Mann se Zude Risthey-Part 63

Mann se Zude Risthey




Later Geet and Pari said bye to Maan and went to KM…Geet made Pari to write homework and she played few minutes with her and with the help of Nakul prepared dinner for them and they waited for Maan…he informed Geet he will be late and Geet made Pari to sleep with lot of difficulty and later when Maan came home she complained about Pari to him…they had dinner and Maan went to his room…he looked his princess and kissed her forehead…later when Geet came they both discussed about their personal and professional part and then Maan for sometime and sat in balcony watching moonlight…Maan cleared his throat and came near her and hugged her from back and whispered “hamara adhura kaam poora kare kya Geet?” he turned her face and slowly gave full mouth kiss to Geet and requested her to respond to him…she slowly started responding…they kissed again breathlessly…he kissed on her forehead and made her sleep next to Pari and he also slipped other side



Part- 63




Geet was doing really great both in her personal and professional life…Maan used to support her in every possible way and never forget to take return gift from her…Geet spoke to Meera and Dadima and requested her to come back…Meera spoke to Dadima after Geet’s call and Dadima informed Meera she will go to Khurana Mansion after few days and let Maan and Geet enjoy their privacy now…Geet put all her efforts to make blue prints perfect…Maan in between came and check on blue prints and suggesting Geet…finally Geet completed her blue prints and informed Maan to check once…he was impressed…informed her to prepare for presentation…Geet along with her team prepare presentation and gave particular work to them so that every team member will involve in presentation…After completing presentation Geet called her team to conference hall so that they can have mock presentation…After everyone presents they made slight changes. Geet informed Maan that they are ready with presentation…later Geet informed to Sasha and Adi about meeting and they in returned informed Geet that they will call her back…They discussed the time and spoke to Maan and they confirmed Geet the same…Maan came to conference hall along with his team members…Geet started her presentation and they each and everyone gave their part presentation and then Geet’s team member started the projector and Geet gave mock presentation and also showed design

Building Sketch


Dining Table




Exercise Yoga and Meditation classes



Geet looked at Maan for his response…even though Maan saw blueprints she wanted to know what he felt on overall design…Maan beamed in happiness…his eyes was showing this…then Maan informed about slight changes in design and everything was fine…he went to his cabin…Sasha came to Geet and hugged her saying “Good work Geet…I was sure only you can so it because you know what MK is expecting and you understood him very clearly, that’s what it is showing in your plan…I have never seen MK so silent…its very difficult to impress him” Adi who was listening to them said “I agree with you Sasha…she is Mrs MSK whom Maan sir love so much… so she definitely know what Maan sir’s expectations… hai naa Geet?” Geet simply nodded her head with smile and congratulate her team for their hardwork. Later she went to Maan cabin to check on him…

When Geet came to Maan’s cabin she saw him in front of his dad Rishabh Khurana’s photo…he had tears in his eyes…Geet went close to Maan and saw him in pain…she kept hand on his shoulder and asked “Kya hua Maan?”

Maan: papa ka sapna aab pura hoga Geet…atleast now I hope he will forgive me

Geet: aap aise kyun kay rahe hai Maan…papa will be proud of you don’t worry

Maan: no Geet…he was very good father but I did not understand his value when he was with me…seeing me in bad company he suffered heart attack…I am responsible for this death Geet…I am responsible…saying this he sat on knees crying and closing his face in palm

Geet knew about his past from Meera…and she can understand his feeling…she came near to him and sat next to him saying “aise nahi khete Maan…forget about the past or else you cant be happy in future…look at me Maan” she turned his face towards him and continued saying “mera sath bhi bahut bura hua naa…jab mein aapko maaf kar chuki hoon…hui samaj lejiye papa bhi aapko maaf kar chuke hai..see today you are fulfilling his dream project…ek beta hone ka natir aap papa ka akhri wish puri kar kare ho…isse bada tofha ek beta kya de sakta hai apne pita ko?”

She wiped his tears from dupatta and then made him sit on his chair…she excused for few minutes and then went to cafeteria and prepared black coffee to Maan according to his taste and also tea for her and she informed Sasha to not to disturb Maan for few minutes to which Sasha smiled teasingly at her…Geet shook her head saying “you wont change” and went towards Maan’s cabin

Maan was still feeling low…she gave coffee to him and was trying to console Maan…but tufan came to inside his cabin…both looked at the person and was baffled to see Pari fuming…they both looked each other and Maan asked “kya hua princess?…aap gussa kyun ho”

Pari came near Maan and raised her both hand so that Maan can pick her up…Maan to her in his arms and kissed her cheeks asking “kya hua…meri princess kyun gussa hai”

Pari kissed his eyes first and then wiped his tears and said “mein mummy se gucha hoon?”

