Mann Se Zude Rishtey MG FF Part 57

Mann se ZudeRisthey


Banner credit goes to Tanu



Maan: toh Adi

Adi: kuch nahi sir…I will bring

Maan: I need by tomorrow morning and with list from to Mansion

Adi: ok sir Goood night

Maan: Good Night Adi…saying this he disconnected the call and Adi looked at the phone and said “kahan ka good night sir…mera neend toh gaya..aab mein kya karu” he surfed in internet and selected few from that and went to sleep




Here Meera after discussing with Dev called Geet and said “Geet…sorry yaar late hogaya…are you free now”

Geet: Haan Meera…I was waiting for your calls now…sub kaise hai?

Meera: sub teek hai  Geet…chalo …I want to tell you something…but before that I want promise from you that you wont feel bad…mein jo kheh rahi hoon…its for you good only Geet

Geet: pagal hogai kya Meera…how can I doubt on you…you are my best friend Meera…tum aise kaise soch liya?

Meera: sorry Geet….please bura math manaa…first Geet tell me how is your and Maan bhai’s relation

Geet: accha hai Meera

Meera: tu samaj nahi rahi hai Geet…dekh tu abhi bacchi nahi hai…so tell me are you both are sharing husband and wife relation

Geet: Meera…how can you think like that…I need some time for that…I am trying to forget my past…you know it is very difficult…I never expected this life Meera…I was happy in my old life and suddenly everything got changed…you were also with me right??

Meera: Geet..I know what I am talking… gudia I am not talking about physical relation dear

Geet: then

Meera: Geet…see husband and wife will not have only physical relation dear…there are lot other things and physical love is also part of it…I know Geet you need time but that does mean that you neglect the other things…I am not blaming you Geet…you know I treat you like my sister from the day one we met in Hoshiarpur, there are lot of things going behind you Geet…which you are neglecting…or say which you did not see

Geet: Meera tu kya bol rahi wo mujhe samaj mein nahi aa raha hai…please teek se batana

Meera: wahi mein kar rahi hoon Geet…ok now I tell you what is going in KC…Geet, bhai is neglecting his business thinking about you

Geet: Whattt are you saying

Meera: Yes Geet this is true, I know it did not come to your notice…but Geet KC is the dream of Rishabh uncle and Dadi…which bhai fulfilled with his hard work…even though Dadi supported him in the beginning, he really worked very much hard to bring KC to number one position…And this is the first gift from bhai to Rishabh uncle, he was very happy when he heard from others that bhai is working hard…you know about bhai’s character Geet…but till now he never sideline his business it was his life…even though he flirt with girls he made sure that KC is not effected…but now bhai is not attending any business party, he went for some party and some asked about his wife and daughter that is the last party he attended, you know why …because most of the business man comes with their family and you are not ready to go with him to mall also

Geet: who told you about this Meera

Meera: Geet, I came to know about this from Dev…but one thing I want to make clear to you that Maan bhai did not say anything about this…he just call us to enquire about your Dad and about our health…Geet working with Khurana’s was your dream right? Without knowing Maan bhai was MSK you wanted to work with him…you were the one who used to say much about his work…did you forgot about that and now you are Khurana’s bahu and also you can fulfill you dream  also then why cant you join bhai…if not personal atleast you both can be together in professional way and also you can give chance for your relation also…it wont affect your relation much

Geet: Meera tum teek kheh rahi ho? You know how many times I wanted to talk about my job with Maan, but when he comes in front of me I forget everything…aab mein kya karun yaar …mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aa raha hai

Meera: Geet…first you should help bhai in office work …I know you cant ask directly him that whether you can join KC so tell him like you want to work and you get bored at home…admit Pari to nearby school so that your first job will be done…has bhai is very possessive about you and Pari he wont let you to work in some other company

Geet: you mean to say that I should talk to Maan…par

Meera: Geet you are doing this to Dadi and Pari also, don’t forget that Pari will also get affected…think about you father also Geet, he is happy here thinking that his daughter and granddaughter is happy, if he comes to know about this he will feel bad

Geet: teek hai mein Maan se bhath karlungi…aur uske badh mujhe kya karna hai?

