Mann Se Zude Risthey-Part 53

Mann se ZudeRisthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu



Meera: aap log andar aahiye…saying this she ran to Mansion to welcome Geet to Khurana Mansion, she saw everything was ready. Geet got down from the car, she was nervous to get in, she saw so many workers and some relatives looking at her, Maan looked at Geet and understood her inner turmoil, Dev helped Geet to come along with them. Mohinder took Pari from Maan saying “aap log griha pravesh ka rasam pura karo beta, usske badh Pari ko lena”

When Maan and Geet came to the entrance Meera made Maan and Geet to stand together and too aarti for them and heartly congratulated them by wishing was their happy married life. Meera then place kalaash, Geet entered her new house along with Maan

Maan and Geet Grihapravesh

Dadi took Geet to gods room to light the lamp, after that Meera held kumkum water in front of Geet, she dipped her hands in Kumkum water and placed her hand prints on the wall



After the rituals over, Dadi gave milk and fruit for both of them, while these process going on Maan and Geet used to look each other from corner of their eyes, later Meera made Maan and Geet to sit in the stage which was decorated for them.  Arjun took Pari from Mohinder and informed him to enjoy the function he will take care of her, and told Dev to follow him, they both went to guest room and made Pari and Arnav to lie on the bed. Meanwhile Nakul came along with Lakshmi and informed them that they both will take care of children, and also told Arjun and Dev to attend the function. Even though it was private party most of them came to congratulate Maan and Geet, some gave fake smile, some girls and parents were jealous of Geet, because Meera and Dadi advice Geet she was smiling throughout the function. Lakshmi assured Nakul that she will take care of Pari and Arnav, and informed him to go and support Dev and Arjun. Dev and Dadi welcomed Guest, Meera used to guide them to mantap and then Arjun and Dev used to take the guest to dining area.  Has Maan and selected the best catering agencies they looked after guest very well…after food the some close guest came once again to stage and they were teasing Maan, but Maan was not the man who will care of that.

Dadi informed Maan and Geet to have dinner, but Maan denied saying he will have later and went to guest room after checking from Dev about Pari. When he came to room Pari was playing with Arnav. When they woke up Lakshmi made them to get ready with the new dress and Nakul brought horlicks for both of them then Lakshmi and Nakul put all the toys on the bed so that they can play and  diverted their mood to play,but Geet was wondering about her daughter who did not come to her till now

Pari seeing Maan looking at them she came running towards him, Maan kneeled down and took Pari and Arnav and came down Dev who saw Pari and Arnav in Maan arms came towards in immediately and took Arnav from him and went to see whether everything is going fine, Pari was surprised to see the decoration, she used to ask so many questions regarding the decoration, his dress, so many guests with Maan and he was patiently replying her…While Geet saw Dev with Arnav, she went near him and asked “bhai, Pari kahan hai dekhai nahi de rahi hai”, Dev gave smile to his sister and said “Geet dekho udarPari is with her father, till now you have taken care of her, now leave some responsibility to Maan also, let him handle her and he will come to know the difficulty” to which Geet just gave the smile and looked at Pari who was busy animating something to Maan and he was carefully listening to her, and also he was introducing Pari to some of his friends, then he came near to Geet and also introduced her to them….

Arjun came near Maan and asked “Maan press people are waiting for you…they all had their dinner, now you should go and talk to them”. Listening to Arjun, Geet was nervous because she is facing media first time in her life and she had seen how they questions, she dunno whether she will be able to handle it. Maan looked at Arjun once and said “Arjun give me five minutes I will talk to them, meanwhile you take Pari with you I want to talk to Geet”, Arjun was about to make fun of Maan and looking at his serious face and Geet pale face, he took Pari with him and went out

Maan informed Geet to follow him and took her to the guest room and said “kya hua Geet? Tum itna nervous kyun wo?”…Geet bend her head down, she dunno how to inform Maan that she is not comfortable in handling media and if anything happens then it will be problem. At the same time Meera entered teasing them “bhai..kya ho raha hai? Mehman wait kar rahe hai…aur aap dono edar romance kar rahe hai”, Geet looked at Meera and said meekly “mujhe darr lag raha hai”…Maan and Meera both looked at Geet in confuse then Maan understanding her feelings said “Meera, please kyat um hume do minute ke liye akela chodh sakti wo??? Mujhe Geet se kuch important bhath karna hai”

Meera: par bhai Geet kheh rahi hai naa usko dar lag raha hai..toh hum phele Geet se bhath karte hai

