MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 8


Maan who did not see brother and sister’s love he was not aware of their feeling but he got hurt thinking about Geet and thought “here everyone loves her so much but I cant give love and affection to her, I am dessert where she will not get anything expect pain, is it possible for me to forget Sameera and love Geet, but the answer is no”…he sighed in Disheartenment



Geet got down from the car and viewed her home, from now where she is going to spend her whole life, Khurana Mansion was not looking less than any palace, Mansion was also decorated like a new bride, it was looking as if Mansion is welcoming a pure angel to fill the life of Khurana’s.

Pallavi and Amardeep grandly welcomed Geet into Khurana Mansion by doing arti, Geet dipped her  both hands on kumkum water and places her hand print in the door entrance Then Maan and Geet were welcomed in a ceremony called the pani bharna. Geet with her right foot, kicked the sarson ka tel (mustard oil) that is put on the sides of the entrance door before she enters the house. Geet put her feet in kumkum taal and walked inside house leaving her footprint on floor. Then along with Maan Geet offered puja to lord Krishna. Later Maan and Geet took blessings in a ceremony called ‘matha tekna’. Pallavi took Geet and gave view of Khurana mansion

Khurana Mansion Living room




After dinner Maan’s relative took Geet to Maan room which was now their room, Geet was made sit in the beautiful decorated room for Maan Geet wedding night

The girls started teasing Geet and after sometime they all went out of the room leaving Geet alone, Geet got down from the bed and stood near the window, she glanced whole room once, and prayed to “babaji, mein unke sath kaise rahu? He looks so serious, mujhe darr lag raha hai babaji, please apni bachi ko bachalena uss dust danav se, kyun babaji apko unke lawa koi aur nahi mila tha kya, meri shadi karwane keliye, wo ek bar bhi mujko nahi dekha, aur aaj mera suhag rath hai unke sath” she pouted her, Geet thought was broke when she heard click sound of the door, she saw Maan entering to their room, Maan did not raised his head also once to look at Geet and here Geet was feared of him and stood near the window, dunno how to move from there, she was numb. Maan came to his side of bed and slept without saying anything to Geet. She thought atleast he will say something to her now, but Maan slept as if Geet does not exist in his room, Geet got scared with the loneliness, and thought “When I was in my parents’ house, Arjun used to talk to me till I am sleep, and he used to discuss with me, but here all her dreams of happy married life crushed by Maan, leave about talking he didn’t even look at me once also, am I so bad? Did he think that I am not suitable to him? Then why did he get married to me? was he forced for this marriage” Geet tried lot to think about Maan behavior , but she was not able to come to conclusion and she saw Maan who was sleeping peacefully.

Maan’s Bedroom

Though it was double bed, Geet did not feel like sleeping next to him, Geet’s self respect did not allowed her sleep next to him, she sat on the couch which was in the room and thought “jo bhi wo, others should not come to know about this, now I am belong to this family and its my duty to keep everyone happy, mujhe mere babaji par pura barosa hai he will not let me down, iss ghar ki bahu hoon mein I will not anyone point out about our relation Maan, I hope one day you will let me know everything which is bothering you in your heart and as a wife I will support to till the end of this life” and she wiped her tears then she sat on the sofa whole night and she did not knew when she slept, Pallavi came to wake new wedded couples, when she was about to know the door, she saw that door was not locked from inside, she slightly opened the door and saw Geet sitting on couch and sleep and Maan on his bed, she felt bad for Geet and cursed herself for spoiling Geet wife and also worried thinking about Geet family how they will react after knowing this. Pallavi did not was Geet to get embarrassed seeing her in their room, so she went back and closed door. After few seconds Pallavi knocked Geet’s room, calling Geet beta

Geet woke up suddenly when she heard Pallavi calling her and said “ek minute….mamijii”, then she corrected her dress and opened door

Pallavi: Geet, sorry to wake up so soon, actually today you and Maan should perform pooja and also you should prepare sweet was everyone, I don’t like anyone pointing finger on my daughter in law, so you get ready fast

Geet: Ok Mamijii

Pallavi: Geet call me maa beta, for me and Amar you are first our daughter and then our daughter in law

Geet had tears in her eyes and hugged Pallavi tightly, she caressed Geet hair and kissed her forehead and said “Geet, aab jaldi se tayyar ho jao,” to which Geet nodded her head and went to bathroom, After bath Geet wore white and red mixed saree which was selected by Pallavi for her. Geet got ready

Pallavi informed Amar about Maan and Geet relation and he said Pallavi to have some patience, everything will set right. Here Geet went to kitchen and prepared kheer, Geet happily spoke to everyone without showing her pain, Pallavi was proud of her daughter in law and informed same to Amardeep. Here Pallavi woke up Maan and informed him to come down has everyone is waiting for him to do puja, Maan half heartedly took bath and came down, Geet and Maan did arti and Geet served kheer to everyone, all of them praised Geet and said she is Annapoorni of this house.


Pag phere

Geet coming back to sasural with FIL


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