Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part 62

Mann se Zude Risthey




Here Maan was discussing about his new project with Sasha and Adi when Geet knocked his door. Maan asked to come in and when Geet ask that he is busy with his work she excuse saying “Sorry…I didn’t know that you are busy…its ok I will come after your meeting” she started to go but Maan stopped her by saying “no Geet…its ok we will discussed it later…” he looked at Adi and Sasha and informed them that he will talk to them later to which they nodded their head gave smile to Geet and went out of room. Maan informed Geet to sit



Part- 62

Maan waited patiently for Geet to talk…Geet slowly narrated Maan and he was surprised, he shook his head and said “etna se bhath hai Geet…you scared me

Geet: not like that Maan, you know about your staff very well and I am new here, so if you help me in this it will be helpful to me

Maan thought for few minutes and he smirk at her and said “agar mein tumara madad karu toh mujhe kya milega”

Geet looked at him in shock and asked “matlab”

Maan: dekho Geet, if I help you then I should get some benefit from that naa…see I also have lot of work and in the middle I am helping you. It means I should get something in return right

Geet: Maan I am handling your dad’s dream project and you are talking about your benefits…fine then I will do it myself I don’t need your help

Maan: ek baar phir soch lo Geet…your team will be disappoint if you neglect their experience, and if you want to go through their each and every profile and then decide about their position then you will lose minimum 2-3days and you know about your project deadline and its importance…I am not asking any property as a return gift…I have to attend meeting within half an hour and you are wasting our times decide fast and let me know

Geet thought: dust danav kahinkye…koi mauka nahi chodthe mujhe tang karne kaa…Geet you cant waste your time in deciding about employees post and you know Maan will not help you unless you agree for his condition…he will not let you work in peace…he is strict with his colleagues and I dunno why he always be in playful mood with me…she looked up and prayed babaji aap hey teek nahi kar rahi ho…apni bacchi ko todha madad nahi kar sakte…pata nahi Maan kya mangenge

Maan was looking keenly at her changing expressions and he by now knew that she is talking to her babaji…she was looking so innocent…he was falling for her day by day he came out of his thought when he heard Geet saying “teek hai…aap bata dejiye mujhe kya gift dena hai…I will give it to you” Maan smiled at her nodding his head and took the file which Geet holding and seeing his killing smile it skipped Geet’s heartbeat…he was looking so adorable. She smacked her head inwardly and asked “agar aap bura nahi mane toh kya mein aapse kuch puch sakti hoon”

Maan: haan Geet you can ask me anything you have full right on me

Geet: will you ask gift from other employees also when they ask your help or is it only me whom you want to irritate

Maan answered like and innocent child saying “nahi Geet I will help everyone and they wont come directly to me …they will ask with their team head first and if he/ she not able help them then head will come to me and I will try to solve the problem that’s it…”

Geet got irritate and asked “then why are you doing this to me?”

Maan: simple sweetheart you are my wife and I love to see your blushed face, you look like cherry which I want to relish

Geet jaw dropped listening to his shameful comment looked up to complain to her babaji… “dekh liya naa babaji, mein teek kheh rahi thi…I knew it, he likes to irritate me” but her thoughts broke in middle when she felt something soft on her lips…she looked at the source and saw Maan who was winking at her…she pushed in with force thinking that someone will see them and but when she looked around blinds are closed…Maan felt deserted, he got hurt…he closed his eyes for few seconds to control his anger and handed paper to Geet…she was looking at him with tears…she know she hurt him…but it was not intentional…she want to tell him before it goes out of her hands…she immediately hold his hand to stop him and said “sorry Maan” he gave weak smile to her and patted her cheeks and said “its ok Geet…go and do your work I have meeting to attend now” he was about to go but Geet pulled him back and without thinking anything she kissed his cheeks and said “I will meet you at lunch time…” saying this she ran out his cabin and went straight to her cabin…she closed her eyes for few minutes to stable her rapid heartbeat…Here Maan was completely shocked he was holding both of his cheeks he was not able to understand whether it was his dream or reality…he slowly went to washroom and saw his image in mirror and now he was 100% sure that its not dream because Geet’s lipstick mark was still there in his face…he was happy that Geet is allowing him in his life…he did not want to wipe lipstick mark from his face but he should do it unwillingly because he want to attend meeting now and he cant go like this in front of his colleagues and client…he thought for few seconds and came to his cabin again and took few selfies and once he got satisfied he wiped lipstick mark and got ready to attend meeting

Once Geet got relief she called her team members and handled them work, she also started to work. Around 1.30pm peon informed Geet that Maan is waiting for lunch…Geet nodded her head and kept all files aside and went to meet Maan. Nakul served food to both and once their lunch is done she went back to her cabin…they both did not had time to spend time with each other so they started their work immediately after lunch…it was around 3.00pm Maan reminded Pari whom they should pick from school…Maan saw Geet who was busy with blueprints…he know his dad’s dream project is more important and he want to see Geet’s design whether it will satisfy his ideas…so thought not to disturb her and he looked out his schedule and informed Sasha he is going to pick his daughter and in case if he is late to handle the meeting and also to inform Geet he went to pick up Pari…and Maan headed towards Pari’s school

