MG FF Vivah Bandhan Part 22

Vivah Bandhan

Banner credit goes to  Chaitra (26_chaitra)

Banner credit goes to Misti



Geet switched off the light, sleep was far away from Geet, but Maan was sleeping peacefully because he was so tired and his wife was next to him, Maan kept his hand and Geet’s stomach, and Geet ‘s breathe stuck in her throat, Maan pulled Geet towards himself and hugged her tightly in his sleep, Geet was half lying on Maan’s body, Geet was shivering in his proximity, later she slowly took Maan’s hand from her stomach and turned other side, Maan was missing Geet in his sleep, his hands was searching Geet, when Geet felt some movement she turned and saw Maan searching her in his, she also went near to him and hold his hand…both held each other hand and slept peacefully…




Next morning Geet woke up earlier and saw Maan holding her hand, small smile crept on her lips looking at her handsome husband, then she slowly took her hands from him and went to take bath, she wore simple salwar and sat in front of mirror combing her hair. Meanwhile Maan also woke up from the sleep and saw his beautiful wife sitting in front of mirror, he looked at her amusingly, Geet wore her mangalsutr and applied vermillion in the middle of hair partition, when she was doing that she saw Maan who was looking at her, both share smile and Maan said “Good morning”, Geet stood up and said “good morning”

Then Maan went to washroom, it was as usual perfect, he know that his wife had done that, when he came out he saw Geet kept his dress on bed and his necessary things for today’s conference, he smiled caressing the dress, he was getting ready, when Geet entered room after knocking door to give him his morning black coffee…Maan looked at the door expecting Arjun, but when he saw Geet he asked “why are you knocking the door Geet?”

Geet: wo actually you were getting ready

Maan who was standing in front of mirror came near her and asked “so?” Geet tried to go back, Maan also stepped forward towards her, they were moving like this Geet was stopped when her back touched the door and Maan kept to hands on the door blocking Geet…she was shocked to the core first time her husband she so much near to her and she is not able to think about anything and her face as turning to red due to their proximity, sweat was forming on her forehead, Maan looked at her amusing and took hanky from his pocket and wiped her sweat saying “Geet kya hua? Tume itna pasina kyun aa raha hai ?” Geet didn’t knew what she should answer to Maan so she kept her head down and Maan asked again “kya hua Geet? Tum itna silent kyun wo?”

Geet want to change this topic and said: aap mujhse kuch puch rahe the?

Maan: haan mein hey puch raha tha ki kya ghar mein tum hamesha knock karke andar aati hai?

Geet: nahi …woh mein

Maan: rehne do Geet…tum samaj thi nahi

Geet: aap teek se khethe kyun nahi…aap kya bol rahe hai mujhe kuch samaj mein aarahi hai

Maan: itna serious kyun wo rahi ho tum? I was just telling you that we are husband and wife, no need to knock the door everyone will get doubt on us…if you keep on doing this then what will your parents and brother will think about us, we decided right we will take this relation forward Geet nodded her head and then said “sorry…woh mujhe samaj mein nahi aarahata ki mein kya karu? you were the one who used to avoid me, till now I know know about your eating habbits and how to keep your room clean…other than that I dunno anything about you, yesterday I selected some shirts for you, I dunno whether you liked it or not also. you did not even looked at it once also” while saying this she had tears in her eyes

Maan immediately came towards her hold her shoulder, he slowly wiped her tears and hugged her tightly. Geet who was still now thinking about Maan and her relation’s future, she was thinking about her husband, she dunno how many times she prayed with her babaji to save her relation or else to give Maan enough strength so that he can go back to Sameera, but by heart she did not want to go far from Maan…she has fallen in love with this akudoo, they came out of trance when they heard Rano called Geet telling that Maan will get late, when they heard Rano’s voice they both broke hug then Maan said “Geet…wait one second…saying this he went towards cupboard and took the shirts out which Geet selected for him and then he said I liked your selection Geet, I will wear it tomorrow, today I am getting late …come now lets we go down, I will talk to you later and one more thing dontthink much about our relation, everything is going fine now, so we will talk about this later…what you say?”. Geet agreed to Maan and said “I have kept your document inseparate file” saying this she went near drawer and gave the file to Maan, then they both came down, Everyone finished their breakfast and Geet also went to get ready to go along with Maan. Arjun want to office early today to come back soon in the evening and to go out along with Maan and Geet, he said bye to everyone and went to office

Here Geet also came down from the room thinking that Maan will get late, Maan who was having coffee looked at Geet who was fully ready and was looking cute as usual, Maan was staring at her and Geet was feeling his gaze on her, her cheeks were turning pink. Maan saw her cheek which turned pink and now ke knew about his effect on her…he shook his head and looked at watch, he was getting late and then he took blessings from Rano and Mohinder and  said “aab mien chalta hoon papa, mujhe late ho raha hai”

Mohinder: Geet bhi aa rahi hai naa tumare sath

Maan: nahi papa, mein meeting mein busy rahunga aur Geet akeli library mein rahegi…mujhe teek nahi lagega

Geet: par mein...but Maan stopped in middle and said “nahi Geet, tume kya pata kal jab mein tume library mein nahi dekha…mien kitna darr gaya tha”…Rano and Mohinder looked at Maan and Geet they did not understand what they both were talking about and then Geet said “par aapki khana? aapko bahar ka khana pasand nahi hey naa”

Maan: mein manage kar lunga Geet tum fikar math karo…

Geet: par kaise?

