MG FF Vivah Bandhan PART 21

Vivah Bandhan

Banner credit goes to Misti





Geet: woo..

Maan: mana math karna Geet…please

Geet: Teek hai jii

Maan: phir se

Geet: Teek hai Maa…Maa…Maan

Maan hold Geet’s hand in his hand, Geet was having goosebumps



Maan: Geet mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhse naraz wo

Geet: Nahi…aap ko kisne kaha ki mein aapse naraz hoon?

Maan: nahi Geet…galthi meri thi…mein tumse meri mann ke bhath nahi kar paya

Maan saw Geet who was looking at him with surprise, he smiled at his innocent wife and said “I know Geet that you have lot of questions in your mind thinking why did I get married to you when I am not interest in you…today I want to answer all your questions”

Geet looked at Maan, she dunno what she is seeing or hearing is correct or not, the person who always ignored her, and said she wont accept her has his wife in front of his mom, today he want to share is feeling and want to be her friend, she saw Maan having some hesitation to tell her and she can understand it is not easy to share his past unless and until he feels comfortable with her, she know Maan is trying his level best to give chance for this relation, though he did not say to her directly she can understand by this behavior the way he is trying to get close to her family, taking her for shopping, and buying clothes to her and her parents and brother and wants some time to spend with her, asking Geet to be his friend and to call him by his name that is more than enough for her, she beamed in happiness and said slowly “Suniye….”

Maan: Geet phir se tum mujhe

Geet: sorry sorry, wo kya hain naa abhi taqh hum dono ne teek se bhath bhi nahi ke hai naa isliye starting problem…mein agay se dyan rakungi…

Maan smiled at Geet and said: its ok Geet I can understand par mein tume aaj night taq time deh raha hoon, so you practice it and make sure you wont repeat…said smirking at Geet

Geet: haan haan kyun nahi aap badi esaan kar rahe hai mujh pe…after saying this she bit her tongue…thinking that Maan might think bad about her

Maan proved it saying: Geettt…not bad Geet tum mujhse jagda karna shuru bhi kar diya…chalo wo sub chodo..mein tumse mera mann ka bhath share karna chata hoon

Geet: nahi…wow o…mein aapse kuch khena chathi thi, wo…

Maan: nahi Geet mujhe tumse bhath karni hai

Geet: nahi Maan…please meri bhath ek baar sunlijiye

Maan: par

Geet interrupted in the middle and said “nahi Maan please…wo aap mujhse bhath kar rahe hai wahi kafi hai, aab hum dost bann raha hai naa, aap mujhe barosa karke aapka past share karne ke liye ready ho gaye aap…par mujhe hey lagta hai ki phele hum ek durse ko samajthe hai, aur its not must that you should share your feeling, and if you are comfortable then only you should make friendship, …so take your own time, once you get comfortable then you can share your feelings with me, I will wait to listen to you…”

Before Maan say anything Geet got call from her mother asking about them, Geet said to Rano that they are ok and they will be little late, then she looked at Maan who was looking at her questioning, then Geet said “wo…maa hamare barien mien puch rahi thi…late ho raha hai naa isliye, kya hum ghar chale?”

Maan: par Geet hamare bhath puri nahi hui

Geet: badh mein bhath karte hain naa Maan, aur mien aapko phele hi bataya ki jab aap comfortable feel karein tab aap mujhe bhath kar sakte haiand hum thodi aaj ek durse se dur jaa rahe hai…we will be together till this entire life dere dere hum ek durse ka feeling share kar sakte hai naa…what you say. To which Maan nodded his head. Then both Maan and Geet came out from Coffee day started their journey to home


Here Pallavi went to Amar and informed that she is very much happy today that Maan has taken Geet along with him to conference room, her face was showing happiness Amar smiled at his wife and said “Pallavi take it easy, mein phele bhi bhata hai tume Maan Geet ko apnayega iss Vivah Bandhan atoot rahega…dekho Pallavi, Geet bahut acchi ladki hai, wo bahut savdhani se iss risthey ko sambal rahi hai, koi aur ladki hoti aab taqh iss ghar se bahar jaa rahi hoti, kisi ladki ka bhath chodo sirf hey socho ki agar Sameera Geet ki jagah hoti wo hume chodke jaa chuki hoti, par hamara Geet ne aise nahi kiya, uski ghar walon ko bhi pata nahi hai ki Maan abhi taqh Geet ko aapnaya nahi. Ek accha kabar bolo tume” Pallavi nodded her head, then Amar continued saying “Maan Geet ke taraf keech le chala jaa raha hai, dekho wo log dere der eek dusre ko samaj jahenge, isi silsila mein wo dono kareeb ayenge…hum sirf baghwan se hey prathana karenge ki wo dono ek dusre se sath hamesh rahe”

