Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part-58

Mann se ZudeRisthey


Banner credit goes to Tanu



Geet was silently looking at list…Maan looked at Geet staring at list and said “Geet, yahan avo…tum wahan baite kar kya kar rahi wo? Tume yahan mera madad karne keliye meine bulaya tha meine…tum mujhe dekh kar hass rahi wo” Geet was first shocked and then said “tell me what should I do, I will do it” Maan looked her and said “Geet if you sit their how you going to help me? You should sit next to me, then only I can show you about school” Geet without any other option Geet came and sat next to him…before starting enough she left odd, but it is for her daughter’s education, how she will neglect it, then both Maan and Geet looked seriously and they were not able to decide on particular school…then Maan called some of his known friends and then finally selected PP international school, because his friends wife is chairman of that school…Geet agreed to that and later they both went down






You can tell your minda thousands time over that
‘you don’t care, it’s ok’But our fragile hearts
know when they’re broken
Your lips speak forgiveness, but how easy
can a broken heart really forgiveits breaker?
In your consiousness

you have already forgetten Yet you wake in
raging fury…How longdoes the heart hold on
even after you’ve turned your back?

Nick Jankowski


Geet took Pari in her arms and went to her room…Geet was teaching Pari and Maan went back to study room…he took the files which Adi left for him and saw Geet’s offer letter which he forgot to give her…so he came to give offer letter to Geet and saw her teaching to Pari…being naughty Pari was trying to divert Geet mind, he went and sat next to Geet and hold Pari in his arms and said “why are you troubling her Geet…she is very small…she will learn everything slowly…kyun princess”

Pari: haan mummy I will learn

Geet: I know how you are learning Pari…you are not concentrating on your studies. You will be always playing

Maan: Geet bacchi hai…kyun dhant rahi ho?

Geet: toh aapko lag raha hai ki mein Pari ko dhant rahi hoon…phir teek hai…aaj se Pari ka padane ka kaam apka hai…I will not interfere now you make her ready for the school interview

Geet knew now she took take initiate towards Maan and the best thing to go near him through Pari, so she gave Pari to Maan and said “Maan, you teach Pari, I am fed of telling her to study but she is not concentrating, because of your pampering…now I want her to be ready for school interview…aapki beti hey naa toh aap todha responsibility lejiye”

Maan: Par mujhe office ka kaam karna hai…waise hey kaam maa ko hota hai

Geet: ohh really kaunse book mein likha hai ki bacche ka saara kaam maa karna hai…waise I was teaching her, you came and disturbed us…now for today she should learn 1-30 numbers…I am gonna ask tomorrow with her until she completes you can go to office

Maan: Par Geet

Geet showed her hand for him to stop and said being a father you should also take Pari’s responsibility Maan…both mother and father have equal rights on children so you better prepare Pari with numericals and haan if you need any help you can call me I will support you”

Maan did not had any other option and looking at Geet angry face he know he did mistake by supporting Pari, so he took Pari in his arms and went to his room and made Pari to sit on the bed…being naughty Pari did not sit in one place she used to run from one of the bed to another end…Maan was trying to convince Pari so that she can start studying…then he went towards Geet room and saw her happily listening to songs, he pouted and talk to himself saying “see Maan you are struggling with Pari and here your wife in enjoying by listening to songs…” Geet who turned back saw Maan who was endorsed in his thought…she went near him and asked “Maan aap yahan? Aap Pari ko padaliya?. Maan looked at her and said “she is not listening to me Geet…I tried so much, Geet can you able to join us…we both can teach her…”

Geet: kyun…when you can poke your nose when I am teaching her, she thought for sometime and said did you ever helped me when I was teaching her then why should I help you Maan

Maan: Geet you wanted her to study, did you see the time it is already ten…Pari is very small, she should go to sleep by this time..

Geet knew that by this time Pari will always goes to sleep and knowing her naughty daughter, who will like to play, will not read anything: when did I told her not to sleep…ok Maan do whatever you want I will not interfere…Pari’s education is your responsibility you take care of that I will look after other things

Maan felt that Geet is distancing herself from Pari…and this is not good for their relation…he has to plan something so that Geet will be near to him and Pari and said “I will not agree with that Geet…we are parents we have equal right on her…even I helped you so many times to feed Pari so you should also help me now”

Geet: no I will not help you…when I was teaching her you interfered in the middle…now you go and teach her, you will come to know why I was strict on Pari….now I don’t want to do that again

Maan: you will not do….

