Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part 60

Mann se Zude Risthey



Maan took Geet hand in his hand and said “Geet first take wallet in your hands (she nodded her head, Maan gave sweet smile to her and then continued saying) and then open it and take money from it and close it like this and keep here…its very simple”  Geet was shocked to the core and pouted and said “aap mera mazak uda rahe ho?” Maan felt like kissing her breathlessly there itself but he controlled his feeling and said “nahi Geet you only asked me so I just narrated you how to do”…Geet got irritated and said “aap kya mujhe choti bachi samaj rahi hoo? Aap mujhe aise bhata rahe hai jaise meine abhi tak mere zindagi mein wallet dekhi nahi hoon”. Maan smiled listening to her and he wanted to continue talking to her because he get rare chances to talk to her and he is not fool to lose it and said “if you know about it then why were you staring at wallet like that?” before Geet answer to him Nakul knocked and came inside with coffee and tea cups for both maneet. Geet was hesitant to ask Nakul,  Maan understood Geet feelings took wallet from Geet and gave some money to Nakul




Geet was looking at Maan and then wallet, she saw Maan’s smiling face and thought “he look very handsome when he smile…hai naa babaji…khadus smile karne ko bhi kanjoosi kartha hai” then she remembered what happened few minutes before and pouted saying “aap apne aap ko kya samajthe hoo? Why are you smiling like this?”. “Maine kya kiya Geet? You were the one who was looking at wallet that this is the first time in your life you are seeing” said Maan. Geet who got irritated with Maan’s antics said “its not like you think ok…Nakul needed money for grocery and has this is the first time I was hesitant to take money from your wallet, you were not there so?”. Maan cut her in middle and said “so you thought I will think bad about you and you decided to give your money…right?” Geet nodded her head saying yes. Maan went near her and said “Geet you are my wife. Why I will think bad about you? You have full right on everything, please do not hesitate, I am earning for my family only naa” Geet nodded her head and Maan continued saying “agar patni pati ka jeb nahi kali karegi toh log tume shaqk karenge”. Geet raised her eyebrow and asked “why people will doubt me?”. Maan kept his hand on forehead…then he came near Geet and said “tum bahut boli ho Geet…I dunno how you managed yourself these years? Koi etna innocent kaise ho sakta hai? Its helpful for me dear…I love to be with you and guide you whenever necessary…par iskeliye tum fees dena padega” Geet looked at him questioningly, Maan came near her and raised her chin and gave peck on her lips saying “hey hai mera fees” Geet looked at him in utter shock, she was not expecting this from him…Pari who woke up looked at her mom and dad…she saw Maan kissing Geet and said “Dadda mummy ko kissy di mujhe nahi…” Maan looked at her shocked expression and he understood that she is not in sense and it will take some more time for her so he came near Pari and kissed her cheeks before taking her in arms and whispered to Pari something, they both came near Geet and at a time both kissed Geets cheeks and Geet came out of trance when she left something on her cheeks, surprised to see her husband and daughter who were looking at her amusingly, first she glared at Maan but next moment she forgot everything seeing his teasing smile and Pari was clapping her hands saying “hum mummy ko kissy di…Dadda ne mummy ko kissy di”