Pallavi: aap teek kheh rahe wo Amar, hum sirf dua kar sakte hai…baghwan hamara khwahish pura karenge toh hum sab bhagwan ka darshan karna chalenge…hey na jii. Amar nodded his head


Here Arjun came home and was asking with Rano and Mohinder about Maaneet, he wanted to take them to nearby park and share some happy moments with them, so he came to home asking permission from his office, but everything went in vain, he got ready and roaming from one end to other end waiting for Maan and Geet. Later Rano served tea for Mohinder and Arjun as it was getting late, they were worried thinking that whether they both are safe or not. It was eight in the night when Maan and Geet reached home, when they came in they saw Rano Mohinder and Arjun waiting for them in the living room. Maan told to Mohinder “sorry papa we got little late” to which Geet parents just gave smile while Rano said “aap dono jaake fresh hokar ayee hai…khane ka time ho gaya hai” to which they both nodded their head and went towards Geet’s room, while going Geet was looking at her brother who did not even looked at her, she knew that Arjun is angry with her because she did not called him once also and he was worried about her, still there was some fear in his eyes looking at them, somewhere still there was doubt in Arjun’s eyes looking at them

Here Arjun was very much disappointed he had so many plans for today, but because of Maaneet everything got spoiled, so he was angry with them, Mohinder sensed that Arjun is angry and said “Arjun wo dono pati patni hai, mujhe nahi pata tum kyun hamesha Maan aur Geet ko piche pade rahate ho, Geet aab sirf tumara behan nahi hai Arjun wo Maan ki Patni bhi hai, Geet tumara chehra dekte uski room gayi hai, kya tume pata nahi Geet ko bura lagega agar tum usse naraz hue toh, phir tum aise kyun karte ho?”

Arjun: phir mein kya karu papa, shadi ke badh jiju phele baar hamara ghar haye, pata nahi kyun mera mann nahi manta ki wo dono khush hai, meine Geet ke ankhon mein ajeeb saa kalipan dekha hai, wo kisi musibath mein hai, mein Geet se bahut baar pucha phir bhi usne mujhe kuch bhi nahi bataya…force kiya toh mujhe hee datne lagi, hey kekar mein uski zindagi mien interfere kar raha hoon.  Papa aaj mein in dono keliye office se permission lekar ghar jaldi haya par dekhike naa wo dono late hai aur Geet ek baar bhi mujhe phone nahi kiya aaj, Geet ka chehra dekhkar mein jiju se subah acche tarah se bhath ki. Aaj meine socha ki un dono ko bahar lekar jatha hoon…par in dono ke waja se sub kuch chowpat hogaya

Rano was was silent till now told “Arjun tum khush hona chahiye ki aaj Maan aur Geet ek dusre ke sath waqt bitaya, jo tum karna chatha tha wahi un dono ne kiya, tum aur Geet ek dusre ko samajthe wo, toh tum hey samaj na chahiye ki Pati Patni ke beech tum nahi jana chahiye, jab Geet ne khud hume hake bataye uski problem toh hum Geet ko madath kar sakte hai, jab Geet ne khud uski problem handle kar rahi hai toh hum khush hona chahiye. Phir tum kyun gussa kar rahe wo hey mujhe samaj mein nahi ha raha hai Arjun, tumara waja se Geet ko taqleef hui aaj, dekha nahi wo kaise tume dekhar jaa rah thi bechari, Maan ke samne tum Geet ka sath muh phelakar math raho Arjun, warna Maan ko bhi bura lagega…dekho kitne maineke badh Maan ghar haya, tum un dono ko waqt dena chahiye…aab gussa chodo wo log abhi niche haa enge khana khane ke liye, un dono se acche se bhath karo warna Geet chain se so nahi pahegi, pata nahi tume kya ho gaya hai aaj kal, Geet ka peech hath dhoke pada hai, bechari abhi taq hey soch rahi thi uski pati ghar nahi haya aab pati ghar hayaa par bhai uske sath nahi de raha hai..over possessive bhai”…saying this Rano went to kitchen saying that she will heat food