Maan: mein sandwich kalunga…aab mein chalta hoon…saying this he said bye to everyone and went out, when he was about to take car outside garage Geet came running behind him and took keys from him and gave to Mohan (Handa’s car driver) and Mohan went take car out from garage, Maan looked at her confusingly, but she turned her face to other side, he did not know why she turned her face to other side, he was getting late, Geet went towards Mohan and was telling something to him, then she looked at Maan and went inside, Mohan stopped car in front of Maan, Maan was getting late so he went and sat in the car thinking why Geet did not talk to him. Maan wanted to talk to Geet, he planed to talk to her while driving but now Mohan was also with him so he cant talk to her. he was cursing Geet in his mind “such mien pagal ho gayi hai…jab se meine Geet ko kaha ki hum iss relation ko aage bada enge tabse Geet pagal ki tarah behave kar rahi hai…pata nahi uska problem kya hai, abhi taq bahut khush thi pata nahi suddenly kya hogaya usko, meine aaj Geet ko issliye mana kiya ko wo library mein  akeli rahegi aur usko koi problem na ho…pata nahi kiss bhath par gussa ho gayi hai…mujhe ek baar dekha tak nahi, aur driver ko bhi sath mein bej diya” Maan came out of trace when Mohan said that they have reached sanjeevani , Maan nodded his head and went in…he didnt had the time to call Geet also, he directly went to conference hall

Here Geet who came inside, went and sat on couch, Rano and Mohinder looked at her, tey have not seen Geet in so much angry anytime, Rano went and sat next to her and said “what’s wrong with Geet, why did you send Mohan with Maan, he knows to drive the car and then what is the need of sending Mohan along with him, what he will think about us?” Geet looked at her mother once and kept quiet, Mohinder looked at his daughter and knew that there is something in her mind so she send Mohan and said “Rano, you keep queit, its between husband and wife you should not interfere in between them.”

Rano: Par…Maan beta kya sochenge hamara barien mien

Mohinder: kuch nahi sochenge…Geet Maan ko sambalegi, hamara beti kuch soch samaj kar Mohan ko Maan ke sath beji hogi…kya Geet mein teek khe rahi hoon naa, he went near her and caressed her head, Geet who was quiet till now said “wo papa, mein aaj unke liye khana lekar jana chati hoon isliye mein Mohan ko unke sath beja kyunki, Mohan ne unko drop karke ghar ayega”

Rano: tu pagal hogi hai kya? Maan ne tume saaf saaf kheh diya ki lunch bahar karenge phir tum kyun khana lekar jaa rahe wo?

Mohinder: Rano tum kyun Geet ko dhatt rahi wo? …tum chup raho mein Geet se bhath karti hoon…batav beta kya bhath hai?

Geet:  papa unko bahar ka khana pasand nahi hai…wo bahar khana nahi kahenge…Maa ne mujhe phone karke bhataya hai…phir mein kaise unko bahar khane deti? agar unko kuch hogaya toh mein maa ko kya jawab deti?

Mohinder: par

Geet interuppeted him in the middle and said “nahi papa, wo aise hi khahenge? wo isliye mujhe mana kiya kyunki wo soch rahe hai ki mujhe koi problem naa wo…kal unhone mujhe shopping karne ko kaha taquee mein bore naa ho jao, jab wo conference mein bahar haye librabry mein dekha wahan mein nahi thi…mein toh shopping karne gayee thi…aur wo bhi unhone kahan shopping jane ke liye…wo gabra gaye hey soch kar mujhe kuch hogaya hai isliye mujhe unke sath lekar jane se mana kiya”

Mohinder: wo sub teek hai…agar tum Maan ke pass gayee toh, tum kab ghar avogi?

