MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 52

Mann se ZudeRisthey


 Banner credit goes to Tanu



Here Geet finished her office works and hand over the duties to Nandini, and thanked her team and Arjun for giving her chance to work under them, Arjun was not ready to relive Geet but Maan called and informed him that Geet is his wife and he is taking her back to Delhi along with his daughter, so he agreed happily thinking that Geet going back to her husband. He bought cake to Geet and celebrated in the office and everyone wished her

Geet took TC from Pari’s school and packed all her and Pari’s things and Dev requested Mohinder to stay with him and Meera also did not leave it till he agreed to stay with them, so Mohinder things where shifted to Meera’s house and packed four five dress to go along with Geet, and has one of Dev assistant need house for rent they have Geet’s house for rent to them and went to Meera’s house, and in the evening they all got ready to leave to Delhi





Here Nita parents were not happy with Nita’s decision, but they called Maan and said “tum kis keliye tum meri beti ko chodh rahe wo, wo tume khabhi nahi milegi Maan, tum meri beti ka jeevan barbad kar liya hai…aab dekho mein kya karta hoon, tumara karnama mein sara samajko bataunga…aur uss Geet or Pari ko mein zinda nahi chodunga…tum zindagi bar akela rehnaa hai…”

But he is Maan Singh Khurana…will he care for anyone? No way, he just ignored…but thinking about Geet he was getting worried, because he know if Nita’s parents go and talk to Geet, she will definitely change her mind and if she deny to come along with Dev and Meera, then what he will do? he was getting frustrated thinking about that. Maan who was waiting for Geet and Pari was getting restless has the time passed, he tried to reach Dev and Meera but they were not reachable and Geet was not answering her calls. Maan so many times decided to go in search of them but thinking that Meera and Dev will feel bad he kept quiet. At last he went to his room and changed his dress and came down, Dadi and Arjun were looking at Maan confusingly, Maan took is Mercedes out but was stopped by Dev’s call

Dev: Maan we are starting now and will reach tomorrow morning, tell Dadi to check with Pandit about Griha Pravesh timings and let us know, till then Geet and Pari will be with us in our flat,

Maan informed to Dadi, she in return called Pandit and checked the timing and informed to them. Maan informed to Dev that they should come to KM by tomorrow 3.15 pm

Mohan Kumud and Annie did not utter any word they were silent and even did not even tried to help Maan, they all were angry because Maan rejected Nita who was from high class, and Nita who was so rich and they used to get so many properties and things from Oberio’s. but after Nita went from Mansion they did try to talk to Maan regarding this because they now knew that Maan will not listen to them, Even though Mohan and Kumud were parents of two daughters, they were not happy that Maan has selected Geet and now he is going on right path also but they were not concerned about that, now Maan don’t have his father and mother, being chachu Mohan should be happy that finally Maan rectified his mistakes and giving respect to the girl who gave birth to his daughter and was living like his wife till now, and even after knowing that Maan is getting married Geet did not create scene also,

This is what the reality in today’s generation, dunno how many girls and boys might be separated in name of status. People does not care of other’s life,

Meera’s parents did not even regret for Geet’s life which was miserable because of their son Maan, they know her very well. They gave importance to grand wedding, and to get praise from their relatives, business partners and friends

Because Maan was stick on to his decision and did not ask their opinion, today Geet is coming into his life has his wife and if someone would have been in Maan’s position then he would have got married to the girl his family chosen for him…

Servants were aware of Maan’s kind nature, he used to help them a lot and if they do mistakes he used to scold them, and some old servants knew about Maan’s relation with girls, but Maan never brought any girlfriends to Khurana Mansion, because of his Dad and Dadi, and Niharika also did not appreciate this, Everything changed in Maan’s life after coming from London, (poor fellows they did not know that Maan changed after meeting Geet and Pari and more after knowing that Pari is his daughter) he was so strict now he was not that Maan they knew before Niharika’s death, they were gossiping and eagerly waiting to see their Malik’s wife and daughter

Maan went and slept in his room, after his and Geet marriage he renovated his room, he was feeling lonely and he knew it is only for today and from tomorrow his wife Geet and Pari will share his bed

Maaneet new bedroom

Has he requested Dev to bring Mohinder also along with then he was expecting him, Maan respected Mohinder from his heart, because he acted completely different from other father’s, he has taken care of not only his Geet but also he has taken care of his daughter, he never neglected Geet and Pari, even he had seen the naming ceremony snaps of Pari, how can a father respect his daughter so much, he never asked anything with Geet. Even when Mohinder came to know that Maan is responsible for his daughter’s miserable life then also he did not say anything, Mohinder trusted Maan, which others denied. He happily took part in his daughter marriage. These kinds of people are very limit in this world. So he decided to request Mohinder to stay with them permanently


Here Pari was so excited that she is going to meet her Dad, used to ask so many questions with Geet Meera Dev Mohinder while traveling, but the most she troubled was Meera.

