Mann se Zude Risthey-Part 65

Mann se Zude Risthey




Geet spoke to Dev Meera and they were happy listening to this she booked ticket to London and also informed them that it will be surprised birthday party to Maan so to not to inform him about this…Construction work was going on day and night…one of KC staff will awake whole night and see to the work running smoothly…Sometimes Geet used to wait with them and look on the work…with much difficulty KC staff completed this project…Next day Geet drop Pari at School and took Dadi to the construction site to show work progress she was highly impressed by Geet…she loved whole work…KC payed double amount to the workers for taking risk to fulfill this project and also Geet disclose to Dadi about their surprise visit to London and also requested Dadi to not to tell Pari because she will inform to Maan


Part- 65


Dev and Meera were to happy listening to Geet, so they thought to go to Delhi so that they can help Geet and Dev booked tickets for Meera and Arnav and told them that he will join them as soon as possible…Dev dropped Meera and Arnav to the airport and informed Dadima about this as Dev do not want to bother Geet has she is already busy…Geet worked very hard to complete the project, because of this she was not able to talk to Maan properly…Maan spoke to Dadi and Pari whenever he gets time and heard that Geet is busy…he felt bad for giving too much work for Geet…he was missing her badly and he was quiet surprise by her behavior now a days…whenever he calls she will be construction site and busy with meetings and files… Dadima informed Geet last night about Meera’s arrival and also informed her that she is going to receive them along with Pari…both were happy and they headed towards KM…Arnav and Pari were in their own world playing with toys and Meera and Dadima chatted for some time and then Meera asked “Geet kahan hai Dadimaa…? Abhi tak office se nahi hayi kya” Dadima nodded her head saying no and said “bechari bahut mehnat kar rahi hai…meine kaha ki mein usko help karoongi par Geet ne saaf mana kar diya hai Meera…woh Maan ko surprise dena chakkar mein subha sham kaam mein busy rehti hai…aaj kal khana bhi teek se kha nahi rahi thi…isliye meine Adi aur Sasha ko Geet ka kayal rakne ko kaha hai…hey sub mere wajah se ho raha hai…meri khwahish thi ki hum sab Maan ka birthday sath mein celebrate karenge…isliye Geet ka kaam badd gaya” said worryingly

Meera: woh toh acchi bath hai na Dadimaa…aap kyun bura maan rahe wo…pichle saal bhai single the, hum logon ko Geet aur Pari ke barien mein kuch nahi pata tha, aab iss saal jab bhai ka pura parivar unke sath hey toh celebration toh banta hai, aur rahi Geet ki kaam ke barien toh aap ko khush hona chahiye ki bhai aur Geet bade papa ka sapna pura kar rahe hai…hai toh aap bhi chathi thi naa…bhai bahut badal gaye hai Dadimaa…agar Geet aur bhai khush hai…toh hum log bhi khush rahengey

Dadima: haan Meera..Maan bahut samajdar ho gaya hai…Geet aur Pari ne Maan ko badal diya hai…looking at Rishab’s snap which hanged on wall and said “agar aaj mera beta zinda hota toh khushi se pagal wo jata…log sahi khetai hai job ho hota hai accha keliye hota hai…dekho aaj hum sab khush hai…Geet Maan ki pakka jeevan sangini hai…

Meera pouted and said “Dadima kya mein Dev ke liye pakka jeevan sangini nahi hoon?…aap kabhi mujhse hai nahi kaha hai”

Dadima: nahi Meera…tum aur Dev ek dusre ke liye bane wo…waise Geet aur Maan bhi…par tum aur Geet ka zindagi bilkul alag hai…Geet ko bahut mushkil dor se guzarna padi…bahut kuch sey liye usne…uske baad Geet ka zindagi mein khushi aagai…aur tume etna nahi sey na pada…isliye meine aisa kaha…

Meera: teek hai teek hai …mujhe pata hai dadima, mein mazak kar rahi thi…Dadima khane le liye kuch milega kya…bahut zor se bhook lagi hai