Geet: par kyun? Meine kya kiya?

Pari showing her eyes to Geet and said “aap ne daddaa ko rulaya”

Geet: KYA????

Maan was shocked listening to Pari and was looking at her without blinking…Geet looked at Maan and then Pari and said “Pari who told you this”

Pari: mein apse bath nahi karungi…aap bad ho

Geet: meine kuch nahi kiya Pari…agar aap ko mere bath per vishwas nahi ho toh…aap dadda se pucho

Pari nodded her head saying no…Geet was now angry on Maan she thought he will support her but here he is sitting quiet looking at them and did not try to clear misunderstanding…she shook his shoulder and asked “kya patti pada rahe ho meri beti ko?…what did I do to you? See she is not talking to me thinking that I am responsible for your tears…chadoo aap dono se bath karna bekar hai… and you both don’t talk to me ever”

She came to her cabin took her bag and went to out without informing to anyone…here Maan came out his shock and looked at Pari “tum mummy se naraz kyun thi”

Pari narrated Maan…when she came from school she heard some Adi saying “Geet made Maan cry today because of presentation” so she was angry on Geet for making her Dadda cry…Maan hugged her tightly and said “princess daddaa was very much happy with mummy’s work…you know it was your dadaji’s wish and now because of mummy it will complete so daddaa was happy thinking about it and tears is because of happiness and she has misunderstood Adi’s statement”

Pari did not understood fully but she knew that her mummy is not at fault and slapped her forehead saying “ufff dadda aapki waja se meine mummy se katti karli …aap phele nahi batha sakte the…aab chalo hum dono mummy se maafi maang lenge” she hold Maans’s hand and went towards Geet’s cabin in search of Geet…they searched everywhere but Geet was nowhere to see…Pari was on the verge of crying thinking that Geet is missing…Maan consoled her and he asked with Adi and Sasha but they said they have not seen her…later they came to know through security that Geet went out half an hour back… Maan informed Adi and Sasha to take care of office and along with Pari he went to Mansion in search of Geet…Geet came to Mansion and got freshen up and thought to sleep for some time. Maan parked his car and took Pari in his arms and went him. Nakul was surprised to see Maan. When Maan saw Nakul he asked “did you see Geet ?”… Nakul nodded his head saying “bedroom main hai”…Maan came to room along with Pari and saw Geet who was coming out of washroom she looked at both of them in surprised and was about to ask them than she remembered about Pari’s angry…she glared at both and got ready…she was about to go down but Maan hold her hand and pulled her towards him…Geet was shocked and surprise about his behavior…she tried to pull herself from him but he hold her tightly and said “sorry Geet…pls mujhse aise naaraz mat ho naa…mera zindagi ruk jahega”

Pari: sorry mumma…Pari se galti ho gai…maaf karonaa please…

When Geet did not respond her eyes full of tears and she got scared that her mumma will never talk to her…she was in verge of crying… Geet was not able to see her daughter crying so she sat on knees and hugged her tightly and wiped her tears…Geet kissed Pari’s both cheeks and said “I am not angry with you Pari…chalo get freshen up and have your milk”. Pari made face hearing to milk then saw Geet’s angry face and thought “agal mein budh pine ko mana kardo toh mumma ko guccha ayega…agar guccha hogai toh” thinking that she nodded her head and went along with Geet towards washroom pouting at Maan…Maan tried to talk to Geet but she glared at him again…today he was too happy and did not want to ruin his happiness and also he did not want to hurt Geet…when Pari and Geet came out of washrrom Maan took his dress and went to freshen up…Geet gave milk and snacks to Pari and after that she was helping her to complete homework…Maan came and sat beside Pari…he was looking at Geet…but she completely ignored him…after home work Party went to play in garden along with Nakul

Maan saw Geet who was endorsed herself in some file…He sat near her and holding her hands in his palm saying “I am sorry Geet…I know I did hurt you again but its not intentionally actually I was shocked with Pari’s words and also she was looking daam cute and I forgot about my surroundings…trust me Geet…I am really sorry…wo” but Geet closed his mouth by palm saying “I know Maan…I can understand I am sorry Maan…because of my behavior you are hurt today”…Maan hugged Geet and said “you are my angel sweetheart…I cant live without you Geet…you have changed me to human…I love you…” saying this he kissed her both cheeks and hugged her…Geet felt protective to be in his arms and she hugged him back…Later they all had dinner and slept