Geet nodded her head saying no…Maan came towards her and Geet saw Maan advancing near her and said “aap kya kar rahe hai?”

Maan: jo tum soch rahi wo Geet?

Geet: Kya!!!meine kuch socha nahi

Maan: toh aab socho naa…saying this he came near her and put his hands around her waist and pulled her towards him…Geet fall on his hard chest…Maan and Geet closed their eyes feeling each other…Geet was having goose bumps all over her face…her face turned pink….her mind was not ready to accept him but her heart was telling her to hug him, when she was about to hug him…here Maan when he felt Geet near him, he was trying hard to control his feeling…he wanted to kiss her breathless…but he is not ready to take chance…he did not want to lose his wife and daughter who were is life now…he immediately parted him from her and said “sorry…wo galti se” Geet looked at Maan, she can feel pain in his eyes…her heart wanted to go near him and hug him tight and console him, but Maan immediately went out saying sorry without giving chance to Geet


Geet sat on the bed thinking about the incidents…she felt bad for Maan…Later Maan Geet had dinner along with Pari…as usual Maan took Pari in his arms and after playing with her for sometime patted her to sleep…Maan was busy working on is laptop…Here Geet waited for Pari and then went to sleep. Maan checked Pari and went to study room to bring some file. Pari was having bad dreams, her face was full with sweat…she woke up from sleep screaming “mummyyy”…Geet who was sleeping in her room jerked, she was feeling the Pari needs her…she was thinking whether it is her dream or to go to Maan room to check on Pari …Maan who was checking files in the study room dropped files on the floor and came running to his room hearing Pari’s scream, Pari scanned her eyes and when she came to know that she is alone in the room…she got scared and started to cry, Geet heard Pari’s cry and came to room and saw Pari crying…her heart wrenched when she saw Pari with big tears…she hugged Pari tightly…Meanwhile Maan came inside his room and saw Pari crying and Geet consoling her…Maan got worried, he came near them and asked “kya hua princess? Aap kyun roh rahi wo?” Pari who was hugging Geet till now scanned her one hand around Maan’s arm and was trying to pull him near them…Maan went near then and hold Geet shoulder for support and asked “why are you crying princess” Geet looked at Maan’s hand on her shoulder and at him…But Maan was concentrating full on Pari, he did not looked at Geet…Maneet looked at Pari and try to console her…Maan was feeling guilty for leaving Pari alone in room, he looked at Geet and said “I went to study room to get file and you offer letter…I thought of giving it to you tomorrow Geet…before I went out I checked on Pari she was sleeping”. He thought Geet will scold him and will not allow Pari to sleep with him, she will misunderstand him…but everything went opposite when Geet said “its ok Maan…I think she had some bad dreams”

Maan hugged Pari tightly…he griped his hand tightly on Geet shoulder and he kissed on Pari’s cheek and said “sorry princess”…Geet took Pari from Maan and made her to lie on bed Pari kept her face on Geet’s chest hugged her..Geet was patting Pari, Maan who was watching them thought to talk to Geet and said “Geet I want to talk to you”…Geet looked at him questioning and then Maan continued saying “Geet, why cant you shift here…if does not look good we both are staying in different rooms, servants will talk on back of us…even though I don’t care about them,…I mean….I mean Geet why should we give chance to them…if you were here today Pari would have not got scared…tum samaj rahi ho naa…please Geet stay with us”…Geet was happy that Maan told her to stay with them…but how will she agree so early…todha bhav toh dena hai… Maan looking at Geet face who was thinking something…he thought maybe she is thinking that he will force her again and said “tum bhi hamare sath reh loo Geet…please…one more thing Geet, till you accept this relation by heart I will not force you…promise” Pari who heard her father said “mummy please stay with us…Pari will not get scared” Geet hugged Pari tightly and said “teek hai Pari…I will shift here if you promise me that you are going study hard” Pari looked at Maan pouting, he winked at Pari, so she agreed to Geet that she will study from now….

When Maan felt Pari is ok, he signaled Geet that he will go to study room and come back…to which Geet nodded her head… when Maan came into his room he saw Pari sleeping peacefully and Geet was wide awake…Maan looked at Geet and said “princess so gayi?”