Arjun: maa aap kya khe rahe wo

Mohinder: Arjun Rano teek khe rahi hai…aab hey sub chodo, chalo hum Rano ka madath karte hai jab tak Maan aur Geet niche hayenge


Maan and Geet who came to room, first Geet went to fresh up, Maan kept the shopping bags on bed and took all things out, Geet came out of washroom wearing night dress, then Maan went to washroom to fresh up and he also came out. Both Maan and Geet were silent till now, after coming out of the room Maan saw Geet sitting on bed and looking at clothes they purchased, Maan smiled looking at her and sat next to Geet and said “Geet, tum hey sub clothes to separate bag mein rakho hum abhi maa papa aur Arjun ko denge, bakhi hum badh mien cupboard mien rakenge”

Geet: par

Maan: Geet dinner ka time ho gaya hai, chalo hum niche chalte hai, sub hamara wait kar rahe honge

Geet nodded her head and took the clothes she and Maan  purchased for Rano Mohinder and Arjun and went down along with Maan, meanwhile Mohhinder and Arjun helped Rano to keep food times on dining table, and all were sitting in living room waiting for them, Geet sat next to Arjun, she was scared thinking that Arjun will scold her for being late and today she completely forgot to call her brother for the first time and that to she was worried about Arjun who was angry with Maan, Arjun saw Geet who was looking at him with sorry face, he just blinked his eyes saying that he is fine. Later Geet and Maan gave clothes which they purchased to them, everyone liked it, Arjun felt bad for Geet because now he came to know that Geet and Maan went to shopping so they were late and he was cursing them here. When Maan was talking to Mohinder and Rano, Arjun said to Geet sorry for behaving rudely and side hugged her. Geet felt relief finally her brother is not angry with her and gave sweet smile to Arjun, at the same time Maan turned is face towards Geet and was chuckled to see her smiling. Then everyone went to have dinner, Rano had prepared so many items for dinner, looking at that Arjun said “Maa aur ration baki hai ya sub kuch katam hogaya hai kya?” everyone looked at him confusingly then Rano asked “kya hua Arjun haise kyun bol rahe hoo?”

Arjun: nahi meine socha, aapki damad ane ka khush mien aap sub ration katam kiya hai…dekhiye naa kitna items prepare kiya aaj

Mohinder: chup raho Arjun

Arjun: ok mein chup rahunga, par Geet tumhi batav kya maa ne hume kabhi ethna khana banaya. Geet nodded her head saying no, and then Arjun continued “Geet kuch bolo naa, tumara bhai hai tumare sath daro math”

Geet looked at Arjun and said “aap teek kheh rahe ho bhai, dekho naa kitna items hai, mien toh full shock ho gaya hoon, mujhe bhi kabhi maa ne itna khuch nahi banaya” then she looked at Rano and said “mujhe nahi pata tha maa ki aap bedhbav karegi” Maan was shocked the hell looking at brother and sister, he saw both Geet and Arjun who were seriously looking at Rano, he felt bad thinking that because of him his Rano maa is listening to all this (poor boy did not knew that Geet and Arjun were joking), Mohinder was quietly enjoying conversation of Geet and Arjun. Rano who knows about her daughter and son’s nautanki kept quiet thinking that its waste telling them anything.

Arjun: chodo Geet, hume koi value nahi hai iss ghar mein

Geet: haan bhai aap teek kheh rahe wo, kash mein meri ghar mein hoti

Rano felt bad listening to Geet, and said “Geet chup kar, kya bhath kar rahe wo…kya mein tume tumara pasand ka khana nahi banaya aaj tak” then she looked at Mohinder who was smiling listening to Geet and said “aap hass rahe wo, aap mazaa ley rahe hai…aap kyun kuch nahi kheh rahe hai in dono ke liye”

Mohinder: kafi din badh iss ghar mein khushi hayee hai tum usse kyun barbadh kar rahe wo, enjoy karo naa dear

Maan who was silent till now said “I am sorry maa”. Listening to Maan, Geet and Arjun looked at him confusingly, they dunno why he is asking sorry, while Mohinder also looked at him, then Rano who understood that Maan took Geet and Arjun’s word seriously, Rano served food for everyone and then looked at Maan who was silent and said “Maan beta in dono bhai and behan ka bhath pe math jao, he dono ek dum dramebaaz hai, agar inn dono ko tang keechne ko koi nahi mila toh wo aise tamasha karte rahenge” then looked at Mohinder and said “kyun ji mein teek kheh rahi hoon naa”

