Vivah Bandhan Part 28

Vivah Bandhan


Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)

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When he came down he saw Geet serving tea and snacks to everyone…he went and joined them…Geet served his black coffee, he looked at her face it was clam he was surprised he thought Geet will be angry with him but their was no sign of that…he lowered his head, he know what he did today is wrong so he quietly had his coffee…later Ram called Maan and Geet and gave gift he bought them… Ram and Amar went out to meet their friend Ranjith and here Maan got call from hospital so he informed Pallavi and Geet and went.





When Maan came there was emergency case, he took case history and went to examination room…once he finished his examination he informed sister about medicine dosage and went to his cabin…he checked his phone to see whether Geet called him,he was disappointed and checked messaged.. Sameera messaged him to come to cun tonight because they want to celebrate today…Maan did not respond to her and went to home after checking patient again. Sameera tried to reach Maan again and again he got frustrated and switched off his phone. When he came to his room Geet was not seen anywhere…he wanted to talk to her and he is not sure what she heard…with loss of interest he slept thinking about Geet…Here Geet spend time with Pallavi and they started to prepare dinner

Ram and Amar met their friend after spending some quality time with them they came out and sat in the park…Ram looked at Amar for sometime and asked “kya hua Amar…kis ke kayal mein koye ho”

Amar: kuch nahi Ram…mera beta ke barien mein soch raha hoon…mujhe Geet ke liye bura lag raha hai…if we did not forced him to this marriage atleast Geet would have been happy

Ram: aise kyun bol raha hai tum?

Amar: Maan aur Geet abhi taq puri tarah pati patni nahi bane hai…he used to avoid her in first but after Geet joining KC he used to spend some time with her and I thought it’s the start of friendship and slowly they both will like each other company and fell in love but now looking to Maan’s today’s behavior I don’t think it will happen and its not in my fate to see my grand childrens face

while saying this he had tears in his eyes, Ram came close to Amar and said “par mujhe lagta hai Geet Maan ke liye sahi Jeevansathi hai…mark my words Amar they will be one of the jodis who like to spend time with each other and you very well know about Maan’s character…earlier itself I had warned you about Brij but at that time you took it lightly and see now you are suffering, give some time for Maan and Geet to understand each other…take example of mine I used to hater Priya like anything today I am in love with her and no one can take Priya out of my life…Maan will understand his responsibility and look after Geet or else we can get someone close to Geet and make Maan feel jealous about it”

Amar raised his voice and said “Ram tu bilkul pagal ho gaya hai”

Ram: itna kyun chilla rahe ho yaar..phele heart patient honn…kuch gadbad hua toh kya karogey…phele mera puri bath toh sunle…phir batana yaar

Amar was annoyed and said “teek hai batah kya bath hai”

Ram: tum khe rahe the ki Maan aur Geet abhi kareeb aarahe the par aaj kuch hogaya hai…kyat um mujhe bata sakta hai ki aaj kya hua

Amar annoyingly answered “aur kya hota bhaisaab aaj Sameera ke ghar gaya tha…isliye KC nahi aaya…shayad hai bath Geet bhi janthi hai isliye aaj wok hush nahi thi”

Ram: dekh Amar ek kaam karte hai do din hum Maan aur Geet ko separately observe karienge uske baad hum dono milke kuch sochengey dekh tai kaise wo dono ek dusre se alag rehengey

Amar understood Ram’s plan and decided to start mission Maaneet…and they headed towards KM

Here Geet and Pallavi along with the help of Nakul prepared special dinner…by the time they done with work everyone were sweating furiously so Pallavi informed Geet to freshen up before Amar and Ram comes…and she also informed Geet to call Maan and check at what time he will come home both of them were not aware about Maan’s arrival…Geet just nodded her head and came to her room first to freshen up…she was surprised to see Maan so early at home…he was fully endorsed in some book…she just took her change cloth and went to washroom…when Maan heard door sound he looked up to see…and now he was 100% sure that Geet is angry with him…because she did not talk to him…he was ready to ask apology with her…so he was waiting patiently for her…Here Geet for freshen up and came out and saw Maan who was looking at her…she just gave faint smile to him and got ready…Maan was not able to say anything to her…finally after practicing so many times in mind he was ready to ask sorry with her and said “Geettt” Geet looked at him once…Maan kneeled down in front of her and said “I am sorry Geet…mujhe pata hai aaj tume bahut bura lag raha hai…phir se mein tumara barosa thod diya hai”

