MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 9

Pallavi informed Amar about Maan and Geet relation and he said Pallavi to have some patience, everything will set right. Here Geet went to kitchen and prepared kheer, Geet happily spoke to everyone without showing her pain, Pallavi was proud of her daughter in law and informed same to Amardeep. Here Pallavi woke up Maan and informed him to come down has everyone is waiting for him to do puja, Maan half heartedly took bath and came down, Geet and Maan did arti and Geet served kheer to everyone, all of them praised Geet and said she is Annapoorni of this house.



All relatives liked Geet and informed Pallavi that she is very lucky to have a daughter in law like Geet. Pallavi just gave smile and thought “Maan, you agreed for this marriage but I will not forgive you, it pains for me so much while seeing Geet, its not even stayed full day with us, she is not showing any pain in behavior or in her face, see she is behaving like nothing has happened and she is happy in her in-laws place, I dunno when you are going to realize that, still I am confused how can she digest that her husband is not concerned about her, dunno whether you talked to her or not, I have always with Geet, till my death” Pallavi came out of the trance when one of her servant said someone from Geet’s mayka has come to house. Pallavi had still doubt that whether Geet will inform to her parents about her husband’s indifferent behavior.

When Pallavi came to living room she saw Arjun and smiled at him and asked “Arjun beta, kaise hai aap? Aap akeli ayee, Mohinderji or Rano ji nahi haye aap ke sath?”

Arjun gave smile to Pallavi and said “nahi auntyji, pagphere rasam keliye Geet ko lejane keliye mama ne mujhe beja”

Pallavi: Ohh teek hai beta ek minute mein Geet ko bulathi hoon, then she called “Geet…Geet dekhiye kaun haya hai apke mayke se”

Geet who was serving chai to relatives came to living room saying “maa aapne mujhe bulaya”

Pallavi caressed her head and said “Dekhiye wahan kaun haya hai apko lejane keliye”

Geet then looked at Arjun who was sitting on couch and watching is little sister lovingly, Geet eyes twinkled in joy and forgot that she is in her sasural, she ran and hugged Arjun, she was missing him so much and this is the first time she is far from him. Amardeep came to living room after knowing from servant maid that Arjun had come, even he was happy looking at them. Geet had tears in her eyes thinking about the future, she was feeling secure in Arjun’s arms. Arjun was first shocked and caressed her head knowing that she might be missing him, Geet came out of the hug when Pallavi said “Geet, will you not give kheer to your brother, you prepared today”

Geet nodded her head and wiped her tears before anyone noticed, and went inside kitchen to bring kheer for Arjun and here Maan also came down from his room, when Nakul informed him that Geet’s brother is waiting for him. Maan and Arjun shook hand. Geet saw Maan sitting with Arjun and silently prayed to god  in her mind “Please babaji, wo toh mujhe bhath nahi karte hai atleast unko bhai se bhath karvado babaji, warna bhai ko shaq hojayega…please take care of this”

Geet came near Arjun and gave one cup to Arjun and hesitantly gave another cup to Maan praying hundred times to god in mind that he should not reject kheer from her hand. Dunno whether babaji listened to her prayed or to her good luck Maan took kheer from Geet’s hand without looking to her he had kheer. Here Arjun was observing Geet and Maan, his mind was telling him that something is wrong but he was not able to figure it out where is the problem, once side Geet smiling without showing any pain and another side Maan silently having kheer and then he thought “Geet, I hope that you will tell me if there is any problem in your sasural or else I will ask you directly when we are alone”

Pallavi: Geet go and get ready, or else it will be late for you

Geet nodded her head and got ready to her mayka, here Arjun informed “Jiju, aap bhi hamare sath chaliye naa, we can roam mumbai”

Maan: sorry Arjun I have lot of work here

At the same time he got call from his assistant Dr Aditya, Maan excused himself from Arjun and went to his room; Arjun was looking at Maan suspiciously. Then Amardeep said “Arjun beta, leave him he cant come, actually he did not went to hospital from one week, so now he should meet his patient and as a doctor he cant take much leave right”

Arjun agreed with them, and Geet after taking blessing from Pallavi and Amardeep she was ready to go with Arjun, But Arjun said “Geet jijaji ko tumne nayi bataya, chalo batake havo mein wait karta hoon”

