Vivah Bandhan – Part 26

Vivah Bandhan



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Maan knew Geet will good awesome in this dress with looking at her he forgot to blink his eyes…Geet came towards Amar and Pallavi and took blessing from them…she knew Maan looking at her, but she didn’t dare to look at him…Amar saw Maan mesmerized with Geet beauty he came near him and put hand on his shoulder and whispered “Maan I know my daughter is looking beautiful… she is only yours not need to gape at her like that…come lets have breakfast” Maan blushed listening to his Dad and followed him…Pallavi made Geet to sit and she served everyone and she also had breakfast along with them…Pallavi gave dahi shakkar to Geet, Maan wished goodluck to Geet . Maan went to office and here Geet and Amar drove towards KC





Dev welcomed Geet and Amar…they went directly to Amar’s cabin. Dev gave all necessary documents to Geet and informed her to call him if she need any information. Amar showed Geet her cabin and she started to read files to understand basic and thought “Geet, now you will face the real problem, you promised maa that you will take care of business and after reading this files its not easy task, you have to break your head for that”

 Dev and Amar both discussed about some projects and then Dev left for his cabin. Geet came to Amar cabin and asked some doubts and he slowly narrated the job description to Geet and he gave her clear picture of what they do in office. Has Geet been clever student she understood and in middle she cleared some doubts also. Amar appreciated her intelligence and now he was cent percent sure that his daughter Geet can take over the business and thanked god for that. Geet then went to her cabin to work and also she discussed about the ongoing projects with Dev, he narrated about the present projects and took her office tour. Dev introduced her to all the team and also head of the teams who will work closely with her

Sasha Mathur: Head Architect

very good in nature, she respects Amarnath very much. Her father was working with and died in accident. At that time she was studying in plus two. She has one younger brother and mother. When all her relatives turned their back when she actually needed their help at that time only Amarnath and his wife supported her. He was the one who helped her to get into one of the prestigious college and also look after her expenses. She can go to any level to help Khurana’s family. Even some rivals tried to pay and get some information from her about the projects but she is very active and can understand the motive behind their help. But she never entertained any one.

Aditya Singh and Pinky Singh: Accountant and Receptionist

Aditya joined Khuranas after completing his graduation, he was one of the merit student he is an orphan. He fell in love with Pinky when he started working for Khuranas and Amarnath and Pallavi spoke to Pinky’s parents and also helped them to settle down

Dev went to his cabin and Geet spoke to them, she addresses Sasha has Mam and Aditya has Adi Sir, when they both told her to call her their name respectively she informed them that she is giving respect for their work, they were amused with her behavior then and they all liked her very much. Later she went to Amar’s cabin and said “Paa I spoke to Dev and he introduced to me to Sasha mam and Adi sir, and I discussed about the project with them, I am sure that they will do their job very well and in middle I will go and check with them and also informed them to come to me if they have anything to discuss or any problem” Amar smiled at his daughter enthusiasm. Then Geet called peon and asked him to bring two coffees, she went to her cabin and brought Amar’s tablets from her handbag and handed over to him. He made faces to have tablets but Geet did not listen to that and after Amar had tablets, meanwhile peon brought coffee to both of them, they had coffee together and Geet spoke to Pallavi in front of Amar and narrated her everything later she gave phone to Amar and informed him that “Paa I will now I go to my cabin and work” to which Amar smiled at her.

Amar had tears in his eyes when he spoke to Pallavi and said “aab mujhe koi shaqh nahi hai Pallavi, my daughter will look of our family business now I have complete trust on her, you don’t believe what happened today” and then he also narrated her everything and said “I can forgive Maan’s mistake only for Geet, because of him I got daughter like Geet” Pallavi also nodded her head hearing Amar she knows what this company meant for her family now her in-laws worked day and night to establish KC, she was also disappointed because of Maan’s career plan. Today her family is happy this is all because of her DIL Geet. After disconnecting call Pallavi informed Nakul to prepare special sweets for Geet and then she called Maan to check whether he is coming for lunch at KC or KM

When Maan received call from his mom he was very happy and said “Mom I will have my lunch at KC, ok mom now I should go for surgery meet you at KC…bye mom love you” saying this he disconnected the call. Pallavi was amused by her son’s behavior and she called immediately to Amar and informed him about her conversation with Maan. Amar listened to her carefully and said “Pallavi our son is in love with Geet, now you will see changes and be ready for that…aur ek bath”

Pallavi: kya hai?

Amar: I love you sweetheart…

Pallavi: aap bhi naa…said with blushing and cut the call

Later Pallavi packed lunch with the help of Nakul and informed him to keep carrier in car…she got ready and went to KC.


Maan came to his cabin after lunch and informed his junior to call him in case of emergency and happily drove car to KC…he went first to Amar’s cabin and greeted him…meanwhile Pallavi also came to KC…Maan excused himself and went to meet Geet…when he entered Geet’s cabin she was endorsed in XYZ company file…Maan admired looking at her…he folded his hand and was staring at her, he forgot about his surrounding

Geet felt someone gaze on her, first she thought it her illusion but when she continuously felt gaze on her she looked at the door she saw Maan who was staring at her…Geet first got confused thinking this she is dreaming about Maan, she moved her chair and came in front of him called “Ji Suniye…” but there was no response from him and the called him bit loud “Maan”…Maan came out from his Geetland looked at Geet who was looking at him confusingly…he cleared his throat.

