MG FF Meri Sapno ki Duniya-Part 2




My dad has central government job…I used to love him so much; he was staying away from us in Kerala. We used to stay at grandfather house, hoshiarpur mien hamara ek dukhan tha, Maa used to look after that along with darji, Maa worked at home and at shop also, she was so tired…looking at her Sameera didi started to take house responsibility slowly me and Rajii both used to help her…yearly once papa comes to home with lot of local sweet which we all used to like, whenever he comes he pampers us so much…but I dunno what was running in didi’s mind she used to be far from him. Maa dunno whether she loves him or hate him. But Darji was very proud of him so whenever he used to come darji tell maa to prepare non-veg, maa will not utter anything she used to prepare what darji says…papa will go out to have his drinks (you know why because darji won’t allow drinks at home) with his friends and come home after 9.00pm because darji will be slept by them. I and Rajii will also go for bed by the time he reached home. I dunno what happened about that…after coming to certain age I came to know about my father that he got married to some local but they don’t have children, maa did not say anything, she did not fight with papa, when I asked her about this she scolded me and I looked at sameera di who was angry at me, I knew that Sameera di knows about that, so me and Rajii both decided to ask with di…I still remember I was in 7th std and Rajii at 5th and di at 9th.

One Saturday after coming from school we got fresh and went to see Sameera di she was busy in kitchen preparing for evening snack…woh I forgot to tell you, it was like military rule, darji want to everything on time, morning at 8.00am breakfast, 1.00pm lunch and 5.00pm snacks and 8.00pm dinner. Half an hour before everything should be ready…di was cutting onions for pakoda, we both went to her like good siblings to help. Di did not allowed Rajii to help her, she told her to sit in the corner gave onion to me, I cursed myself and helped her…but the end my eyes was full of tears…I went to washroom to wash my face, when I came back dough was ready…she prepared pakoda and put two flask and sent Rajii to shop…after sometime Rajii came and we kept snacks in separate plate and tea for me and di and milk for Rajii, di kept it in terrace and we all sat around and eat

Di asked what we both want to hear from her, me and Rajii looked at her and asked hesitantly about papa…Di got serious all of the sudden and told “uss aadmi ke barien mein mujhse kyun pooch rahi wo tum dono…tumara favorite papa hai naa, jab wo ayenge unse directly pooch lena” while saying this he had tears in her eyes and I asked “please di , hume bhi bataye naa…aap unse naraz kyun hai” di wiped her tears and said “mein nafrat karti hoon uss aadmi se…pata hai kyun? He forgot that he has wife and three children at home who will eagerly waiting for him every year…you know how much he money he send for our education just 500 rupees…what maa will do in that 500 rupees…kisi ek kaa monthly fees bhi nahi bar sakti, maa takes that money only because of darji, she don’t want to hurt him, if darji was not there with us then think about our future…we both study in English convent and Maa is not able to pay fees for Rajii so she is studying in government school…pata hai maa ko kitna bura lag raha hai phir bhi who kuch nahi kheh sakti…maa ko kitna taqleef who raha hai hey mein janti hoon…aur uss aadmi ek aur shadi ki…jab usko ek family maintain nahi kar sakta hai…usko ek aur family chahiye…jab ghar aata hai thoda sweet lekar hata hai…kya ek baap ka karthavy hey ki 500 rupees money order kardo and saal mein bonus ki taraha sweet lekar avo” pata nahi hum dono kitne samaj payenge, but looking at di we both had tears…di saw and hugged both of us saying “tum donor oh mat, acche se padayi karna, bade hokar hume hamara family ko samalna hai” .Misty aise thi mera bachpan…but after that incident me and Rajii were not showed so much interest when papa came to meet us

After some years I was waiting for my tenth result and di was for her plus two result. Meanwhile papa came home and took me and Rajii to kerala, di rejected his offer saying she is not ready…me and Rajii went along with him to kerala and stayed there was a week…pata nahi jab mein uss aurat (sorry to use this word par mein kya karoon mein bhi ek insaan hoon…she knows about our family condition then also married him) her name is pushpa…whenever I see her I used to get angry on papa…but he had some things to say on his behalf like he was helpless, he needed someone to take care of him, I did not want to argue with him. Along with pushpa we went to temple, she brought gold earning for both of this…he were not happy and not sad also and when we came back, maa was very happy looking at us her eyes was telling this to us, that night papa went back to kerala

Misty, kya tum mera doubt clear kar sakti wo? Why was my dad helpless, when he needed someone to take care of him then why he didn’t take maa with him? Why he cannot think about maa’s helplessness? Is it only my mom’s responsibility to take care of children…you don’t believe me misty I still remember one day maa and papa both fought and she told him to take care of his children do you know what answer he gave… “Rano do you think you can blackmail me…no dear, I will take my daughters and make them to work as servant so that I will get enough money to drink”…me and di both looked at each other shocked and you know what I left on that day, to slap him…that day I decided to help, my first goal was to enroll Rajii in English medium. So I decided to earn first, park kaise?…i will let you know later bye




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