Meera: dekha Dev, mein aap ko khe rahi thi naa, Pari bilkul bhai jaisi hai…she likes to irritates me

Dev smiled at his wife and said kya Meera bacche jaise bhath kar raho wo…Meera tume pata hai tum Arnav jaise bhath kar rahi wo…Pari choti bacchi hai yaar, how will she irritates you, “

Pari: bua…aap kyun mamu ko tang kar rahi wo

Meera: haan meri maa..mein hee sub ko tang karta hoon..Mamu ki bacchi…saying this Meera pulled Pari’s cheeks

Pari: Mummy dekho naa Meera bua mujhe tang kar rahi hai

But our Geet is not in mood to talk to anyone, Meera Pari Arnav were enjoying their ride to Delhi, Dev was concentrating on road, Mohinder slept because he was tired, Geet was not in the position to think what is right and what is wrong?, she just looking outside window.

When they all reached Delhi it was eight in the morning. Dev first took everyone to his flat, soon they all got freshen up and had their breakfast, Arnav and Pari where in playing mood so Meera felt both of them in her room and came to Geet who was looking outside window


Its was new bright day in Maan and Geet’s life, the morning was were soothing for Maan, and confusion for Geet, she was in dilemma, she was feeling like she is dreaming, Maan talking her, they both decide to get marry for their beloved ones, their marriage, little bit romance, she is coming to Delhi and now whole world will be know her as Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana. She knew how her boss Arjun chopra was shocked when he came to know Geet had MSK’s wife, today she will enter has Mrs GMSK to Khurana Mansion and press conference also, she was not sure how she gonna handle her press conference


Meera: Geet…kyun udas hoo…zadaa socho math sub kuch teek ho jahega..

Geet just gave faint smile to Meera

Meera: batav naa Geet kya bhath hai?

Geet: Pata nahi Meera, mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai…samaj mein nahi haa raha hai ki mein kya karoo? Iss bhath ki khush hoo ki Pari ko apni papa ka pyaar mil raha hai…aur iss bhath ko pareshan wo ki wo wahi insaan hai jisne mera jeevan barbad kar diya

Meera: Geet aise sochne se koi faida nahi…accha tum mujhe batav kya tum Maan bhai ke lava kisi aur se shadhi kar sakti wo?

Geet: Meera tum kya khe rahi wo?

Meera: simple saa sawal tha Geet, chalo usse choda kya tum Pari ko bhai ke lava kisi aur se share kar sakti wo?

Geet nooded her head saying no, then Meera continued “dekh Geet…I know it will take some time for you to forget the incident happened in your life, it is easy to advice anyone, but the person who is facing the situation only know how much difficult it is, so please don’t think much about that, Just you should think about you daughter and uncle. Geet you should be happy because finally your daughter will be there in the place where she deserves, it is her place Geet, her house, tum lakh koshish karo, phir bhi sachai ko tum badal nahi sakti ki tum Mrs.Geet Maan Singh Khurana wo tumara beti, Parnita Maan Singh Khurana hai, sachai ko accept karlo Geet, Mohinder Uncle aur Pari ke khushi ke liye..aur mein Dadi Dev aur Arjun everyone will be happy, pata hai jab se hum sub ko tumare aur Maan bhai ke barien mein pata chala uss din se hum log intezaar kar rahe the ki jab hum tume Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khurana ke naam se jaan jahegi. Geet aab sub kuch sahi jagaape hai…again you should be strong so that you can face this society and have patience Geet … babji sab kuch teek kar denge”

Geet: hey mujhse nahi hoga Meera

Meera: I have trust in you Geet, you can face the situation now, I know first it will be difficult but you will be come out of it soon, and we are always there to support you

Geet: hmm..wo subh chodo dektai hai babaji ne kya decide kiya hai mera jeevan mein…haan Meera …wo unhone kaha ki, tumare pass wo lehenga diye hai, griha pravesh ko phene ke liye…aur mein accept kiya ki mien wo lehenga pehnungi…please mujhe denaaa

Meera: abhi tum kuch kheh rahi thi…ek minute rukho…Meera went behind Geet and searched every corner of the room, Meanwhile Dev also entered and saw Meera busy in searching something, Dev got confused with Meera’s behavior and asked “Kya bhath hai Meera, kuch dhoond rahi wo? Mujhe bhi batov mein tume help karunga”

Geet: Haan Meera batavo naa ki tum kya dhond rahi wo, mien bhi help karungi

Meera: Haan Dev, aap dhondiye naa wo kahan hai

Dev: koun Meera??? Kisko dhoond rahi wo?

