Vivah Bandhan-Part 23

Vivah Bandhan

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Maan: Geet leave him see every one looking at us�Geet looked at Maan then scanned her surrounding took her hand back�Arjun smiled at Geet mischievously, Geet pleaded Arjun to not to inform Maan and without Geet knowing he message Maan that Geet will not share her popcorn with anyone. Maan smiled looking at his message and thought to talk to Geet later�After movie Geet and Arjun had gol guppe, even Geet liked to share with Maan but thinking about his health she did not asked Maan, after that they all went to home and had dinner pulling each other legs Maan enjoyed having his dinner and also looking different sides of Geet�later in the bedroom Maan tease her about popcorn sharing and Geet cursed Arjun for informing Maan�days passed Geet and Maan were happy with their new fond friendship..Arjun also enjoyed going out with Maan and Geet, Maan also was happy spending time with Geet and Arjun�finally Arjun happy thinking that his sister is in safe hands



Maan and Geet were trying to understand each other…it was the last day of conference�Maan met with his colleagues and introduced Geet to them�they had small party in cafeteria and then both came out�Geet already got call from Pallavi about their coming back�she informed same to Maan�when they came back everyone was ready as per Maan and Arjun’s plan�first they went to movie and then had chat�after that they went to Maan’s farmhouse�Maan gave Handa’s tour of his farmhouse after that they had dinner in farmhouse� Maan had already informed the manager about their coming�.after dinner , Mohinder shared some of his cute family incidents and Arjun told about his and Geet bonding�Rano told how lucky she is as a wife and also as a mother�because Geet and Arjun both are gem for her�Maan also shared about his happy moments with his parents when they returned back it was mid night�everyone got tired so they went to sleep�

Next day morning Geet woke up early because they should go to Delhi today�she did not do shopping and packed bags�after fresh up she came down to kitchen, Rano gave her tea and then Geet said “maa I will pack bags�I dunno at what time we are starting from here�Maan did not say anything to me regarding this”

Rano teasingly “tume toh bahut jaldi hai Geet yaha se jane ki”

Geet looked at her mom shocking and seeing her smirk she said “Maaa�you are making fun of me? this is not fair”

Rano: why �babaji has given teasing right only for you and Arjun?

Geet made baby face and said “Sorry�”

Rano: koi bhath nahi beta�I will prepare breakfast�you go and back your bags

While Geet came to room�she saw Maan sleeping peacefully. She packed her and Maan’s clothes, after packing Geet went down to help her mother�meanwhile Maan got up and looked at packed bag, then went to freshen up�Here Rano prepared snacks for Geet and packed it also�After Maan came down all of them had their breakfast�Driver Mohan gave tickets to Maaneet�Maan spoke with everyone�Geet was happy�Maan took blessing from his in-laws and Geet hugged them�her eyes was full of tears�Rano wiped her tears and said “Geet take care of you and everyone�if there is anything you can call us�aab tum bacchi nahi ho�” to which Geet nodded her head and then she hugged Mohinder and after that Arjun, he was not able to control his tears, he wanted them to stay some more days, but he know he cant he selfish now�he made excuse saying “mien bags lekar aata hoon” saying that Arjun went to Geet’s room and Maan also went behind him�he was happy seeing bonding between Arjun and Geet�when he came to room he saw Arjun standing near window wiping his tears�Maan felt bad and called “Arjun�..”

