To which Geet agreed and went to take bath… both Maan and Pari entered bathroom and Geet knew they wont come soon…so she go ready and went down…mean time Meera also came down both prepared breakfast and same time Meera was teasing Geet was yesterday night…Geet face was like cherry red…later they served breakfast to all…Maan went to office…Maan arranged for sight seeing for them…everyone went in limo to places…daily they covered two to three places taking rest, having food, pulling each other legs…Geet missed Maan but she can understand him as he said he will also come along with them to India so he is trying his best to complete his work…its was memorable night was Maan and Geet everday…sometime Pari slept with them…these are the places they seen

The Tower of London

Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column

St Paul’s Cathedral


The London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Hyde Park

The Victoria and Albert Museum

Whitehall and Parliament

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

The Two Tates: Tate Britain and Tate Modern

Greenwich – Home of Britain’s Seafaring History

It was end of the trip Maan completed his work and has they have to see work in India and even Dev has some surgeries lined up Maan booked tickets for them…after reaching Delhi…said informed them that they will go to Pune in next flight and come week’s before for inauguration so Maan and Geet allowed them to go…All of them came to KM

A SMALL Leap- 2months

After coming from London Maan went and saw orphanage project and was impressed with all the workers specially Geet…Maan personnel called Mohinder and called him to come for Delhi…when Mohinder came he requested him to stay with them and whenever he wants to see Dev and Meera he will send him, even Dadima requested Mohinder to stay in KM as her son…without any option he accepted to stay with them..Geet was very much happy with that she hugged Mohinder and cried her heart out and thanked Dadima…Dadima nodded her head saying no, Maan also cried in happiness, he came near Mohinder and sat on floor saying “Uncle I have not given any happiness for my father…he wanted to see me well settled…and doing good things…today he will be happy…please stay with us…its not only your daughter house but also your son’s house” he kept quiet for sometime and said “uncle mein aapko papa bula sakta hoon kya” to which Mohinder agreed…he took his both hands and Maan kissed his hand saying “thank you very much papa”…finally they completed all the works and it was ready for inauguration…Dadima was happy…they selected in cards and invited all VVIP’s, VIP’s, employees who are working in KC and even old employees…family friends..Dev Meera Arnav, Arjun Anie and his relatives came to KM…they were surprised to see KM decoration…Geet was looking like princess…she invited everyone and informed servants to keep luggage in guest rooms..arragend food for them…everyone were busy and work…finally the inaugration day came…

Dadima inaugurated function by cutting ribbon…she had tears…finally her son’s wish is fulfilled…she was very happy…Geet Maan were busy in welcoming guests…everyone has delicious lunch and praised Maneet and also KC employees…after function guests started moving…they all came back to KM…Maan gave two days leave to all employees…relatives also went back…this time Annie spoke nicely with Geet and she also played with Pari…everyone were happy…after somedays they also went back…Everything was running smoothly…Maan did not miss up to spend some quality time with Pari Geet and Dadima…he was very happy person…finally everything was fine…one day Geet collapsed in her cabin and Maan was worried for her…when it took to hospital doctor gave good new to him that Geet is pregnant

Maan brought her home and shared his happiness with Dadi and Pari they were also happy…he called Meera and informed them…they were also happy for Maneet…days and months passed Maan took good care of Geet and pampered her…he was there with her all the times and he himself sometime cook for her…handled her moodswings…seeing them Mohinder and Dadima were really happy for them…Mohinder was happy now Geet had her husband’s caring for her nowr which she missed suring Pari’s birth…sometime Maan and Pari talk to baby…days were nearing its was midnight when Geet cried in pain Maan immediately informed to Dadima and Mohinder and took Geet to hospital…he heard Geet screaming and after one hour doctor came out and informed “Congrats Mr Khurana…beta hua hai…wait for few minutes nurse will bring him”

Maan: what about Geet doctor?…how is she?

Doctor: Geet is absolutely fine Mr Khurana…we will shift her to ward after few minutes you can meet her after sometime

Meanwhile nurse gave baby in Maan’s hand…he was on cloud nine, he was finding difficult to hold baby…Meanwhile Dadima came near Maan and helped in holding baby…he was on cloud nine and this is the first time he was seeing baby…that to too small…he was smiling true tears and kissed his forehead, then Dadima Mohinder took baby…

Pari: mujhe bhi dekna hai baby ko

To which all elders smiled and helped Pari…meanwhile nurse took baby and informed them Geet is shifted to ward…first Maan went to and saw Geet who was tired…he went near her and kissed her forehead and said “I love you Geet…our baby is very cute, thank you very much Geet”…Geet smiled listening to him

Meanwhile nurse gave baby to Geet…Maan helped Geet to sit and they both hold their prince

Maan again took baby in his hand slowly and was looking at him while Geet smiled

Maan kissed baby’s forehead

Geet got discharged after two days, Meera welcomed them, everyone were happy and blessed baby…days passed, Maan look after business and now he come home early to spend some time with his family…he was completely a family man now…sometimes Geet helped in business and they lived happily there after




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