Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part 61

Mann se Zude Risthey



Maan nodded his head saying no and then looking at Pari said “agar tumara mummy aana chathiye toh aasakti hai…mein kyun bulau? Tumara mummy ko samajne chahiye ki wo apni parivar ke sath bahar jaa rahi hai…har bath par invitation dena zaruri nahi…aur har bath par babaji ko tang karna bandh karna chahiye…edar babaji nahi uska pati ice cream kahane ke liye lekar jaa raha hai..toh uska mujhse bath karna hai” . Pari did not understand anything she looked at her father and mother in awe. And looking at Geet condition Maan said “Geet apne mou toh badh karo…nahi toh makhi guss jahegi”…Geet closed her mouth and looked at him with anger without saying anything she went and sat in the car…Maan chuckled looking at her anger face and thought “iska kuch nahi wo saktha”…Even Maan and Pari joined Geet and they went to have ice cream


Part- 61


Maan parked car at Giani’s ice cream one of the famous ice-cream parlor. Like a true gentleman he opened door for Geet, once Geet come out he took Pari in his arms and walked along with Geet. When they walked in the manager took them to first floor, Maan needed privacy so he booked whole floor for one hour…Maan gave menu to Geet and told her to order, she looked at menu and ordered Caramel, Pulp Addiction Sundae, Brownie Sundae, Hot chocolate Fudge, Choco Nutty cone, Kuch Nahin Sundae, Strawberry Sundae and Fruit cream. Maan looked at her in shock. He smirked and asked “Geet pure barat ko kilane ka irada hai kya?” Geet opened her mouth and looking at his face said “agar aapko pure barat ko kilane ka mann hai toh app kar sakte…hey sirf mujhe aur Pari keliye…mujhe ice cream waste karna pasand nahi hai…isliye ethna he order kiya hai…agar kuch chahiye toh badh mein order karenge” she looked at Pari and asked “kyun Pari mummy teek kheh rahi hai naa?”. Pari who was waiting for chance to eat ice-cream how she will deny her mother who is fulfilling her wish and said “haan dada…Pali aur mummy khane ka cheez waste nahi karenge”. Maan was surprised with Geet who gave big explanation…he loved to see childishness in Geet…when the waiter placed the order and Pari and Geet jumped on that and they were tasting all the ice-cream…Maan looked at Geet who was not less Pari…he nodded his head and ordered Belgian Chocolate for him, he was eating less and admiring his wife and daughter more…it was fun to watch them…Maan did not even blinked his eyes because he did not want to miss this chance. We was looking at Geet and Pari who were enjoying and thought “thank god I booked whole hall…agar mein aise ajata toh enn din dono ka bactani harkate sabb ka entertain ho jatha”. Geet looked at Maan’s lost face and asked “kya hua Maan?”…Maan came out of his thoughts and asked “agar tum log ka hogaya toh kya hum chale” Geet and Pari smilinglynodded their heads…Maan shook his head thinking “inn dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta” all went to parking lot and Maan started his car. When they reached home Pari already slept in the car itself…Geet try to wake up Pari because she did not had milk and brushed her teeth. Maan came out of car and told “Geet, Pari so gayi hai…usko disturb math karo” saying this he slowly took Pari in his arms and walked inside…Geet looked at him in surprise, then followed him.


Maan slowly made Pari to lie on bed, he kissed her forehead whispering goodnight and covered her with duvet, Geet was looking at him amusingly. Maan went to change his clothes, here Geet came near Pari saying “Pari, chalo utto…dhoodh pee lo…uske badh brush karke so jana”…Pari tried to take Geet hands and said “plz mummy sone do naa..baut neeldn aa rahi hai”…Maan who came out of washroom, he came near Geet and asked “what are you doing Geet? I told you right to not to disturb her” Geet looked at him and said “wo…Pari ne dhoodh nahi piya aur brush bhi nahi kiya a…” Maan interrupter in middle and said “agar ek din dhoodh nahi piya hai toh kuch nahi hoga…aur brush subha kar legi disturb math karna”…Geet  got annoyed and said “teek hai, agar Pari ne bed wet kiya toh mujhe math boliye…and she gonna wake up in the night and make sure that you are going to handle her…and don’t eve dare to wake me up” saying this she took her night dress and changed in washroom…Maan was looking at her surprisingly and thought “meri princess hai I will manage her…what Geet is thinking? I will prove you today Geet that I can handle Pari…wait and see” thinking that he slept in one end. Geet slowly made Pari to sleep near Maan and she slept little far, Maan happily hold Pari in his arms and slept peacefully.

