MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 24

Vivah Bandhan


Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)

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Maan saw Geet flushed face and gave peck on her lipsGeet was too shy to look into his faceshe closed her eyesMaan looking at her shy face and said “aab tumara punishment bhi baki hai Geet”

Geet: Kyaaa

Maan: haan tum Geet handa kaha naa isliye tume punishment hai ki…Geet looked at him in surprise and then Maan continued saying “you should kiss me now”

Geet: nahi Maan

Maan: kyun Geet…when I did mistake I kissed you so now for your mistake you also should do the same..warna hamara ek aur sharth pending hai…snack wala

Geet: please Maan…mein hai nahi kar sakti

Maan: aab tumara bari hai Geet…one you kiss me now or else I will kiss you in front of Mom and Dad

Geet: please

Maan: nooo

Geet without any option kissed his cheek

Maan switched off light and joined Geethe hold her tightly in his arms and made her sleep on his chestGeet closed her eyesthey had peaceful sleep







Geet woke up and saw herself in Maan’s embrace, she was happy that her husband is ready to give chance for their relation…she thought, Maan has become too naughty, it was difficult for her to digest because she has seen his serious face, she slowly got up and went to washroom, after her daily chores she went down and prepared tea for her in-laws and went to their room, after chit chat Geet and Pallavi went to kitchen to help Nakul in preparing breakfast. Here Maan woke up and went to gym and after his daily chores he came down getting ready to go to hospital. Geet served breakfast to everyone, Maan bidded bye to everyone and went to his work. Amar and Pallavi went to sit outside. Geet had her breakfast and helped Nakul in cleaning kitchen after that she told him what to prepare for lunch. She prepared tea for all of them and before giving it to in-laws she told Nakul to have his breakfast and went out along with tray


When she reached lawn she saw Amar and Pallavi both were in deep discussion, when they saw Geet coming towards them they just gave smile and took tea cups from her. Today both did not talk much; Geet looked at her in-laws and thought there is some serious matter or else they are not the people who will be so silent, today they never fought while having breakfast also…then she cleared her throat and asked “koi parishani hai kya? Aap itne chup kyun hai aaj” both got startled and Amar said “nahi Geet, we are fine…no problem at all”. Pallavi looked at Geet and she knew that Geet did not believe she caressed her head and said “kuch nahi Geet, office problem” Geet raised her eyebrows and asked “office problems? Which office you are talking about”, they both looked at her and Amar left from there immediately allowing Pallavi to handle Geet, because he is not in situation to talk to anyone…Geet and Pallavi both looked at Amar and Pallavi sighed saying “Geet, he is disturbed, leave me alone for sometime he will be ok”


Geet: aisa kya bath hai maa? Aap log itne tension mein hai? Kya muhje hey jane ka haq nahi hai maa? Subha se dekh rahi hoon, aap dono chup hai, kya mujhse koi galti hui hai? please mujhe bataye naa…While saying this she had tears in her eyes. Pallavi immediately came near Geet and hugged her, she caressed her head loving and said “no Geet its not because of you dear”…she wiped her tears and said…you want to know right why we are tension ok now listen. “Geet do you know that we have family company” she nodded her head saying no, then Pallavi continued saying “Geet we are running a construction company…its named has Khurana of the best Construction company in India and UK also…your paa was taking care of business, due to his health conditions he was not able to go to office…from last few months…we thought Maan will take care of business but he strictly denied saying that he wants to be doctor, our dream crashed…so many people are working in our company from past so many years, if we close they will be jobless, but Maan is not ready to understand that, we half heartedly allowed him to do medicine and even we had a hope that after coming back he may join…but our dream collapsed when he joined his duty. Someone should run the business, so you paa continued working day and night because of which his health got effected. I spoke my cousin sister about this she sent her son Dev and his Naintara to help us. Dev is very good guy, he looked after business very well. But now the problem is Naintara’s father wants Dev to look after their business in UK because he is bedridden. So Dev called us today morning to inform this from that time onwards you paa is tensed and we can’t force Dev to stay back, but Dev promised us that he will look after UK branch, now the problem is who will take care of business here?”


Geet: maa aap bilkul chinta math keliye, we will decide on that soon. Pallavi nodded her head and went inside to check on Amar, Geet also followed her. Palalvi saw Amar sitting near balcony. Pallavi sat beside him and said “please aap tension math lejiye, we will talk to Maan regarding this and” but Amar cut her in middle and said “koi fayda nahi, Maan kabhi mane wala nahi…Pallavi agar humara ek aur beta ya beti hoti accha hota na…wo shayad mera help kar detey, hum bahut unlucky hai. Koi hamara madad nahi kar payenge…abhi taq sab teek tha dekho hamara naseeb accha nahi…mein haar nahi mane wala hoon…mein Khurana hoon, I have decided to go to office from tomorrow”…Pallavi nodded her head saying no and said “par aap kaise manage kar payenge? You know your health condition is also not good” Amar got angry and said “what you want do Pallavi” you want me to leave business and sit in front of you, many people’s life dependent because of this job you want them to come on roads…meine mar sakta hoon par KC ka downfall nahi dekh satha” Pallavi closed his mouth immediately and said “aap please shanth hojaye, hum koi naa koi haal nikal lenge” Geet who listen to their conversation felt bad. She saw time and decided to talk to Maan today


