Mann se Zude Risthey-Part 54

Mann se ZudeRisthey


Banner credit goes to Tanu



Maan emotionally side hugged Meera, then she went to her room where Geet was waiting for her.  They spoke to some time and slept beside each other and Arnav in the middle. When Geet woke up in the morning it was around six, she took bath and came out of the room after awaking Meera. Everyone got ready and came for breakfast down, after breakfast Meera Dev Mohinder Dadi and Arnav bidded bye to Maan and Geet and started their journey to Pune. Before going Meera spoke to Geet for some time advising her, Geet tried to stop Dadi and Mohinder but they said they will come back soon because they are also eagerly waiting to see their happy family. After everyone went Maan called Geet inside



Geet came inside, she was feeling lonely, though she had come to Khurana Mansion before also, but there is lot changes now…she was guest at that time and today she is daughter in law of this house, she went and sat in Meera’s room where she stayed yesterday, Geet was feeling like everyone felt her in some dense forest…she cried till she felt relieve and consoled herself, because no one was there to support her .Pari went and sat on Maan’s bed, for her everything is new, this is her house now, Pari was still dreaming thinking about her teacher who recently told them about Allaudin ka chirag, Maan showed Pari the whole Mansion and after sometime he came down along with Pari so that she can spend some time with her mother also, and only Pari can bring Geet out of Meera’s room,…Maan came to Meera’s room and saw Geet sitting near window and looking outside, it was looking like she is in some deep thought…poor guy what he know about her, she was thinking about her father that because of her marriage he is alone now, even though she knew that Dev and Meera will take care him very well then also she was worried about him. Maan whispered Pari to go and play with her for some time and came back to his room to finish pending office work

Pari went inside Meera’s room and called “Mummy chaloo naa…why are you sitting here?…pls chalo naa” saying this she hold Geet’s hand and pulled her outside, for Geet Pari was like oasis in this desert, after coming to Delhi she didn’t even come to Geet, she was always with Maan, after know that Maan is her father, from that time Pari shared special bond with Maan, most of the time she was attached with Maan, and even he was not letting Pari to be out of his slight, Geet came out the trance when Pari called her again “please chalo naa mummy”…Geet thought Pari wanted to play with her and they are going to garden but princess Pari had different plan, how she will leave her father alone, after long time she is with her father and mother, she wanted to play with both of them, for her both of them is important, so she pulled Geet towards Maan room, Maan was endorsed in his work after Pari went to Geet.

Pari with great difficulty she started to pull Geet, and they came near Maan’s room, Pari was tired pulling her mother…Pari said in loud voice “Dadaa mummy ko bulao naa…see she is not coming…Pali fully tired” while she was telling she was breathing heavily, Maan who was working on files kept files on table and came out of the room after hearing Pari’s voice, he saw Pari holding Geet’s middle finger in her tiny palm tightly so that Geet should not go back…and Geet was trying to convince Pari…looking at them he wanted to laugh and thinking that Geet will feel bad he said “andar aavo Geet..kyun kamre ke bahar kadi wo?” Geet nodded her head and came inside, Pari pulled Geet towards bed and they both sat, Maan sat on couch opposite them and took his files to work on but his concentration was fully on Geet and Pari, he was looking at his beautiful wife who was so innocent, she was looking like fresh flower, then he started working again when Geet caught him staring at her and she pulled her pallu around her shoulder with fear, Pari was showing her toys to Geet which Maan bought for her… while Geet was only nodding her head

Meanwhile Maan got call from office so he went out leaving Geet and Pari. Geet was surprised to see Maan’s bed mess with Pari’s toys, she knew from Meera that Maan likes cleanliness, after Maan went out Geet thought to clean his room before he comes and said “Pari …look you have messed your Dadaa’s room…get down dear, I will clean it…

Pari: mummy…hey Dadaa ka nahi …hamala kamla hai…Dadaa ne bataya hume

Geet: teek hai meri maa, tumara karma, aab chalo niche utaro…warna Dadaa will get angry

Pari: par kyun?

