MG FF-Vivah Bandhan- Part 25

Vivah Bandhan

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Dev: par uncle…aapa ka health? How you are going to manage

Amar: I will discuss about this tomorrow, I have not finalized anything as of now and we meet in office tomorrow and discuss. Dev and Naintara gave gift to Geet and Maan and Amar took Dev along with him to study room to get final update…Maan was silent spectator here. Pallavi told Maan to come along with her and she discussed about Geet with him and told him to decide and let them know..Maan was shocked to the core and said “kya aap Geet ko yahan bulayengi…mujhe usse bath karna hai” Pallavi said ok and went down to call Geet. She saw NT and Geet discussing, she went near Geet and said “Maan wants to talk to you Geet…he is waiting in your room”, Geet just nodded her head and went to meet Maan…







when she came inside Maan shouted at her saying “what you want to prove Geet? Do you have little respect for me? How can you decide to join KC without letting me know…how can you disrespect me Geet,“…Geet looked at him and said “I do not want to prove anything Maan, as a son it is your duty to fulfill your parents wish, but for you, your dream is important, we are not compelling you to leave your dream job and join business, and we are not sure whether you are willing to do…jab se mein KM ayee hoon maa aur paa treated me like their own daughter, and has a daughter its my duty, so I decided to help paa in his business and as far as asking your permission, I was willing to do and I have not decided in morning itself, when I spoke to you in the afternoon you were not ready to discuss with me, so instead of sitting ideal at home, I can help paa, so first I thought to talk to you and then let ma and paa about my decision…but looking at them I requested paa to give some time for me to prove myself and if I am not able to succeed then he can make final decison”


Maan: jo bhi wo Geet, as a wife it is your duty to inform me first and after that you can let others know about your decision


Geet got angry with Maan, she never thought Maan will talk to her like this and she remembered how he treated her and said sarcastically “ohh really Mr Khurana, now you remembered I am your wife” Maan was stunned listening to his wife and thought “isse kya hua? Abhi taq mera sare kaam bina bataye kar rahi thi, aur jab mien isska ignore kar raha tha tab bhi silent thi…aaj achanak isse kya hogaya hai, she never spoke to him so rude, and today why she is angry at me today, what I told her” Geet looking at his lost face said “mein iss ghar ka bahu hoon Maan aur ma aur paa kuch lagte hai mere liya, you are behaving like they are not in family…aap ko toh khush hona chahiye…because I am taking your responsibility…and now I don’t want to argue with you, if you can understand me then it is well and good or else I cant help it…aur ghar mein mehmaan hai, lets talk later if you wish to do” saying this she went down without waiting for his reply…Maan then thought what he said to her and why she got angry on him and looking at her snap said “I am sorry Geet…I behaved like fool with you…I was angry because I wanted you to talk to me first…but in this I forgot that you are helping my Dad and once again sorry for being rude with you…come on Maan now get ready to ask sorry with her…I don’t think Geet will forgive you soon”. When he came come she saw Naintara Geet and his mother were in deep discussion about some jewellery design…“pata nahi, what is there in that Jewels most of them are behind that…yahan business problem ka solution doondh naa hai par these three beautiful ladies are discussing about jewel designs…crazy women’s…” he just nodded his head and was busy in his phone.,It was around eight when Dev and Amar came out of study room.  After dinner Dev and Naintara went to their house


Maan Geet Amar and Pallavi were sitting in leaving room…they all were silent and looking at this Maan looked at Geet who was sitting next to Pallavi…she just gave glare to him and looked other side. After some time Maan looked and Geet he asked Amar “Dad…aab problem solve ho gayi hai naa…phir aap log ethne chup kyun hai”. Amar just kept quiet, he did not want to discuss anything with Maan…he was angry with him. Pallavi looked  at Amar pleading, he nodded his head and said “haan, problem toh solve ho chukka hai, par mujhe tumara permission chahiye…Geet phele tumara biwi hai…agar tum chati ho toh Geet KC mein work karein wo karegi…nahi toh mein aab bhi healthy hoon..and I can take care of business…because of someone I don’t want to shut my business, my first priority is business…your mother is there to take care of house and she will also support me, KC sirf company nahi…KC mein hamara elders ka blessing hai, my father and grandfather worked very hard and today more than 2000 employees are working in KC all over india…tume tumara sapna hamara family business se badi hai, par mere liye KC baghawan ka mandir hai…till my last breathe I will work, aur mein mera faisal kisi keliye bhi nahi badlunga” Maan was looking at his father in shock…Amar stood up to go to his room and before that he said “Maan I have not pressurized Geet to join KC…it is her wish. She wants to work. Me and your mother don’t have any problem with that, and I don’t want any misunderstanding between you guys, after so many months I am seeing smile in both of your face, so it is up to you guys to discuss and decide, I will wait for your decision…so you both decided and tell me tomorrow, I want both of you to be happy”…Pallavi was quiet disappointed with Amar and thought “Amar ko aise boleni zarurath kyat hi? Meine socha, agar Geet Amar ke sath kaam karegi to unhe kuch haram milege..apne bath per kuladi marne ki kya zarurath thi…Geet ne acchi kasa plan kit hi…now what will these two will decide, jabse room se bahar haye hai tabse dushmano ki tarah gur rahe hai…pata nahi aab kya musibat layenge hey dono” Amar looked at Pallavi and was sure that she was not happy with his decision, he went near her and said “chalo Pallavi, let us give them privacy, they will decide and let us know in the morning” saying this he wished goodnight to both Maan and Geet and went to their room.