While she saying this Nakul arranged lunch for everyone saying “haan Meera beta sab kuch tayyar hai…aap log baitey mein parostha hoon”

Meera called Arnav and Pari and feeded them both first then she had her lunch along with Dadima…she left Arnav and Pari to play for sometime and then she made them to sleep…Dadima also slept so Meera slept along with kids


Here Geet tried to complete her work soon…but there was lot of work so she completed her field work soon and took necessary files headed towards KM after informing Adi and Sasha. When she came home she saw Meera and Dadima having tea and Arnav and Pari busy in playing, Meera beamed in happiness seeing Geet after long time and same feeling with Geet…Meera hugged Geet and Nakul served tea for Geet also…they chatted for sometime having tea…Geet informed Dadima that she wants to talk with Meera and first she asked about their passports after getting it she called Adi and updated him …Meera was astonished to see this side of Geet she was looking like pakka business woman…there was new glow in her face…which she missed in Geet when she was in Pune…when Geet disconnect the call she saw Meera who was lost in her thoughts…she poked Meera’s shoulder and asked “Kya hua Meera…? Kiske kayal mein koi wo? Agar tum Dev bhai ko miss kar rahi ho toh tumara tickets book karwati hoon”

Meera: haan kyun nahi…tum toh bhikul puri tarah Mrs Maan Singh Khurana lag rahi ho Geet…you have changed for good”…she hugged Geet tighly and said “I am happy for you and I need this glow in your face should remain same…love you dear”

Geet: it will be Meera…when I have all the loved ones around me what can I ask more from babaji Meera…how is papaji?…will he come to London? I tried to reach him so many times but I was not able to reach him yaar

Meera: papaji bilkul teek hai…tume pata hai naa bua ke pass gaye last week and we were not aware of the plan and when we came to know Dev spoke to him he said he will come to Delhi once we are back and was happy about your work…he is proud of you Geet…he will come on inauguration time so don’t worry…he said he will call you today

Geet: agar mein beta hota toh papaji ko kahi nahi jana padta naa Meera…saying this she wiped her tears

Meera: Geet pls…why are you crying…he is happy with us and he will stay with you also even he wanted to see his daughter and grand daughter he was waiting for your life to get setteled…smiling naughtly at her and continued saying ” and I think now he can come to you anytme… pls stop thinking about that and tell me what you had planned…I am here to help you stupid”

Geet: acha meri maa mein tumhe bata thi hoon…etna kyun bhadak rahi wo

Meera: mein bhadak rahi hoon…I was waiting for the they when you will truly feel for bhai and now when you are planning for bhai I am more exited then you…

Geet looked at Meera loving and said…you are my sister dear I know what you feel ok fine listen…Geet was nervous to tell Meera and then she slowly continued saying actually this is not only birthday surprise for Maan but also

Meera: but also kya Geet bolna…see we are sisters I have shared everything with you and you also with me please tell me frankly what you are thinking I will help you

Geet: Meera…I planning to move ahead in this relation

Meera looked at her in shock and said “KYAAA” Geet closed her ears and nodded her head saiddhere bolo naa Meera”

Meera hugged her and said how can you expect me to me cool dear…I am so much happy for you …I thought you are giving surprise for bhai but you gave for us also…sach mein Geet mein bahut khush hoon…bhai pagal ho jayenge agar unko tumara plan ka barein mein pata chala toh…mein bhai ko batathi hoon…saying this she took her phone to call Maan but Geet immediately took phone from Meera’s hand and said ” Meera its surprise dear…kisi ko batane ki zarurat nahi”

Meera: Matlab??