Meera: phele hey kaam toh kar yaar…uske badh tume mein batvungi agay kya karna hai

Geet: teek hai

Meera: don’t get tensed Geet…subh kuch teek hoga…we are there to support you…aab jake sojaa mujhe bhi neend aa rahi hai mein tumse kal bhath karungi


Geet looked at the phone and then thought to talk to Maan, how she can let all suffer because of her, so went to Maan’s room…she slowly opened the door and peeped in…she saw Maan looking at the moon…he was looking handsome…Geet was watching him…then she came out her thought and knocked door…Maan turned back and was surprised to see Geet standing, she was looking nervous…Maan was happy that Geet came to him, he cleared his throat and said “Geet…why are you standing outside? Come in”

Geet slowly entered Maan’s room and saw Pari sleeping peacefully, Maan was looking at Geet and then Pari, he got confused thinking whether Geet came to take Pari with her …then Maan said “Kya bhath hai Geet? Do you want to take Pari with you” Geet nodded her head saying No and said “I want to talk to you, something important”

Maan: kal bhi bhath kar sakti thi naa tum…but Geet interrupted him in middle and said “morning I will not get time to talk to you, you will be busy with office works or Pari or something else…so I came now…if you are busy then I will talk to you later”

Maan was puzzled looking at Geet then dunno what he should say to her, but he was happy that Geet came to talk to him and said: its ok Geet come sit here now tell me what you want to talk to me…he was happy that finally she came to talk with him…its was the positive sign for him…but Geet fidgeting her duppatta …then he noticed sweat in her forehead, she still fears to talk to him or to stay with him…it pained him, he never thought in his life he is going to face this problem and thought… “I am sorry Geet…I am trying my level best to keep you happy…but I failed again…in this two months I try to be friendly with you, but it pains to see same fear in your eyes which I saw four years back…why cant you give me a chance to prove myself Geet… Atleast Pari ke liye mujhe maaf kardo Geet….” he turned his face and looked at his daughter who was sleeping peacefully… Geet with nervous looked at Maan and saw him looking at Pari…there was also Pain in his eyes…she dunno what he was thinking, she thought maybe he is thinking about past and then she closed eyes for few seconds and said “Maan I want to work” saying this she closed her eyes thinking that he may get angry

Maan who was in his thought came out when he heard Geet saying him about work…he got confused whether he heard right or not and said “What!!!!!”

Geet: wo…I am feeling bore at home and I just want to ask you whether I can start searching for job

Maan: No Geet I cant allow you to work

Geet looked at Maan in shocking, she thought “may be like some husband Maan wanted me to stay at home and look after him and Pari…he is not concerned about my feelings…Meera is wrong…I should tell her this…but before that I will confirm with Maan once again ” and said ” what I will do being at home? Before marriage also I was working and you know about that”

Maan: yes Geet…I know that you were working before marriage but how can you think about working for some other organization…what people will think about me? And Geet if you want to work then you will work with us

Geet: with us means?

Geet was looking so cute in that surprise expression, Maan was feeling like kissing her but he controlled his emotions and said “Geet you are my wife…Maan Singh Khurana’s wife…so before taking any decision think twice…even I am looking for architect for our office and when you are ready to look for other job then why cant you join me? if you work with other organization then people will get lot of doubts on our relation and start talking about that…instead of giving chance to them to talk about us, why cant we work together ?”

Geet  thought “Thank you babaji meri bhath sunne ke liye…I never thought that I will work with Khurana Construction that too with MSK…he was my idle…I wanted to become like him…I will get lot exposure in  my professional as well as personal side…I hope this will help me to get know more about Maan, and also I can give once chance for this relation also…my first job is to help Maan, and make sure that KC will be in number one position itself…because of this decision everyone will  be happy…please babaji give me enough strength to face this world” Maan saw Geet who was lost in her thought, he cant loose the opportunity to be near Geet…and he cant even think Geet working for someone…and thought “I should take help from Meera to convince Geet to join KC” (poor Maan dunno that his sister already planned this for him)…Maan cleared his throat…and said “kuch aur bhath karna hai tujhe”

Geet: nahi…wo…teek hai

Maan: par tum abhi taqh bataya nahi…whether you like to join KC?

