MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 20


Banner credit goes to Misti



Maan: jee papa

Geet took Maan to her room, he liked it very much, it was showing each and every touch of Geet

Maan: Geet your room to too good

Geet smiled at him and then showed bathroom for him, once he went to take bath she kept his dress separately and went down to prepare breakfast for him



After Geet went out from the room Maan scanned the room once and he saw their wedding photo,  he took photoframe in his hand and looked at thire pair which was so perfect, he caressed Geet face lovingly and kissed photo frame and went to take bath, while Geet went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for Maan. Arjun and Mohinder were discussing who will go along with Maan to drop him at Sanjeevani hospital

Arjun: Papa aaj mien nahi jaa sakta, mera US client ke sath aaj meeting hai

Mohinder: teek hai Arjun, then I will go with him

Arjun nodded his head and went inside his to get ready and here Geet preparing pasta and black coffee for Maan. Maan came out from bathroom and saw Geet has kept his dress and belongings on the bed, Maan smiled looking at that and then thought “OMG I forgot to inform Geet to get ready…Dr Shashank want to meet her, but how I am going to drop her what will she do when the conference is going on, let me inform to her and we can decide about it”

Later Maan got ready and went down, Mohinder and Arjun were sitting on couch and Maan went and sat along with them, while Geet and Rano were inside kitchen and Geet was busy preparing pasta and black coffee for Maan.

Maan: papa wo…mera sir Dr Shashank want to meet Geet, kya mien Geet ko apne sath lekar jaa hoon?

Arjun looked and Maan and then thought “if Geet and Maan spend most of the time together then they will understand each other better” and before Mohinder say anything Arjun said “puchne wali kya bhath hai jjiju, you are going along with your wife, you can take her where ever you want” and looked at Mohinder and said “hai naa papa?” Mohinder was first shocked because till now Arjun was not happy with Maan and now suddenly he is supporting Maan “haa Maan beta you can take her along with you”

Maan: Par?

Mohinder: Kya hua Maan?

Maan: wo…papa

Arjun: bataiye naa jiju kya bhath hai?

Maan: wo agar mein Geet ko mera sath lekar javo toh wo akeli waha kya karegi…mein conference mein rahunga, Geet ko bore ho jahegi, mein conference ke badh hee Geet ko sir se milwa sakta hoon…wahi soch raha hoon, pata nahi chal raha hai kya karoon?

Arjun: itne see bhath Jijuu aap bhi naa…ek kaam ke jihey Geet ko library mien chodh dejihey wo waha rahegi, conference ke badh aap apne sir ko Geet ko introduce kare then come back simple…ek minute I will inform Geet to get ready

Arjun went inside kitchen and informed her that Maan want to take her out, so to go and get ready soon, Geet was surprised and she did not want to show in front of her brother and mother, so she nodded her head and went to her room to get ready, here Arjun informed his mother to select some good dress for Geet, and bring her down as soon as possible because Maan may get late. Rano went to Geet room and was so happy that her daughter cleaned and kept room neatly before her husband come, Geet went inside room to get ready and meanwhile Rano selected red chudidhar and kept it aside, she made Geet to get ready, and left Geet hair open and Rano kissed Geet forehead and told her to come down soon, After Rano went out of the room Geet took her small handbag and kept money phone and ipod in that and went down. Maan was staring at Geet, he forgot that Geet parents and brother were also with him, he stared Geet without blinking his eyes, Geet looked up and saw Maan looking at her without blinking his eyes, she blushed looking at him and immediately went inside kitchen to bring breakfast for them

Rano and Geet kept breakfast for them in the dining table and everyone sat for breakfast, after that Geet served black coffee and pasta for Maan and others had paratha. After breakfast Arjun gave his car keys to Maan and said “Jiju, you both go by car”

Maan: but how will you go Arjun?  You can keep keys Arjun we will go by taxi

Arjun: Jiju, I will go by bike today, don’t worry

Maan: par

Mohinder: Maan bete, you can take the car, he will go by bike today and if you guys keep on talking on this matter then you both will be late.

Then he called “Geet…Geet…jaldi avo”

Geet: bass ek minute papa

Maan and Geet bidded bye to Arjun Rano and Mohinder and headed towards Sanjeevani Hospital. Here in the car Maan was admiring Geet each and every time looking at her, Geet was busy looking outside the window, Maan tried to gain attention of Geet. The drive was getting bored, so Maan initiated first and said “Geet…”. But our Geet is in her own mood, she did not even think that Maan will talk to her. Looking at Geet who lost in her thoughts Maan once again called “Geet…Geet”, Geet who was dreaming that Maan is calling her came out of her trance and looked at Maan who was looking at her and asked “did you called me?”

Maan: haan, kyun tume sunai nahi deh raha hai kya?

Geet looked him first shock and said “no actually I was surprised, I thought that I am dreaming”

Maan looked at her questioningly and said: so you dream like I am calling you?

Geet: woh …wo..aisa kuch nahi hai?