Meera: Geet …Dev aur koun abhi abhi mujhse bhath kar rahi thi pata nahi kahan chali gayi

Geet: Meera kya bhol rahi wo? Dekho mein edari hoon

But Meera did not listened to Geet, Dev and Geet looked at Meera confusingly. Dev went near to Meera and said “Meera kya bhath hai aise kyun behave kar rahi wo”

Meera: Phir kya karoon Deva apko pata hai, abhi kuchi der phele Geet kheh rahi thi ki usko darr lag raha hai, aur kaise society ko face karigi aur abhi kheh rahi hai ki ‘Meera mujhe wo lehenga dedo joMaan ne tume diya’ Dev don’t you think this is not the same Geet…

Dev smiled looking at his over dramatic wife and said “Geet phikar math karo..tumara friend hai naa sometimes wo thoda over drama karle thi hai, so take it light”

Geet smiled hearing Dev and she looked at Meera who was fuming, so Geet said “Meera, mein abhi aati hoon Pari aur Arnav ko check karke” saying this Geet went out

Meera: Dev kya kaha aapne…mein drama karti hoon?…how dare you Dev?

Dev went behind Meera and hugged her tightly, then kissed her cheek and said “I know Meera, that you are very much happy, Geet ko bura lagega naa uske same usko tease karogi toh…so I took Geet’s side. Aur tumhi batavo Meera, ek hi behan hai mera…mein kaise uska saath nahi detaa…Geet bahut kuch sey chuki hai aur itni salon ke baad uski zindagi mein khushi haa raha hai…”

Meera who was angry with Dev, overwhelmed when she heard Dev, she turned her face towards Dev and first hugged him and then started kissing him, even started to respond to her and they both forgot about everyone


Here Geet saw Arnav and Khushi who were busy playing, Geet went near them and said “Pari…Arnav chaliye hum khana khate hai”

Pari: mummy papa kahan hai? Abhi tak nahi aye hume lene ke liye

Geet:  Pari, aap phele khana kalo, uske baadh tum dono rest karlijiye,

Pari: Nahi…mujhe abhi jaana hai

Geet: ek kaam karte hai hum Dev bhai se puch lete hai, unko pata hai

Pari nodded her head and ran towards guest room where Dev and Meera was there, she went inside room directly, Dev and Meera were busy in romancing and they did not see Pari there, Pari looked at them both shocked and shouted “Mummy………..”

Dev and Meera were shocked when they heard Pari’s scream. They both got separated, Pari looked at them shockingly and ran outside to inform to everyone

Meera: Dev, ja kar usse pakad lijiye…warna wo sub ko batahegi…aap kyun mujhe kiss kiya…jab aapko door lock karna nahi aatha

Dev: wah Meera kya bhath kar rahi wo, you was the one who kissed me first not me, now you are blaming me this is not good

Meera: please Dev go and stop Pari first, or else she will inform to everyone

Dev nodded his head and went out, Pari was trying to explain to Geet, Dev went near her and went and took Pari in his arms and rushed out. Dev took Pari outside and said “Pari, jo kuch bhi tum dekha usse please kisiko math batana…”

Pari: par kyun

Dev scratched his head, at the same time Geet came out and took Pari from Dev saying “lunch ka time hogaya bhai I will give something to her or else pura ghar ko sarpe utaa legi”

Pari told to Geet about what Meera and Dev doing at room, so Geet scolded Pari saying “Pari chup raho…badon ke barien mien aise nahi kheh hai the…aur haan kisiko math khena…warna mummy gussa ho jahegi”

Pari looked at Geet serious face and kept quiet, later Geet fed food to both Pari and Arnav, then after playing sometime Arnav and Pari slept

Meera came and gave lehenga which Maan choose for Geet and also jewels, Geet how will she leave the chance to tease Meera and said “Pari kuch kheh rahi thi Meera…kya kar rahe the tum aur bhai ne”

Meera: wo…wo her face was red in embarrassment  

Geet: kya Meera…tum kuch bolti kyun nahi

Meera: please Geet…accha abhi se mien tume tease nahi karungi..tum bhi mujhe tease math karna

Geet and Meera both came to final conclusion that they wont tease each other then Meera helped Geet to get ready. Everyone got ready, Dev gave sleeping Pari to Geet and Meera took Arnav and they started to Khurana Mansion

Geet dress for Griha pravesh by Maan


Maan was missing Geet and Pari very much, he wanted to see them atleast once and thought to go for Dev’s flat, and dropped that plan thinking that Dev and Meera will feel bad, he once again called his servants and told them to clean his room, from today he is not alone in this room because his wife and daughter will be there, he went to study room to check whether the servants had kept books properly, because like him Geet is also very fond of books so he brought some new editions of architecture books, spiritual books, autobiography’s according to Geet taste with the help of Meera.