Geet: haan mein KC join karungi…give me a week’s times

Maan: Ok … Geet was about to go Maan continued saying “Decision change math karna Geet…I will be very happy to work with you… I have already seen your work” Geet just smiled and When she was about to go out from Maan’s room Pari cried saying “Mummy….” Geet immediately came next to Pari and patted her to sleep…Maan who was worried about Pari waking up at this time came and sat opposite to Geet…Pari woke up from sleep and said “Mummy ninni…”

Geet: haan Pari so jao…I am here itself

Pari: mummy so jao…

Geet: haan…you sleep Pari, I will sleep after sometime…but Pari started to pull Geet hand saying to her to sleep next to her…Geet did knew what she should so now. Maan was confused and asked “Geet what happened to Pari…? Why she is crying…can I get food for her I think she is hungry”

Geet: nothing…she is fine Maan…if she get up from the sleep in the mid night then this is the problem…she wont sleep easily

Maan: wo….I thought she is hungry…and suddenly he remembered Geet calling him Maan…and thought “my names sounds so good from her mouth…”

Listening to her parent’s conversation Pari started to cry loudly to gain their attention and said “mummy…sleep here” Geet did not knew what to do…Maan is sitting next to Pari and how can she sleep with him in same room…she tried to convince Pari saying “Pari…you are good girl right?…now sleep see mummy is next to you only and we don’t have enough place here…you Dad also should sleep right…” Maan was shocked listening to Geet and thought “am I so much fat? Geet is saying we three cant sleep here” he pouted and said “Geet…you are saying this king size bed is not enough for three of us…and I am not fat…we can easily sleep here”

Geet snatched her head and looked at Pari and said “Pari…you sleep now” but MSK daughter was not ready to sleep without her mummy…then looking at Geet Maan said “Geet…kyun Pari ko rula rahi hoo? Tum bhi so jao aur Pari ko bhi sulado..” without any other options Geet slipped next to her…Pari kept her one hands and Geet’s neck and  other hand holding Maan’s hand and slept hugging her…Maan switched off light and  slipped next to Pari… he was feeling jealous that Pari is not hugging him…but some where he is happy that first time he is sleeping with his wife and daughter and silently prayed Good thinking that everything should go fine in his life

After some time he woke up and saw his wife and Pari sleeping…he covered them with duvet and lightly kissed their forehead…he was feeling pain looking at Geet…he did big mistake in his life…he tried to rectify it but he did not succeed, it now Geet is scared to be alone with him…then he took his laptop and typed poem to ask sorry with Geet.


Next day morning when Geet woke up she saw a letter and white rose…she turned aside and saw only Pari next to her sleeping…she took the letter and rose in her hand and went to her room…she closed the door and opened the letter


I’m sorry
for all the pain I’ve caused you
and all the words that slipped idly by my lips.

I’m sorry
for the nights you’ve spent all alone with your tears.
And me- wanting nothing more but to wipe them
from your beautiful face, I knew they were only there
because of me.

It kills me you see us like this. To see you like this, and me.

I stand here helpless to do anything but beg for your forgiveness
and ask for another chance-yet again.

And so I give you a rose, these words
a symbol of my remorse and of my hope
for an everlasting rekindlement.

(thanks to Nick Jankowski)

Geet had tears while reading it and thought “Maan, I am sorry…even I feel like giving chance to this relation from two months, even I am trying to forget everything…I dunno I am not able to forget anything…I fear to come near you…please help me to come out from my past so that I am live happily with my family…whenever I see you I feel like talking to you…even yesterday looking at face, I felt your pain but I didn’t have enough courage to talk to you…” then she looked up and said “babaji why are you doing this to me? please be my strength, how can I help Maan, I don’t want to see him losing his interest” Geet wiped her tears and thought “what Meera said is correct…first I will join office and working with Maan, I will get enough time to be close with him and understand him better which will help me to come out from past…Maan I am ready to move on in this relation…Pari beta I am sorry for not being close to you after coming to Pune…from now you will stay with you parents”….she looked at her image in mirror and smiled and said “Geet…aab tumara asli jung shuru ho raha hai…you need to work really hard…Maan will not tell you everything but you should be ready with face…and to not to forget I hope Maan will support me in this” then she took dress for change and went to washroom

After freshen up Geet came down and saw Nakul and said “kaka Maan kahan hai…kayee dikh nahi rahe hai”

Nakul: beta Maan baba study room mien hai Adi ke sath…unkeliye coffee aur chai lekar jaa raha hoon

Geet: mujhe dejiye kaka mein lekar jata hoon..

