MG FF Vivah Bandhan-Part 7


Maan and Geet Haldi snaps

Maan and his family came to Mumbai one day prior to Marriage and stayed in Aayush resort Mumbai where wedding is taking place. Throughout the journey Maan was silent and only answered when he asked somethings, his relatives tried to be close to him but Maan glared at them and seeing his angry face no one dare to come near him.


Rituals at the Groom’s home

Like the bride’s home, the Vatna and Ghara Ghardoli are followed by the dressing up of groom in his wedding attire. After the groom has dressed up in his wedding clothes, a pooja is performed. Thereafter, the groom’s father or any elderly relative ties the “sehra” on the groom’s head. The boy also wears a pink color turban, which is touched by all the people present in the pooja. After the completion of Sehrabandi ceremony, all those who witness the function give gifts and cash to the boy as a token of good luck.

 Marriage day  in the evening One of the Maan’s cousin sister tied sehra to Maan, because do not have any sister, but Maan did not react much, Maan was performing puja, he was doing everything mechanically, once this function finished, he sat simply, his friends and colleagues try to pull his leg but he was silent and others were enjoying fully, Maan got so many gifts from his friends and relatives

Ghodi Chadna
The Ghori Chadna is the final ceremony at the groom’s place. The groom’s sister-in-law lines the boy’s eyes with surma. Thereafter, the groom’s sisters and cousins feed and adorn his mare. To ward off the evil eye, people use cash and perform the Varna ritual. After that the boy climbs the horse and immediately leaves his home for the wedding venue.

After Sehrabandi, Maan finished Ghodi chadna rituals and climbed horse; it was the time they should start for Geet’s house

Here in Geet’s house Mohinder and Rano were in out of the world because today it was their princess Geet’s marriage. They both were dreaming about their daughter marriage from long back. Today it was like dream come true. Arjun was not less in this matter, though he did not liked Maan much, he don’t want to miss his sweet sister marriage, for him Geet’s happiness comes first, he know she likes Maan and he decided to be in her side and also informed her that she can also share her problems with him, which Geet agreed she will share but he very well know about his sister

Geet was looking just like princess, Arjun came once inside to check on Geet, he was very proud seeing his sister who was looking very beautiful and then he went on looking for other works, Arjun friends and relatives were also helping Handa’s, Arjun informed photographer to take Geet snaps first and he want the very beautiful snaps, has photographer knew Arjun he just smiled and took Videographer also with him, When they entered Geet room was filled by her relatives and friends, then photographer informed them to go out as they have to take Geet snaps and only one can stay here to help them, Rajii cousin sister of Geet stayed back to help Geet


Geet Single poses


Here Maan was also ready with, groom side photographer came to take snaps, Maan took two are three snaps and said he do not like snaps and the photographer went from there


Rituals started at Marriage Venue

Maan and Geet Marriage taking place at Palace “De Shaan” at Aayush resort       

Milni Ceremony
when the groom’s barat reaches the wedding venue, Milni ceremony is performed. The bride’s close relatives give a warm welcome to the groom and his relatives with flower garlands. Rose water is sprinkled on them. In the Milni ceremony, the girl’s relatives give Shagun (a token of good luck) to the groom’s close relatives. It is done in the descending order, beginning from the elder most. Cash and clothes are gifted.

Pallavi and Amardeep were very much happy to see their son Maan barat, it was like dream come true, they had tears in their eyes, they danced happily one they entered Palace “De Shaan” they were warmly welcomed by Geet parents and relatives with flower garlands. Rose water is sprinkled on them, then Geet’s relatives gave shagun to Maan’s close relatives

Once they entered Palace De Shaan all of them were spellbound with the decorations, but these all did not affect Maan much he was calm with light smile because he know if he become serious then his parents to answer questions raised from his relatives

Mantap view from entrance

View from Stage

Bride and Groom entering from opposite sides

Exterior View


Varmala is the actual beginning of marriage rituals on the involves the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom. Friends and relatives of the bride and groom indulge in teasing and fun, to celebrate this happy occasion. An auspicious time or muhurat is chosen for the performance of wedding ceremony. At the time of muhurat, the purohit conducts a puja for the groom, in which the groom is asked to chant the first few mantras. It is during this time, when the bride’s sisters indulge in stealing of shoes. It is a fun tradition, in which the girls charge a fee for agreeing to return the shoes.