Maan: Geet…kya mien tumse kuch puch sakta hoon. Geet nodded her head and Maan continued saying “tum sabse ache tarah se bhath karti wo, par kyun hamesha mujhse bagthi rehti wo?”

Geet kept quiet and did not talk to him, here Maan looked at her and both were thinking about each other. Geet looked at Maan once and then up and thought “babaji, hey aap teek nahi kar rahe wo? Hey hamesha mujse bagthe rehte hai aur mujhe kehte hai ki mien innse bagthi hoon, hey kaha ka naa insaafi hai, pata nahi inne kya hogaya hai aaj kal, ek mujhse gurthe rahe the hai, maa aur papa ke samne besharmi jaise bhath karthe hai, suddenly mera ghar athe hai aur room mein aake khehe the ki mera room accha hai, waha toh mein hi hamesha unke kamre saaf karthi hoon naa yaha bhi miene hi sab kuch kiya, wahan ek bar bhi mujhse bhath kiya nahi, aur yaha dekhi hey kaise bhath kar rahe hai…aur toh aur wo mujhe unke sath lekar jaa rahe hai pata nahi aaj kya kya hoga…Geet tum silent mien raho warna pata nahi kab wo tume unka gussa wala chehra dekhainge”

Maan thought: tum bilkul pagal ho gaye ho Maan, tum phele bar Geet se bhath kar rahi wo, instead of talking with her you are blaming her, Maan you are the one who used to go far from her and what she will think about you Maan, thoda serious hokar bhath karo Maan, warna tum kabhi apni mann se bhath kar nahi pavogi usse

Maan: wo Geet…kya Arjun ne tume bataya ki hum aaj mera senior doctor se milne wale hai.

Geet: haan

Maan: tum waha bore hongi naa…? Sorry sir London mein the isliye wo hamara shadi mein nahi aye…aur mujhse request kiya ki tume lekhar aane ke liye….I am really sorry mera waja se tume yahan aana pada

Geet: koi bhath nahi hai ji…mujhe bore nahi hogi..

Maan looked at her one and gave light smile to her and then the ride was silent. Maan and Geet reached Sanjeevani hospital, Maan parked car and went inside along with Geet,  he was already late, Maan gave his card to Geet saying “Geet, take this card, you should wait for me minimum three hours for me here, so you can go for shopping nearby”

Geet: mujhe card nahi chahiye ji, mera pass paise hai

Maan: Geet tum mera patni wo, so take this card, and when you get bored go to nearby shopping mall and buy something which you like

Geet: Par

Maan: Geet meri bhath nahi manogi, teen ghante wait karna hai tujhe yahan, tum bore ho javogi

Geet: its ok ji, I will manage

Maan: tum kyun mujhe ji..ji..kheh rahi wo Geet? Mera naam Maan hai jii nahi

Geet looked at Maan with shock and said “wo..woh”

Maan: Geet tum bi naaa …

he took her handbag and kept card in her bag and at the same it he saw cell phone, he took Geet’s cell phone and dialed his number and he saved her name in his cell and his name on her cell

Maan: Geet, I have saved my number in your cell and don’t forget to call me if it is emergency, and I am serious Geet, kuch be purchase karo, you should pay from my card and he gave his card pin number to Geet, if she want she can take money

Geet was all shocked by Maan’s behavior, the person who was not ready to even look at her once also here he is talking as if they are perfect husband and wife, is he acting? But she don’t have any clue about that , Maan made Geet to sit in library and said “Geet apna khayal rakhna…you know I cant lose my beautiful wife in the croud so be careful” , Maan winked at Geet and then went to conference hall, telling Geet to take care her

Geet  who was shocked to the core with Maan’s behavior , slowly sat on the nearby bench and took Maan’s card from her bag, and caressed lovingly, she was happy that Maan is talking to her freely  she took some book from the rack and started to read it, then she saw time it was already one and half hour Maan went in so she thought to go for shopping because Maan had informed her to do shopping from his card and then thought “babaji unhone mujhe card diya, aur jab wo khud mujhe card di hai kyun naa mien  unke liye kuch kapde karidlu warna unko bura lagega” then she went to nearby shopping mall to buy some nice shirt for Maan, then after purchasing some shirts to Maan and Amar then she went to saree shop  to buy sari for Pallavi.

Here Maan came out from conference hall during  break time, this is the first time he was not able to concentrate he was worrying about Geet, whether she will be ok or not, after coming out from conference hall Maan went first to library to meet Geet, when he saw that Geet is not there in library he was feeling restless and called her to check whether she is ok?. Geet who was selecting sari was Pallavi was disturbed by call, she was thinking who is calling her at this time was surprised to see Maan’s name displaying on her cell phone, she immediately received call

Maan: Geet…kahan wo tum, meine tume bataya tha naa library mein baitne ke liye

Geet: woo mein shopping aye thi

Maan: iss waqt kahan ho tum? Mein abhi ataa hoon

Geet: mein XYZ mall mein tum second floor XYZ shop mein

Maan: teek hai, wahan se kahi math jana mein aaraha hoon

Geet confusedly said OK

Geet was waiting for Maan, she didn’t knew why he was so tensed. She came to shop entrance and was waiting for Maan. Here Maan immediately rushed to the shopping mall where Geet was there and met Geet and said “tum library mein thi naa..yahan kya kar rahi wo”