Geet: mein unke sath ghar avungi papa aap fikar math kijeye…bhai ne bola ki aaj shyam hum bahar jahenge

when Rano heard that they all are going out she asked “then what about your dinner? are you all are going to eat outside”

Geet: nahi maa hum ghar hake khana khahenge aap fikar math kejiye…then she looked at time it was showing 10.30pm already and said “mein unke liye khana bana thi hoon…aur toh mein late hongi…unka pata bhi nahi hey ki mein khana lekar aa rahi hoon” then she went inside kitchen to prepare lunch for Maan. Rano and Mohinder smiled looking at each other thinking about Geet, they were very proud of their daughter, Here Geet came to Kitchen and prepared his lunch…she went inside room, washed her face and got ready…when she came come Rano put all dishes in the box for Geet and Maan and also seperate box to Mohan,

When Geet came down Mohinder called Mohan inside house and gave tiffin box to keep in car and also his box…Mohan was used to this, he was treated very good in this family Geet looked at him like a brother, Rano shook her head saying “aaj mein khana ka taste ke barien mien tume nahi certificate deh sakti hoon..kyun ki aaj tumara babyji ne khana banaya hai”

Geet who was coming down the stairs said “maa aap kya kheh rahi wo? Mana ki mein hamesha khana nahi banati hoon par mujhe pata hai khana kaise banate hai…” then she looked at Mohan and making cute face she asked “do you also think that I cant prepare food and you also doubt on me?Mohan was not able to see his babyji in tears and said “nahi babyji mujhe koi parishani nahi hai, I will eat this food…hey khana aap banaya hai isse mein kaise miss kar sakta hoon? Aur mujhe aap par pura barosa hai” Mohinder came near Geet and said “agar tum aise bhath karti rahogi toh Maan bete ke pass time par nahi ponch pavogi”. Geet looked at her watch and said “hey babaji please aaj mujhe time se pounchana Maan ke pass” she said bye to her parents and went and sat in the car

While travelling Geet messaged Maan that she is bringing lunch to him and not to have cafeteria, then message Arjun also saying that she is going to Sanjeevini. When Geet reached Sanjeevani it was around tweleve…Mohan dropped Geet in front of Sanjeevini and went inside to park the car and also informed Geet to call him if necessary. Here Geet was waiting for Maan in library. When she saw doctors coming out from the conference Hall, she immediately called Maan to check whether he had seen her message, Maan who forgot to check his mobile, he went along with his colleague to cafeteria, he was not feeling like eating so he excused and came out, Geet took carrier in her and was looking for Maan, she was not able to see him anywhere, at the same time she saw Dr Shashank who came out of his room talking with some doctors. He saw Geet who was looking at here and there, he went near her and said “Hello Mrs Khurana…what are you doing here?”. Geet looked at him and said “actually sir I am waiting for my husband, and I am trying to reach him, he is not responding to my call”

Dr shashank: May be Mr Khurana had kept is cell in silent mode…is he aware that you are coming here?

Geet: no sir actually I forgot to inform him about that

While they were talking Maan was coming down from the cafeteria and Dr Shashank saw him first and signaled Maan to come towards him, Maan saw Geet standing with Dr Shashank, he was surprised to see her, Dr Shashank smiled at Maan and said “look here Maan, your wife is waiting for you…now you go and have your lunch, I will meet you in conference hall” then looked at Geet and said “bye Mrs Khurana take care”

Geet: bye sir

Maan was looking at her in surprise, Geet saw Maan and said “chaliye hum khana khaletai time hogaya hai” Maan took Geet with him towards his friend cabin. Geet served food for him and to herself, she gave plate to Maan, while having his food he “Geet what are you doing here? I told you right I will manage then”

Geet: yeah I saw how you were managing…I know that you cant have food here so I came here…

Maan: so this was what you were talking with Mohan in the morning

Geet: then what you taught Maan? When I am here why should you have food outside, so when you said that you are going alone so I decided to bring food for you

Maan who finished his food kept plate and table and went to wash his hand in sink and said: food is too good Geet…I should thank maa who prepared this for me

Geet: Maan aap teek nahi kar rahe ho? Why are you teasing me?

Maan: Geet relax hey hospital hai don’t shout like this people will think bad about us

Geet washed both plates and came out, she was very much angry on Maan for teasing her, she saw Maan who was smiling thinking about her angry face and he forgot to see that Geet is staring at him, Geet showed her finger to him and said “Maan…hey accha nahi kar rahe hai aap…uss din bhi maa aur papa ka samne aap aisa hee challenge kiya mujhe pata hai aapko mujhe kitna sharam haya uss din…aur aaj jab bhi meine apke liye khana banake lekar ayee hoon..aaj bhi aap key rahe hai ki aap maa ko thanks karenge…kyun mein apkeliye khana nahi bana sakti” Maan looked at her amusingly and even though he know what Geet is talking about he asked “how will I know Geet? I was not at home when you prepared and I thought maa prepared for me..its ok if you prepared this lunch for me then you should try this when I am with you, aur tim kis din ka bhath kar rahi ho Geet..mujhe samaj mein nahi aa raha hai”

Geet: teek hai next time I will prepare in front of you…aur kya? Aap uss din ka bhath bhool gaye

Maan asked innocently kis din Geet

Geet: leave it Maan, if you forgot about that then what is the use of talking about that…and one more thing I will be waiting for you…bhai told me to call him after your conference

Maan: its ok par tum kuch kheh rahi thi isse phele

Geet: kuch nahi…saying this Geet kept the tiffins in the bag and said “aap ko late nahi ho raha hai kya?”

