Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part 59

Mann se Zude Risthey


Geet: thanks baad mein kehnaanow should talk to Adi about your selection

Pinky was shocked listening that her husband don’t know about her selection and requested Geet to not to disclose to Adi, she wanted to give surprise Geet informed same to Maan, he shook his heading thinking about Adi and pinky the crazy couple later he called Adi and informed him that they have selected accountant, Adi was quiet disappointed he wanted to forward Pinky resume Geet sent soft copy of offer letter to Pinky next week Geet is joining KC and Pari will start going to school



Pinky called Adi immediately and informed him about her selection at KC…Adi was shocked to the core thinking about Pinky’s selection, because neither Geet nor Maan spoke to him regarding this, he wanted to ask Maan but he did not have enough courage to ask him…he was very much happy, Pinky who was on call with Adi asked “Kya hua Adi aap khush nahi wo?…why are you not responding to me?”. Adi stammered and told “Are you sure Pinky? Because Maan sir told me that he hired someone but he did not told anything about your selection to me…if he selected you then Maan sir would have first informed to me first”…Pinky slapped her forehead and told Adi about her conversation with Geet and said “Adi it happened all of the sudden and I am not able to digest this, Adi you know I have even received soft copy of my offer letter from Geet and I am assisting you…hum kitne maine se Delhi shift hona chathe tey par due to our commitments we were not able to succeed in that see now babaji helped us in form for Maan sir and Geet…Adi Maan sir even sent some  guys to help me to pack my luggage and my tickets also already booked …I will see you in airport tomorrow morning bye” Adi also said bye to Pinky and prayed “babaji, Maan sir is changing please help Maan sir and Geet so that they both can lead happy life forgetting their past…please give them enough strength so face problems…Maan sir is not a person who will do so much to mere employee, it is all because of Geet today he helped my wife and I have enough trust with you babaji that Maan sir completely change himself for Geet and Pari”

Here Geet went to room and checked on Pari, Maan was not were too seen, so she went in search of Maan and saw him standing near balcony staring at Moon. Geet went near Maan and stood next to him and asked “Maan what are you doing here?” Maan looked at Geet face once and then again stared at moon and said “kuch nahi Geet…Just thinking about my life, I never thought that I will be so much cruel…you know Geet papa aur Dadi hamesha mujhe dhat tey…they wanted me to be good son, but I failed in that…because of my behavior I lost papa, I dunno how and when I went wrong, I wont blame anyone Geet…because I knew what I was doing mummy used to support me everytime…and today you are” Geet stopped him by keeping her palm on his mouth and said “Maan we should forget everything and we should move on Maan, I know it is diifcult and it is not easy for me also to be with you, trust me whenever I come near to you I used to get flash of old memories…par mein try kar rahi hoon wo dub bhulne ke liye…we have our loved once like Papa Dadi Pari Meera, Dev for them we should try to come out from our dark past…we should forget everything,  sirf ek se hey kaam nahi hota hai, hum dono iss par pure himandari se try karna chahiye warna hum haar jahenge?…hum etne jaldi haar nahi mann sakte, agar app mera sath nahi denge toh hey kaise hoga Maan” while saying this Geet and Maan both had tears flowing…Maan nodded his head saying no and said “I am sorry Geet, please tum roh math” Maan came close to Geet and embraced her in his arms and said “please chup ho jao Geet, tumare ankhon mein asoon nahi dekh sakta hoon mein, mujhe maro ya danto par please roh math…jab bhi tumara asoon dekh tha hoon, mann karta hai ki apne aap goli maru taqkee tumara parishaan kamm ho jaye” Geet looked at him in shock and nodded her head saying no… Maan smiled looking at her and nodded his head saying “mein chakar bhi aisa nahi kar sakta hoon Geet…pata nahi kab tum mera dil par kabsa ki ho…tumare bina kuch sujta nahi…kahan bhi dekhu sirf tume pata hoon har jaga, mein har dadkhan mein tum bass chuki ho Geet…please mujhe chodke math jana, tumare aur pari ke bina mein kuch nahi hoon Geet”. Geet looked at Maan and gave sweet smile to him and as it is late Geet told him to sleep and went near Pari and slept, Maan also joined them.