Geet took Pari in her arms and kissed her both cheeks and said “Pari come, I will give milk to you”, Maan looking at Geet with pout and murmured saying “Pari ne ek kiss di usko in return do kiss mili, par meine do kiss di mujhe ek bhi nahi mila” Geet chuckled seeing his pout, but she ignored him and went down with Pari.  Geet made Pari to sit on kitchen slab and gave her milk and cookies…Pari was making all kind of faces to drink milk, seeing Geet glare she drank milk, meanwhile Maan came in search of them and smiled looking at Pari, he took her in his arms and winked at Geet…she was shocked to the extent that she forgot to scold him…after they both went out of kitchen Geet thought “babaji hey kya kar rahe ho mere sath…pata nahi Maan ka mann mein kiska bhoot sawara hey aaj…mujhe bahut tease kar rahe hai, wo aise behave kar rahe hai jaise mein unki biwi hoon”…she immediately closed her mouth and then thought “Babaji please please mujhe maafh karna…mera khene ka wo matlab nahi tha…mien unki biwi hoon…aap dekha naa babaji aaj unhone mujhe do baar…babaji do baar kiss di hai…chi chi babaji kitne besharam hai…koi apne biwi ke sath aise karta hai kya, aur wo bhi apni beti ke samne kiss di hai..pata nahi Pari mere barien mein kya soch rahi hogi…” she immediately gave shocking expression and said “babaji agar Pari ne Meera ko hey bata di toh…hey soch kar mujhe sharam aa raha hai, mein kaise Meera Papa Dadi Dev kaa samna karungi? Maan kyun nahi samaj rahe hai ki Pari badi wo rahi hai aur uski samne hey sab harkate nahi karna chahiye”

Maan who was listening to Geet bak bak, came near and hugged her from behind…she can feel him, her body was reacting to him, which she surprise for her, she did not feel lust in his touching. Maan who saw Geet who was looking at him without blink said “Geet, babaji ko toda rest toh do…kya hamesha babaji se bath karti rehti wo tum? Tumara pati tumse bath karne ke liye taras raha hai…mujhse bhath karona Geet…mujhe accha lag tha hai”…Geet just nodded her head and was confused with her feeling, when she was about to go out of his clutch Maan said “aur kya khe rahi thi tum…tumne sharam haa raha hai…Geet kya hey babaji se share karne wala bhath hai…tumara bhath sun kar babaji ne unke khan badh kar liya hoga…Kiss biwi ko dena acchi bhath hai…kya tum chathi wo mein kisi aur ko kiss karu?”. Geet looked at him in anger and shoved his hand which was on her waist and stormed out of kitchen, she directly went to her room and locked it. Maan felt bad…he was just teasing her, he wanted Geet to talk to him, he was falling in love with her, so many times he was thinking that he accepted Geet because of Pari but now he understood that its not only Pari, he accepted Geet because he has fallen in love with her. He respects her even he wanted give time to Geet to adjust, but when he saw Geet going far from him, so he decided to take a step ahead to make Geet to love him, so he was trying all the possible ways to be near with her, he told her to join company so that she can be in front of him 24/7.  How much ever he tries Geet is going far away from him which he was not able to digest.


Here Geet sat down and she was not able to understand why she was angry with Maan…she knows that Maan was just teasing her then also she was not able to digest. Then she again looked up and said “babaji aisa kyun kar rahe ho mere sath…Maan bahut badal gaye hai…wo aise bilkul bhi nahi hai jaise mein unko phele bar dekha tha, I was just trying to help him to come out from his guilt so that we can lead normal life. When he kissed me today I felt his love towards me…I thought to snap him but mera dil nahi maan raha hai…mujhe uss waqt gussa bhi nahi haya…par jab Maan ne mujhe kisi aur ko kiss dene ka bhath kar rahe the, mujhe pata nahi aise gussa kyun hai…babaji please mera madad karo naa…mera mann ka hey duvida kaise suljavoon?” while thinking about this she remembered Meera and thought to check with her…she started to search for her phone, then she remembered she herself keeping her cell phone in kitchen. “babaji aab mein kaise bahar javoon? Aab Maan kitchen mein honge…mein unko kaise samna karoon?” then she looked around and saw Maan’s phone, she was happy seeing that and she immediately took his cell phone in her hand and opened it…she got shock looking at her pic in display stating MERI JAAN. She then opened gallery to check there were many photos of her and Pari. she dunno when she gave fose for these snaps, Maan was having only her and Pari’s pics starting from the party where she first met him, and some mall snaps when she went to shopping with Pinky and her colleagues, her snaps eating panipuri with Meera. Some snaps of hers in Meera house…she was surprised to look into that…he even made some snaps edit like they are posing together…some poetry written on her snaps

