Vivah Bandhan- Part 27

Vivah Bandhan

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Days passed with same routine and now Geet got used to her work and she started learning new things. Maan tried his best to support her because he was help up with his duties. Sasha Adi Amar were great support to Geet, she missed Maan many times but she ignored thinking that he is trying his best to give this relation a chance. Sasha accompanied Geet to business meeting also by the time they have become close friends. Amar now got relief, Pallavi thanked god so many times for sending Geet in their lives. Though she was working now she did not neglect her family, she was doing her duties properly and even spoke to her brother and parents…Everything was going smoothly





Maan was very happy with Geet and her dedication on work…his life was very happy now he used to spend some quality times with his parents and wife…next morning he woke up and went to his clinic as usual…when he was with patient someone came to his cabin looked at him in anger…he as shocked to see them after two months…his face changed his color looking at them, he completely forgot about them and was happy with his new found love and now he was ashamed of himself…he was ready to give his heart to Geet and was planning to take Geet on date and propose her but he thought of giving sometime for that because Geet was very busy…he looked at them and he was angry because they disturbing his work and he have told them so many times to not to come in between his work he will not like that but today he did not liked them in his cabin and in his life also…he calmed himself and said  “Sameera…Brij…what are you doing in my cabin…don’t you know that I don’t entertain any friendship in my cabin…please go out and wait for me or else you can wait for me in my rest room” both were surprised with his tone, they have came like this so many times but he never talk to them like this earlier he used to get  irritated but today he showed them their place in his life…it was great insult for both of them but Brij knows very well how to tackle Maan and said “what is this Maan you are getting angry on this small issue…sorry we will wait for you in you rest room come soon” saying this he pulled Sameera along with him and took her to Maan’s rest room which was next to his cabin which has two two side entries…Sameera was not ready to take another insult from him so she told “Brij…I am not feeling ok…Maan insulted  us in front of his colleagues and patients and I cant tolerate this do one thing talk to him and come home I am going to club ” and she went without waiting for Brij

Maan after his examination he came to his rest room in search of brother and sister…he saw only Brij and asked “Sameera kaha hai Brij?…and what is that urgent work for you both that you came in middle of my work…I have already informed you guys to not to disturb me when I am working”

Brij knew Maan is angry with him and he was not ready to lose this friendship and he again started his emotional blackmail saying “Maan this is too bad…Sameera is very much upset and she went to home…you know how much she loves you …this is not the way to behave with her in front of your colleagues she got very much hurt because of this…poor girl who trusted you so much but you ditched her then also she stood behind you and supported you and her only belief was that atleast she will get love from you in return but here also you hurted her badly…”

Maan: Brij…mind your language before talking…I have clearly told about my problem to you guys…you cant blame me each and everytime for this…Sameera did not have any problem when I told her about my marriage…she was cool at that time…I know what I did is wrong there is no need for you guys to remind me again and again

Brij: Sorry Maan…pls don’t take me wrong…Sameera was very happy in the morning thinking about meeting you and you know these months she was only dreaming about you…in that happiness she came directly to meet you thinking that even you will be happy seeing her…but she was disturbed with your behavior and went home without talking to me also thinking that I am supporting you…and you know how to convice her so I was waiting for you please Maan Sameera se bath karo

Maan: ok I will talk to her  later now I have my patients waiting for me…if you excuse now I will go

Brij was happy hearing about Maan meeting Sameera and happily agreed to him and went to home to give this happy news to Sameera


Geet came out of the meeting with chopra and had discussion with her team later she went to Amar’s cabin to have lunch because she know her FIL is waiting for her…while going to cabin she checked her phone there was no message from Maan nor call…these few months she was used to his messages and phone calls she felt bad…When she came to Amar’s cabin she was surprised to see only her in laws their and there was no sign of Maan. Even Amar and Pallavi were surprised because after Geet joining business this is the first time Maan did not come for lunch so Amar called to check there he came to know that Maan left hospital a hour before and his phone was out of reach…he signaled Pallavi to serve lunch for them and they had their lunch quietly without any fuss…Later Geet excused herself and went to her cabin and Pallavi went to home…there she came to know from Nakul that Maan has not come for lunch today…she was feeling bad thinking about Geet and thought “kya ho gaya hoga…aaj tak sab kuch teek chal raha tha…aaj Maan lunch kyun nahi aaya…Baghawan pls mere bachon ko sab musibath se bachana…Maan aur Geet zindagi mein sab kuch teek kejiye”