Geet: Haan…abhi sohi hai

Maan: agar tume neend nahi aa rahi hai..toh tum ek bar apna offer letter check karogi?

Geet nodded her head and slowly made Pari to lie on bed and came towards Maan who was sitting on couch, she sat next to him, first Maan was shocked looking at Geet who sat next to him without any fear…his heart was beating fast he remembered dairy milk add said in mind “mera mann mein laddu poot raha hai” and smiled sheepishly…Geet who was reading her offer letter looked at Maan in confusingly and said “why are you laughing Maan? You can share with me” Maan nodded his head saying no and explained her about companies policies…But Geet had doubt on designation and said “Maan everything is fine but what about this designation? I am ok with hear Architect position….

Maan took Geet hand in his hand and said “Geet I want to see success in your career growth… trust me Geet, I have give this position to you after going through your career background, you are best in that…. Even sometime I need assistant, so that you can help me…being Chief Operating Officer, you can guide the team and help me, we both can share our work…I will be there to support you Geet, you no need to worry about that”

Geet: are you sure that I will fit to this position Maan? Because I don’t want to spoil KC’s name

Maan: Geet you are not alone I am there with you to guide you, whenever you need help you can ask me…aab tum akeli nahi ho Geet…you will have separate team to support you

Geet: you mean I will have separate accountant…Maan nodded his head and then Geet said “Maan then can we hire Pinky? She is very good…she was in my team” Maan thought for sometime and said “yeah you are right…how come I forgot her? This Adi naa Geet sometimes his brain does not work…I have informed Sasha and Adi to take interview for your team, he did not even told me about Pinky…aab toh mein bach gaya…if Pinky is here then Adi will not ask me to kiss him through phone”

Geet who was listening to Maan…burst out laughing, Maan looked at her in confuse he did not understand why she is laughing like manic…even he was worried that Pari will wake ups listening to Geet…he closed Geet mouth in his palm and said “Geettt….what’s wrong with you? Pari will wake up…please don’t laugh like that” due to laugh tears were flowing out of her eyes and then with great difficulty she nodded her head. When Maan took his palm back from Geet’s mouth she again burst out laughing…Maan immediately closed her mouth gain in his palm and other hand on her bare waist and carried her to balcony, he closed the balcony door, she was shock to the core when she felt Maan hand on her bare waist and her hand in his bare shoulder, he was in his track and vest, Maan saw Geet looking at him in wide eyes and asked “what happened to you Geet? Why are you laughing looking at me….aisa kya bol diya maine”

Geet slowly parted from him and said “I never thought Adi sir interested in you”

Maan: Geet kya bakwas kar rahi ho

Geet suppressed her laugh and said “Maan you only told now that Adi asked kiss from you…” Maan’s eyes popped out listening to Geet…he did not knew he said about his conversation with Adi to Geet…he looked at her and Geet continued saying “I want to give appointment letter to pinky without her interviewing her…I don’t want see Adi as my sautan…”

Geet was in teasing mood, she knew he was hiding his pain inside even she wanted to erase his pain…but how can she do it when she is also in the same pain…there was big fight going between her mind and heart…she dunno what she should do then she thought to give chance to her relation with Maan, which is not easy for the girl like Geet…she came from her thought when she heard Maan

Maan: sautan…kyaa!!!bakh rahi ho Geet

Geet: haan Maan…aaj kiss kal????/

Maan raised his eyebrow and said “Kal????????? Kya?????????…he looked at Geet teasing smile and said “tum mera barien mein aise soch thi wo Geet…I cant believe this”

Geet: toh mein kya karum????you were one who wanted to marry me , after marriage you did not allow me here and now you are saying that Adi asked kiss from you…obliviously mein aise he soch sakti ho naa

Maan scratched his head getting irritated with Geet’s talk, he cant scold her or get angry with her because his Dadi and Meera will not going to leave him and here Geet is irritating him, he closed his eyes for few second to calm himself, he slowly went towards Geet and hold her shoulder and said “what wrong with you Geet….why are you taking some unrelated topic…what you want to prove to me…please tell me straight…I agree I wanted this marriage to happen because I was not able to see you with someone and being Pari’s father, I wanted to give my name to you and Pari…for this I got married to you…when did I tell you not to come to this room….Geet this is not my room now…after our marriage it is our room”

Geet: I agree you, after marriage no one brought me here and even you did not call me