Geet came towards Pari and sat on her knee, she kept her hand on Pari’s both cheek and said ” Pari, aapke Dadaa ko room ek dum neat hona chahiye, aur ek dum perfect…agar aapko Dadaa ka acche princess banna hai toh aap bhi unki tarah clean rehna chahiye…khana time pe khana hai, aache kapde pehna hai…” then showing table she said “Pari tum uss table mein baito …aur mummy jaldi se room teek kardegi, aur wo bhi tumare Dadaa aane se phele… Dadaa tumse khush honge aur tumare sath khelenge bhi”

Saying this Geet was folding blankets…Pari thought for some time and said: mein help kalungi?

At the same time Maan came towards his room after finishing his call  and was surprised to see Geet fixing his bed, he was happy that Geet is coming out of the shell… Pari is also playing major part in this. Geet while cleaning asked Pari  “tum help karogi mujhe? Wah beta kya zamana hai abhi tak tum mujhe help nahi kiya aur aaj kya kass bhath hai ki tum mujhe help karna chathi ho”

Pari: wo…Dadda ko…

Geet raised her eyebrow and looked at her daughter and asked “toh aap Dadaa ko khush karna chathi wo?” to which Pari nodded her head. Geet took Pari in her arms started to tickle her saying “Dadaa ko khush karna hai” Pari started to giggle and said “Mummy please gud gudi wo rahi hai…please stop” but Geet did not stopped “tum mummy ko bhul hi gayi hai…mujhe bhath nahi kar rahi wo aur abhi tum Dadaa ko khush karna chathi wo…too bad meri gudiya bad girl ho gayi hai” said Geet to Pari with fake anger and turned her face to other side…Geet’s word pricked Maan’s heart who was listening to Geet and Pari conversation, and Pari who was laughing felt bad her eyes was full of tears…when Geet did not heard anything from Pari looked at her, she felt bad looking Pari who was about to cry, Geet turned and hugged Geet tightly and wiped her tears, then said “sorry baccha….mummy mazak kar rahi thi…mummy sorry beta” saying this she hold both her ears asking sorry with Pari….Geet again hugged Pari and kissed her forehead asking sorry. Geet was feeling bad for hurting Pari, and Maan who was standing at the door looking at them with awe, both are not less than angels for him. He wanted to go inside room and console Pari… and he don’t want to miss Geet and Pari’s conversation also, though they both did not talk to each other properly, he was happy that Geet is in his room sorry in their room and its bliss to watch Geet and Pari who were happily enjoying and even though he is little bit sad because he was not part of it. But he want to listen to them so that he can understand Geet very well, he had missed all these in his life…he is proud of Geet and respect her from bottom of his heart. His trance broken when he heard Geet saying “Pari…aap Dadaa ko khush karna chathe wo naa then come, lets fix this”. Then he saw Geet and Pari fixing his room and Pari in the name of helping was giving more work to Geet, where toys were falling from the bed, which she was keeping,  finally Geet who was keeping quiet till now said “Pari, please aap baito, mein karlunga…aap mera kaam bada rahe ho”

Pari pouted listening to Geet, Maan thought to help his wife and daughter, so that he will get enough time also to spend with Geet and came inside saying “kyun…meri princess ko mana kar rahi wo Geet? Chalo princess hum dono milke mummy ka madad karte hai” Pari clapped her hands looking at Maan who was supporting her and Geet was startled with Maan’s voice. She was numb, Geet was not able to decide what to do so she thought to keep quiet, there was fight going between her mind and heart, mind was telling her to go out from Maan’s room, but heart was saying to stay with them…with strong mind Geet stood back and then all of them cleaned their room and Maan and Pari both were more happy because this is the first time in his life he cleaned his room, till now Nakul Dadi or his mom used to take care of that and Pari happy because she helped her Dadaa…

Later Nakul came to Maan’s room and informed all of them that lunch is ready for them, then everyone had their lunch, but Maan made sure that Geet I having sufficient food, he knows that she is trying to adjust and which is not easy for both of them and especially for Geet who had gone through lot because of him, so he determined to support Geet, Maan was just trying to make Geet comfortable and baby MSK wanted to have food herself, Geet tried to convince her stubborn daughter but Maan came in between and said “leave it Geet, let her have her lunch, I will take care of her” and Maan was telling joke to Pari, while Geet kept her head down and was also listening to him and having her lunch… there was slight smile at Geet’s face listening to him…which Maan noticed and adored more…in this without her knowledge she completed her lunch, But Maan finished only half food in his plate, she looked at his plate and then him but she did not had enough courage to ask him why he is not having his food properly  and the most important thing is that she dunno about is food intake…