Geet: matlab hai ki…its birthday surprise for him sweetheart…

Meera winking at her “haye haye mein mar javan”

Geet: nautanki bandh kar…aur bata tumara paas kya plan hai

Meera: phele bata abhi taq kya hua

Geet: abhi kuch nahi hua…meine Adi toh passport details fax kar diya hai…so he will take care of booking…aab baki ka kaam karna hai

Meera: tumara plan kya hai

Geet: mein soch rahi thi ki hum sab hotel mein ruk jayenge and midnight we go to KM or make sure that Maan will not reach KM before 12.00 and surprise Maan or else we should stay in KM and plan for birthday party their

Meera thought for few minutes and said “Geet as you said we will go and stay in hotel…after bhai goes for office we go and arrange for surprise…check bhai’s schedule first”

 Geet: yeah I will do that…I have already informed Adi to check with Maan’s PA lets wait

Meera: I am happy for you Geet…babaji mera prathana sunli…aab mujhe kuch nahi chahiye…ruk mein Dev se bath karke aathi hoon…I have not called him so far

Geet: teek hai Meera…I will look after kids

When Geet entered kids room both were busy playing in doll house…then she called Adi

Geet: sub teek hai na Adi sir?

Adi: Visa aur ticket confirm ho gaya hai mein abhi counter se bahar aaya hoon aur Maan sir ka schedule aapko Sasha mam degi…she is in touch with Maan sir PA

Geet got little emotional and said “thank you very much…you both helped me a lot

Adi: Geet pls don’t thank us…we are very happy for you and Maan sir

Geet: ok I will call Sasha mam now

Adi: Ok

Later Geet called Sasha…Here Meera called Dev and updated him everything, even he was happy he told her he will come to Delhi as soon as possible. Sasha responded to Geet call happily and updated her about Maan’s schedule…Then Meera and Geet spoke for some more time later everyone had their dinner and went to sleep. Maan was busy as usual


Days passed and everyone were busy in completing their respective work…finnaly all were happy because their hard work had paid off…Sasha and Adi assured Geet that they will take care of electrician and painting work and when they are coming back work will be done by that time…Dev reached in the morning and greeted Dadima and Geet, then they got busy in packing…Geet gave some instruction to Nakul and also informed him if Maan calls by any chance to inform him that they all gone out for some function and then she went to office, after working on important files and had some discussion with Adi and Sasha later she headed to home…booked cab for airport…they reached airport and after immigration check they headed towards flight…Pari and Arnav were watching new place with curiosity and when ever they questioned about this everyone said that they are going for picnic. When they landed in London it was early morning…Pari and Arnav had slept by that time

They came out from the airport and limo waiting for them…Driver kept their luggage and then they went to hotel…after settling down them Dev informed them that he will go to KM now and then he went to meet Maan. Maan was surprised to see Dev early morning and asked “Dev??? You in London”

Dev: mera conference hai yaha…

Maan: you would have informed me earlier I would have sent car for you

Dev: its ok Maan…actually my collegue were also with me and company has arranged transportation for us so I thought to come directly to your house and surprise you

Maan informed his servants to take luggauge inside and they had their coffee together after that Dev asked “aaj ka tumara programme kya hai”

Maan: nothing much held up with two to three meeting and mostly I will be back by 8.00pm

Dev: then I will do one thing I will drop you to office and pick you up in the evening we can go for movie

Maan: movie???

Dev: yaha akar kya karna hai…hum bahar gumthe hai

Maan: we do one thing I thought to go for site visit in the evening after work…so first we will finish that work its half an hour work their and later we will go for some pub or movie what’s say

Dev: fantastic…then we will meet in the evening

Maan: ok I will wait for you…then bye for now enjoy your conference…its getting late for me so I will make a move

Here Pari said “mumma hey place accha nahi hai…chaliye hum park chalte hai”

Geet: wait for few minutes Pari…first you all finish your breakfast then we will go

Pari: hum kahan hai mumma

Geet: hai surprise hai Pari

Pari: surprise???