It was Varmala time; Geet was brought down from her relatives, Maan and Geet exchanged garlands, even though Maan friends and Geet relatives were teasing, Maan did not bulge a little also but Geet was completely blushing. Arjun took Geet to her room and Maan was taken to mantap by his friends, Purohit was conducting Puja and Maan was mechanically doing it, Geet relatives were helping Geet, and she was taken to Mantap, after conducting Puja it was the time for Kanyadaan

Geet coming to Mantap

Kanyadaan and Phere
The wedding is actually solemnized with four important rituals- the Kanyadaan, in which the bride’s father giving his daughter’s hand to the groom, the Mangal pheras in front of the sacred fire, the Sindoor ritual when the groom applies vermilion to the girl’s hair partition and the Mangalsutra Rasam when the groom ties a beaded necklace to the girl’s neck. When all these rituals are over, the couple gets up to touch the feet of all the elder members in the family and seek their blessings for a happily married life.

Maaneet submit akshadam in Fire

Mohinder and Rano did Geet’s Kanyadaan by keeping Geet hand in Maan’s hand, after Kanyadaan Maan and Geet stood up for Pheras

After Pheras Maan and Geet sat again for further rituals, Maan applied vermilion to the Geet’s hair partition

Maan putting Mangalsutra around Geet’s neck

After Marriage rituals completed Maaneet took blessing from all their elders and then pose for photographer,


In this all time Arjun tried to stay little far from his sister, he know from this moments Geet belongs to Khuranas ,he was not able to control his tears, he went to his room and cried heartfully, finally his friends came to him to console him.

Arjun closely watched Maan during this marriage, Arjun did not see Maan smiling whole heartedly also, one or other should force him to smile, now it has become big headache to Arjun, when photographer said to Maan to give from style pose while Maan kept quiet, even Mohinder and Rano noticed that and they kept quiet, but for Arjun it is big mistake, he cursed himself for agreeing for this marriage, and its was obvious to Arjun that Maan do not like Geet,

Geet was looking very cute and adorable in wedding attire, and when gorgeous Geet is sitting beside Maan for not even once he raised his head and looked at Geet, Arjun was feeling bad and afraid thinking about Geet’s future, Arjun presented ruby set for Geet

Even Geet was thinking about Maan, because when she went to her friends marriage they have seen bride giving admiring smile to his groom, and friends making fun of them but Maan’s behavior was completely different from all these and then she thought “from today I belong to Khuranas, and I  belong to him, its my responsibility to save his honor in front of the society, I will see to that no one will point finger on Maan and my in laws, its my duty as a daughter in law of Khurana and I will not show my disappoint in front of anyone”

While thinking about Maan she had tears in her eyes, she never thought her husband will treat her differently, she has closely watched Maan from the marriage rituals started and till the end, she immediately wiped her tears, even though Geet was disappointed with Maan’s behavior she forgot everything seeing Arjun next to her. Arjun hugged Geet lovingly.


Geet Bidai


Geet was crying bitterly thinking about her family and she dunno how she will be lead her life without her parents and brother, Arjun who was silent till now was not able to control his tears and he hugged Geet and crying like baby. Looking their bonding everyone felt bad and Amadeep told “Arjun dont feel bad whenever you want to see Geet you can come to your house, that house is also belong to you where your sister will treated as daughter of that house, and if you don’t have time just call him I will send Geet here, we will see to that Geet is not hurt, and we will take care of her” and which Pallavi also agreed to that, Maan saw Geet’s back

Maan who did not see brother and sister’s love he was not aware of their feeling but he got hurt thinking about Geet and thought “here everyone loves her so much but I cant give love and affection to her, I am dessert where she will not get anything expect pain, is it possible for me to forget Sameera and love Geet, but the answer is no”…he sighed in Disheartenment



Geet entering Khurana Mansion

Maaneet Suhagrat


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