Geet went to wash her hand in washing basin…Maan saw Pari who was having food and most of the food were on the dining table and he went near her and try to feed her, which he was not able to do properly…Then Geet came to his help and she fed Pari, after that Maan took Pari and washed her face hands, even he changed her clothes…Geet called Meera to check about their whereabouts, and also informed her what happened after they went, then spoke to her father and requested him to come back to Delhi as soon as possible and informed same to Dev and Meera also. Mohinder agreed to that saying he will come as soon because he is not used to stay far from Geet and Pari. Then Dev took the call from Geet and said “Geet don’t worry about papa, me and Meera will take care of him, remember one thing Geet, you are not alone we all are with you, so give your life one chance and trust Maan, he will take care of you and we all are waiting for the day to see you and Maan together…please don’t disappoint us…ok we will talk you later” and disconnected the call.

Here Maan and Pari were playing and when Maan saw that Geet did not come back after lunch, so he went down along with Pari and saw Geet who was reading some magazines Maan and Pari sat next to Geet, she looked at them both, and continued reading Maan who saw Pari rubbing her eyes and said “kya hua meri princess ko “

Pari whispered: Dadaa Pari ninni

Maan looked at Pari confusingly thinking what this ninni means, Geet who was next to him looked at Maan and then Pari, she knew what Pari was saying and said “Pari wants to sleep, usually she sleeps in afternoon”…Maan gave foolish smile to her and said “Ohh…I was just thinking what is the meaning of ninni, ok then I will take her to room…” he took Pari in his arms and made her sleep on his shoulder and while he climbing stairs he looked at Geet and said “why cant you also sleep for sometime along with Pari”

Geet: its ok I am not feeling sleepy now

Maan came towards Geet and said “Geet wo… mujhe office ka kaam todha pending hai, aur agar Pari akeli bedroom mein rahegi toh she may get afraid, so you do one thing, you be with Pari now and after I complete my work I will be with Pari…waise Pari is used to you Geet, you are her mother and knows very well about her” how will Geet allow Pari to sleep alone in the room, that too in this big mansion, so she agreed with Maan and went along with him to his room, Pari slept by now, Maan made Pari to lie on the bed, while Geet sat next to her, Maan took his files and went to study thinking that Geet will not be comfortable after Maan went out Geet lie next to Pari holding her tightly…Geet was patting Pari and slept along with Pari…Maan who completed his work and sent mail to client and staff, he allotted work for them for next day also, and informed Adi to keep in touch with him and to get some files to Mansion while going home. Then Maan kept files in separate drawers so that his naughty daughter won’t spoil it and went to his room, he was happy to see Geet and Pari sleeping, Maan locked the door and he looked lovingly at them and went towards Geet, he saw some curls on her face which was disturbing her sleep, he slowly took the curls and kept it behind her ears and slightly kissed her forehead, so that Geet should not get disturb and then went to other side and slept next to Pari holding her hands. Geet who woke when Maan came near her and she feared to open her eyes and look at him, her skin burned when Maan kissed her forehead and her breathe got stuck in her throat…she didn’t dare to open her eyes thinking that Maan will force her

When Geet did not feel his warmth near her, she opened her eyes slowly and she breathes properly and was surprised by Maan’s act. After sometime Geet opened her eyes and slowly try to get out of bed so that she should not disturb Pari and Maan, but her devil daughter spoiled her plan by sleeping on her dupatta, when Geet tried to pull it Pari got disturbed and started to cry, Geet immediately came next to Pari and slept while Maan was patting her, Geet cursed Pari in her mind “my sweet devil dekho kaise so rahi hai…bilkul unke upar gayi hai…koi mouka nahi chodti mujhe tang karne kaa”…Maan who listened to her blabbering smiled thinking about his innocent wife who was trying to go from room but his sweetheart saved him this time, he thanked Pari numerous time in his mind, she was the real angel who brought so many happiness along with her…and Geet, she is his breathe, without her today he would have not been happy, if she was not there in his life by now he would have got married to Nita and lead loveless life…even today also he is not regretting for what he done to Geet, even though he felt bad he is happy that because of that incident today he is having so much happiness in his life and even he was surprised by his change in his behavior.


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