Mann se Zude Risthey-Part 55

Mann se ZudeRisthey


Banner credit goes to Tanu



Maan who listened to her blabbering smiled thinking about his innocent wife who was trying to go from room but his sweetheart saved him this time, he thanked Pari numerous time in his mind, she was the real angel who brought so many happiness along with her…and Geet, she is his breathe, without her today he would have not been happy, if she was not there in his life by now he would have got married to Nita and lead loveless life…even today also he is not regretting for what he done to Geet, even though he felt bad he is happy that because of that incident today he is having so much happiness in his life and even he was surprised by his change in his behavior.


PART- 55


Even though Geet was along with Maan, but she did not even look at Maan…she tried to avoid has much has possible, but Pari did not allowed Geet to be alone, for her both are important…Pari used to spend most of the time with Maan and Geet…without any other option Geet used to be in front of Maan because of Pari, he was happy in his life, but there was something missing in his life, that something is Geet, his wife and his life. She was maintaining distance from him, she was just saying hmm to him, she never came in front of him when he is alone…Days were passing but there was no drastic change in their life, Pari had become more naughty she was making her Mom and Dad run behind her…but the more difficult is for Geet because if Maan is not at home Pari used to trouble Geet, if she scold then Pari will take Maan’s name or call him to him, and Maan will come running from office avoiding his meetings and work thinking that Pari is in trouble. Then smiled looking at his naughty daughter…then we will have video conference with client

Geet after coming from Pune she was noticing change in Maan’s behavior, he never forced her only once he kissed her on forehead when she was sleeping then never tried to come close to her…but even he was not far from her, he made sure that Geet is along with him when he come from office, he never allowed her to stay alone, he used to take Pari along with him and they spend time together…everything was going smooth, one day Maan was having meeting in KM, here Geet who saw Pari alone came to Maan’s room so that she can teach to Pari, Geet called Pari to come near her and made her sit on the couch and started teaching her, but Pari was not in the mood to learn anything, she want to play with Barbie doll which Maan brought for her today, Pari was not concentrating, Geet tried her level best to teach her, then Geet got angry on Pari and slapped her. Pari who was waiting for the chance to get out of her mummy started to cry in high pitch

Here Maan who was having discussion with his client excused himself and came running to his room looking for Pari thinking that she is in some trouble, when he climbed stairs and came towards his room he saw Geet who was trying to console Pari, Maan got worried and asked “Kya hua meri princess ko? Tum roh kyun rahi wo?”

Pari: sob….mummy… mujhe mara

Maan looked at Geet, who bend her head and looking other side and then Maan asked “aap ne kya kiya”

Pari: kuch nahi…Dadaa

Maan: mummy ne mera Pari ko mara…aab kya karien…kya mien mummy ko maroo?

Pari: nahi…….mela mummy hai

Maan: par tum mummy ki gussa hoon naa…

Pari immediately said nahiii..mummy ko dald hoga thinking that her father will beat her mummy, Geet who was outside Maan’s room heard Maana and Pari conversation, she felt bad for hurting Pari and then called “Pari…”, Pari who was in Maan’s arms came down and ran out, Geet hugged Pari tightly and kissed her forehead and cheeks…Maan had tears in his eyes looking at Geet and Pari bonding, he wiped his tears before Geet see and said “chalo aab maa aur beti dono rajii ho gaye, mein mera kaam continue karta hoon” saying this he went down and after completing his work everyone had their dinner and Maan and Pari went towards Maan’s room and Geet to Meera’s room

Has days were passing Geet, started to respond to Maan, she used to help him in his work, so that he can spend some time with Pari, they were trying to understand each other. Maan came early from office to spend with Geet and Pari, when he entered KM he saw Geet running behind Pari and requesting her to have milk…earlier it was easy to Geet because they were leaving in Pune, now in this big house Pari got chance to trouble Geet more…Maan was looking at his cute family and enjoying because Geet will not do all these in front of him. Finally Geet got exhausted and sat saying “mujhse nahi hoga Pari…dekho agar tum dood nahi piya toh mien dadaa ko bolungi ki tumare sath nahi khele”

Pari who was sitting in another corner came towards Geet slowly bending her head down thinking that her mummy will say to her dadaa to not to play with her, Geet felt bad looking at her daughter…Pari with sad and making yuck face finished milk…Looking at his wife and daughter he said “Geet, Pari get ready we will go to park today”…Pari looked at her father in excitement and ran towards him, Maan bend on his knees to take Pari in his arms…Maan hugged Pari and then he looked at Geet who was lost in her thought, whenever he ask her to come out with him, she used to give blank expression, still she feared to face people thinking that they will think bad about her, Maan did not want to hurt her so he went and sat next to her and said “Geet Park naa toh sahi hum lawn mein jathe hai naa…dehko Pari bahut khush lag rahi hai…atleast Pari ke liye” to which Geet nodded her head. Then everyone went to lawn, Maan and Pari where playing in the ball, Geet sat on the bench and was looking at them, at the same time Maan got call from office, so he went other side to attend the call, meanwhile Pari compelled  Geet to play with her. Geet looked around and made sure Maan is not around then she started playing with Pari. Pari used to throw near the bushes and make Geet to bring the ball. Maan who finished his call came back to them and was surprised to see Geet happily playing with Pari…Maan was happy because he can see Geet smiling whole heartedly and active only when she is alone with Pari, he did not want to disturb her, he kept on watching them…Geet who was playing with Pari got tired and said “mujhse nahi hoga Pari…mein tagh gayi hoon…” Pari pouted listening to Geet, and then she looked at Maan who was watching them…Pari smiled looking Maan. Geet who was facing back to Maan looked at Pari and then turned back. She was surprised to see Maan there

Geet went and sat on bench, Maan took Pari in his arms and went towards Geet and sat next to her… Geet stood up to go inside mansion back, but Maan hold her hand and made her sit next to him and then looked at Pari and said “you naughty…mummy ko dekho kitna tagh gayi hai tumari wajah se”…Pari gave smile to Maan and went to get the ball. Geet who was silent till now said with little hesitant “I wanted to talk to you regarding Pari”

Maan: haan mein sun raha hoon…bolo Geet

Geet: Pari ko school mein dakhilat karna hai…

Maan: Par….wo toh choti bachi hai Geet…itna zaldi bhi kya hai?

Geet looked at Maan with shock and thought “didn’t he know that Pari was going for school in Pune? Then why he is telling she is still small to go to school” Maan looked at Geet’s shock face and he wanted to tell her his desire and said “Geet, till Pari get younger brother or sister she will be a small kid only for us right?“. Geet bend her head down and kept quiet, Maan wanted to cherish the feeling of becoming father again, which he missed in Pari’s birth. And after his marriage he first time voiced about his feeling… Then Pari came towards them and all went inside mansion




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