MG-FF-Meri Sapno ke Duniya-Part 3





I wanted to take tuitions to children, so that I can earn some money, par maa scolded me saying “tum phele apna padaye puri karo, I am earning it is enough for us, you no need to take responsibility of house…tumara maa abhi zinda hai…I want you to settle well, for that the only option is that you should get good marks so that you will get good job…aur aage babaji dekh lenge…you know about darji do not like any outsiders coming to house and if he gets to know that you want to you tuition than first he will throw you out of the house…first you think about urself, badi ayee problem solve karne” …I was looking at her like fool…Maa looked at me like if a word come out she gonna squeeze me. looking at her hitler face I did not had courage to talk to her…My college life was very good, I made some good friends, I got good marks …as per maa’s wish I came to Amritsar to continue my studies…I used to come home every week and papa used write letter to me saying that he did not do any mistake, and also telling about my mom is not good wife…so I wrote letter to him saying…“kuch bhi ho, mera mann mein ek hi sawal tha? Papa is it not your duty to look after your daughter’s, I dunno whether you have really faced problem with maa, but I never heard mom saying anything against you. May be she is suffering but she do not want anyone to know about her feeling so she acts like stubborn..pata nahi kya problem tha inn dono ke beach, mein kaun hoti in dono ko judge karnewali…I just concentrated on my studies…mera first year exam hai…when I went to college pata nahi kya hogaya tha mujhe…I liked to do, but lecturer told me to do BBM I happily agreed thinking that I am a bright student…hee he he ROFL. Meanwhile at home Masi came to house…oh Misty I forgot to tell you about Masi



Pammy Masi, my mom’s younger sister and my chachu’s wife …he is kaamchor…chichi used to help Maa and Darji in shop and at home…Masi have 2 daughters and one son namely Swathi, Veena and Brij and my brother whom I forgot to introduce you Arjun. So now we are totally 7 childrens, and 3 adults…life was very difficult for us, we tried so many times to be happy…but how can we be happy when we have lot of problems…it was very difficult to maa and chachi to pay fees for all seven childrens. Maa and Chachi were trying all possible ways to get us educated, in the meantime Darji got angry on chachu was stealing money and he shouted on him. Next day morning Chachu left house without saying to anything to anyone. Maa and Chachi were really pissed off and they gave complaint and even searched for him, but they were not success. As time gone every one forgot about him and then swathi and Sameera di completed their studies and went to Delhi in search of job…I tried my level best to complete my course but to my bad luck I lost interest in studies…mein fail ho gayi and then I joined my sisters and conveyed my Mom that I will continue my studies and also I will work…they were ok with that and then started my job searching program…In the meantime Darji health got upset and he expired…Dad did not come on time…sometime we were happy thinking that no one scold us but sometime we really got worried thinking about future…Darji had lot of money, he never told anyone where he kept money…we got only 5000 rupees from his account which used for his last rituals



Sameera and Swathi were working in some electrical company and they have company accommodation. Di spoke to her friends for my accommodation to which they agreed…first few month di used to pay for my expenses.  After a long search I got job in one consulting company has a receptionist…Misty you won’t believe I worked three months there and for that three months I got Rs 100/- as a salary that too when I asked him that I need money…I came to know that I don’t have future in this and then I decided to search job again…after that I got job in Screen printers and as receptionist…and my salary for 1500/-. I used to change three bus to reach my destination…work was going fine but Misty my boss he is womanizer which I came to know from one of the employee and I used to careful when he came to office…slowly my so called boss try to get close to me, he always used to say for me to stand near bus stop and he will drop me, I always nodded my head and escape from him…he used to get annoyed and one day he directly told me that he need to have sex with me…which shocked me to the core and told him that I need sometime…Misty you don’t believe, has it is month end I needed my salary and if I stop coming to office then I will lose my whole month salary which I was not ready to lose because it is my hardened money…meanwhile I searched for another job because job is must for me, I don’t want to burden my di’s again…di came to know from her friends that I am searching for job, I promised her to not to worry, I have already attended some interview and I am waiting for the results