Then he came down fully dressed with sherwani which his mother bought for his marriage, Dadi blessed him and Arjun hugged Maan with happiness because his friend is starting new life

Maan’s Sherwani

Aap log bhi tayar hokar ahiye, wo log aate honge… said Maan to his Dadi and Arjun

Mohan Kumud and Annie also went inside to get ready, because they don’t want to get into bad books of Maan Singh Khurana. Once everyone went inside he called all the servants and informed “look…I got married before going to London and today my wife and daughter is coming here, I want everyone should take care of them and give respect them” everyone nodded their head and he told them to go. He called Lakshmi to study and informed them to will personally take care of Geet and Pari’s needs. To which she agreed and went from there

Dadi came to Study room and saw Maan who was lost in his thoughts and said “Maan bete zada sochiye math…sabhkuch teek hoga…mujhe pata hai ki aap bahut koshish kar rahe hai…aise hee koshish karthe rahiye…Geet aapko apnayegi…usko kuch samay deejiye Maan…trust me subh kuch teek hoga”

Maan: kya aap sach kheh rahe wo Dadima?  Geet mujhe maaf karegi? Pata nahi Dadi…I am feeling ashamed of myself…today I am happy that Geet is in my life now and I also know that she accepted this marriage only for her father and you…now I am totally confused thinking about Geet, I dunno what is her wish, till now she was doing everything as per our need, but I did not even ask her wish thinking that she will deny to come here and stay with me…I cant lose her Dadi, she is my precious gift that I got from god, now I see to that she is comfortable with me…and I wont pressurize her to do anything, I need her to accept me whole heartedly without anyone pressure, I promise you Dadi I will be like her shadow…


Everyone got ready and came down, because it was a reception party also today in the evening. Arjun and Dadi were taking care of all arrangements and even Maan was helping them, each and every minute he was looking out, there was some kind of fear in his mind, first time he is scared in his life thinking about his wife and daughter, he wanted to see them safe and secure in front of him along with Mohinder Dev Meera and Arnav, he was praying god in his mind for their safety, though he sent security to them without their knowledge, everything was done, he went and glanced all the things once again and came down, he was cursing himself for not going to Dev’s house

Finally Maan saw the Dev’s car coming inside the Mansion, he rushed to them to see all of them safe, when he went near the car Dev winked at him and Meera was giving teasing smile to them, he was relived looking at them, Maan opened the back door, Mohinder first got down and was mesmerized to see decorated Khurana Mansion, Pari was sleeping peacefully on Geet’s lap, and Geet was trying to wake her up. Maan looked at Geet who was looking like an angel came only for him to spread happiness in his life, then he said

Maan: Pari ko sone do Geet…saying this he bend towards Geet and took Pari in his arms, while taking Pari his hand touched Geet hand and thighs, Geet started to sweat, it was like her whole body was numb, then Maan continued saying “Geet…get down”…Maan was showing so much respect and love towards his wife

Dev and Meera looked at each other and smiled looking at Maan and Geet they were like perfect couples, Dev got down from the car and took Arnav who was sleeping on Meera’s lap, at the same time Maan saw them and said “sorry”

Dev: Its ok Maan…its common

Meera: aap log andar aahiye…saying this she ran to Mansion to welcome Geet to Khurana Mansion, she saw everything was ready. Geet got down from the car, she was nervous to get in, she saw so many workers and some relatives looking at her, Maan looked at Geet and understood her inner turmoil, Dev helped Geet to come along with them. Mohinder took Pari from Maan saying “aap log griha pravesh ka rasam pura karo beta, usske badh Pari ko lena”

When Maan and Geet came to the entrance Meera made Maan and Geet to stand together and too aarti for them and heartly congratulated them by wishing was their happy married life. Meera then place kalaash, Geet entered her new house along with Maan

Maan and Geet Grihapravesh

Dadi took Geet to gods room to light the lamp, after that Meera held kumkum water in front of Geet, she dipped her hands in Kumkum water and placed her hand prints on the wall



Maneet small reception………Pari with Maan


2 thoughts on “MG-Mann se Zude Risthey -Part 52

  1. awesome update
    thank god thik se puhanch gai geet or grehpravesh b ho gaya
    i was so tense at every scene thinking abhi kuchh bura hova abhi kuchh bura hova
    geet still scared from maan’s touch
    it will take time for her to recover
    waiting for next update

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