Nakul: tumara chai beta…ek minute ruko mein abhi lata hoon

Geet: nahi kaka mein baad mein chia pee ungi

Geet took tray to Maan’s study room


Here in study room Maan was looking seriously at Adi, Maan was trying to control his anger…Adi nervously gave smile to Maan…then Maan said “what is this Adi? Cant you do your job properly? I told you to bring the list of top five schools so that we can admit Pari to the school, but looking at the list I think you want me to open a yellow pages …more than hundred schools Adi? I cant believe this…and if anyone call to you in night you talk rubbish with them”

Adi: sorry sir who galti se….

Maan: not a word Adi…but go and get me only five or six good schools and then I will decide about the school…

Meanwhile Geet knocked study room and entered with tray…Maan was surprised to see Geet smiling and that too bringing coffee to him…Geet gave coffee to Maan and tea to Adi and said “breakfast tayyar hai…aap log niche chaliye”

Maan: Geet…Adi ke liye breakfast lagao I will have with Pari…to which Geet gave smile at Maan and went out and then Maan remembered about Geet job and said “Adi, I have one more work for you…Geet will be joining KC…you bring appointment letter to her in the evening…and give her head Architect post”

Adi’s eyes twinkled in joy and said “that’s the good news sir…what about Sasha”

Maan: Adi…Geet will only work only on selected projects…I will give to her…you know she should take care of Pari also and she cant give 100% to her job

Adi: but Geet mam used to work when she was in Pune…and she was head Architect in Chopra Constructions

Maan: Adi we will appoint separate team to Geet…she will be Chief Operating Officer cum head Architect…you and Sasha select a team for Geet… and haan Adi select a assistant for you also…so that she can support you and Geet both…

Adi: ok Sir…I will get the list and offer letter in the evening

Maan: I am not coming to office today Adi…call me if anything important

Adi: ok Sir

Then Adi came out of the room and went down, Maan went to his room to check on Pari..Geet gave breakfast to Adi and after that he went to office


Geet came to Maan’s room to wake up Pari and heard sound from bathroom Geet was shocked to see Maan and Pari full wet and they both were happily enjoying…Pari looked at Geet and then gave teasing smile to Maan and throw water on Geet…she got angry on Pari for throwing water on her and Maan was suppressing his laugh looking at Geet…she came inside washroom tried to catch Pari…Pari was running from one end to another ….and sometime she hide behind Maan, Geet went behind Maan to catch Pari and was about to hold Pari but she stumped on soap gel which was on floor…Geet closed her eyes with fear and thought in minute she will hit the ground and Pari who saw her mummy falling down…said “dadaaa mummy’ Maan immediately turned around and hold Geet tightly in his arms…Geet closed her eyes tightly thinking that she will get hurt…when she felt strong hold on her waist she slowly opened her eyes and saw Maan…there was fear in his eyes, this is the first time she is seeing fear in Maan’s eyes…she knew by now little about Maan’s behavior, Maan’s heart was beating fastly…his breathe was falling on her cheeks…Geet face was turning red, she was not able to understand her own feeling…and said “Maan mein teek hoon” Maan came out of trance and he made Geet to stand on her feet…Geet glared at Pari and went to her room


Geet immediately changed her dress and went down…Maan came down along with Pari for breakfast …Nakul served to them and Maan asked about Geet with Nakul he said she will have later….Maan knew that Geet is angry with Pari, and Pari was looking for her mom, she got down with the help of Maan and went in search of Geet. Maan and Pari saw Geet reading some magazine, Maan signaled Pari to go near Pari and ask sorry…Pari slowly went near Geet holding her ear and said “sorry mummy” Pari was looking cute, she wanted to take Pari in her arms but knowing Pari’s naughtiness increasing day by day she wanted to put full stop for this…Geet is ok with naughtiness but there should be limit… Geet saw Pari and turned her face to other side…But Pari came to her again saying sorry mummy…

Geet: kitni baar sorry bologi Pari….mein tume samjake taqh gayi hoon…but you are not listening to me Pari…if you obey my orders then only I iwll talk to you

Pari: I will lichen to you mummy sorry

Geet: koi shaitani nahi karenge aap…meine aapse padne ne keliye bol rahi hoon, par tum meri bhath sun nahi rahi ho?

