MG FF Vivah Bandhan-prologue

Note: Banner credit goes to Misti

Hi Guys

After getting response for my first FF MANN SE ZUDE RISTHEY, I am here with another new FF VIVAH BANDHAN, with new concept hope you all like it and please let me know whether I should continue





Dr. Maan Singh Khurana is only one son of Pallavi and Amardeep Khurana and well know doctor in Delhi. He is the MD of Khurana Hospital. They were very rich, arrogant,  His best friend is Brij and in love with Sameera sister of Brij. When Amardeep came to know about his son’s affair he and his wife went on hunger’s strike and Maan was forced to get married to Geet by his Mom and Dad. He likes to read books

Geet Handa a very beautiful, with hazel eyes, fair, long straight hair, plump lips, perfect figure, she looks like a angel came directly from heaven.  And Geet is princess of the house, she was pampered by her brother Arjun, she loves her parents Mohinder and Rano loved her very much, she believed in love after marriage, she is well educated, but always her mother thought her the morals of life and made Geet to get trained in music. Geet sings very well and fond of books

After marriage Maan ignored her completely, but Geet did not show this in front of her mother in law and father in law.

Will Geet get to know why Maan ignores her?

Will Maan able to forget Sameera and loves Geet?

Will the Pavithra Bandhan of Maan and Geet last long?



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