Arjun: Haan jiju abhi hayaa

Maan: Arjun kya hua why are you crying

Arjun: kuch nahi jiju

Maan: you are crying because Geet is going from here

Arjun: Haan Jijuu, you know we both are so closed to each other, I used to tell her everything but now she is far from me, I know I am selfish but what to do she is not only my sister but also my best friend�please don’t tell this to her she will feel bad�

Maan: I know that�that’s the reason I came behind you to check whether you are ok or not

Arjun: please take care of Geet, she is very innocent�I know I should not  tell this to you, I am really happy that you came and stay with us for some days� but I am happy because I saw my real Geet after you came here�which I was missing�sorry jijuu earlier I had doubt on your relationship, I was not happy with this marriage�whenever Geet comes here I used to check about you, I used to find loneliness in her eyes, she will never share her dard with us thinking that we will feel bad

Maan: I can understand Arjun�and I can only say that you were right in your decision�but now you can trust me enough, I will take care of Geet�and whenever you want to see her you can come to Delhi anytime

Arjun hugged Maan�then Maan continued “I need your help Arjun�to understand Geet better�I want to fulfill all her dreams and I want to see her happy”

Arjun: don’t worry jiju I will let you know about Geet�abhi niche chalte hai or else everyone will come in search of us

Maan and Arjun took bags and went down�then Maaneet took blessings from Rano and Mohinder. Arjun went along with Maaneet to drop airport…ride was silent�Arjun hugged both them and after boarding he came back home�Maaneet did not talk to each other�Geet silently prayed to babaji to keep everyone safe and help her and Maan, because now there are heading towards new life


Here Amar and Pallavi were waiting for them�Amar has sent vehicle for their pick up�when Geet and Maan entered Khurana Mansion it was evening, Pallavi and Amar welcomed them�they were happy because their happiness is back�Geet is back to the house and Maan stayed one week with his in-laws�Maaneet  gave gifts to them�they like it, Maan called Arjun to inform about their safe landing�then Maaneet went to their room�Geet got freshen up and came down to help Nakul�Geet put snacks in separate plate which Rano gave to her  and told Nakul to keep them in dining table and then they prepared coffee and tea�Meanwhile Maan also joined them, Geet served snacks and coffee to Maan and tea and snacks to her in-laws, then she took her cup of tea and sat next to Maan and Maan shared about his Mumbai experience with his parents�.His parents were so much happy because, they can see Maan and Geet comfortable with each other�this is the first time they are seeing Maaneet sitting together in front of them�Pallavi had happy tears in her eyes and thanked Amar through eyes�Amar just shook his head

Amar: bahut din hogaya kya ek game ho jaye

Pallavi: I am not interested you always cheat me

Amar: mein cheating karta hoon�see who is saying this�you know Maan last time, pointing finger towards Geet and Pallavi said these two cheated me

Maan: too bad maa�aap Dad ko cheat kiya�wo bhi Geet ke sath milkar�

Geet: Paa�this is not fair�you knew why we cheated you and then even I have also danced �so its was not punishment �then how can you say like this

Maan winking at his father said: tum Dad ke sath cheating kiya�I cant believe this�I thought you are very good girl�mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum ek game ke liye cheating karogi Geet�tum jhoot bhola Geet�.tumse hey umeed nahi thi

Geet looked at Maan with shock and thought “babaji hey kya kiya mein ne�abhi abhi Maan ne mujhse bhath karna shuru kiya aur meine unka dil dukhaya�now he is angry on you and if he again start distancing with me then what will I do�Paa ko kya zarurath thi hey sab bolne ke liye�how will I tell him that I did all this only for his mom she was feeling bad”

Amar: haan Maan maa beti milkar mujhe dhoka diya�And that day I just kept quiet because I was alone

Pallavi did not understand why her husband and son behaving like this for that small issue�and said “Par Geet ne mere liye kiya hai”

Geet was on the verge of crying, tears started to flow from her eyes thinking that again she should bare all pain

Maan: Maa jhoot�jhoot hota�if she did this for you or for her I don’t mind, then he looked at Geet to scold her but stopped looking at her tears�. He left bad looking at her and said “sorry Geet I was just joking�ask with Dad we were just pulling your legs �.” Geet looked at Amar for answer, when Amar nodded his head saying yes�Geet wiped her tears and went to her room without saying anything�Pallavi got worried about Geet and thought “kya hua Geet ko why she was crying�she never showed her pain in front of us�but what happened today to her�she was very lively and make us to forget our pain”�she looked at her husband and son accusingly and said “bechariko rola diya naa aap dono ne�aab aap dono ko chain mila meri bacchi ko rula ke�after a long time I saw her smiling wholeheartedly�aap log ko masti sujh tha hai naa�mein aap dono se bhath nahi karungi�why will you bother about someone feeling?�you cant understand her feeling” saying this Pallavi went to meet Geet�

Maan and Amar looked at each other and then Maan said “Dad what happened to Mom and Geet�why they are over reacting�we were just making fun of Geet�what is the need for her to take it so seriously�see because of her Mom is also angry with us�now we have convince them Dad”

Amar: kuch toh hai Maan�or else Geet will not react like this�I know you dunno Geet has much as we do�she is fun loving girl�she never showed her pain in front of us, she treated us like her parents even after knowing that you love some other girl, she did not even question us anything about your past�Jab Geet itni badi bhath ko react nahi kiya�kya aisee choti bhaton ko dil pe legi?�par mein bhi confuse hoon todha aaj uska reaction dekh kar�chalo lets go and see them


Geet came to her room and closed the doors, tears where continuously flowing from her eyes�but she is not understanding why is she crying�even after knowing that Maan and Paa was just pulling her leg, then also she was not able to control her pain�without thinking twice she came to her room leaving them� she looked at her image in mirror and said “kya zarurathi thi Geet tume aise reaction dene ki�maa aur paa kya sochenge tumare barien mein�they were just joking and you jhalli took it to heart and cried in front of them�” then she looked up and said “babaji aab mein kaise apna muh dikhaungi�couldn’t I control my tears�see now everyone will question me �please help karo naa” Geet heard a footstep and she went near the door and saw Pallavi coming to her room�she immediately went to washroom and closed door�she washed her face with cold water�she flashed water so many times on her face so that no one can see her tears. Pallavi came inside Geet’s in room search of her, she did not find Geet in bedroom nor in study room�she heard water running in bathroom�so she came and knock the door asking “Geet�tum teek ho”�

Geet :“haan maa�mein teek hoon”

Pallavi: kya hua beta aise kyun rothe yahan chali hayi tum

Geet: kuch nahi maa�maa paa aur Maan kahan hai?

Pallavi: wo dono neeche hai Geet

Geet opened bathroom door and came out�she saw Pallivi’s tension face�she made Pallavi to sit on bed and closed the door and then said “I thought paa and Maan angry on me for cheating in the game�then when I came to know that they were just pulling my leg, I came here to prove them that I am hurt�please unhe kuch math bathayi hai maa�”

Pallavi: are you sure that you are ok Geet�

Geet: yes maa I am perfectly fine

Meanwhile Amar also came inside Geet’s room asked sorry with her�Maan was totally confused and looked at his parents�Later Amar narrated to Maan that Geet was just acting�but Maan was feeling that still Geet is not ok�he looked at her to know answer but Geet avoided him and as it was time everyone had their dinner silently�Geet helped Nakul cleaning kitchen and checked once again whether all the doors closed properly and then came to room with glass of milk to Maan


When Geet entered room she saw Maan standing in balcony and looking at moon�she came near him saying “dhoodh”�Maan looked at her once and then took milk glass�Geet was still avoiding looking at him, she did not want Maan to know that she was really hurt today�but now she had more more problem� she is in dilemma  thinking where to sleep�before going to Mumbaishe was sleeping in study room and now she dunno whether she should sleep, she dunno whether Maan will allow her to sleep in bedroom or he will get angry for that�Maan wanted to ask with Geet about today’s incident but he wanted her to open up to him�he thought to wait for her�.Maan was looking at her confusing face he said “Geet go to sleep�why are you standing” saying this he went and locked the door and came back and saw Geet still standing there. He emptied milk and went near Geet and asked “kya hua Geet sabh teek hai naa�Geet look I am really sorry�I didn’t knew that you will take it so seriously”

Geet: no Maan I am sorry, I am the one who overreacted

Maan: Geet �you told lie to mom right?