Geet thought: mein tume kaise maaf karu hey samaj mein nahi hata mujhe Maan, aap kareeb hone se mujhe darr lagta hai par kyun mein aapki ankoh mein udasi nahi dekh sakti, jab aap dard mein hote hai dil karta hai ki aap ko mere bahoon lekar uss dard ko dur karu…par mein kar nahi pati hoon Maan, mera dard apke dard se bahut zada hai phir bhi mein kyun aapko support kar rahi hoon uska jawab nahi hai mere pass…aur shayad hey sab humara pari ke liye ya mere liye hey bhi pata nahi, mann kcuh khetha hai aur dimag kuch aur kheta hai…pata nahi del ki sunu yaa dimaq ki…I know Maan is trying his best to solve this problem and he cannot be successful without my help…I should support him…babaji aap please mere sath dijeye…thinking this she went to sleep

Maan thought: pata nahi Geet mein kaise hey sab teek karu, tumara iss halat ka zimedaar sirf mein hoon, agar mein tumare zindagi mein nahi hota toh tum aaj apne zindagi mein khush hoti…par mein nahi pata hai kyun, tum wo faristey who Geet jisne sirf mere life ayee woh…pata nahi aisa kya accha kaam meine kiya hai ki babaji ne tume mera zindagi mein lekar aya hai…tumare aur Pari ke bina mein jee nahi pavunga Geet…he looked at his two angels who already slept, he caressed their forehead and gave peck to Pari and then to Geet, she stirred in sleep…he patted her for some time and thinking about them he too slept

Next day maneet spent most of the time with Pari, because from tomorrow she will be going to school..they went to shopping, had lunch outside, Maan called Dadi and them Meera, Geet also talk to them and when they came back home they were damn tired…Pari slept in car itself…Maan informed Nakul to keep bag inside and along with Geet and Pari he went inside and made Pari to lie on bed, Maan looked and Geet’s tired face and said “tum bhi thoda rest kar lo Geet” Geet nodded her head and slept next to Pari Maan went to study and worked for some time, later he called Nakul and informed him to bring coffee for him, Geet tossed on bed but she was not getting sleep, so she came down to prepare tea for her.

Nakul informed Geet that he needs to go for grocery purchasing, Geet nodded her head and he asked whether she need anything, Geet told him to prepare tea for him and came back to her room, now she should give money to Nakul to bring grocery, but she dunno whether she should take money from Maan’s cupboard or not, she opened the drawer and looked at it, she was hesitated to take money, Maan who came to room to check on Geet and Pari was surprised to see Geet in front of his wardrobe…he was looking at her keenly thinking what she is staring at. Geet slapped her forehead and took her clutch and counted amount and said “babaji mere pass to 2000 hai, aab mein kya karun? Nakul ko grocery lane ko paise kahan se do?” Maan chuckled hearing that and thought “bilkul pagal hai…Geet etna kyun soch rahi hai? Mera wallet mein paise lekar dey sakti hai naa…Geet tub hi naa…” He went near Geet and whispered near her ear “isme sochne wali kya baat hai Geet, take money from my wallet” Geet startled and confusingly asked “par kaise”

Maan took Geet hand in his hand and said “Geet first take wallet in your hands (she nodded her head, Maan gave sweet smile to her and then continued saying) and then open it and take money from it and close it like this and keep here…its very simple”  Geet was shocked to the core and pouted and said “aap mera mazak uda rahe ho?” Maan felt like kissing her breathlessly there itself but he controlled his feeling and said “nahi Geet you only asked me so I just narrated you how to do”…Geet got irritated and said “aap kya mujhe choti bachi samaj rahi hoo? Aap mujhe aise bhata rahe hai jaise meine abhi tak mere zindagi mein wallet dekhi nahi hoon”. Maan smiled listening to her and he wanted to continue talking to her because he get rare chances to talk to her and he is not fool to lose it and said “if you know about it then why were you staring at wallet like that?” before Geet answer to him Nakul knocked and came inside with coffee and tea cups for both maneet. Geet was hesitant to ask Nakul,  Maan understood Geet feelings took wallet from Geet and gave some money to Nakul


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