Mann se Zude Risthey- Part-64

Mann se Zude Risthey




Maan was happy that Geet agreed for his business trip but felt bad thinking that she still did not accept him…he dunno whether she gonna miss him or not…thinking about that he asked her “Geet don’t you miss me? I am going for few months”

Geet : of course I will miss you Maan…but we can sort that problem

Maan: how Geet? I will not be in india

Geet: so what Maan, we can talk on skype

Maan looked at her in surprise…she grins at him and went out of the study saying “first convince your daughter and then think about other things”


Note: Thanks envi for your lovely Pari pics 

Part- 64


Maan came out of his study and went to meet his daughter Pari and he knows its very tough to convince her, she will ask hundreds question and he was thinking about Geet in such situation how she handled her in these years…he was proud of her whenever he thinks about past he respects her and he cant talk about this with Geet because she will not accepts it…and she clearly told him to not to talk about past…when he entered Pari’s room she was busy with school home work even though she has separate room she likes to sleep with great Dadima and sometimes with her parents…Pari looked at him and asked “dadda…aap kahi jaa rahe wo?”  Maan was surprised listening to her and now he knows either Dadima or Geet might have informed Pari about Maan’s trip…he took Pari in his lap and said “yes princess i should go to London…I have very important work”

Pari kept her both hands on cheek and said “par Pali toh dadda koh miss karegi”

Maan: mei bhi tum subko miss karunga naa Pari…you know dadda cant leave with out you guys

Pari thought for few minutes and said “Dadda hum chab holiday mein challenge ladon”

Maan: par tume school jana hai naa…chute bhi nahi hai…mumma aur dadi ko yahan kaam hai toh hum kase chal sakte hai?

Pari bit her upper lip little and said “aab hum kya karien”

Maan wanted to pull her cheeks and said “meri princess agar dadda ko promise karein ki who mumma aur Dadima ke bhath manegi toh Dadda Pari lo der saare gifts lekar ayenge…usme chocolates, ice creams, toys saab lekar ayengey”           

Pari’s face was twinkle with happiness and she gave her cute smile to Maan

Maan kissed her both the cheeks and even Pari did the same

Later Maan and Pari went out he bought all her favorite toys…they both arranged in Pari’s new room…all had their dinner together. Maan somehow convinced Pari later he spend remaining days with Pari Geet and Dadi…days went on and Maan should go to London today…Geet packed his bags and kept necessary document which is useful for Maan for this project. Maan came to his room and saw everything ready. He came near Geet and hugged her from back saying “tum sabb ko chodkar jane ko mann nahi kar raha hai Geet” Geet turned towards him and kept her head on his hard chest and said “toh math jahiye naa”Maan was happy listening to her and crushed her in his arms and said “toh ticket cancel kar doo kya” Geet nodded her head saying no.

Maan: agar tume yaha koi project nahi toh mein tume apna sath le chaltha…

Geet: Nahi Maan…hey project hamara company ke liye bahut important hai…Dadi iss project ke barien mein soch kar bahut kush hai…aap unko hurt nahi kar saktey…kuch hi mahine ki bath hai hum adjust kar lengey…aap pura mann laga key kaam karo…jab aap wapas avogey hum sab sath mein kahin goom ney jahengey

Maan: kya bath hai Mrs Khurana aap bahut khush lag rahi hai…hume bhi bataye hum bhi khush hote hai

Geet: Mr Khurana abb aap niche chaliye warna aapki beti poora ghar sar pe utta legi…aur rahi bath hamare khushi ke waqt ane par aap ko sab pata chalega