Mohinder: haan Maan beta tum chinta math karo…agar aaj tum nahi hote toh inn dono mujhe target bana dethe …tumko chodkar, hey roz kaa bhat hai… Maan was shocked listening to Mohinder, he never thought that Geet is so naughty, he looked at her surprisingly. Geet felt someone’s gaze on her, when she turned her face she saw Maan’s gaze on her, her cheeks turned crimson red, she bend her head down, Arjun who was looking at Maan and Geet eye lock and was happy looking them, he saw Geet who was red in embarrassment, then he said “Maa kal se tomato lena bandh kejihe…hum tomato full mufth mein milega”, Rano Mohinder Maan and Geet were surprised listening to Arjun, they all looked at him confusingly then Geet innocently asked “kyun bhai aap kisi sabji wali se pyar kar rahe wo kya?” Arjun choked his food and then everyone in unison asked “WHAT????” Then no one was able to control their laugh and they laughed loudly looking at Geet and Arjun, tears were coming out of their eyes and Arjun was embarrassed thinking “beta Arjun tume hey chahiye tha…kya tum ek hi word mein complete nahi kar sakta tha, tumara break ne dekho, subne tumara Mazak uda rahe hai” he was angry with Geet who was also laughing continuously looking at him then Arjun said Geeettt

Geet: kya Geet…tumne toh abhi kaha ki tomato free mein milega toh meine socha ki aap sabji wali or uski beti se pyaar kar rahe wo…

Arjun: mera image ka dargi udaa di tum aaj ghar walon ke samne…maa aapko pata, abhi kuchi dere phele Geet  jiju ko dehkar aise blush kar rahi thi toh meine aapko kaha ki kal se tomato free mein milega aur Geet tomato jaise lal ho rahi thi…

Geet who was making fun of Arjun was shocked listening to Arjun, she never imagined that Arjun looked at her blushing face and was making fun of her, her pout looking at Arjun pleading him to not to continue, but Arjun “aisa pout math karo Geet, tum ethna innocent nahi wo…kya mien sabji wali se pyaar kar raha hoon aur tum jiju ko dekh kar blush kar rahi thi wo kya?”

Mohinder looked at Geet and Maan amusingly, they both were blushing so to avoid their uneasiness and said “chup raho Arjun kyun Geet ko tang kar rahe ho? Tabse khane ka table mein baite hai abhi tak khana complete nahi kiya…aab chup chap khana kalo sub log…kal office nahi jana kya?”. After that everyone had their food silently, after talking to Arjun for sometime Maan went towards his room, Geet helped her mother in cleaning kitchen and then took milk for Maan and Arjun, first she went to Arjun’s room and gave milk to him and said she will talk to him later has Maan is alone in room and he may feel bored, but Arjun did not allowed her to go easily, he teased her fully Geet was hell with shy and  she was fully red, she cant call her mother and father for help because Maan is there at home, and she was already joined with Arjun to make fun of her mother completely forgetting about Maan’s presence and Arjun also made fun of her in front of Maan about their eyelock and blushing and now she is not ready make fool of herself again in front of Maan. Finally without any other option she begged with her brother saying “bhai please I am sorry, for making fun of you and not calling you whole day, abhi bass karo naa please…mujhe jaane dejiye bhai, Maan wait kar rahe honge mein chalti hoon”

Arjun: haan kyun nahi Geet…aab tume bhai ka zarurath kya hai…pati toh agaya hai aur tum mera seva kyun karogi aab?

Geet felt bad, she kept milk glass on table and went and sat on Arjun’s bed, her eyes was full of tears, Arjun who was joking to her went and sat next to Geet and asked “kya hua Geet? Tum kyun roh rahi wo?” Geet just wiped her tears and looked other side and said “abhi tum kahan ki mujhe tumara zarurath nahi hai…aise kaise soch liye bhai?” Arjun smiled looking at his sister and kissed her forehead, he made Geet to stand up and gave milk glass to her and said “I was just joking Geet…chalo Jiju wait kar rahe honge”


Here Maan who came to room was waiting for Geet, but there was no sign of her, then he lay on the bed and was reading about conference papers which went on today, he finished reading and it was more than half an hour he is waiting for her so he came out the room to check on Geet in front of Arjun’s room, Arjun looked and Maan and said “sorry jiju…late hogaya, hamesha hum dono bhate karte rhete naa issliye samay ka pata nahi chala…maa hamesha hume iss barien mein dhate reheti thi”