Geet: aap kya batha rahe hai Maan…teek se batayein naa

Maan: woh aaj tum mere aur Sameera ke bath sunli…woh galti se dial ho gaya tha…mujhe pata nahi chala

Geet: ohh…its ok Maan…I didn’t feel anything for that

Maan: Sachiii Geet…you are not angry with me

Geet: angry toh nahi hoon…par bura toh zaroor laga hai…lets go down now because maa was asking for you, we never saw you coming home so we should inform her or else she will get tense…hum dinner ke baad bath kareinge agar aap mujhse bath karna chahe toh

Saying this she went down… Maan was surprised by her behavior earlier she did not show any kind of reaction when she came to know about his love towards Sameera but today she is behaving weirdly…shaking his head he went towards dining room…Ram and Amar were waiting for Maan…after he came down, Geet and Pallavi served everyone and they also sat to have dinner together…after dinner they chat for few minutes and everyone went towards their respected rooms. Maan was waiting for Geet…he wanted to talk to her and clear the misunderstanding …Here Geet helped Nakul in cleaning and then moved towards her room…she was hell tired today because of her hectic work in office and also work at home it was not easy task to her…she thought of hiting bed now…When she came to room she saw Maan was siting on bed and waiting for her and she now remembered about she informed Maan that she will talk with him later…

Maan came near her and said “Geet can we talk now atleast pls…” she just nodded her head and said “yes Maan… now tell me what you want to talk with him” Maan fumbled for few seconds and said “Geet by mistake today I called you when I was in Sameera’s house…I know you are hurt and angry with me”

Geet: I have already told you that I am not angry with you but I am hurt…

Maan: phir bhi tum mujhse teek se bath nahi kar rahi wo…aise behave kar rahi wo jaise kuch bhi  hua nahi

…Geet got irritate and hurt hearing him, tears were flowing from her eyes continuously

Ram and Amar started their mission and came towards Maaneet room has they heard some sound…they looked around for conformation and tried to listen to their talk…Here when Maaneet heard sound near door they saw two shadows…first they got confused thinking who is near their room and Maan slowly wen towards door and opened it…Geet wiped her tears and went to apply moisturing cream…he was shocked to his his father and Ram and asked “kya hua dad?” when he did not get any reply from Amar he looked towards Ram and asked “kya hua uncle aap batahien naa…aap ko kuch chahiye” both where shocked and then said “wo…Maan actually me and Amar thought to spend some time and we were feeling like having tea…and haan Nakul was sleeping so we came to see if Geet is sleeping or else we can ask her to prepare tea for us…hain naa Amar” to which Amar nodded his head

Maan looked at their shock face and looked at Geet who was near their wardrobe and said “Geet so gayi uncle…come I will prepare tea for you guys…” Geet who was applying cream listened to Maan got surprised …she did not understand why he is lying to his father…he knows she is awake…she want to prepare tea for them and has she was applying moisturing cream she thought to go after applying it…

Ram: its ok now we will go and sleep and talk tomorrow…abhi hum chalte hai and without waiting for Maan’s answere he hold Amar’s hand and went towards guest room…Maan watched till they went inside and closed the door

Geet looked at Maan with angry face and asked “why did you lied Maan…”

Maan: ssshhh Geet dere bolo…

Geet: kyunnn

Maan: Geet first switch off the light and we cant talk her Dad and Uncle will come again…so first we should search place so that we can talk peacefully without disturbance

When Geet did not moved he switched off the light and took her towards balcony and said “Geet tume kya lagta hai…tumare hath se tea peen eke kiye Dad aur uncle haya. Haye…nahi Geet …something is cooking in their mind or say they came here to listen our conversation”

Geet: aisa nahi wo sakta hai…paa aise kuch nahi kar sakte hai…aaj tak un hone kuch nahi kiya