Maan kept his hand near her chin and raised it little and closed the gap between their lips…he kept sucking her lips after some seconds Geet also started responding to him…he beamed in happiness…he started to such her hardly…his hands roamed on her body…both were in dreamland…he left Geet when he found she was short of breath…after some time he again kissed Geet because he know once he leave this room he cant come close to her for few months and he wanted to cherish this moment…which is going to stay in his heart for next few months…He looked at Geet’s face which was like cherry…he kissed her forehead and said “mein Pari ko dekta hoon…tum ready ho key niche aaja naa”…to which Geet only nodded her hear…Geet looked at her face and closed her face in palm with shy…she never thought she will be also get happy in this life…she took her dress was change and went to take bath…after shower she went down and helped Nakul in preparing dinner after dinner. Maan first went to washroom after his bath he got dressed and went in look after Pari…he had some quality time with her

Geet informed Nakul to get Maan’s luggauge from her room and to keep it in car. All had their dinner together and whenever Maan looked at Geet she looked down feeling shy, Maan was amused to see blushing Geet for the first time, he thought Geet is angry with him but her face says different story…she did not made eye contact with him…his heart was jumping in joy…he wanted to spend some more time with her but its already late…he took blessings from Dadi and hugged Pari…he kissed her so many times and he knows he will miss her badly…thinking about this separation he had tears in his eyes…Pari wiped his tears from her tiny hands and kissed him all over his face…he wanted to take Geet in his arms but it is not possible in front of Dadima…Geet blinked her eyes assuring him that everything will be fine he gave smile to her and headed towards his car…he had strictly informed Dadima and Geet to not to come to airport so they bidded bye to him. Geet was staring at his car till it went out of her sight and came inside…there was emptiness inside KM

Pari was with Dadima so she went directly to her room…the life was missing…she kept looking at the emptiness of the bed…tears started flowing from her eyes…Here Maan boarded his flight but his mind and heart both were empty for the first time in his life he cursed his work because of which he is far from his family when everything is going to set right…but he knows he can let down his business…he was looking at his family picture taken few days back in KM…both were missing each other. Geet tried to sleep but sleep was far away she kept looking at her phone thinking that Maan may call her any time…Later after few hours Maan landed in London…he was very much eager to call Geet and thought she might be sleeping now, but ti just check he called her and Geet responded immediately saying “Maan…Have you reached…? Aap teek toh hai naa…? aap bath kyun nahi karte?…please say samething” her voice was shivering here Maan who heard Geet non stop blaberring smiled thiking about her concern for him…he loved to here her and thought even she is missing him and when he heard Geet voice shivering he came out of his Geet land and said “Geet…relax mein teek hoon…I have reached just now and thought to talk to you…I am sorry Jaan…please relax…when I heard your voice my heart was jumping in joy and forgot to think about anything please relax ho jao…Geet tum sun rahi ho naa”

Geet smiled listening to him and wiped her tears and said “haan Maan…”

Maan: tum mujhe miss kar rahi ho Geet?


Maan: Mein toh tumne bahut miss kar raha hoon…daudke tumare pass aane ka mann kar kara hai…agar tume project ka kaam nahi hota toh mein zaroor tume mere sath lekar hata…aab tumse door nahi rah sakta Geet…

Geet felt his love for her in his voice and said “I am missing you Maan”

His heart skipped beats when he heard her…tears were flowing from his eyes…his voice chocked…he wiped his tears and took sharp breath and said “pls ek aur bar kaho naa”

Geet was shy and how can she keep silent when she is feeling love for her husband and said “I am missing you Maan…aap ne teek suna”

Maan: pata nahi Geet mein hai project teek se kar patha hoon ya nahi…pehli baar dar lag raha hai mujhe…

Geet: aap zaroor kamyaab honge Maan…hume aap pe barosa hai

Maan was happily enjoying his talk with Geet…car parked in KM he went inside talking to Geet and asked “accha ji…kya mien hai pooch sakta hoon mera biwi ko mujpe kita barosa hai”

Geet was also talking to Maan leaving her limitations…she is coming back to herself and asked “mein kyun bataon aapko…kisko samaj na chahiye wo toh samaj gaye hai”