Geet: haan …par aap thi toh ne kahan ki mein shopping karu, isliye yahan aayi

Maan completely forgot that he has given his card to Geet and told her to do shopping, Maan just gave smile to her and said “sorry mein bhul gaya tha, half an hour lunch break tha, isliye mein ne soch ki mein tumara sath lunch karo, aur jab tum library mein nahi dikhi mien pareshan ho gaya tha

Geet: wo…teek hai, hayee hai andar ma ke liye saree purchase kar rahi thi jab aap mujhe phone kiya tha

Maan; Geet aab time nahi hai, hum lunch karte hai phele

Geet also agreed with him and then she showed him the things she purchased he looked at them , he liked it and asked “Geet tum tumare liye aur arjun papa and maa ke liye kuch nahi karidaa kya?”

Geet: wo mein kaise

Maan: chalo hum lunch karte ?hai baki ke shopping badh mein karnge, Maan was looking for restaurant then Geet said “mein apke liye ghar se khana lekar hayee hoon..wo gadi mein hai” Maan looked at her confusingly then Geet continued “wo maa khe rahi thi ki aapko bahar ka khana pasand nahi hai, isliye mein ghar se pack kar diya tha apke liye”

Maan: toh tum mere barein mien sab kuch janti hoo? And making baby face he said Aur mujhe tumare barien mien kuch nahi pata?

While talking they both went towards parking and first kept shopping bags and then took tiffin box and then they went to one of Maan’s friend cabin, Geet served food to Maan , but Maan informed Geet to have lunch with him, this is the first time that Maan and Geet spending time together, after lunch Maan informed “Geet, kahi math jana, library mein raho..wo mera senior conference ke badh tumse milenge, uske badh unke operation ke liye jana hai”

Geet:  aap fikar math ke ji hai, mein library mein rahungi

Maan: Geet tums eek request karna hai..

Geet: Haan kahiye

Maan: Geet please mujhe Maan khekar pukaro..wo kya hai naa jab tum jii jii khete ho mujhe kuch ajeeb lagega…please Maan khekar pukaro…muhje late wo raha hai, badh mien tume milunga

Geet nodded her head, Maan went towards conference Hall and Geet towards library, Geet kept on reading some books, then she talked to Arjun, after that mother and then called to Delhi and informed Amar that she is waiting for Maan in Sanjeevani hospital and also about meeting Maan’s senior , Pallavi and Amar both were happytalking to Geet, Meantime Maan spoke to Dr shanshank and informed that “sir, my wife has come to meet you, she is waiting in library”

Dr Shashank:  Maan you would have made Geet to wait in my cabin, why in library?

Maan: she likes to read books, so I told her to wait in library

Dr Shashank: ok I will be in my cabin, you both come there, Maan agreed and came out of conference hall and went towards library and saw Geet busy reading some books, later they both met Dr Shashank, and he was happy meeting Maan and Geet. He congratulated them and gave gift also; he praised Maan, and took promise from Geet to be with Maan in every face of life. Then took Maan to other side and said “Maan you are luky to get Geet has your life, be with her and trust her, you will enjoy each and every moment of your life…she is really gem Maan”…Maan promised Dr Shashank that he will take care of Geet and they both came out of the cabin


After that Maan and Geet went for shopping again and purchased clothes for every on and Maan gave white sari which has little blue border and crystal work, with blackless blouse for Geet, then they went back to hospital took their car and started their journey towards home. On the way Maan narrated about his seminar and Geet like a obedient student listen to him. Maan stopped car near the coffee day. Maan and Geet sat on the couch and Maan ordered black coffee for him and tea for Geet. While having coffee Maan said “Geet…” Geet looked at Maan and then he continued “Geet…I know that you are angry on me”

Geet: why are you saying like that…

Maan: Geet I want to talk to you, its very important, I know you have lot of question regarding my behavior with you from the time of marriage and you know about my problem, but I want to share everything with you…before that I want to make friendship with you…will you be my friend Geet?

Maan looked at Geet , who was just staring at the cup which she was holding and said “Geet please bura math manna mujhe tumse sub kuch share karna hai…kyat um meri bhath manogi?”

Geet: haan jii aap mujhse bhath kar sakte hai…

Maan: Please Geet call me as Maan…

Geet: par mein kaise?…maa khethi hai pati ko naam se math pukaro?

Maan: jab pati kheta hai toh manogi naa…iss Pati ka iccha hai Geet…wo apni patni ki muh see uska naam sune

Geet: woo..

Maan: mana math karna Geet…please

Geet: Teek hai jii

Maan: phir se

Geet: Teek hai Maa…Maa…Maan

Maan hold Geet’s hand in his hand, Geet was having goosebumps



Maan talking to Geet

Maneet sharing bed


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