Once Maan left office Sasha went personally to Geet’s cabin and informed her that Maan went to Pari’s school…later they both talk for few minutes and Sasha went to her cabin…Maan parked his car in PP International school…when he came out of his car he heard sweet melodies voice calling him “Daddaaa” he turned back and saw Pari who was coming with smile; she was looking so much adorable…unknowingly he bend and opened his arms to his life…this happiness she missed…if he did not come today he would have missed this again…with so much of love he hugged Pari tightly and kissed her forehead…tears of happiness were flowing from his eyes…he closed his eyes…its divine feeling to hold your child in your arms…its feels like you got treasure its more than happy moment for him…he kissed Pari’s cheeks and took her in his arms and made her sit in car and fasten her seat belt and turned his car to KC…

 Maan came to office with Pari and made her to sit on couch and informed Geet about Pari’s arrival…Geet immediately came to his cabin Pari jumped into her mother arms …Geet kissed Pari’s cheeks and asked about her school and friends…Pari narrating everything to Geet and Maan and he amused to see their bonding…Geet looked at Maan who was admiring both of them..she smiled at him and asked him to pass bag which Nakul brought and when he gave her bag…Geet made Pari to sit on Maan’s lap and she poured milk to cup and some biscuits and made her to have it slowly saying some stories and then Maan wiped Pari’s lips with napkin…Maan informed Geet and Pari he has meeting and went to attend his meeting. When Maan came from his meeting he saw his cabin empty and then he looked through blinds and saw Pari who was playing with Geet in her cabin. He came to her cabin and heard Geet saying “Pari pls aab toh so jao…mumma ko bahut kaam hai…” she nodded her head saying no and said “Pari dada ke sath soyegi…abi shone nahi”

Geet: Dadda ki chamchi…agar tum abi nahi soyi toh mein dada ko bolungi tumare sath nahi khel ne ko

Pari turned towards door and said Nahiii

 When pari turned towards door Maan hide behind blinds to hear their talk

Geet: dada mere bath manyenge

Pari: dada silrf mera hai aur mele bath manegay…aur mein aapse katti

Geet got finally irritate she was trying to make Pari sleep from more than half an hour but she is not ready to listen…finally she said bit loud “Pari chup chap so jao…mujhe bahut kaam hai”

Pari sat on couch with pout…Geet tried to manofy her but she was not ready to listen MSK ka daughter thoda bau toh kayegi naa… “sorry Pari…beta mumma ko bahut kaam hai…agar mumma kaam nahi complete kit oh dadda ko bura lagega naa”

Pari: mein dadda ko bolungi aap ne mujhe dantaa

Geet: agar tum aise karogi toh kal se tum office math ana

Pari: hai mela bhi office hai…dadda ne mujhe bola

Geet: toh tum aur dadda yahi raho mein Meera aunty ke paas jathi hoon…aab tume meri zarurath nahi hai naa…ek tum meri bath nahi sun rahi wo upsar se mujhe damka rahi ho…tum jaa kar papa ke pass so jana mujhe disturb math karo

Maan slapped his forehead looking at two kids who are fighting and then he came out of blinds and Pari was the first person to see him and ran to him and complained to him about Geet…Maan listened carefully to her and looked at Geet annoyed face and said “meri princess soyi kyun nahi abi taq”

Pari: nenni nahi haya dadaa…Pari ko dadda mobile se khel na hai

Geet: nahi Maan aap usko mobile nahi denge…bacho ko mobiles se dur rakna hai…aap ise sar mein chad raka hai abi mere bath nahi maan rahi hai…this is your fault

Maan: Geet she will play for few minutes thats it…

Geet: aap uske bath manoge aur hai mujhe tang karti rahe thi hai…kitne der se usko solane ki koshish kar rahi hoon par meri bath nahi sun rahi hai…aap usko bigad rahe hai

Maan: Geet wo bacchi one thing, you complete your work I will look after her…saying this he took Pari in his arms and went to his cabin…Geet rubbed her forehead saying “do whatever you want and one day you will suffer for that” he called Sasha and informed not to disturb him for few minute…then he opened his private room and made Pari to sleep on his bed…he took off her shoes…and opened angry bird game and gave mobile to her… and slipped next to her he was combing her hair and within few minutes she slept…he covered Pari with blanket and kept door open, if in case Pari got up she should not get scared and he continued his work…Maan looked through blinds and saw Geet who was working…he observed her for few minutes and then started his work…Geet finished first sketch and made notes…she wind up the work for the day and went to Maan’s cabin…he was endorsed in file when she entered…she was admiring him and came out her dreamland

Maan looked at Geet questioning and she gave him the file…he was impressed with her work and praised her…Geet looked at him and said “sorry”…Maan raised his eyebrow and asked “tum sorry kyun bol rahi ho”