Her mind was completely blank now, she definitely needed answer for all these and the best person to answer is Maan, and to get clear feelings of heart she need to talk to Meera, so she immediately called and said “Meera mujhe kuch ho raha hai, pata nahi mein kya karu? Please mujhe help karo naa”. Meera who was shocked listening to Geet said “Geet phele saans toh loo” and after few seconds she told “aab mujhe hai bata kya hua” Geet then said everything to Meera what happened and asked “aab toh bata naa Meera mujhe kya hua hai”. Meera suppressed her laugh and said “Geet now listen to me…close your eyes”

Geet: Meera…I am asking solution for my problem, why are you telling me to close my eyes…are you out of mind

Meera: “Geet…Geet  first please listen to me dear…don’t ask any question…tume mujhse barosa hai naa.” Geet nodded her head and then Meera continued saying “Geet you should speak I am not in front of you to see your nod…” Geet smiled listening to her and said “haan Meera”

Meera: “ok now be a good girl and close your eyes”. Geet did what she said and Meera continued saying “first imagine Pari’s face what you feel”

Geet: jaise uska naam sunti hoon tann mann mein sukun sa ehsaas hota hai usko…uske sabse buri nazar se bachana chati hoon…wo kamyab hona dekhna chati hoon…ek acchi parvarshih dena chati hoon

Meera then asked what do you feel when you think about your dad. Geet said “respect karthi hoon Meera…I want to see him happy, he has gone through so much…I am proud of him and want to be his daughter in next birth also and want to fulfill all his dreams as his daughter” ok now what you feel when you hear Maan bhai name…there was completely silent…Meera for second thought that call got disconnected but hearing Geet breathe she was sure that Geet is on line and asked again…“Geet…batavo naa what do you feel for bhai” Geet again thought for some time and said “dil karta hai unka guilt door karoon…I want to see smile in his eyes…when he is near to me I feel that no one can hurt me and I also feel safe when he is around me…pata nahi sahi aur galath kya hai Meera…kabhi kabhi unke pass hone ka dil karta hai but when I see him I feel like to go and hide like if he comes near me he will read my heart beat”

Meera: aab ankhe khol aur bata kya doubt clear ho gaya

Geet: pata nahi Meera, dil toh alko huwa hai par dimag kuch aur kheh raha hai

Meera: Geet…I know what you feel…instead of I am saying to you I want you to realize by your own…dil ka bath suno Geet…aur kisi aur ka nahi…ek dost aur ek behan hone ke natir I can only guide you…

Geet: teek hai Meera, I think my half of the problem solved..ok the bye…let me see what these two of them doing

Meera: hello wait…Geet hey kya bhath hui? Kuch toh time apna dost ke sath waqt bitav…aur hai bata tumara phone kaha hai ? why are you calling from bhai’s phone

Geet smiled listening to her and informed her what happened in the morning and how Maan teased her and said “you bhai says that has a wife its my right to use his wallet…aab wallet mein haq hai toh…phone mein bhi hai naa, so I am using his phone and by the way my phone is in kitchen”

Meera and Geet spoke for some more time and then Geet said ” Ok Meera aab mein phone rak thi hoon…I dunno what my two devils are doing…they have not come in search of me…I think they are busy in doing something…let me go and look for them” Meera said bye to her and they hung phone


 Here Maan came out of his thoughts when he felt tug…he was awe to see Pari, her nose was red with anger. Maan took Pari in his arms and asked “kya hua meri princess ko?”

Pari: pali apse gucha hai…(Pari apse gussa hai)

Maan cleaned her running close and asked: meri princess mujhse gussa…Par kyun? Meine aisa kya kiya hai?