Geet: haan aapko jaldi pata chalega

Pari asked so many times with Geet about this new place but she did not say anything…she pout and went towards Dadima and said about this to which Dadima whispered “aapko dada ki pass jana hai”

Pari exietly said: haan Dadimaa Pari Dadda ko bahut miss kar rahi hai

Dadima: ussshhh…kisiko mat batana…hum daddaa se aaj milenge aur hai unka surprise hai

Pari: sachiii

Dadima kissed her cheeks and said: haan beta sacchi mumma ko bhi mat batana…who tume dantegi…hum sab dadda ko aaj surprise visit denge

To which Pari nodded her head and kissed Dadima and went towards Arnav to play with him. Here after some time Maan went to office and here Dev also got ready, first he called servants and narrated the plan to them, he also called his friend who was in event management company to come to KM…once he came to KM Dev informed to decorate and informed one of the old servant to look after them and went to hotel…when Dev reached everyone were ready, he cleared hotel bills though Geet wanted to clear bills Dev did not allowed her…they reached KM and started looking of work…Geet informed Dadima to take some rest and also left Pari and Arnav with her…As Dev was looking of leaving room decoration Geet and Meera went towards Maan’s room and started decorating it…Dev was aware of it so he did not disturbed them and he also started decorating and in meantime he look about kids also

Meera and Geet decorated room



Once they done Meera said “Geet we will light lamp later” to which Geet agreed and they went down to look after decoration. Once they came down Dev asked “Meera wahan kha kaam hogaya hai kya?”

Meera: haan Dev thoda kaam baki hai, wo hum badh mein karengey

Geet and Meera went inside kitchen and prepared lunch with the help of servants and then they feed to kids and they woke of Dadima and everyone finished their lunch…Geet and Meera make kids sleep…Dadima was very much happy with decorations

Hall Decoration

It was around 8pm when they finished decoration…Dev asked about pastires with event manager to which he checked with his guys and informed his guys is bringing it and he is on the way…Everyone saw pastries which was so yummy

Platinum Pastries

Geet made Pari and Arnav to take dinner, Meera served food to Dadima…After food Pari was curious looking at decoration, she dunno where they has come…Cake was looking so yummy both Pari and Arnav wanted to taste it…knowing childrens carving Dev had order for small size also so that kids can enjoy it. Everything was set right…Dev reached Maan office…later they both went to site visit and then  Maan wanted to go home and take rest but Dev did not allowed him so they headed towards movie theatre…Dev had booked tickets for Fast and Furious 7, they watched movie and it was 11.00pm when they came out from theatre…Once they are out of theatre Dev called Meera and informed that they are starting now and will reach home within  fifteen minutes.

Here Geet dressed Arnav and Pari and she also got ready…



Geet: Pari aaj tumara Dadda ka birthday hai…aab wo ayenge tum unhe birthday wishes bolo

Pari: toh hai dadda ko surprise hai…Dadima ne mujhe bataya…aur mumma mujhe happy birthday song aati hai…miss ne mujhe teach kiya hai

Geet first got shocked then later kissed her both cheeks and said ” accha mera baccha…dadda ka birthday surprise hai…aap aur Arnav cake ke pass jana mat…Dadda cut karke tumhe dengey tab taq tum aur Arnav room mein khelo…to which Pari agreed and took Arnav to the pay room…Meera and Geet came down and kept everything ready, Dadima was also with them waiting for Maan and Dev…Dev horned two times when he was parking the car…Has usual Maan came out of car and headed towards his Mansion…Here Geet called Pari and Arnav, and joined Meera and Dadima quickly…When Maan entered Mansion the light was dim and soft music was going on…he stood at entrance with shock, Dev joined him and asked “Maan why are you waiting here”

Maan: kuch toh gadbad hai Dev…(he pointed towards the decoration light which  was lighting because of dim light) see the lights there…and can you hear music?

Dev: Kuch nahi Maan…it may be servants job come inside…I am hell tired…I want to hit bed immediately


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  1. ushankitvc

    aweum….love the birthday surprise geet is planning fr maan….also his surprise birthday gift frm hr…waiting eagerly to see his reaction to this surprise…continue sooon

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