Geet looked here and there and said “Maan mujhe neend aa raha hai�I will go and sleep”�Geet was about to open study room�but Maan came towards her and immediately hold her hand and said “Geet why are you going to study room now�you said you want to sleep�”

Geet: haan�Maan that’s what I am doing I am going to sleep only

Maan: but why are you going to study room

Geet: Maan till last week I used to sleep in study room itself right

Maan: Geet�mujhe bhi pata hai ki tum abhi taqh study room mein so rahi thi�tab hamare beech mein kuch nahi tha Geet�But now we both decided to give this relation a chance then why are you acting indifferently�evening also I was just pulling your legs you that took seriously and lied to mom and dad that you were acting you are not angry with us�if you do like this then how can we understand each other Geet�if we both don’t share our feeling with each other then how we can understand each other�and now you want to sleep in study room�do you have any problem sleeping with me Geet�did I misbehaved with you�then I am really sorry you can sleep in study room if you don’t trust �Geet closed Maan’s mouth with her palm and hugged him tightly �Maan  also hugged her�she was scared and said “how can you think so cheap Maan�I agree I was confused today�”  she came out of the hug�went near window, staring at moon Geet said “Maan�we were sharing bed in my house, because we don’t have any other option but here we have option�when you said me to sleep I was just thinking about that where should I sleep�in study room or here, I don’t want to hurt you Maan�you did not talk me to sleep here, so I thought to sleep in study room�thats it�its not that you misbehaved with me�aap meri pati ho�aapko pura haqh hai mujh pe”

Maan knew this is all because of him, he was the one who ignored Geet, he went near her and hugged from back and said “sorry Geet�mujhe tumare hadath ho gaya hai�jab mein tume study room jathe dekha mujhe gussa haya kit um meri sath nahi raho gi isliye todha zyadaa bol gaya�Sorry�please maaf kar do�but tell me why did you cry today”

Geet: its ok Maan�I can understand it take sometime for both of us to understand each other�when you told that you did not expect this from me, I felt really bad for hurting you�I have never seen you making fun of anyone�after six months of marriage, first time we are talking to each other and when I saw your angry face�I was worried thinking that again I lost you�but when you said you were just pulling my leg I was not able to control my feeling so I came inside�

Geet turned towards Maan and when she saw is painful face, she felt bad and thought to change the topic and said “Maan one more thing�I have forgiven paa and not you�you should manofy me, then I will decide whether to forgive you or not”

Maan looked at Geet with shock�first time his wife is demanding something�this is the new side of Geet he is seeing�then he looked at Geet mischievous eyes and said “Geet are you sure that you want me to manofy you�I can do whatever I want to manofy you right�phir se soch loo then don’t tell me that mera hey matlab nahi tha”

Geet without thinking said: haan soch liya�do whatever you want�aap mere muh see hey bulana hai ki ‘mein apko maaf kiya’

Maan slowly turned Geet towards him and said “tum bahut boli ho Geet�.” Saying this he kissed her forehead�Geet looked blankly at Maan thinking why he said she is innocent�then he took her to balcony�cool breeze were coming in, Geet was feeling cold so she rubbed her hands, Maan came behind her and hugged her tightly�there was something in this hug today�she can feel her back touching Maan’s rock hard chest�Geet closed her eyes, Maan took her hair and kept it other side�he slowly brought his lips near her nape and kissed her�Geet moaned “Maaan”, even Maan closed his eyes. Both were having heavenly feeling�both heart beat was beating fast�.Geet was not able to control her feeling�she turned towards Maan and hugged him tightly�Maan came out of the hug and took Geet in his arms and went inside his room and slowly made her lie on bed..he closed balcony doors and pulled curtains�he went near Geet who was sleeping on bed and asked “toh tum mujhe pakka maaf nahi karogi”

