Mann Se Zude Rishtey MG FF Part 56

Mann se ZudeRisthey


Banner credit goes to Tanu



Geet looked at Maan with shock and thought “didn’t he know that Pari was going for school in Pune? Then why he is telling she is still small to go to school” Maan looked at Geet’s shock face and he wanted to tell her his desire and said “Geet, till Pari get younger brother or sister she will be a small kid only for us right?”. Geet bend her head down and kept quiet, Maan wanted to cherish the feeling of becoming father again, which he missed in Pari’s birth. And after his marriage he first time voiced about his feeling… Then Pari came towards them and all went inside mansion






Geet went to Meera’s room, she never expected that Maan will tell her like this…even though she knew that Maan is changing but she cant trust him enough, she went and sat on the bed thinking about her relation, she cannot come to the conclusion so she went to washroom and got fresh up and then she went and sat near window. Geet thought “Babaji I dunno how much I should suffer because of Maan, he was the one who ruined my life and because of him today I am his wfe…I never expected this from Maan, first to make Dadi and Papa happy he married me…I cant even forget that because of him I suffered a lot…not only me but also my papa…and Pari suffered four years without father, even though Pari did not hurt me much asking about her Dad, but for the first time she asked me about her Dad when we went to Arnav’s birthday party…earlier I thought of giving peaceful life to Pari and even I have tried to fulfill her each and every wish…all of the sudden everything got changed because of Maan’s entry…Now I am Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana then also I cant gain enough courage to meet people outside…even though Maan tried so many times to take me out, I ignored it…but I know babaji it will not work…but I want to talk to Meera or else I will go mad”…thinking that Geet called Meera and informed about her insecurities to her. Meera who listened carefully to Geet and told “Geet…listen to me I will call you after dinner or else I cant talk to you properly…Arnav will keep on disturbing me, so once he sleep I will call you”

Geet: ok Meera, even Pari will come anytime here I will talk to you later saying that she disconnected the call

Here Maan went to his room with cleaned her and he also got freshen up…Maan and Pari played for sometime and then Maan sent Pari to be with Geet, because he has some important work, he will finish it soon and join them…Pari came towards Geet room and saw that she was busy looking out…Geet came out of trance and took Pari in her arms and asked “ohh my daughter is looking cute in this dress…who dressed you princess”

Pari: Dadaaa dless me mummy…Pari Dadi kheli…mummy nahi ayee

Geet: So my princess played with her Dadaa and did not called me saying this Geet pouted and continued “Pari forgot mummy…Pari is not playing with mummy like earlier…mummy angry with Pari”…Pari hold Geet cheeks in her palm and kissed her both cheeks, even though she did not understand fully she was feeling bad because her mummy is angry with her, her eyes filled with tears and in low voice said “Sholy…mummy”…Geet felt bad when she saw Pari with tears, it pricked her heart and she know that she is the reason, because of her Pari got hurt, so she immediately hugged Pari and said “its ok beta no problem…mummy was just joking”…saying this she wiped her tears and kissed her cheeks…and then said “Pari comes lets read rhymes today, after coming from Pune your neglecting your studies”

Pari: But Pali wants to play

Geet hold Pari tightly in her arms and said “Pari played a lot today…no more playing…Pari is a good girl right?…you want to work in Dadaa’s office right then for that you should study , go to school regularly or else how you can take care of Dadaa’s business” Pari thought for some time and then sais “Pari will study with mummy today and then I will play”

Geet: accha bachaa… Dadaa ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye tayyar wo aur mummy ke liye kuch nahi….very bad…then looking up Geet said babaji aap kyun mujhe beti diya…beta nahi de sakte the aap…dekiye aab Pari ko mera zarurath nahi