Maan: ek minute…Geet you are misunderstanding…on the marriage day Meera told Dev to sleep here

Geet: but after Meera went to Pune you would have called me here? But you did not do that

Maan: Geet…sorry…I think you want to make me pagal so you are talking like this…please Pari ke liye mujhe chod do….please I beg you…I think Nakul mixed bangh in your food you are acting so weirdly today… Geet opened her mouth wide and then Maan continued…please jake so joa hum kal bhath karenge…

Geet looked at Maan’s angry face, she immediately went to her room and locked it from inside…this was not easy for her, she wanted happy family, getting married to him and now to save KM and KC she has to compromise from her side…she has to act that she is happy with events going around with her…she cant be selfish here, though she had noticed lot of changes but still she need sometime to understand him clearly…this is one side of her thinking but other side she is even thankful to Maan, because he accepted his mistake and got married to her…Pari got her father, who is loving her…she can see bonding between Maan and Pari…both gel really well…in this two months of her life in Delhi had completely changed…she looked up and said “babaji please mujhe harna math dejiye…I want to forget about my past and move on with Maan and without your help I cant to anything, I want Maan and Pari to be happy, please be with me like always and help me…and I know that Maan is hurting himself, though he try to show that he loves to irritate me but the truth is that he is not happy…I can only she genuine happiness in his eyes when he is with me and Pari…kya mein galat kar rahi hoon babaji…how will I bring him out from the guilt…even though I am not so close to Maan but I can make out difference in his behavior…if I ask Meera she will help me but this time I should try from my side…I have troubled Meera Dev Dadima enough I don’t want to do that…” Geet determined and said “Geet now Maan told you to stay with them…so tomorrow I will tell servant to shift my luggage to Maan’s room…now it is already late go to sleep…now onwards my target is MSK…sorry Maan, I am taking Geet Handa wala character now, I want you to be with me always and forget our past…if we both are together we will win everything…hope you support me Maan”…thinking about that Geet went to sleep


Here Maan who was hell irritated by Geet thought “what happened to Geet, she was ok till now…she used to rum miles away if I went near to her but today she sat next to me, she fought with me and ordered me to help Pari in her studies, she agreed to stay with me in this room, she made fun of me…kya Geet mujhe chane lagi….I dunno whether she like me or not, but looking at her behavior today there is drastic change in her…kya hey sab sach hai…I am not able to believe this…will Geet give me a chance to prove myself, will she take me in her arms…seeing her so comfortable with me today I am feeling very lucky…Papa…mumma please tell Geet not to hate me …I want her love me whole heartedly…I want to see happiness and I am ready to anything for Geet and Pari…they are my life now…I cant loose them now…I cant see fear in Geet eyes…please do something papa and erase all my sins…pleaseee you were right…I did so many sins in my life…I cant rectify them…” he sat on his knees…tears were following from his eyes…he cried till he exhaust and went inside his room and saw only Pari is sleeping and Geet is no where to seen…she went to her room to check whether she is ok but disappointed looking at door locked…he got hurt again thinking that Geet did not trust him and locked her room…wiping his tears he came inside and slept hugging Pari to sooth his breaking heart


Geet woke up early and prepared tea for herself and black tea for Maan and went towards his room sorry!! Their room…when she came inside, she saw only Pari sleeping on the bed keeping pillow on her sides and Maan was not there…she kept tray on table and went in search of Maan…then she heard water running in bathroom…she sat on couch waiting for Maan…When he came out from washroom he was shocked to see Geet sitting on couch and asked “tum yaha? kuch kaam tha Geet?”

Geet startled with sudden voice and said “nahi…I came to give company to you” Maan raised his eyebrows, then she said “wo I was preparing tea for me so I thought to prepare coffee for you also…will you have coffee with me Maan?”…Maan just nodded his head and sat opposite to her …they both finished their drinks silently..Geet looked at him once again and saw his swollen eyes and knew it is because of her and then said “Maan…I am shifting here…will you help me” Maan happily agreed…they first checked on Pari and both decided to finish their work before Pari wake up…

Geet and Maan entered Meera’s room and Maan like true gentleman he carried Geet suitcase to their room…Nakul who saw this was very happy and he immediately called someone and informed them…they arranged clothes in wardrobe and books Maan arranged in study room…he saw albums and when he was about to open Geet told him “please don’t see now…if Pari wake up then we will face problem…why cant you keep it in study room and see it when you are free”…first Maan was disappointed but thought to check it later and kept others things in study room…once they finished their work both sighed in relief and sat next to each other on couch

