MG-FF-Meri Sapno ke Duniya

MG-FF-Meri Sapno ke Duniya


Geet is a 29 year old middle-class girl. Some of the characteristics to describe her would be sweet, spunky, lively & optimistic. She belongs to a progressive household that considers men & women to be equal.

DEV-my husband- after reading FF let me know what his character

Mohinder Handa- My father he is very confusing character for me today, you will get to know about him later



Rano Handa-My mother- thodi senti, thodi over reacting character and have lot of dreams about her daughter’s life



Sameera Handa- my elder sister- got married to business men 



Rajii Handa- my younger sister-got married to software engineer



Neelam Malhotra- my sister in law-because of her today I am in this situation



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