Maan  woke up in the night when he felt wetness, even Pari also woke up, so he took her in his arms and went inside washroom…Geet was awake and she kept quite because she wanted to see how Maan will handle Pari…she saw Maan struggling so she went to help him but Maan denied saying he will take care…then she came near cot and took out old bedspread and replaced with new one, here  Maan cleaned Pari and wiped her and made her to wear bathrobe, he came near wardrobe and changed Pari’s clothes and then he took bath and changed his dress, meanwhile Geet made Pari sleep and within few minutes Maan also joined them. It was around 5.00am when Geet woke up, she took bath and finished her daily chores and went to kitchen to help Nakul…Here Maan also woke up and went to gym…he got freshen and saw Pari still sleeping and thought Geet is busy, he woke up Pari and gave bath to her . When Geet gave to room she saw Maan struggling to tie pony to Pari, she immediately went near him and said “Maan…I will do it…its getting late, so you go and take bath” Maan sighed in relief and went inside bathroom…

When Maan came down ready, Geet was feeding Pari…after that Geet and Maan had their breakfast together and dropped Pari at school. Geet was little scared thinking about Pari thinking how she will be able to manage in new school…Maan looked at Geet who was lost in her thoughts, he cleared his throat to bring her out but Geet was in her own world so Maan parked his car towards side and shook Geet asking “Kya hua Geet? Why are you so tensed? Agar tum office ke barien mein soch rahi ho toh don’t worry it is your office no one is dare enough to point their fingers in Mrs MSK and I am there with you to support and whenever you need any help you can come to me” Geet looked into Maan’s eyes and saw concern for her, she felt very happy for that and thought “Babaji, Maan apne aap ko pure tarah badal chuke hai…he is showing his concern for me which I am able to see in his eyes and even I can see his love for me and Pari…he is not the same man whom I met first, I never thought that he will change so fast, kitna fark hai…I am falling for him babaji…my heart says to love him but my mind is not ready for that. Earlier I was able to be far from him for some hours and now working with him how I am going to handle my heart now when he will be in front of me 24/7”

Maan again shook Geet hard this time and asked “Geet…please kuch toh batav…you silence is killing…” Geet immediately put her hand on Maan’s mouth saying “subh subh boliye…(she relaxed for sometime and continued sayind) aise math boliye Maan, you know me and Pari, cannot stay away from you” Maan was shocked listening to her this is the first time Geet voiced her feeling and then Geet continue saying “I was just thinking of Pari, this is very big school compared to the school she was studying in Pune, so I dunno how she will be able to manage”. Maan just shook his head in disbelief and said “Geet kabhi kabhi mujhe shaq hota hai ki tum bachi who or matured women…” Geet pouted listening to him and Maan said “you always surprise me with your antics Geet…I know you are worried about Pari, she is MSK’s daughter and don’t worry I am cent percent sure that she will able to manage and make new friends in this school also and she is very intelligent like me right” to which Geet nodded her head and then she realized what Maan said and she opened her mouth in shock. Maan smirked at her and said “Geet agar tum aise open invitation de rahi ho toh, mein apne aap ko control nahi kar sakta…and then don’t blame me that I kissed you in middle of the road” Geet immediately closed her mouth and eyes and thought “hai toh besharmi ki PHD kiya hai kya tabhi dekho kuch naa kuch karte hai” Maan smiled listening to her and said winking at her “PHD toh nahi kiya hai Geet, agar tum mera sath dhegi toh mein jaroor PHD karna pasand karunga” Geet bit her lower lip listening to him and said meekly “aab apko late nahi ho raha hai kya?” Maan wanted to crush her in his arms and eat her but he closed his eyes for few seconds controlling his erotic feeling and turned car to KC

 Maan parked his car and along with Geet he entered KC…When they stepped in they were showered by rose petals, both were looking at each other in surprise…they were not able to think what is happening…meanwhile Adi and Sasha gave flower bouquet to Geet welcoming her whole heartedly to KC



Maan was amused looking at them, he never shared any close bond with his employees but today he was respecting them in his mind because they treated Geet has one of their family member, who is his soul…then Maan thanked all of them and took Geet along with him to his cabin…Sasha and Adi joined them.

Maan: Adi I want all the new team members assemble in conference hall and Sasha please get the necessary document of projects and hand over to Geet. Sasha nodded her head and gave all details to Geet. Later Maan gave list of architect who will work under her and discussed few things with all of them and wished them success and informed Geet to take over the meeting. After Maan left Geet and Adi informed her that they will support her and if she needs any help she can ask them. Geet thanked both of them and then discussed with her new team members about plan of action. Later she asked them about their work so that she can assign job to them and she informed them that she will call them once she decide and she gone through each job profile and assigned work to them and thought to check with Maan once. First she was hesitate to ask him then thought “Geet this is not your house, its Maan’s company so you better ask help with him, he already informed you that he will support you” thinking that she went near his cabin.

Here Maan was discussing about his new project with Sasha and Adi when Geet knocked his door. Maan asked to come in and when Geet ask that he is busy with his work she excuse saying “Sorry…I didn’t know that you are busy…its ok I will come after your meeting” she started to go but Maan stopped her by saying “no Geet…its ok we will discussed it later…” he looked at Adi and Sasha and informed them that he will talk to them later to which they nodded their head gave smile to Geet and went out of room. Maan informed Geet to sit


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