Meantime Maan came down was chuckled listening to Geet cribbing and said “don’t worry Geet next time we will definitely try for baby boy, then both our wish will be fulfilled…” and he took Pari in his arms and went down without turning back to see Geet reaction…he like to tease her, he knows he need to wait some more time to take relation forward…but he wants Geet to talk to him, fight with me for that the best things to irritate her, which he started now … Geet was hell shocked listening to his besharmi bathe…Ohh babaji…have you heard what he is saying…babaji how can he talk like this in front of Pari? She is growing kid…I dunno whats wrong with him evening he said he wants have another baby and for that I have not answered yet now he is having we will try for boy…don’t he feel shame…Maan who took Pari with him gave her to Lakshmi and told her to keep dinner ready and he came back to see why Geet did not come down till now…he shook his head looking at Geet who was looking up heard the last sentence and said “agar sharam kiya toh…mera khandan kaise age badegaa…chalo don’t think so much about that and spoil you tiny brain, come lets go down Pari is waiting for us for dinner” Maan saying this he kissed her cheek and went down, Here Geet touched her palm on the cheek were Maan kissed her…she can feel the heat and guessed her face will be red, she immediately went to washroom and washed her face…after that he joined Maan and Pari at dining table, she got angry on Maan for talking to her like that so she did not even see his face, silently had her dinner and went back to room leaving Pari with him to handle…Maan was confused first and cursed himself in his mind saying “Maan…cant you keep your mouth shut…see because of you Geet got angry, may be because I kissed her…but she did not say anything to me when I kissed her in Pune…oooh god why it is so difficult to understands ladies…Maan first of all she is not talking to you properly, with lot of difficulty she started to respond to you and again you spoiled it…” then he took his mobile and messaged “Sorry Mrs Khurana galti hogai maaf kejiye apne pati ko…ainda koi batameezi nahi… OuchOuchOuchpakka promise… without your permission I will not do anything …smile plzzz….Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Geet who was wearing night dress heard message tone and thought that Meera has messaged and when she saw the message she was again surprised to Maan’s message, after reading the content she smiled looking at message again and again she could not believe her eyes that Maan asked sorry with her…babaji mein kya karoo? Hey toh mujhe akele nahi chodthe? Par babaji I dunno why I like this? Please mujhe raha dikhaiye…Maan washed Pari’s face who was feeling sleepy, he changed her dress and took her on his shoulder and patted her to sleep…he slowly made Pari to lie on the bed, and went to balcony thinking about today’s incident


Here Meera gave Arnav to Mohinder and said “uncle aap Arnav ka sath rahiye…mujhe Dev se kuch bhath karni hai”

Mohinder: koi bhath nahi Meera, I will take care of him saying this he took Arnav from Meera. Dev was totally confused with Meera’s behavior he did not understand what is that important matter that Meera wants to discuss with him, so he followed her silently and he immediately got freshen up and meanwhile Meera brought tea and snacks for him…While having tea Dev asked “kya bhath hai Meera?”, Meera narrated Dev about her talk with Geet and smiled thinking about his brother in law and smiled, Meera who was expecting answer from Dev got angry when she saw Dev smiling and said “DEV…I am telling you something serious and you are smiling here…you know what I am fool to expect answer from you…I thought to discuss with you and then inform Geet what she should do now, but no you are behaving like I told you some PJ”…Dev looked at his wife…he stood up and went and sat next to her and side hugged her and then said “Meera, why are you getting angry on me yaar? I did not do anything…”…he kept hand on Meera cheeks and kissed her forehead and then said “Meera… first listen to me and then you can comment on it…I am telling you to listen to me carefully” there was knock at the door, Meera went to open the door and Dev said “I think Arnav, you make him sleeo I will talk to you later”…Meera opened the door and servant gave Arnav to Meera…she made him to lie on the bed and Dev went and checked on Mohinder…and kept water in the jug and covered Mohinder with duvet, then Dev came back to his room and saw Meera waiting for him and they both sat in balcony and Dev said “Meera I know what Geet and Maan are going through…its nearly two months that they both are married…till now Geet has not taken any initiative towards Maan and he is the one who is always behind her…I know what Maan did to Geet is wrong, and Geet need some time to overcome that…but Meera for that both of them should take initiate right? Geet should not wait till Maan comes to her…”