Maan and Geet looked at each other, Geet felt really bad, she knows because of Maan her paa has taken this decision and she do not want to talk to him, so she hurriedly went to her room…Maan looking at retiring figure of this and thought “dekho aab usse mujhe baat karneka mann bhi nahi hai..chalo Maan lets talk to her…its very important now or else Dad will also think that I am not happy with Geet decision”. When he came to room he saw Geet sleeping covering her face in palm Maan knew that she has not slept and he went near her and took her hands in his hand and called “Geet…” but there was no response from her…Maan then went near to Geet side and shook her saying “Geet, I know you are awake…please listen to me…I am not angry with you” but Geet did not spoke to him and Maan tired few more times, he got angry and said “fine if you do not want to listen to me then fine…why should I break my head, Dad told us to take decision and when you are not ready to discuss with me then its your wish, do whatever you want to do, I will not involve in your matter…galathi tumari hai aur tum mujhse gussa wo…wow great kya zindagi mila a mujhe”. Maan went towards his side to sleep, he switched off light and he was thinking about his and Geet relation…Geet was feeling bad, because till now she never behaved like that with anyone, she was angry on herself for behaving like that in front of Maan, she was still not able to understand why she was angry with Maan and she did not even listened to his part, she looked at Maan who was sleeping next to her, she went near him and kept her head on his chest and hugged him…Maan suddenly felt weight on his chest and when he looked he saw Geet sleeping on his chest hugging him, he was feeling to hug her back but he was angry on Geet because from half an hour he is trying to console her but she did not respond to him…Geet raised her head and looked at Maan and said “I am sorry, pata nahi maine aisa kyun behave kiya, mein jaan bujkar hey nahi kiye, please mera vishwas kejiye” when she did not get response from him, she felt like crying and tears started flowing from her eyes.


Maan immediately made her to rest on bed and switched on light saying “kya hua Geet, phele bina matlab mujhes naraz hoti wo, aur jab mein tume manana atha hoon, tab nacre karti wo…jab mein chup hota hoon, tab tum mere pass aathi wo…mujhe samaj mein nahi aa raha hai Geet, agar tume mujse door rehna hai toh tum” Geet got up suddenly and closed his mouth from her palm saying “please aisa math kahiye Maan, mein bardaash kar nahi pavungi…aaj jo kcuh bhi hua sab mera galthi hai..aapka nahi, please mujhe maaf kejiye…please …sob …please mujhse door math jahiye Maan, I am really sorry …sob…sorry” Maan took her in his arms and said “I am sorry Geet…please roh math…mein dekh nahi pavunga” saying this he wiped her tears. He gave water to drink and asked “aab batavo, kya hua? Tum mujhse naraz kyun hai? Meine tume kuch nahi kaha”. Geet wiped her tears and said “maine paa and maa to iss halat mein dekh nahi pavungi…aap unke madat kar ne rahe aur mujhe bhi rokh rahe hai…maine aapse koi bhaat chupana nahi chati thi, mein aapse bhaat karna chathi thi, jab dophar khane ke liye aap ghar haye meine aapse baath karne koshish ki par aap mujhse gussa hokar mera poora baath bhi nahi suna apne aur khane ka baad aap chup chap chale gale, mein maa aur papa ko toothe hue nahi dekh paye isliye meine un dono se KC join karne ka decision bhata diya…meine socha aap mere decision par khush honge, aur mujhe aapse bhath karne ka mouka bhi nahi mila toh mein kya karun” Maan nodded his head with smile and said “Geet phele mein tumse gussa nahi hoon, actually meine tumse dophar bhath karne wala tha, par ek emergency call aagaya isliye bhaath nahi hopayee tumse..aur jab mom ne tumara decision bataya mujhe bura laga kyunki tum mujhe nahi bataya…isliye mein tumse gussa hogaya, aur gusse mein tume kuch zyada bol gaya for that I am really sorry…agar tum baat baat par aise roti rahogi toh…tumara kuch nahi ho sakta…pata nahi tum KC kaise handle kar pavogi…Geet are you sure that you can handle such big responsibility, or else we can find someone who can take care of business…and I will help you”. Geet looked at Maan annoyingly and with pout said “Maan, paa will not agree for this, he is ready to rejoin business from tomorrow and you know that he cant take stress, and maa will be also worried…If I am there with paa then I can learn how to handle business and also I can see to that he is not stressed and less work loaded to him, so I told them that I like to work…and it is helpful to you also, you can concentrated on your job and no one will pressurize you or else today or tomorrow seeing situation going out of your hand you will join business leaving your dream instead of sitting alone at home I can work and help you guys…what say?”