Maan: nahi Geet I have another 20 minutes…come and sit here…looking at her getting ready he said where are you going?

Geet came and kept bag near the couch and sat next to Maan and said “kuch nahi Maan, mujhe laga ki aapko late ho raha hai”

Maan: now tell me you were talking about some thing

Geet: wo…

Maan: please jaldi bhatana Geet

Geet: I was talking about the day when I brought snacks from here and after eating that you challenged me to prepare again… but you did not prepare for me…said Maan sadly

Geet looking at his face and said “if you want then I will prepare today evening”

Maan looked at his watch, has it is time he stood up and said “chalo Geet lets leave, I am getting late” then they both stood up, before going out of the room Maan said “if you prepare here then I cant fulfill the challenge because our challenge is in front of mom and dad” Geet looked at Maan opening her mouth wide…she was fully shocked, Maan whispered neared her ear saying “muh band karo Geet makkhi guss jahegi muh mein” saying this he winked at her and went to hall.

After that Geet came to library and started to read some books. Geet was fully endorsed in reading and completely forgot about the time, Maan who finished his seminar came running towards Geet and saw her reading some books he came and sat opposite to her and was gazing at her…Geet who was reading left someone gaze on her, two to three times she ignored thinking that she is assuming, when she again felt that someone looking at her she kept book on the table and looked, she was shock to see Maan looking at her and smiling. Geet with surprised asked him “Maan aap yahan? You did not attend the seminar?” Maan shook his head looking at his innocent wife and signaled her to his watch showing the time. Geet banged her head from her hand and said “sorry…I completely forget time when I am reading something important…” while Geet was saying Maan took the book from her and looked at the title “Mukti Bandhan” by “Harikishan Mehta” and said “its ok now chala lets leave Arjun is waiting for us, I called him he told us to come to PVR cinemas, he has taken tickets”

Geet: aap bhai se bhath kiya? Kab?

Maan: jab tum Mukti Bandhan ki andhar guss gayi thi, aur apna phona bhi nayee utta rahi thi issliye Arjun mujhe message kiya tha aur seminar ke badh meine usko call kiya

Geet: aap mujhe tanaa marr rahe ho?

Maan: mujhe itna himmat ki mein Mrs Geet Khurana ki bad books mein aajao

Geet blushed listening to Maan and looking at her Maan said “agar tum blush karte rahogi to hum aaj ka plan cancel karna padega Geet…chalo hum chalte hai”

Geet: par meine hai book complete nahi kia bahut acchi book hai aapko bhi panda chahiye…bahut dino ke badh mujhe acche book mila hai mein kaise iss book ko pura padke bina jao..please thoda aur time dijiye naa I will finish it soon

Maan: Geettt….yesterday your brother was angry and today if we did not go then he will not talk to you, so come lets go about this book we can think about it later…saying this Maan took Geet near parking lot where Mohan was waiting for them, Geet half heartedly went along with Maan. Then they both went to PVR where Arjun was waiting them with tickets for Salman Khan movie Dabaang 2….they went and sat in…Geet was sitting between Maan and Arjun, Maan put his hand around Geet shoulder they watched movie in interval Maan and Arjun bought popcorn coke, Geet asked Maan about his popcorn Maan said he is full, Geet shared her popcorn with Maan, Arjun looked Geet amusing and asked her “Geet, you are sharing your popcorn? You used to fight with me for popcorn, this is unfair”

Maan: kya hua Arjun?

Arjun: Jiju aap ko pata hai Geet kabhi….but Geet closed Arjun’s mouth and said “nothing aap movie dekhiye naa bhai aise bakwas karte raheta hai”

Maan: Geet leave him see every one looking at us…Geet looked at Maan then scanned her surrounding took her hand back…Arjun smiled at Geet mischievously, Geet pleaded Arjun to not to inform Maan and without Geet knowing he message Maan that Geet will not share her popcorn with anyone. Maan smiled looking at his message and thought to talk to Geet later…After movie Geet and Arjun had gol guppe, even Geet liked to share with Maan but thinking about his health she did not asked Maan, after that they all went to home and had dinner pulling each other legs Maan enjoyed having his dinner and also looking different sides of Geet…later in the bedroom Maan tease her about popcorn sharing and Geet cursed Arjun for informing Maan…days passed Geet and Maan were happy with their new fond friendship..Arjun also enjoyed going out with Maan and Geet, Maan also was happy spending time with Geet and Arjun…finally Arjun happy thinking that his sister is in safe hands


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