Meera: Par.. but Dev stopped her in the middle and said “Meera I told you to listen to me first, after that I will listen to you please” to which Meera nodded her head and then Dev continued “Meera…I know you think that Geet need sometime, even I agree with that I am not telling Maan and Geet to get close physically” Meera raised her eyebrows questioning and Dev showed his hand to Meera to stop and then continued “Meera do you know what is happening in Khurana Mansion?…Geet is talking to all the servants, she spend most of the time with Pari and servants, just think what will a husband feel when he sees his wife close to all and distance from him…but then also Maan is trying his level best to make Geet comfortable…can you able to believe the great MSK did not attend any parties from two months…and in these two months most of the time he worked from home and only goes to office when he is having meeting and sometime when it is necessary…this is not the good sign Meera…Even I heard that Maan wanted to take along with him outside, but Geet is ignoring. Every husband likes to take his wife outing Meera, this Geet should understand, in these two months can you belive that Geet did not come out of Khurana Mansion itself…” Meera who was listening to Dev till now was surprised listening to Dev, she never thought so much things are happening in her brother’s life, even though Geet and Meera spoke to each other every day, Meera did not talk much about Maan knowing that Geet wont like it and Meera asked with curiosity “How do you know all about these Dev? I never seen you talking with Maan or Geet then who told you all these?” and she looked at him for two seconds and said “Did Maan bhai told you about this?” Dev nodded his head saying no and then said “I got these information from Adi and Nakul Meera…Maan wont like to discuss about his personal life with anyone…Now a days Maan is in so much tension…his dream project is still pending… his architect is not able to design as per his demand, and Maan do not have enough time to do it…I heard Adi saying that he is looking for the architect from market, and he is ready to pay double amount also…Meera Khurana Construction is top most construction in India and in some outside country also, but Maan is concentrating much on Geet and his daughter which will later on effect his business…its not the good sign, Maan should come back to business world or else his rivals will take his chance to put him down…and one more thing if he is loose interest like this in business and even his personal life is also not on the right path which will push Maan to dark Meera people are waiting for his fall…if anything happens to business then we cant save Dadi, its her sons dream Meera, Maan will loose everything, so I thought of talking to you today…I heard today that Maan asked Adi to get list of top school…and I think now it is the right time for Geet to support Maan, what she will do being at home…its also her dream right then you should first tell her to support Maan and then I think they will understand better each other in the process and hope they move on in relationship. I cant see Maan suffering like that Meera and you know right Nita parents still waiting for the opportunity to put him down and I really don’t want Geet to be the reason for that…I want Geet and Pari being strength to Maan” Then Dev looked at Meera who was looking at him unblinkingly and asked “what happened Meera? Why are you looking at me like this?”

Meera hugged Dev tightly and said “I am too lucky to have you in my life Dev…you are the best friend, guide, husband and father…I dunno how to thank god for giving you in my life…you think more about my brother and his family also”

Dev: I am too selfish Meera, I want my sister to be happy and Maan I respect him today…even though I was little angry on him but he is also the best human being Meera…when I was nothing he did not cared about what his family saying…he stood behind me and helped me to get married to you…if he was not there then your parents would have not agreed for our marriage and he is the first human being who trusted on me then when I can help him now…do you think I will step backward…no Meera…I love to see his family growing…and he settles happy with Geet…now you don’t waist the time, go and talk to Geet and advice her…because her role is very important

Meera agreed to that and later he made list what all she should talk to Geet and called her…Here Geet was so much angry on Meera because she was trying to reach but Meera messaged her saying that she will call later and she is busy now…from past one hour she is waiting for her call


Here Maan who was standing in the balcony remembered Geet saying him about Pari’s school admission. he looked at the time it was showing twelve fifteen, he immediately called Adi…Adi who was peacefully sleeping dreaming about his wife Pinky…his dream was disturbed by the call..he took the call and without seeing the caller ID he said “Pinky…how many times I should tell you to not to disturb me at this hour…first of all you are so far from me…I dunno what’s my fault that god gave me such a big punishment…I cant romance my wife in real and not in dream also someone or other will be disturbing me” said Adi in one got…on the other end Maan was shocked listening to Adi…and then Adi continued “sorry baba…chala aab kiss dedoo naa please….kiss se kaam chalaunga” Maan was shocked to the core…his accountant Adi is asking kiss from him… “Pinky sorry bolo naa, please sweetheart one kiss dedo or wait I will give you”

Maan who was silent till now got angry listening to Adi’s bakwas and shouted saying “ADII….mein Pinky nahi Maan Singh Khurana bhath kar raha hoon…you better see the caller ID before talking”

Adi who was still in sleeping mood came out of that when he heard his boss name…phone slipped from his hand and he rubbed his eyes to make sure that its not the dream and then picked phone and said “sorrry…ssiirrr…I thought its my wife…she only calls me so late…hope you can understand…she is so far from me and she is missing me badly…aur mein bhi”

Maan: stop it …Adi I don’t have whole night to hear your love story…just listen to me carefully…Adi I need best school for my daughter’s admission and bring the list tomorrow morning

Adi: par…rr sir abhi toh bahut rath ho gaya hai

Maan: toh Adi

Adi: kuch nahi sir…I will bring

Maan: I need by tomorrow morning and with list from to Mansion

Adi: ok sir Goood night

Maan: Good Night Adi…saying this he disconnected the call and Adi looked at the phone and said “kahan ka good night sir…mera neend toh gaya..aab mein kya karu” he surfed in internet and selected few from that and went to sleep



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