Pari: Dadda..aap khelne nahi ayee aur Pali ko pani bhi nahi diya

Maan slapped his forehead and said “sorry princess…daada bhul gaye. ek minute” he made her sit on slab and gave water to her, actually he came to kitchen to get water for Pari, but looking at Geet who was talking with babaji he forgot everything. Then they both went to living room and Maan arranged books for Pari and then he made her sit on his lap and was guiding her to write alphabets…Geet was once again surprise to see Maan teaching to Pari, and that too Pari was quietly listening to him without any nakras…she went near them and sat next to Maan giving his phone to him…there was so many missed calls from Adi and saw Meera’s name in call list…he did not called Meera then who called? Maan looked at phone once and then Geet…and she knew what is running in Maan’s mind and told “I called Meera” Maan looked at her questioningly, then Geet said “wo apne ne kaha na, I have right on your things then I also have right to make call from your phone..aur haan aise goorne ke zarurath nahi hai, jaise meine aapka balance katam kar liya wo..”. Maan was shocked listening to her…first time uski Geet uss par haq jama rahi hai…uska mann little bhangda karne laga. Geet looking at his shocking face asked “kya hua? Meine koi galti ki kya?”

Maan: nahi Geet…kuch nahi hua…I dunno why Adi called me…I was thinking about that…

Geet: so were not angry with me for using your phone, you got worried thinking about Adi call…and one more thing no need to think about Adi so much now his wife is there to look after him…Maan nodded his head and both were embarrassed to say some things to they thought to divert the topic…and Geet asked “Pari…what are you writing…show me. Geet looked at book and was shocked to see Maan was teaching her alphabets…and she was impressed and said “kya bhath hai Pari…tum bahut zaldi seek gayi…I’m impressed” saying this she kissed Pari cheeks…

Pari: Dadda ne chikhaya mujhe…pata hai Dadda ne mujhe pali bhi di…

Geet: very good…Pari toh Dadda ga princess ban gayi

Pari: Dadda ne bathaya…aaj mujhe I cream kilayenge…wo bhi achewale

Geet  pouted and said “Pari ne mumma ko bhooli gayi…Pari ne mummy ko ice-cream khan eke liye bulaya nahi”

Pari: nahi mummy…Dadda ne mujhe bulaya..dadda plan ki

Geet: par Pari aur Dadda dono jahenge mummy ko akela chod kar

Pari: mummy aap bhi Pali ke tarah Dadda ko kissy do… Dadda aapko bhi I cream khilaenge…hey naa Dadda?

Geet eyes popped out listening to Pari…and Maan was enjoying looking at Geet’s facial expression. He wanted Geet to voice out her feelings which is very important to their relation…when Geet did not say anything; Maan said “chalo Princess, hum ice cream khane chalte hai”. Saying that he took Pari in his arms. Geet opened her mouth in shock, she was really getting irritated with Maan and said looking up “dekhiye naa babaji…mujhe bine bulaye Maan Pari ko ice cream khane keliye lekar jaa rahiye…ek bar bhi mujhse nahi poocha, kya Pari sirf unki beti hai?mera nahi…”…Pari looking at her mother said “Dadda mummy ko bhi bulao…” Maan nodded his head saying no and then looking at Pari said “agar tumara mummy aana chathiye toh aasakti hai…mein kyun bulau? Tumara mummy ko samajne chahiye ki wo apni parivar ke sath bahar jaa rahi hai…har bath par invitation dena zaruri nahi…aur har bath par babaji ko tang karna bandh karna chahiye…edar babaji nahi uska pati ice cream kahane ke liye lekar jaa raha hai..toh uska mujhse bath karna hai” . Pari did not understand anything she looked at her father and mother in awe. And looking at Geet condition Maan said “Geet apne mou toh badh karo…nahi toh makhi guss jahegi”…Geet closed her mouth and looked at him with anger without saying anything she went and sat in the car…Maan chuckled looking at her anger face and thought “iska kuch nahi wo saktha”…Even Maan and Pari joined Geet and they went to have ice cream


Note: there may bhi lot of mistake…please forgive me




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  1. pureheart2012

    Dear mishty,

    Continue yaar, have been waiting for updates since ages. U have good flair for writing n the story’s got a good flow 👍

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