Maan was proud at his wife, even though he was disturbed that his wife did not share with him first, he always wanted her to be independent, but listening to Geet, he fallen in love with her again and said “Geet..dont talk to me like this…I am falling for you again and again…agar kuch uoonch nicch hogaya mujhe math kehnaa” Geet blushed listening to him…Maan looked at her again and said “Geet don’t blush like this…agar tum aise blush karti rahegi toh mein control nahi kar pavunga…I want to understand you well before taking this relation to next level and if you tempt me like this then I am sorry I will take you now itself and slowly try to understand you” he winked at Geet saying this and Geet gasped listening to him, she did not have guts to stand before him so she took her night dress which was on table and ran to washroom to calm her heartbeats. She waited in bathroom till her heartbeat get calm and then she changed to night dress and came out of bathroom…she saw Maan resting in the bed and slowly she went towards her side and slept thanking her babaji in mind but her pray short lived when she felt Maan’s and on her waist…he came near her and said “mujhe bagne ki koshish kar rahi wo Geet…wo iss janam mein nahi hoga…” Geet interrupted him and said “I thought you were sleeping…”


Maan naughtily hugged her from back and said “how can I sleep without you in my arms…misty” Geet turned towards Maan and raised her eyebrow asking “who is misty?” …Maan took her in his arms and gave peck to her forehead saying “tum…wo meri misty” and then looking at her eyes said “kal se tum bahut busy hogi Geet…and I want to tell you something…I want to help you in business, and KC hamara hai toh we should take care of it…I do one thing from tomorrow I will join you in lunch and evening after my work…what you say, we will get sometime to spend together also” to which Geet nodded her head…”chalo Geet aab so jathe hai…kaafi der hogayi hai, we should inform Dad that you will be joining business” then maaneet slept hugging each other…


Next day Geet woke up little early, after taking bath she went to kitchen to help Nakul, they both prepared breakfast and Geet took morning tea to her in-laws room gave then tea, she did not say anything about joining KC so Amar and Pallavi thought Maan did not agree, they were disappointed but did not showed in front of Geet…Geet once again checked about breakfast and went to her room, Here Maan woke up and after gym he went to take bath…when Geet came to room she saw Maan ready for office and seeing Geet image in mirror he signed her to come near him…when she came Maan gave one packet to her and said “get ready in this dress today Geet…first time you are entering business world” Geet looked at him and packet in confuse…Maan shook his head and said “its just anarkali suit Geet, go get ready, mom and dad will be waiting for you” Geet smiled at him, she had tears in her eyes and said “thank you very much for the gift and Maan I have not informed to maa and paa…they are waiting for you” Maan nodded his head and said “Geet you don’t worry I will talk to them…first you get ready and come down”


Maan then went down, here Geet caressed dress with love and get to get ready. Maan informed to his parents about their decision and also he will help Geet in his free time and from today to send food to KC he will join them. Amar and Pallavi both were happy listening to them, Pallavi kissed Maan’s forehead and blessed him…they heard footstep and was awestruck to see Geet who was looking like angel



Maan knew Geet will good awesome in this dress with looking at her he forgot to blink his eyes…Geet came towards Amar and Pallavi and took blessing from them…she knew Maan looking at her, but she didn’t dare to look at him…Amar saw Maan mesmerized with Geet beauty he came near him and put hand on his shoulder and whispered “Maan I know my daughter is looking beautiful… she is only yours not need to gape at her like that…come lets have breakfast” Maan blushed listening to his Dad and followed him…Pallavi made Geet to sit and she served everyone and she also had breakfast along with them…Pallavi gave dahi shakkar to Geet, Maan wished goodluck to Geet . Maan went to office and here Geet and Amar drove towards KC



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