Maan: Meera…mujhe pata hai Geet kis barien mien bhath kar rahi hai…isliye mein tumse kheh raha hoon  ki mien Geet se bhath karta hoon

Meera whispered to Maan: will you mind if I also join you guys, because Geet is still not come out from the past and I think I can help you to make Geet understand

Maan sighed and said ok, then he went towards Geet and stood in front of her and said “Geet, I know you are uncomfortable to attend the press meet, but we should face them, its not only for us but for Pari’s future, you no need to answer them, I will handle you just sit next to me, that’s more than enough”

Geet nodded her head, she dunno how she is going to face press, till now it was his family and business partners and now press…even though she is scared she should do that for Pari, while Meera came towards Geet and said “Geet, it not today, you should meet the press one or other day, why not today” and then whispered saying “Geet aab tum Geet Handa nahi Geet Maan Singh Khurana ho…I know it is difficult to face this situation but trust bhai and go ahead with him, I promise you this time he wont hurt you, he will be your strength trust me Geet…ankh bandh karke bhai par vishwas rakho…you will see the changes in him”

After sometime Maan Geet and Meera came down, Pari was playing with Arnav and Dev. Maan went towards Arjun, looking at Maan Arjun told him that press people waiting for them in the lawn…Later Maan and Geet along with Meera and Arjun went to meet the press. Maan whispered to Meera to wait in the corridor itself, he will finish the meeting first and then he will give signal to Meera so that she can bring Geet, then Maan address the press and informed them saying “thank you guys for coming here in short notice, I want to introduce my wife and daughter, I know you all are confuse thinking about my marriage and my daughter, me and Geet both love each other and got married in front of closed ones, and due to some misunderstanding we both separated and then I went to London, in these years we did not keep in touch with each other and Geet left the place with her father without informing me, after four years I met her in one of the business meeting and after that I met my daughter also” he signaled Meera to bring Geet, after that Meera took Geet towards Maan

Maan took Geet’s hand in his hand and then hold her shoulder and said “meet Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, love of my life, who brought so many happiness in my life and made me a father by giving birth to my daughter” Geet looked at Maan’s face which was showing so much of love, affection concern for her, she dunno what she is reading in Maan’s eyes is correct or not…Geet just gave smile to Maan and then reports started questioning them

Rep: where did you first meet MSK?

Geet: Hoshiarpur

Rep: who proposed first?

Maan: obviously its me guys, she took so many days to answer me

Rep: how to you feel now being recognized as Mrs MSK?

Geet first looked at Maan and then reporters and said “I knew him as Maan and not as MSK, and now also he is only Maan for me…what you say Maan?”

Maan: yes Geet you are right…I am only Maan for her and MSK for outside people, and I am feeling blessed to have Geet has my wife

Rep to Maan: you said you met Geet in one of the business party, and then why you did not introduce Geet has your wife then

Maan: yeah I would have introduced Geet has my life but the problem was Geet was angry with me, and the I have not tried to clear the differences between us…it took nearly one year to convince her and I was waiting for that

Rep to Geet: can you tell us why you were angry with Maan? And why you did not come and meet his parents

Geet was hesitating to answer, Meera kept her hand on Geet shoulder to support her and Maan looking at Geet , then thought to answer and said “its too personal and now we both want to forget that incident…and it will hurt both of us so no to personal questions”

Rep: Geet when you know that you are Maan’s wife then why you did not come to Maan’s house after your misunderstanding or after knowing that you are pregnant with Maan’s child?

Maan: I told you no more personal questions…then we should wind up this meeting. But Geet kept hand on Maan’s hand, and he was first shocked when he felt soft hand on his hand, he looked at Geet, she blinked at him and then she looked at the reporters and said “we had some personal problems, and I don’t want to come here when Maan is out of station, so I stayed with my father and we went to Pune from Hoshairpur”

Meera who was quiet till now said “I called Geet to Pune, because I knew about my brother’s marriage”