Geet: Kya hua aapko? Aap teek toh hai naa

Maan brushed off his thoughts and said “haan Geet mein teek hoon…I am sorry mere wajah se tumhe yahan kaam karna pad raha hai”

Geet: please aap maafi math manghiye…mujhe koi problem nahi hai yahan…paa hai and colleagues bhi bahut acche hai, they all take care of me very well

At the same time Pallavi came to Geet’s cabin to call them for lunch… “Maan, Geet chaliye kana kane ka time hogaya hai…” both nodded their head and followed Pallavi. All sat in Amar’s cabin and Geet served to all of them including her and Amar narrated once again to Pallavi and Maan about Geet’s work. Amar was so happy and proud of his DIL Geet…Maan and Pallavi were also happy to see Amar’s enthusiasm. After lunch Geet informed both Amar and Pallavi that she has some work and went to her cabin…Maan informed Amar that he will see if Geet need any help and went to Geet’s cabin. Amar eyed to Pallavi and they both were happy for Maaneet

Maan came inside Geet cabin and said “Geet, tume kuch help karu?”

Geet: nahi Maan…zadaa kaam nahi just going to project file so that I am understand my work

Maan saw Geet reading some XYZ file and he searched for old projects files of same company and started to read…Maan discussed about the project with Geet, later helped her to make note of some important things which she will help her in current project. Geet narrated about the project she was reading and with the help of Maan she prepared rough note so that she can discuss with Dev…Maan thought “I knew she is intelligent…par I never knew she will take this work so seriously…I am falling day by day for her…” After completing her work Geet looked at Maan and asked “aap rest nahi karengay”

Maan: nahi…aaj se mein dophar office akar tumara madad karunga…I don’t want you to take much burden and also it will help me to get some business knowledge

Geet: par aap ko dekh kar aisa nahi lagta ki aap ko business kaa jaankari nahi hai…you helped me lot

Maan: I have knowledge Geet…I used to read files which Dev used to bring home and also I have good collections of construction books…I used to go through it in free times that helped me now

Geet: then I don’t need to worry; you are there to help me

Maan: of course Geet…its learning experience for both of us…talk to Dev and Dad and let me know it will help me also…and Geet…

Geet looked at him…and asked “kya hua Maan…aapko kuch khena hai kya?”

Maan: Geet mein soch raha tha ki mein bhi business join karoon…woh…Geet looked at him with shock…than Maan continued saying…Dad bhi khush honge aur tume bhi pareshaan nahi hongi naa Geet…I know it is very difficult for you and what will Arjun and your parents will think about me? it does not look good…I am feeling guilty Geet…your are taking my responsibility which I never understood till now…it pricked me when Dad told us about your dedication and work towards KC which as a son I should fulfill

Geet: Maan…mujhe koi parishani nahi hai…I am happy that you want to take responsibility of KC…hum iske bare mein aaj sham bhath karengey…lets work it on Maan…believe me

Maan nodded his head…later they talk few minutes and then Maan talk to his father and went to his hospital. Here Geet talk to Dev and he made some small correction and then they both talk to Amar. Dev called all the team members to conference room and discussed about the project and informed Sasha’s team to prepare blueprints. Geet also joined Sasha’s team to know about their work…Sasha and team draw rough sketch and she explained each and every detail to Geet…when Geet asked about her doubts Sasha cleared it without any fuss…by end of the day they both became good friends…Even Adi told Geet that he will help her…but Geet said “Adi Sir…aaj Sasha mam ka sar mein kaliya…first I want to prove to her after she pass me in this exam I will come to you so that you can teach me remaining things”

Sasha: kya mam aap bhi

Geet: please Sasha mam call me Geet…and I am new here I want to learn things one by one it take time…

Adi: don’t worry Geet we are here to help you…whenever you need any help please come to us 

Sasha: yes Geet…you can call us any time…now we became good friends also…to which Geet nodded her head…Meanwhile peon informed Geet that Amar is calling her, she thanked both Adi and Sasha and headed towards Amar’s cabin

Geet: paa aapne mujhe bulaya?

Amar: haan Geet…you were not in your cabin…called just to check with you how everything is going on

Geet: bahut accha hai paa…you know what happened…then she explained how Maan helped her and also about Sasha’s help

Amar: agar aaj ka kaam katam hogaya toh chalo hum ghar chalte hai…its already five now

Geet: teek hai paa…just give me few minutes I will come back

Then she informed to Adi Sasha and Dev about her leaving and she took some files along with her and met Amar…Later they both went to home. Pallavi served coffee and snacks to them, Geet got fresh and came to kitchen to help Nakul…he politely denied her. Geet went back to her room and start reading files and making notes of them and once she finished it she discussed with Amar. Maan came home around dinner time and they went to sleep early

Days passed with same routine and now Geet got used to her work and she started learning new things. Maan tried his best to support her because he was help up with his duties. Sasha Adi Amar were great support to Geet, she missed Maan many times but she ignored thinking that he is trying his best to give this relation a chance. Sasha accompanied Geet to business meeting also by the time they have become close friends. Amar now got relief, Pallavi thanked god so many times for sending Geet in their lives. Though she was working now she did not neglected her family, she was doing her duties properly and even spoke to her brother and parents…Everything was going smoothly


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