Maan: its ok…Arjun signaled Geet to go and he said Good Night to both Maan and Geet and went to his room, Maan entered first and sat on the bed, Geet came inside room and closed it, she gave milk to Maan, and she completely forgot about sleeping problem, they don’t have couch or extra room where Geet can sleep, if she does then everyone will come to know about this, she turned back and saw bed full of shopping bags, Geet took each cloth and kept it back on bags and kept inside cupboard, Maan was just looking at her sometime lost, sometime making bed ready after doing Geet informed Maan to sleep, after he sat on bed she took pillow and another blanket and in mind she decided to sleep on the floor itself, but before that she closed window and pulled curtains, Geet kept pillow on the floor, but Maan took it and asked “what are you doing Geet?”

Geet: wo room mein study room nahi hai? Agar bahar so jao toh bhai ko pata chalega…mien kisiko hamare barien mien kuch bataya nahi….Maan looked at her in surprise and said “wo teek hai Geet par tum floor pe kyun so rahi wo?…bed pe so sakti ho naa”. Geet looked at him with shock and thought “agar mein bed par sohungi toh kya hey floor per sohenge?” She looked up and said ‘babaji aap bhi kamal karte ho..ghar haya damad ko agar mein floor pe sone diya toh kal maa papa aur bhai mera band bajahenge…’Maan looked at her amusingly and he also looked up to see why Geet is looking up, when he did not find anything he poked Geet shoulder and said “kyun upar dekh rahi wo Geet? Koi aane wale kya Geet upar se?” Geet got startled with Maan’s voice and said “nahi babaji mein aapko floor par sone nahi de sakti”…Maan got confused with Geet’s behavior and asked “Geet…kya hua tume aise kyun behave kar rahi wo? Akhir problem kya hai batha toh sakti ho naa mujhe taqee hum dono milkar answer dhoond sake? Usse phele hai batav mujhe tum floor par kyun so rahi wo?” Geet was getting irritated, she dunno how to tell Maan so she looked at Maan and then said “wo, hey kamre mein sirf ek hi bed hai toh mein kahan so hoon? Isliye mein floor par so rahi hoon?”

Maan: wahi mein puch raha hoon Geet…tum kyun floor pe so hogi? Hum dono ke liye hey bed kafi hai…waise mein ethna mota nahi hoon ki tum pura bed mujhe de kar tum floor pe so jao

Geet looked at Maan shocked and said “KYA????????”…Maan immediately came and sat next her and closed her mouth with his hand and said “shhh Geet ethna shout kyun kar rahi ho? Arjun sunlega…phir hey math khena ki bahi ko pata chala wagera wagera”…Geet like a innocent kid nodded her head saying yes, then she looked at Maan’s palm which was covering her mouth and his yes, Geet was feeling butterflies in her stomach and Maan was lost in her looking at her innocent hazel eyes and his palm which was touching her lips. Both were lost looking each, their trance broke due to Arjun’s sneez in next room, both apart from each other and did not dare to look each other face then Maan said “Geet, hum dono bed per sohenge” to which Geet nodded her head and she did not feel like to argue with Maan  because this is the second time she is sharing bed with Maan, first time she was unconscious but now she is in conscious her body was slight shivering thinking about she sleeping with Maan….she had goose bumps in whole body, and Maan was also not less because he remembered about Geet sleeping with him and he taking her in his arms and that day he slept peacefully. Geet went and kept the extra blanket on cupboard and came towards bed, Geet slept next to Maan, both covered themselves with duvet and were looking at the ceiling, they can hear each other breathing, and heartbeat, because they were close to each other. Geet switched off the light, sleep was far away from Geet, but Maan was sleeping peacefully because he was so tired and his wife was next to him, Maan kept his hand and Geet’s stomach, and Geet ‘s breathe stuck in her throat, Maan pulled Geet towards himself and hugged her tightly in his sleep, Geet was half lying on Maan’s body, Geet was shivering in his proximity, later she slowly took Maan’s hand from her stomach and turned other side, Maan was missing Geet in his sleep, his hands was searching Geet, when Geet felt some movement she turned and saw Maan searching her in his, she also went near to him and hold his hand…both held each other hand and slept peacefully…



Geet taking lunch to Maan

Maan Geet Arjun watching movie


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