When Maan came home to have his lunch, he saw living room empty, every day when he comes home he used to see his parents and wife chatting and pulling each other’s leg. But today it was dead silence at home. He saw Nakul coming out of kitchen; he went near him and asked “Nakul, kahan hai sab? koi dekhai nahi de rahe hai”bade sab aur malkin apne kamre main hai aur Geet memsaab apke kamre mein”. Maan got surprised, he first went to his room and saw Geet who was in deep thought; he went near her and put his hand and shoulder. Geet looked at him in tears and hugged his waist…Maan was shocked looking at her and asked “kya hua Geet? Tum kyun roh rahi ho?”… Geet wiped her tears and narrated everything to Maan and said “Maan, paa need someone to take care of his business, can’t you help them Maan”. Maan rubbed his forehead and said “no Geet I can’t leave my job, its my dream how can I leave it Geet, can’t he sell KC”. Geet just looked at the him and stood up saying “you come down I will serve food for you…she went near door and without looking said “you will not know the value of person or things when it is with you” saying this she went out, Maan felt bad that Geet did not understand his feeling, when he came down and he saw his parents who were having lunch he wanted to help them but he dunno how to help them in this matter so he decided to talk to them after lunch but after lunch he got call from hospital, he excused himself and went to office thinking to talk with them in night


After thinking a lot Geet went to her in-laws room, and saw Amar looking at some papers. She went near him and said “paa, I want to talk to you and maa, where is she?”. Amar said “she will be in kitchen, she is angry with me”. Geet hold Amar’s and said “come paa lets talk to maa and when Geet is here why fear, I am solution for your problem”, Amar smiled looking at her antics, and they both went to kitchen looking Pallavi, but she was not there then Amar asked with Nakul “Pallavi kaha hai Nakul?”. He pointed to Pallavi who was sitting in backyard, Geet and Amar went near Pallavi and said “maa I told you right we will sit and talk, why you are worrying so much”. Pallavi: “Geet you too supporting him…he is not able to understand, if he is fit and fine I have no problem, doctor clearly told him to not to take stress but he is not listening to me” Geet made Amar to sit next to Pallavi and she pulled another chair and sat next to them, she hold their hands and said “maa, Paa…I am really sorry…meine aaj aap dono ka bath sunliya” they both looked at Geet surprised, Geet blinked her eyes and continued saying “I cannot assure you about Maan, I am sure if not today he will definitely take your position in KC…little stubborn…and we cant wait till Maan decide, Maa once you told me that I am not DIL of this house, I am your daughter” Pallavi and Amar nodded her head “agar aap log bura nahi mane toh mein KC mein work karu?” they both shocked and Amar said “nahi beta, it is not easy for you to take care of business and you never worked before marriage and what will people think about us and what will I answer to your parents”


Geet: I have already spoken to them, they said to talk to you first and they don’t have any problem. I don’t care of others, I know paa it is very difficult to take care of business..lets see for another few months if I am not able to prove myself if not then you can take decision. Aur maa ka problem will be also solved, I will be there to take care of you…and maa you don’t worry I wont allow paa to work. Pallavi and Amar had tears listening to her, their own son is not ready to help them but DIL wants to reduce their tension…so they told Geet to give sometime so that they can decide on that, after lot of discussion they both decided to allow Geet to take care of business and Amar will be supporting to her in back-end and before that Amar informed Pallavi to talk to Maan first.


Evening Dev and Naintara came to house, Pallavi and Amar welcomed them and introduced Geet to them, Meanwhile Maan also entered house, he came today early because he was free, no patients today. Dev gave all the files and said “I will be here for another 15-20days uncle; if you need any information you can call me …I have mailed you the details of all the projects KC is handling, and also the stage. Remaining Adi will help you”


Maan came down after fresh up and Geet gave snacks and tea to everyone. Amar: thank you Dev and you to Naintara


Naintara: no uncle, please don’t thank us, we should thank, and you helped Dev he needed job, you looked after us like your own daughter and son, and I am feeling bad because we are not able to help us. Amar and Pallavi smiled at them…and Dev said “from tomorrow, I will come every day evening to give report”.


Amar: uska zarurath nahi hai Dev, I will take care of that, I am coming to office from tomorrow


Dev: par uncle…aapa ka health? How you are going to manage



Amar: I will discuss about this tomorrow, I have not finalized anything as of now and we meet in office tomorrow and discuss. Dev and Naintara gave gift to Geet and Maan and Amar took Dev along with him to study room to get final update…Maan was silent spectator here. Pallavi told Maan to come along with her and she discussed about Geet with him and told him to decide and let them know..Maan was shocked to the core and said “kya aap Geet ko yahan bulayengi…mujhe usse bath karna hai” Pallavi said ok and went down to call Geet. She saw NT and Geet discussing, she went near Geet and said “Maan wants to talk to you Geet…he is waiting in your room”, Geet just nodded her head and went to meet Maan…



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