Ram Kapoor

 Around 4.30pm Amar’s friend RamKapoor came to meet is friend after long time…he was not able to attend Maan’s marriage because he went to London for his heart surgery…now he wanted to meet his friend’s family and his DIL…Pallavi welcomed him with whole heart and served him lunch later they spoke meanwhile Pallavi informed Amar about Ram Kapoor arrival he was very happy, later he and Geet headed towards home after giving responsibility to Adi and Sasha…Pallavi called Maan but there was no response from him

When Amar and Geet came home Ram went and hugged Amar loving and said “I had no hope that I will meet you again. I am sorry I was not able to attend Maan’s marraige”

Amar patted in and said “aise kyun keh rahe wo Ram…kuch nahi hoga tume…tumara dost ko chodkar tum nahi ja sakte ho…kabardar aise dubara bath ke hai toh”

Ram: Sorry yaar bura mat mannah…dekho meine kann bhi pakadliya

Geet smiled listening to them…Ram looked at Geet and asked “tum Maan ki patni Geet ho naa?” to which Geet nodded her head and bend down to take blessing from Ram…Ram blessed her whole heartedly..they spoke for sometime and living Amar and Ram, Geet and Pallavi went to kitchen to prepare dinner because Ram had informed Pallavi that he is going to stay tonight in KM


Maan and Brij came home, Sameera neglected Maan and did not looked at him, even Maan did not feel bad for that…Pammi forced Maan to had lunch with them, he agreed …After lunch Brij spoke to Sameera and she spoke to Maan…later they started playing cards…after two games Maan got bore and said “Sorry Brij I cant play…I better leave now Mom will be waiting for me” then he checked his phone and he was surprised seeing it switched off…he looked at Brij angrily and shouted at him saying “Brij…you switched of my phone…how dare you”…Brij was scared but said “toh kya karu Maan, Sameera was missing you and you were not ready to meet her then what should I do…you know from last two days she was saying that she lost interest in this life and want to end it…has a brother I did not had any other option so I did this…I thought if you spend some time with her then she will be happy…if you think what I did is wrong then please forgive me Maan…I am really sorry…for me my sister life is important”

Maan checked his phone their was so many missed calls from KM, KC and Geet…while he was listing to Brij without his knowledge he pressed call button, Geet immedialtely received Maan’s call because she missed him today…Maan was not answerning to her …she signaled to Pallavi and went to her room her heart was beating rapidly today…she was sure something is going to happen today…then she heard Maan’s conversation first she was surprised thinking with whom Maan talking and heard “if she wants to end her life then let her do it I am not bother…my parents did not agreed to marry her and now I cant help…she did not have any problem when I got married and now why your guys are creating problem in my life…I made huge mistake in my life making friendship with you people”

Sameera immediately hugged Maan and said “pls Maan mujhe aapse dur math kejiye…I am really sorry…please I cant live without you”

Maan lightly pushed Sameera and said “Sameera pls be far from me…I am not feeling comfortable with this closeness…” saying this he took his phone out to call hospital top check why they called him and was surprised to see Geet name in his phone and to he called her…he checked the time and was shocked to see Geet was on line when he talk to Sameera

Maan: Ohh…shift he immediately took coat and came out of Sameera’s house without looking back. He kept his phone on hear and he heard Geet’s breathing sound…he  want to see Geet first…he was happy in his life and today incident made him go back to is past…he was feeling bad for Geet…he know she might be angry with him he cursed himself for going to Brij house again “I dunno why I do same mistake again and again”


Maan reached home and was surprised to see his favorite Ram uncle…he forgot all his tension and went towards him and hugged him from back..Ram was startled when he was slightly pushed and was shocked to see Maan…he stood up and hugged him saying “you have not changed a bit Maan…I thought after marriage you will be more responsible…is it the time for coming home…I heard from Pallavi that you did not come for lunch…any problem” Maan nodded is head saying no…Maan excused himself and went to his room…he want to check whether Geet is fine…he went in changed his clothes their was no sign of Geet…he called his hospital and informed to his assistant that he will not able to come today and if there is any emergency he can call him

When he came down he saw Geet serving tea and snacks to everyone…he went and joined them…Geet served his black coffee, he looked at her face it was clam he was surprised he thought Geet will be angry with him but their was no sign of that…he lowered his head, he know what he did today is wrong so he quietly had his coffee…later Ram called Maan and Geet and gave gift he bought them… Ram and Amar went out to meet their friend Ranjith and here Maan got call from hospital so he informed Pallavi and Geet and went.


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  1. Nice update dear Mann pls avoid no no cut them off from your life brij and Sam are not meant to be friends dear don’t spoiled your life with your family sepacialy geet cont soon

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