Meri Sapno ke Duniya-Part 4

Meri Sapno ke Duniya





Looking at me shop uncle said “Beta yaha baito…daro math you friend will be here soon”, I nodded my head and sat inside…when I looked out I saw Rahul and Vijay both were searching me…I immediately sat down looking at them so that they can’t see me…Uncle saw my fear face but he did not ask anything…within few minutes Yash was there in his bike, he called on PCO and got address…he gave phone call money to uncle and looking at me he said “chalo Geet…I will drop you to home”








I silently followed him…Yash started his bike, he did not even spoke one word also with me, I was guilty for calling him when he was having his dinner and I was worn out with the situation, for the first time I felt today that life is not as easy like we imagine.  On the way I tried talking to Yash because I was not able to digest his ignorance…after some time he parked his bike near road side and said “are you out of mind Geet…how can you trust someone, do you know them? They are only employees in your company and tomorrow if anything happening to you then what will you do? Haan tell me, how you will fulfill your peoples wish, can’t you think before doing something. He said he will give money and without thinking you came behind them and now you want me to talk to you. If you don’t have brains then why cant you discuss with us…you have some trusted friends” Misty I was full of tears and I did not utter single word also, I know Misty its my mistake and because of babaji’s grace I am fine …what Yash told me was right and if they ra***d me then I would have committed suicide. Looking at my face Yash stopped scolding me and told me to sit behind his bike…remaining journey was silent and he dropped me at home and gave Rs5000 saying “Geet I am your friend…don’t do this again, I am sorry for shouting at you, from today please don’t hesitate to call me” I simply nodded my head and said Thankyou. I was not feeling like working so I called my manager and informed him that I am unwell and applied two days leave…I went to post office early morning and sent money to Veena through money order …In afternoon I got call from Yash saying that he need to talk to me…I told him that I am at home and applied two days leave…Yash said he will meet me at park which is near my house and told me to come after half an hour



When I went I saw Yash who was thinking seriously, I went and sat next to him and asked “Yash Kya hua…etna serious kyun ho? And why you wanted to meet me today” Yash looked at for some time and said “Geet leave your job and search for new one” I looked at him and asked “why you want me to leave my job? what happened to you all of the sudden ? ” then Yash told me that Rahul vijay and others planning to kidnap me…I laughed at him and said “pagal ho gayi wo kya? Is it that easy to kidnap me? I am not in any remote place” Yash then narrated about the conversation going in my office and his friend informed him about this and he also requested Yash not to say his name. “Yash, I can’t leave job all of the sudden, I will try for new job and once I get then I will leave…but I will be careful” Yash thought for some time and said “I have one plan…tell them that you are getting engaged” I looked at him in shock and said “what’s wrong with you? Why should I tell lie” but Yash said “Geet they are targeting you because you are alone and the other girl in office have boyfriend and if you tell them that you are engaged then I think they will come not behind you…and let us try this or else you should leave job” Misty I thought for some more time and then I agreed, we both went to nearby jewelry shop and purchased one gold ring and then Yash went to his house…I called my boss and informed him that my father is unwell and requested 2 extra days leave to which he agreed, then in these three days off I tried for so many company and at last I got job in courier company who deal with private bank debit and credit cards and they told me to join after 15 days…I informed same to Yash and he was relieved…after my leave I went to office wearing saree and gave sweets to everyone informing them about my engagement. Some were really happy and some pretended to be happy…but I ignored everyone and worked there for another 15days and Yash was great help for me…he used to give ride to me everyday…or if he is busy he used to inform his friend to drop me…I thanked babaji very much for giving friend like Yash and next in this 15 days I changed my room and did not inform to anyone about my whereabouts…only my sisters and close friends knew about my new house


Next started my new job…everything was fine…good boss and his wife also very good lady no problem at all…but the main problem was sometime it will be too late when I reach home…has courier comes late in the evening we should first finish writing POD slips and then segregate them according location wise and then we should go home…me and Susheela worked on that and she will move by 9.00pm and when I reach home it will be around 10.00 or 10.30pm. when I spoke to my boss he said he come late to office in the morning… again my job hunting started and with the help of one uncle I got offer to work at consulting company as recruiter…its was software recruitment job and they offered me because I had experience in tele-marketing, and my salary was 4500…Sofia was my senior and MBA graduate …she first thought me how to talk and to search profiles …first it was very difficult because I dunno anything about software…I started using yahoo groups, linkden, orkut facebook most of the site…Yash got offer from MNC elevators company and he was busy…I was busy in my job…I used to see Sofia always typing something and laughing…then I asked her why she is laughing like that she explained me about online chatting and she was in love with NRI…I was surprised but did not say anything…I got involved in my job and started to learn about software skills which is useful for recruiting…meanwhile I got some online friends also who helped in searching profiles..Everything was fine and my sister’s informed me that they job new job and from now they will stay with us…I was very much happy and informed to my roommate…she told ok and my sisters joined and we all started to work


I tried to save some money so that it will be useful for our future and after some months my roommate informed me that she wants to move out…so I took some time and arranged advance money and informed owner also from now I will be paying rent, to which they agreed. Meanwhile Yash gifted mobile to me…Meanwhile Yash forced me to complete my education and because of him I enrolled myself in one of distance education programme. Then Misty I planned to save money and started saving and I purchased gold chain for my sister Sameera and then to  Swathi…now I was thinking about their marriage and in the meantime uncle who helped me getting job told that he need me to come and stay with them because his daughter will be alone at home and Rajii was cribbing every time I go home that even she wanted to come and stay with us…I asked uncle whether Rajii can stay with them and Rajii wants to join college…he informed me not to worry and he will take care of her…he and his wife made Rajii to join evening college. Rajii started going to college and every weekend we used to go and meet her…one day Rajii informed me that her friends are working in the morning and attending college in evening, even she wanted to work…first time I felt my sister has really grown up…we sister gave permission to her and also informed her to take care of her and call us whenever she is in problem. Veena completed her medical course and joined us and we both discussed about sister’s marriage and started to search for good house so that all of us can stay. Years passed and I started looking for job, after lot of try I got offer other consulting company for 8000 and plus incentives for placements.  I wanted to inform this is Yash…and I forgot to tell you Misty, in this meantime Yash started distancing himself from me, I dunno what happed to him, he stopped talking to me completely and one day I called his office and their I came to know that he is getting married. Misty in these three years of friendship I think I got attract to Yash and maybe he sensed that…I asked him why he did not inform me so he told me that he thought I will feel bad so he did not told me and by then I understood that it was mere attraction and I have my responsibility so without showing any emotions to Yash I congratulate him and that’s the end of Yash character in my life…I was feeling bad because he did not inform me and Misty he was my best friend. I resigned my job and joined new company with lot of ambitions and my work started I worked really hard and within a month I placed 13 testing candidates on client board…company was very much happy and they have 5000 has incentives.  Having money in hand first thing came to my mind is to purchase gas for cooking purpose till now we were using electrical stove…I got ID and address proof from the company and purchased Indane Gas.


Everything was going according to our plan and one day uncle informed us that they are moving to Pune and we planned to move to uncle’s house we met owner and aunt informed owner that we will we residing in that house…owner agreed and rent is 4500 and advance is 50000…when I told to di, she was very much angry and both of them scolded me saying I am mad. And if I want to go I can they will not join me, I spoke to Rajii she said “di this house is every good and in decent area, and it will easy for us to look for groom” I agreed and with the help of my colleagues I paid advance amount and paid to the owner…After everything done my sister brother joined me in new house


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