They both chatted for sometime and Maan saw time and said “Geet kaafi der ho gayi hai…chalo aab so jao mein tumse baad mien bath karunga”

Geet looked at the time it was past two so she agreed to Maan and went to sleep dreaming about their future…


Next day Geet dropped Pari to school and went to office…and started working , their was no free time for Geet Sasha and Adi because of Maan’s absence they were loaded with more works, they happily did that…construction work started and Geet looked to that their was no problem and she got full support from whole staff…even staff liked working with Geet…Days passed to weeks and months Here Maan was also busy and rarely spoke to Geet and everyone but the major problem was handling Pari…because one side she was missing her father and he was not able to give enough time to her…he tried to free himself and talk to her whenever it is possible. She was used to Maan’s love which she missing now a days…Geet and Dadi found it difficult to handle her…after so much pampering and ice cream she used to keep quiet when Geet complain this is Maan he just smile at her and sometime he used to miss them like hell…he now used to understand the bond that create in family life which he missed in his life…One day when Geet came to home she saw Dadi was deeply endorsed in her thoughts…Geet went near her and kept her hand on Dadi’s shoulder and asked “kya hua Dadima? Aap kuch pareshaan lag rahe hai”

Dadima: kuch nahi beta…bass Maan ke barien mein soch raha hoon

Geet: Kya hua Dadima kal aap unse bath ki hai naa

Dadimaa: haan Geet…meine Maan se bath ki…par meine Maan ke birthday ke barien mein soch rahi thi

Geet: Maan ke birthday?????/

Dadima: haan Geet agle maine Maan ka birthday hai..maine socha iss bar Maan ka birthday hum sab log sath mein celebrate karienge..par aab sab kuch badal Gaya Maan ke iss project ke wajah se…iss ke barien mien soch rahi thi

Geet thought for sometime and said “Dadi I cant assure you but I will try to find some solution for this problem give me two days time let me think over it”

Dadi was overwhelmed hearing to Geet…she know Geet will do something if not also she was happy that she is taking step ahead in her life…Dadi immedialtey hugged Geet and kissed her forhead saying “I am very much happy Geet…thanks for coming in Maan’s life…agar aaj mera beta zinda hota oh toh khush se pagal ho jata…mujhe pata hai aab uska atma ko shanthi mil gayi hogi…bahut tadap tha tha aur bahut kuch kiya Maan ke zindagi sudarne le liye” then she went directly to God’s room to light diya

Geet was watching Dadi in surprised…even she had tears in her eyes she wiped her tears

 then she went to her room and thought “everyone are keeping so much hope on me… even Maan has changed so much he loves me Pari and his family very much… now I think I should take this relation to next level…Maan tayaar ho jahiye aapki Geet aapki pass hogi aap ke kass din me…puri tarah Mrs Maan Khurana banke…mujhe pata hai aap ko surprise lagega…it will be surprised birthday party for Maan” saying this she kissed Maan’s photo…Next day first work in office is that she wanted to complete this work asap…she spoke to Sasha and Adi about this and they hired more workers at construction site so that they can complete the work…Geet spoke to Dev Meera and they were happy listening to this she booked ticket to London and also informed them that it will be surprised birthday party to Maan so to not to inform him about this…Construction work was going on day and night…one of KC staff will awake whole night and see to the work running smoothly…Sometimes Geet used to wait with them and look on the work…with much difficulty KC staff completed this project…Next day Geet drop Pari at School and took Dadi to the construction site to show work progress she was highly impressed by Geet…she loved whole work…KC payed double amount to the workers for taking risk to fulfill this project and also Geet disclose to Dadi about their surprise visit to London and also requested Dadi to not to tell Pari because she will inform to Maan


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  1. pureheart2012

    Aage ke parts kab milenge babut tadpati ho yaar much to likho kaaaaaaaaffiiiiii samay bits. Is this available else where indiatv fkrums
    I am simply addicted 😊

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