Geet and Maan were very with their construction work and Dadimaa came back to KM. she was very happy to see change in Maan and Geet relations. Now Geet is bit relieved that Dadima is back and she no need to take tension about Pari…Dadima also helped Geet and Maan so that her son’s dream project come true she was very happy to see design days and months passed…Dadima was taking care of Pari and KM but Geet did not allowed Dadimaa to take much stress…she supported and Maan was behind her and helped her whenever she needed…He was great support to her…Life was going smoothly for them now Pari was sleeping with Dadima…she loved to hear songs and stories from her so she requested Geet that from now she will sleep with Dadimaa…first Geet did not like that but when Dadima also supported Pari she had no other option she nodded saying yes. Dadima and Pari were crime partners they like to play pranks with servants and sometimes with Maan and Geet…Geet told Pari to listen to Dadimaa

Geet went to Construction site and looked after the work…Adi and Sasha were helping Geet on alternative days…Maan got new London projects and clients requested him to come to London for few months…it was five hundred crore project…he asked for time with client because he was not sure whether he can go to London…earlier it was easy for him but now he has Geet’s and Pari’s responsibilities…he first needed to talk to Geet and Dadima and then decide about it…office he don’t have problem because he has trust on Sasha and Adi and now Geet is also there to support him…now his dream project has started and Geet is already overloaded with work and it will be difficult for her also to take extra work and his daughter Pari…she will make KM upside down if he did not convince her…Geet came back from work fully tired and Maan also came after few minutes to KM. After their dinner Maan told “Dadima mujhe aapse aur Geet se kuch zaruri bath karna hai…aap study ayee hai” they both nodded their head and Geet informed Nakul to take care of Pari and went along with Dadima to study room where Maan was waiting for them…Maan told them to sit and continued saying “Dadima…mujhe aaj bahut bada project mila hai” Dadima beamed with happiness and said “congrats beta…I am very much happy” Geet gave a cute smile to him

Maan: par ek problem hai

Dadima: kya bath hai beta

Maan: Dadima client’s chatey hai ki mien kuch mahino London mein kaam karun

Dadima: toh kya hua Maan…you worked in London also before

Maan: par yaha kuch ho gaya toh

Dadima: kuch nahi hoga Maan…Geet Sasha and Adi will take care of business and I am there to support them…I am not that old Maan…don’t forget I was working with KC before

Geet was silent all the time she doesn’t want to interfere between Dadima and Maan…

Maan: Dadima pls mere bath samaj ne ki koshish ki jiye…Geet is already working on papa’s project and she is overloaded…I trust her completely Dadima…but I am feeling bad that if I work on this project then I cannot help her…its papa’s dream project so I am feeling bad…I know Adi and Sasha managed KC whenever I went on tour and even I know you took care of business at that time…now you have Geet beside you so I am not worry about that…if my work is for one or two month then I would have not worried about that but I should be their atleast for four to five months and it will be very difficult to all of you

Geet felt bad thinking about Maan leaving for work for four to five months

Dadima: koi bath nahi beta…we do one thing whenever you get time you come here…every night we will discuss with you with about work…one more thing Maan business part we can manage and what about Geet and Pari talk to them and decide I am ok with any of your decisions saying this she patted Geet cheeks lightly and went leaving husband and life to decide…After Dadima went Maan sat near Geet…he took her hand in his hand and said “Geet…what do you think…should I take this project or not?…if you don’t want me to take this project, I am fine in that…I have no problem Jaan…I need only my family happiness…if you all are happy then I am also happy…please say something dear…I want to talk to you and Dadima together but you did not said anything so far…please speak up”

Geet looked at Maan and blinked her eyes…he did not understand what she wants to tell him…after few seconds Geet sighed and said “Maan first off all I want Dadima’s point of view in this so I kept quit and when she is ok then I am also ok with this… I will be very much happy if you take this project…it will help for our business…after joining KC you were my back to support me…when you are there for us then do you think we will not able to handle this project…I promise you Maan, we will take care of everything in your absence and I know even if we do our work properly you will checking from your end and I don’t think there will be some problem…if there also we can tackle that…and about Pari I want to you talk to her and convince her because now a days she listens to you so you inform her from you end”

 Maan was happy that Geet agreed for his business trip but felt bad thinking that she still did not accept him…he dunno whether she gonna miss him or not…thinking about that he asked her “Geet don’t you miss me? I am going for few months”

Geet : I will miss you Maan…but we can sort that problem

Maan: how Geet? I will not be in india

Geet: so what Maan, we can talk on skype

Maan looked at her in surprise…she grin at him and went out of study saying “first convince your daughter and then think about other things”


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