Maan: Dad kuch nahi kar sakte hai…wo mujhe bhi pata hai…par Ram umcle kar sakte hai…if he wants to know about something he will do all these things or say he got doubt on our relation so he wanted to know what we are talking

Geet: par

Maan: please Geet I know about Ram uncle very well and you also will come to know about him slowly first let we talk and clear this misunderstanding

Geet: haan..kahiye aap kuch keh rahe the

Maan: I want to her what you heard today when I was talking to Sameera

Geet: “what you want to hear from me Maan…I am totally confused by your behavior…I don’t know what exactly you want from me…you said you want to give chance to our relation…I agreed, but now again you are going to your GF’s house and calling me from their to hear your conversation…instead of playing this hide and seek you can tell me directly…Maan I don’t want to force you in this realtion if you are not interested I will go far away from you, it hurts Maan…phele iss risthey se koi umeed nahi thi…par jab mein iss risthey se kuch accept kar rahi hoon tab iss tarah bath samne aata hai toh mien kya karoon Maan…agar aap Sameera ke sath khush hai toh mein aap ke zindagi se chali javungi…I will…” Maan did not let her complete her sentence and sealed her lips with his…Geet was shocked to the core…her eyes were wide open and Maan was kissing her aggressively, Geet came out from shock after few seconds and tried to come out but Maan held her possessively and he tried to enter her mouth, but Geet was not allowing him…he bit her lip little hard and she gasped open her mouth and Maan rolled his tongue inside and took her sweet nectar…Geet stopped struggling with him, Maan hand started roaming on her body…Geet was findly difficult to breath and she tried to push him…Maan trance broke when he heard Geet’s moan… When he found her out of breathless he felt her immediately

Geet sat down immediately because she had no strength to stand on her feet…Maan pushed his hair back in frustration, he looked at Geet face which had tears he cursed himself for hurting her again…he went towards her and sat next to her and her her in his arms…arms and said “I am really sorry Geet…I didn’t mean to hurt you but hearing you I was upset…I promise on my parents Geet I did not called you purposefully…actually Brij forced me so I went to their house and then we spoke for few minutes later he went out leaving me and Sameera…I was talking to her, my phone was on the table and I dunno when I called you…please believe me Geet, even I did not want to hurt you…trust me Geet…pls” he took her face in his palm and wiped her tears kissing her forehead…Geet came out from his hug and wiped her tears and asked “agar aap mujhe phone nahi kiya toh…kau kiya hai…” she thought for few seconds and asked “you said now your phone was on table and you were talking with Sameera right” to which Maan nodded his head

Geet: then the only option left is Sameera…Maan she called me from your phone

Maan: par Sameera kyun aisa karegi

Geet: woh aap jake Sameera se puchiye…mujhse kyun puch rahe wo…ghar me sirf aap aur Sameera the…table cant call me and then left you and Sameera only…you are saying you did not called me then only Sameera is left out…noe you decide on it…I don’t want to come in between this

Maan was shocked listening to Geet and thought “what Geet is saying is right…when I did not call Geet and I am 100% sure on that then Sameera can only call her…how can he be such a fool to not to think about it first…from evening he was thinking why and how he called Geet and now the picure is so clear only Sameera can do this and she was acting innocent in front of me and from now I should not go to her house alone and I should avoid them fully”

Geet poked Maan’s shoulder and asked “kya hua???”

Maan: Geet I think you are correct…hey meine phele kyun nahi socha saying this Maan pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly crushing her bones…he was getting peace now and said “please mujhe chodke jane ka bath math karo Geet…I cant live without you, I am getting used to you…kya tum mujhe chodke ji sakti woh”

Geet: wo waqt batayega Maan… I want to live with you but I cant force you for that…agar mere jane se aap khush rahenge toh me pakka….he closed her mouth from his palm and  naughtly eyeing at her swollen lips he said “kuch hi der phele meine demo diya…tume use pata chalna chahiye ki mein kya chata hoon…agar tume phir se demo dena hai toh mein tayar hoon…mujhe koi problem nahi hai” Geet immediately closed her lips with her hand and shook her head saying no





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