Geet slowly got up from the bed and said: nahi�you should try hard to get forgiveness now Mr.Khurana�aap Geet Handa se panga liya hai�toh punishment to banti hai

Maan pushed her back to the bed and said “aap Geet Handa nahi�Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana ho madam�aab mujhe nahi aapko punishment milna chahiye�apka naam galat bolne ke liye”

Geet opened her mouth wide in surprise and said “mera punish baadh mein sochiye�phele aap mujhe maafi mangi hai”

Maan hold both her hands above her head�and came near to Geet�she was completely shocked with Maan’s behavior, her face was turning pink and she slowly  said “aap kya kar rahe ho Maan�meine aapko maafi mangne ke liye kaha hai�romance karne ke liye nahi”

Maan: wahi to kar raha hoon Geet�saying this he bite her nose and said “kya  um mujhe maaf kiya”,

Geet : nahi

Maan kissed her eyes then cheeks and asked “kya aab maaf kiya mujhe”

Geet now understood why Maan is doing like this, she pouted and said “this is cheating�”

Maan: what cheating Geet�everything is fair in love and war�so now trying

Geet: I asked you to manofy me�but you are doing

Maan innocently asked “what I am doing Geet�you did not forgive me till now�see I am trying hard to manofy you�so now tell me whether you have forgiven me”

Geet nodded her head saying no�.Maan came down to her left neck and kissed her, Geet was losing herself and moaned saying “Maaannn”

Maan: haan Geet�.bolo

Geet with great difficult said “I have forgiven you Maan�aab toh chodiye

Maan: no Geet you did not forgive me�mann se bholo naa ‘Maan�meine aapko maaf kiya

Geet: bilkul be nahi

Maan: its ok�saying this he kissed her right side neck kissed her �both were losing in each other�. “Maan meine aapko maaf kiya�please chodiyen naa”

Maan looked at her eyes and then her lips, he wanted to taste her�Geet was full pink this was the first closeness between them�her mind was telling her to come out from Maan’s grip and heart was telling her to be near Maan�this new sensation was pleasure for them�Maan was not able to control his feeling and asked “Geet�” Geet looked at him in questioning then Maan continued saying “can I kiss you once”

Geet had goose bumps all over her body listening to Maan�she looked at his eyes there was only love for her and not lust, even she wanted this�so she just blinked her eyes�Maan was very happy and looking into her eyes he slowly came near her lips�he pressed his M shaped lips on her lips�both left current running through their veins�Maan was kissing Geet and when he found she is not responded her looked her at closed eyes and said “Geet respond to me” Geet opened her eyes and looked at him and she also started to respond to him�Maan bit her lip�she moaned saying his name�he entered his tongue in her mouth and gave open mouth kissed to her�their both tongue toyed, both were kissing each other passionately, Maan hands was roaming on her body, Geet pulled him more towards her�they both came out when they left breathless

Maan saw Geet flushed face and gave peck on her lips�Geet was too shy to look into his face�she closed her eyes�Maan looking at her shy face and said “aab tumara punishment bhi baki hai Geet”

Geet: Kyaaa

Maan: haan tum Geet handa kaha naa isliye tume punishment hai ki…Geet looked at him in surprise and then Maan continued saying “you should kiss me now”

Geet: nahi Maan

Maan: kyun Geet…when I did mistake I kissed you so now for your mistake you also should do the same..warna hamara ek aur sharth pending hai…snack wala

Geet: please Maan…mein hai nahi kar sakti

Maan: aab tumara bari hai Geet…one you kiss me now or else I will kiss you in front of Mom and Dad

Geet: please

Maan: nooo

Geet without any option kissed his cheek

Maan switched off light and joined Geet�he hold her tightly in his arms and made her sleep on his chest�Geet closed her eyes�they had peaceful sleep


Dev Naintara in KM..Geet deciding about KC Confused


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