Geet nodded her head and went to her room and saw Maan who was looking out and said “mein pagphere ke liye mayke ja rahi hoon, ho sake toh ek bar bahar hake bhai se milijeye”

Maan listened to Geet and when he was about to look to her, Geet came down and sat in the car. Here Arjun was talking to Amardeep and informed that “Geet will stay with us for 2-3 days”. Even though Pallavi and Amardeep did not liked this but they agreed to Arjun thinking that Geet will be atleast happy in her house for 2-3days. Maan came down and wished Arjun, Even Arjun informed Maan about Geet staying in Mumbai for 2-3days, but Maan just smiled and nodded his head


Here Geet came to her house, Rano and Mohinder were happy to see Geet, who was looking dam cute in her new look

Rano did aarti to Geet and happily welcomed to her inside house, Geet was very much happy coming back to her mayka, she went to her room and was enjoying her freedom but her mind was continuously saying her that she will be here for only two days. Arjun came to Geet room to see why she is taking so much time to come outside and saw his sister looking at her room as his she missed it for years. Arjun came near Geet and caressed her head and said “Kya hua Geet? Subh teek hai naa”

Geet came out of her thoughts and said “Kya bhai, I missed my room like anything, see I am enjoying my room, its feel so special to be in this room, where I spent most of the days with you maa and papa. I know that’s days wont come but it take times to forget this and also to adjust to the new place” while saying this she had tears in her eyes

Arjun wiped her tears and said “Geet, you were princess of this house and you will be always, no one cant take your place in this house nor in our heart, please you don’t feel bad, but tell me are you happy in this marriage”

Geet: kya bhai aap bhi naa, mien bahut khush hoon, both my mother in law and father in law treated me like their own daughter

Arjun: what about Jiju Geet?

Geet: he is also very good at heart bhai, todha kamm bolte hai…but he cares for me

Rano who came to their room to call her was happy listening to Geet and said “Chalo Geet khana kate hai”

Geet and Arjun went along with Rano and had their lunch, Geet told them everything happened in her sasural expect Maan’s indifferent behavior, Mohinder and Rano were very happy thinking that Geet will be like princess in that house also, those two days Geet enjoyed her life fully because she knows that everything will change once she goes to sasural, Arjun and Geet went to movies, they just kept on talking about everything and then came home. Geet did not know how she spend those two days with her loved once. Next day Geet should leave to her sasural, they prepared food and waited for Maan arrival.

Rano and Mohinder felt bad when they saw Amardeep came instead of Maan. Arjun did not liked it, he thought once Maan come to take Geet along with him, Arjun will take Maan for sightseeing, all his plan went upside down when they saw Amardeep at door step without letting him know that they are upset, they welcomed Amardeep into house

Amardeep sat on sofa and said “wo Maan ko ek zaroori operation tha aaj, isliye wo nahi haa paya yaha, Pallavi kaha ki mein Geet ko lekar avoon”

Mohinder and Rano just smiled and then Geet went along with Amardeep to her house. Arjun was fuming inside and he knows that there is some mystery behind Maan’s absent and he will try to find out soon

Geet came to her sasural here her life style changed completely, she used to take care of Maan’s needs and setting hot water, soap, paste, towel and shaving set, she never came in front of him thinking that he might not like her. After coming from Mayka also Maan did not talk to her, study room was attached to Maan room so next day she went in and so many books which were neatly maintained

Study room


Then she with help of Nakul brought extra bed from guest room and kept it in Study room while Pallavi and Amar went to some party

Study room bed

When Nakul questioned her she said “I have the habit of reading books so it will be helpful if this bed is here”. Nakul did not question her further and went to his room. Geet was happy that from now she no need to sleep in the couch in front of Maan, she tried to avoid him as much as possible, once she keep milk in his room and then will not come from study room which is her room now. These all were ok for Geet but her major problem was to pretend in front of her mother in law and father in law that both she and Maan were happy. But poor girl she dunno that both her MIL and FIL were aware of that.



Pallavi seeing Geet in Study room

Geet get knowing about Maan’s love

Maan thinking about Geet


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