Rep: then when MSK…but Maan stopped the reporter saying that some guest are still waiting for them, and hold Geet waist and, then some reporters request them to pose , then Maan hold Geet by shoulder

and said “excuse us guys” then went inside along with Arjun and Meera

Maan took Pari in his arms and kissed her cheeks, Pari was happily enjoying with her father, and the guest started to leave, now only family members where there, so Maan took Pari to his room, here Geet was searching for Pari because she did not had her dinner till now, she checked with Meera, than she came to know from Arjun that Pari is with Maan in his room so Meera told Arjun to inform Maan to bring Pari down has it is her dinner time, Arjun nodded his head and went to Maan room and informed him that Geet is waiting for Pari, then Maan Pari and Arjun came down, Meera gave food plate to Geet to feed Pari and Meera took Arnav from Dev and was feeding him. Then Maan made Pari to sit next to Geet , but Pari was not ready to leave Maan,  then Geet convinced Pari that she will feed Pari in the lawn, to which Pari agreed to Geet, then she hold plate in one hand and try to take Pari, has Geet dress was heavy she was not able to take Pari in her arms, because the works in Geet’s dress was hurting Pari, then Maan took Pari in his arms and took Geet to the along and when Arnav saw Pari going out he started to cry saying that even he wanted to eat out. Annie Kumud and Mohan finished their dinner without waiting for others.

Here Maan kept Pari down but she was not ready to leave him, Meera and Dev also tried to help Geet and Maan, but MSK’s daughter was not ready to listen to anyone, then Maan said “its ok Meera…then looked at Geet and said Geet plate mujhe dedo mein Pari ko khana kilaunga”. But baby MSK want to sit with her father and eat from her mummy’s hand, then Maan took morsel to feed Pari but she turned her face to other side, Geet  was getting irritated with Pari’s behavior, Pari was not like this, today she is not ready to listen to anyone, then Maan asked ” kya hua princess? Why are you not having your dinner? Batav beta kya bhath hai?”…then Meera said “Geet she will not listen, I think she want to sit on her father’s lap and eat from your hands, you just feed her”

Geet very well knew that Pari wish, so she tried to divert Pari’s mind,  when Meera about Pari’s wish without asking her, Pari got down from Maan’s lap and went and kissed Meera cheeks then she again came and sat on Maan’s lap. Now Maan also knew that so he went and sat next Geet, so that she can feed Pari, without any other choice Geet started to feed her, while Maan was pampering and looking at two angels of his life…Geet and Meera took empty plate inside kitchen. Maan and Dev cleaned their babies face, after that Maan Geet Dadi Arjun Mohinder and Dev had their dinners, and Maan took Pari with him to his room. Dev helped Mohinder to settle in one of the guest room, Pari was sleeping on Maan’s shoulder. Here Mohan Kumud and Annie decided to leave to Mumbai and Arjun who was happy that Maan’s life is settled and decided to go along with them. He came to Maan;s room and informed him about his travel …Maan was feeling bad but Arjun assured him that whenever Maan need him he will come, Maan made Pari to sleep on bed and hugged his friend.  Dev also hugged him and Meera’s parents and Arjun went to Mumbai

Now at Khurana Mansion only Dadi, Meera Dev Mohinder Maan and Geet were left ….Geet was hesitate to go to Maan’s room so Meera went to Maan’s room where Maan and Dev where discussing, so she went inside and said “Dev aap yahan sohiye aaj…mein aur Geet niche kamre mein rahenge”. Dev understood and agreed, then Meera looked at Maan and said “bhai , we also leave to Pune tomorrow”

Maan: but why Meera? You promised me that you will stay with me…chachu aur chachi bhi Mumbai chale gaye…aur aab tum bhi chale javoge toh hum bore honge

Meera: bhai please understand, even I also want to stay back, but I want to see your happy family. And if we are here Geet will not get close to you…aur aap phikar math ke jiye, jab aap aur Geet ek dusre ke sath khush hue jab mien aapke sath kuch din rahungi…you are my best brother right then please now please don’t stop us now

Maan just nodded his head, then Meera said “bhai..hum Dadi aur Mohinder uncle ko bhi hamare sath lekar jate hai…kuch dino baad Dadi unki friend haya jahegi aur Mohinder uncle hamare sath rahenge, aur we try to come and meet you and I pray to god that he will give you enough patience…and Geet whole heartedly accept you as your husband “

Maan emotionally side hugged Meera, then she went to her room where Geet was waiting for her.  They spoke to some time and slept beside each other and Arnav in the middle. When Geet woke up in the morning it was around six, she took bath and came out of the room after awaking Meera. Everyone got ready and came for breakfast down, after breakfast Meera Dev Mohinder Dadi and Arnav bidded bye to Maan and Geet and started their journey to Pune. Before going Meera spoke to Geet for some time advising her, Geet tried to stop Dadi and Mohinder but they said they will come back soon because they are also eagerly waiting to see their happy family. After everyone went Maan called Geet inside


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