Finally I for offer from solar company as Tele caller…I took my salary and told him that I am going to my native and will be back after 15days…has my boss wife was there, he did not say anything, and his wife trusted me enough…I thanked her and felt bad for leaving job without telling her, but I cant complain about her husband, I am not sure whether she believe me or not so I thought to say goodbye to the place and left taking my salary. Joined solar company and my god babaji pure ka pure musibat mera naam pe post kiya kya apne…Misty I tell you I am 22years and my company was full of marketing boys… “sab ki sab pagal hai…total may be 80 guys and in that maximum 8 were after me and pata nahi babaji inn logon ne apne zindagi mein kabi ladki dekhi bhi nahi”…whenever they come to office “wo aise goorthe hai ki, they are eating me alive” but some were true friends, I dunno whether I can call them friends or not…I job was going smoothly, meantime one of marketing guy introduced me to his friend Yash a decent looking guy.  Suddenly Veena called me and said she need 5000/- for paying fees and mom and chachi refuse her saying that they don’t have money…she was doing medical training…I assured her that I will help her and to give sometime to me…but she said she need money within a week or else they will not allow her to write exams…I spoke to my sister they said even they are helpless and the money they saved this month sent to maa… “aab mein kahan se paise lavo babaji…” I was so much tensed and got scolding from my manager for not working properly…I thought to ask with Yash because during this time he had become my good friend…I called him but I did not had enough courage to ask him because I was worried thinking that he may stop talking to me…



One more girl joined office and when she asked I told her about my problem, so she said she will also try…Rahul came to know that I needed money and he told “what Geet for just 5000 you are thinking so much, you would have asked me right, friends should help each other when there is the need, if you come along with me in the evening I will give you money”, I smiled weakly and nodded saying yes because I don’t have any other option…I need to help my sister. At evening after finishing my work I went along with Rahul to his place to get money…he took me to apartment and told me to wait and meanwhile Vijay one of the marketing executive in my company was there at room, Rahul spoke to him and he told me to wait so that he will bring money and went out…Misty I was not scared so much in my life, Vijay was looking at me like he is gonna rape me…he told me to see the house and will come within few minutes…I thanked god for leaving me alone and when I turned he went to washroom, I came out I saw door locked, I slowly unlocked door and came inside to be in safer side…I was listening to FM, and heard some sound when I turned I saw Vijay in towel and without showing my fear asked me “Vijay, what is this, cant you wear your dress and come outside when you know you have guest in your house”. He came near me and said “Geet…don’t hesitate I know you also wanted to enjoy looking after my physic…come dear lets enjoy”. Misty I dunno what got into me, I immediately pushed him and took bag which was nearby and ran outside house…I had no guts to look back…and bus stop is too far, now I cant take chance, so I decided to call someone for help…immediately I searched my bag and found Yash number in my phone book…I went to nearby PCO and called him…Yash was having his dinner and I told “Yash…this is Geet…please help me, I am in trouble, can you please come to XYZ road”…Yash was shocked and asked “where are you Geet? Its already 8.00pm now…what are you doing”…Controlling my tears I told him “Yash please save me…I need your please can you pls come to XYZ road …I cant talk to you muck, I don’t have enough money”. Yash controlled his anger and said “Geet give the call to shop owner” sensing his anger, I immediately gave call to shop owner saying “Uncle ji, I friend wants to talk to you” . I dunno what Yash spoke to him and then uncle gave call to me said to talk to Yash “Geet I have spoke to shop owner and chup chap wahan kade rahena…wahan se hilna bhi math” I said Ok and hung phone.



Looking at me shop uncle said “Beta yaha baito…daro math you friend will be here soon”, I nodded my head and sat inside…when I looked out I saw Rahul and Vijay both were searching me…I immediately sat down looking at them so that they can’t see me…Uncle saw my fear face but he did not ask anything…within few minutes Yash was there in his bike, he called on PCO and got address…he gave phone call money to uncle and looking at me he said “chalo Geet…I will drop you to home”


Chalo I will talk to you later and I know you will also scold me for my bewakoof




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