After taking rest for sometime Maan woke up Pari and Maaneet gave bath to Pari and then trio had their breakfast…Later they got ready and went to Pari’s school for admission…they questioned Pari about rhymes alphabates and numbers…Pari answered most of the question…even though she was little scared…but seeing her parents next to her and Geet holding her hand assuring that everything will go fine and Maan supporting her that he is there for her no need to worry…Principal admired the family sitting in front of her…the way Maaneet supporting Pari…the love and admiration for her in their eyes didn’t went unnoticed by her…they principal gave admission form to fill…Geet gave Pari’s birth certificate and transfer certificate from her previous school…Maan went to pay fees…he took the copy of certificates…he was feeling guilty thinking about Geet how she manages so many years…it was his duty to be with her but he remembered how he was enjoying in London when Geet going through all these…. and collecting necessary document  books and uniform they came back to car…Geet looked at Maan…she can see pain in his eyes but she did not know the reason…when they came back…all the way only Pari was telling about her new school…when they enter KM…Maan went directly to study room…Geet knew that Maan is upset so she told Pari to be with Nakul and went in search of Maan

Geet searched for Maan in their room and then went to study room…she slowly opened the door and came inside…Geet saw Maan who was in his own thought and just touched his shoulder…he was startled suddenly when he left someone’s hand, he turned his head immediately to see who it was and saw Geet…she was shocked to see him in tears…Maan immediately turned his face and wiped tears and said “Tume kuch kaam tha Geet?”

Geet: are you ok?

Maan: haan I am fine what happened to me

Geet: you are quiet disturbed today…what happened?

Maan: kuch nahi Geet

Geet: you were ok when we were in principal cabin then what happened to you all of the sudden…if you share then your pain will be reduced.. you can share your feeling with me Maan

Maan was surprise to see Geet understanding him, he was not able control his feeling he turned towards her immediately and hugged her tightly…tears where flowing out of his eyes and wetted Geet shoulder…she was first shocked and when he hugged her and when she felt his tears she knew something is bothering him, she waited for some time so that he can calm himself…but when he did not Geet hugged him back to console him…

Maan: Sorry Geet hey sab mere waja see…because of me you suffered so much…I was not there for you

Geet: Maan its ok…its our past forget it… she came out of the hug and made in to sit on chair…Maan was not able to bare the distance so he again hugged her by keeping his head on her stomach…Maan you knew about this then why are you feeling bad now…what happened to you suddenly

Maan: today when I saw Pari’s certificate I felt bad…I was not there for you and Pari Geet…I did not get chance to hold my daughter when she born, when she stood first time, when she walked…I am ashamed of myself Geet…I know you also hate me so much, and now you are trying to give chance to this relation…

Geet consoled him and said “if you keep thinking about this Maan, you will feel more guilty, why cant we just forget whatever happened in our past and have a fresh start of life…” she went to the table and saw poem written by Maan, she took it in her hand and read

“There’s a place in my dreams; a place set aside
for a girl that looks like you
and boy that looks like me
And when I’m a sleep I venture there
and you and I walk hand in hand
and kiss beneath a starlit sky”

Nick Jankowski

She had tears in her eyes…she dunno how he manages to write this and asked “do you have the habit of writing poems”

Maan: hmm…only after seeing you

Geet smiled hearing that…Maan came towards her and said “I want to show you something…come to room”

Geet: Maan its getting late wait I will talk to Pinky and later you can inform Adi about this….to which Maan nodded his head…Later Geet spoke to Pinky and offered her job, she was very much happy that she is going to work in KC that to with Adi and Geet…she jumped in joy and asked “Geet, thank you very much…I dunno how to thank you yaar…I was about thinking to call you, but you only called me….thank you dear”

Geet: thanks baad mein kehnaa…now should talk to Adi about your selection

Pinky was shocked listening that her husband don’t know about her selection and requested Geet to not to disclose to Adi, she wanted to give surprise…Geet informed same to Maan, he shook his heading thinking about Adi and pinky the crazy couple…later he called Adi and informed him that they have selected accountant, Adi was quiet disappointed he wanted to forward Pinky resume…Geet sent soft copy of offer letter to Pinky…next week Geet is joining KC and Pari will start going to school…




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