Geet: bad mein batati hoon…aapka kaam hogaya

Maan: nahi Geet kuch aur files hai…Kyun

Geet: kuch nahi…mujhe aap se bath karni thi

Maan closed his file and said “haan Geet bolo”

Geet: wo important nahi mein bad mien bath karti hoon…she looked around and asked “Pari kahan hai”…Maan pointed her towards his private cabin…

Geet:  I will check on her

Maan nodded his head and then thought about morning incident…he first called Sasha to check any importance discussion is pending …Sasha understood that Maan need some privacy so he is checking with her she smiled and said “nahi MK kuch nahi…work is going on smoothly…if there is anything I will call you…aur haan I will inform receptionist to forward calls to me…you can relax if you want”

Maan: thank you…Pari will wake up now..I will see her

Then Sasha called receptionist and informed her to forward calls to her or Adi and went to Adi’s cabin and informed him…they both smiled understanding Maan and Sasha said “I hope now everything goes fine Adi…I want them to be happy, its Rishabh uncles dream to see MK going in right path…now his soul will rest in peace seeing MK happy with his family”

Adi: Maan Sir has changed a lot for Geet…now it is in her hand…and don’t worry Sasha Pari is there to unite them

Sasha nodded her head and said “chalo kaan karte hai” …they both went on round and after confirming everyone working they came back to their respective cabin

Maan closed blinds and called “Geet…”

Geet came out and asked “apne mujhe bukuya”

Maan: you told you want to talk to me so now Pari is sleeping and I don’t have such important work so I thought to talk to you

Maan went and sat on couch and eyed Geet to sit beside him and asked “aab batao kya bath hai aur tumne sorry kyun kaha”

Geet mumbled and said “wo subah”

Maan innocently asked “subah kya Geet…”

Geet gathered all her strength and said “Sorry I pushed you in the morning…I thought anyone will see us…but later I came to know that blinds are closed…I am really sorry Maan…my intention was not to hurt you”

Maan took her hand in his and said “its ok Geet…I can understand…” Geet eyes were moist so Maan slowly rubbed tears with his hand and said “I cant see tears in your eyes Geet…” saying this he kissed her forehead…Geet unable to control her feeling and hold his tight and Maan was happy seeing his effect on Geet…he came closer to her fanned on her lips…felt left like electric shock on her whole body and she was trembling with little fear…she closed her eyes fearing that Maan will read her eyes and thought “babaji please mera madad karna…I want to give this relation a chance and I cant keep running away from Maan. I need him as Pari’s Dad…Meera’s brother…Dadima’s grandson and …and also has my husband…I know he suffering for whatever he did to me…I can see guilt in his eyes…please babaji…give me strength to come out of my past…I have trying my level best and I know he is trying his level best to erase all the pain he gave me in past”…she came out her thought when she missed his warmth and opened her eyes…saw Maan looking at her…she dipped her head down and asked “kya hua Maan…”

Maan: Geet I don’t want you to compromise…if you really feel for me and love me then we can move on…I know you are still not comfortable…but Geet closed his mouth from her palm and thought “Geet aaj math ruk naa…tumara dil ki bath unse kaho naa toh kabhi nabi kay pavogi and you cant keep on repenting about past” said “Maan …pls aise math kahiye” he looked at her in surprise and then Geet continued saying “even I want to move in this relation it is not for others but for myself and even Pari…I will be with me Maan…I need you”. Maan was happy listening to her and he hugged her tightly and Geet reciprocated by hugging him back…Maan can feel her softness…he wanted to feel her fully under him…he slowly put her on couch and climbed on her fully and hugged her… he looked at her and saying “I am crazily in love with you Geet…can I pls kiss you once” Geet looked at him and nodded her head…he dunno today’s specialty…he slowly came near her lips and pressed his lips on her inviting lips…he slowly started to suck her and his hands were roaming on her body and when he was about to enter her mouth they heard Pari’s shriek sound…he immediately parted from Geet and looked at her little swollen lips…Geet bend her head in shyness and Maan went to look after Pari…Geet immediately rushed towards washroom and saw her flushed face in mirror…she washed her face and lightly applied makeup which was in her bag and came to see Pari…Maan gave naughty smiled to Geet and went to washroom to freshen up…Geet got fresh milk from cafeteria and made Pari to drink it…once Maan came out she took Pari to washroom…Later Geet and Pari said bye to Maan and went to KM…Geet made Pari to write homework and she played few minutes with her and with the help of Nakul prepared dinner for them and they waited for Maan…he informed Geet he will be late and Geet made Pari to sleep with lot of difficulty and later when Maan came home she complained about Pari to him…they had dinner and Maan went to his room…he looked his princess and kissed her forehead…later when Geet came they both discussed about their personal and professional part and then Maan for sometime and sat in balcony watching moonlight…Maan cleared his throat and came near her and hugged her from back and whispered “hamara adhura kaam poora kare kya Geet?” he turned her face and slowly gave full mouth kiss to Geet and requested her to respond to him…she slowly started responding…they kissed again breathlessly…he kissed on her forehead and made her sleep next to Pari and he also slipped other side


Maan happy with blueprints


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