Pari: mein palungi

Geet: Pakka

Pari: Pakka

 Then Geet took Pari in her arms and went to have breakfast after that Maan told servants to play with Pari and informed Geet to come to study room he want to talk something important…Geet went along with Maan to study room and then Maan told her to sit and said “Geet…you said you want to work and I made it clear to you that you will work with only KC and no other company…I have already spoke to Adi about this and you will be Cheif Operating Officer cum head Architect and one more thing I will make clear to you that you will be working with me

Geet: but

Maan: Geet…I will get you separate team, but I want your supports and suggestions in some of the projects which I am handling…Adi said that you are best

Geet: ok I will help you…but I am ok with Head Architect position then why are you giving me COO position to me

Maan: Geet you are my wife and I want you also to have same right like me…in my absence you can take decision

Geet: but Maan, I cant handle such a big position now

Maan: don’t worry Geet, I will be there with you and whenever you need any help or suggestions you can come to me anytime…I am there to support you 24/7

Geet: par mujhe darr lag raha hai…

Maan: kuch nahi hoga Geet…you are best in this field and I have full trust on you… don’t worry

Geet: I hope I wont disappoint you?

Maan: you will never Geet….Mera Geet mujhe kabhi nirash nahi kar sakti Geet looked at Maan in awe and he continued chalo hum niche chalke dekh te hai Pari kya kar rahi hai…to which Geet agreed and both came out of the room


Here Pari who was which Nakul and servants started playing with him, she did not leave anyone also after all she is Maan Singh Khurana’s daughter then how will she leave anyone in peace…while Maan and Geet came down they saw all servants sitting on the floor folding their hands and Pari standing on table wearing Maan’s shirt, both were shock to the hell looking at their daughter and then Maan said “Geet, can we wait for some time here and watch Pari’s play….if you are ok with that…actually I want to see what she is doing wearing my shirt” to which Geet agreed

Pari glaring at Nakul said “Akul….mela back coffee kahan hai” Nakul pretended giving coffee to Pari…oops MSK…Pari slipped coffee and pretending to spit out and said “Akul what iz this?…coffee not good bring one”

Nakul: yes…sir….Pari looked at all servants and they burst of laughing looking at angel who pretending like their boss

Maan eyes popped out looking at Pari who was imitating him, he never thought that his daughter will imitate him and Geet who was also shock, but she is used to that because Pari sometime used to do that…she was suppressing her laugh looking at Maan…she don’t want to make fun of him, she dunno whether he will take lightly or not…now only she started to be close with him…Maan was not able to sit…first he was happy that she is imitating him but also worried thinking that he may do some other thing so he went to Pari and took her in his arms and hugged tightly and glared at servant they disappeared within a minute


Geet went to her room silently and called Meera… and informed everything then Meera said “Ok Geet now concentrated on your job …remaining we will think later and let you know about it when it is necessary and one more thing Geet…bhai see thoda jagda karo”

 Geet : Kya!!!!!! tum pagal ho gayi ho Meera….you want me to fight with your brother are you out of your mind…if I do that he will kick me out of KC and KM

Meera: Geet you are scared to talk to him…when you both not talk then how will you get to know about each other…this is the best way…you know that I used to fight with Dev…and by the way my brother will not kick you out…he is scared of Dadi and me…and he loves you…

Geet: mera bhai to acche hai…so he did not mind and your brother is dust danav…aise ghoorthe rehete hai…guys servants and office people they will run here and there

Meera: you are best in fighting Geet…don’t you remember how we used to fight…so think about it

Geet: I dunno what all I should do Meera…being with you I will be in mental alyssum soon that’s for sure

Meera: kuch nahi hoga Geet…but my brother will think why his wife is gone crazy that’s it

Geet: I am not sure Meera, but I will try this

Meera: Geet you have to do this…if you and bhai is happy then think about us we will be more happy and Dadi and Mohinder uncle will be proud of you

Geet: hmm…papa kaise hai

Meera: unki chinta math karo Geet…we are taking care of him…and I forgot to inform you , bhai spoke to uncle and invited him to stay with you guys…but we told him after sometime we will send him

Geet: Meera are you saying truth Maan said papa to stay with us…he did not even told me about this, then send papa here Meera, I am feeling like seeing him

Meera: its in your hand Geet…when you and bhai actually behave like husband and wife we will come there…we will also shift to Delhi…I will be near to you and bhai…for that you should change yourself…I know its not easy…when you feel you can handle bhai then shift to his room..mujhe mera karma chahiye naa

Geet: I dunno how you know about KC and KM…koi detective hire kiya hai kya

Meera: uska zarurath padi toh wo bhi karungi…akir ek hi bhabhi hai meri

Geet: mera bhi ek hi bhabhi hai tu

Meera: I hope I will hear good news soon…

Geet: KYA!!!!!!

Meera: oh meri maa…I am not talking about you becoming mother…I am talking about you shifting to bhai’s room

Geet: waise when you will give good news Meera

Meera: after you dear…for that we have time….now I have some work to do..I will talk to you later…

Geet: abhi mission Maan’s room…babaji aapko nahi lag raha hai ki aap mujhe zada kaam karwa rahi hoo? He is doing nothing…then she looked at herself in the mirror and said “Geet, regarding job you spoke to Maan now shifting to his room he should do that…hey ki nahi…why should I compromise…let him also come to me…for that I need someone’s help…ok ok relax Geet…its not now that important…wait for the offer letter and then try to talk to Maan”


In the evening Adi came with list of the schools, Maan and Adi went to study room and Maan informed Nakul to send Geet to study room, they came in and looked into the list . When Geet came inside study room, she did not knew why Maan called her, looking at Adi she guessed that it may be regarding her job but Geet was shocked to the core when she heard Adi saying about the Pari’s school…she was staring at Maan unblinkingly, I never knew that Maan will take my word so seriously, yesterday when I told him about Pari’s admission in school he said that he want to have another child and today something struck her mind and thought OMG that’s the reason Adi came here so early, but when did Maan informed Adi, he was with us only. Her thought broke when she heard Maan saying “Adi, I will look into that and call you later”

Adi: yes…..sirrr…but call me earlier … Maan knotted his eyebrows looking at him and Adi Continued “sorry Sir kal galti se” Maan took admission papers. Maan understood why Adi is saying to him like that and said “ADIII”  

Adi: sorry sir…wo…wo…Adi stammered thinking that Maan is angry with him…but Maan cut him the middle and said “Adi I will talk to you tomorrow…you can go now”…Meanwhile Maan got call from his client he excused himself and went to balcony to talk with them and Geet who got confused with their behavior asked “kya hua Adi sir”

Adi: wo Geet…sorry Geet mam actually

Geet: Adi Sir you can call me Geet itself, but why are you stammering?…I did not understand what you both are talking about…you can tell him Adi sir…

Adi got convinced with Geet and said that Maan called him late light yesterday and today when Maan sir said he will call later he thought Maan sir will call him late like yesterday…Geet controlled her smile and said “aap fikar math ki jiye I will talk to Maan regarding this” Adi nodded his head…Maan came back to study after attending his call, and saw Geet smiling and Adi looking at Geet confusingly….Maan got jealous with Adi, because Geet was smiling at Adi and then he turned towards Adi and said “Adi tum abhi takh gaye nahi” 

Adi: I am starting now now…saying this he ran out of study room…Geet who was looking at them was not able to control her laugh…Maan was getting irritated with her smile, because she did not told him why she is laughing and he do not want to get angry on her so he thumped the school list on table and went to balcony…though he was happy that Geet is getting comfortable here, but he wanted her to smile with him and share her feeling with him, he wanted his Geet in his arms and love him…but day by day it is getting difficult or say sometime even he is confused with Geet’s behavior…he calmed himself and came in, Maan sat opposite Geet and said “Geet look at these list…its for Pari’s school admission, and you can select from it” saying this he gave list to Geet. He took his laptop and surfed all the school names so that he can decide…Geet was silently looking at list…Maan looked at Geet staring at list and said “Geet, yahan avo…tum wahan baite kar kya kar rahi wo? Tume yahan mera madad karne keliye meine bulaya tha meine…tum mujhe dekh kar hass rahi wo” Geet was first shocked and then said “tell me what should I do, I will do it” Maan looked her and said “Geet if you sit their how you going to help me? You should sit next to me, then only I can show you about school” Geet without any other option Geet came and sat next to him…before starting enough she left odd, but it is for her daughter’s education, how she will neglect it, then both Maan and Geet looked seriously and they were not able to decide on particular school…then Maan called some of his known friends and then finally selected PP international school, because his friends wife is chairman of that school…Geet agreed to that and later they both went down


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  1. Pureheart2012

    You ve really wrttn well its simply beaytiful.loved d way uve portrayed maneets feelings. Pls update next parts soon hope lot of romantic maneet moments! God Bless

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